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Babka Liz's Blog

Updated: 2015-09-16T23:12:38.457-07:00


This is My Story And I’m Stick’n With It.


Well, after weeks, even months of planning, I finally make a clean break out the gate taking Jezz and Jack-Jack with me. That bloody do-gooder, Jezz, goes back as soon as she is called, but J-J and I get a good trip around the neighborhood. Finally, to our joy, the Mom figures out we want her to open the vegetable garden gate. (It only took two laps of it this time) We bound in with glee to romp in the corn stalk high weeds that fill most of the space confined by the fences. (Might say the weeds got away from Mom too)

After what seems like 1 ½ seconds, Mom is pulling me from deep in the compost pile and is hauling my furry short tail back to the dreaded fenced yard in which I belong. I don’t care too much ‘cause I smell good! That dumb half-Jack Russell, actually comes when he is called and follows us in. That must be the Toy-Fox half of him. We full JRT’s would at least hold off for a cookie.

I’m greeting the other dogs and let the sniff how much better I smell than they. I’m heading for my private door that I let the others use too (most of the time), when I get picked up and petted and carried in the house. Dog! I am the queen! No squirrel will sniff me out now.

I finally am smell’n great and what happens? Well someone whom shall go nameless, but whose initials are M.O.M. jumps in the shower with me and WASHES IT ALL OFF with stinky canine shampoo. And she wonders why I like POPO better. The indignity, the shame, THE SMELL!!!

Well, that’s my story and I’m stuck with it.
Ms Nipsy JTR knasel



The days are still cold.
The sky is still crying frozen tears,
But the oven warms the kitchen.
I've nothing to fear.

Hans and Snow


Hans has to wear that E-collar to keep him from licking his stitches. Poor Hans! However, it is too funny watching him try to sniff out a "place" when the snow is up to his belly. He scoops up part of the snow leaving smiley faces behind. Then, having discerned that that "place" is not adequate, he lifts his head up and the show slides down to the shaved spot on his neck, giving him a big chill. He gives himself a shake to get rid of the snow, holding up his bad leg. Having removed the cold wet stuff he starts the procedure all over again, for a mutt must muse over the "space" before he uses it for waste.

John AKA: Hans


Meet John. Because there are so many Johns in our lives we call him Hans. We have had several animals come through the our home from the shelter lately. Mainly pups from some local hoarders. There was three from one hoarded, then a mom and pup from another. I don't yet know the story on this cutie other that he waited at the shelter a month to get his surgery and now he is with us until he gets better. Don't it just make you mad that people will damage an animal and just leave it? Poor Hans will be better cared for now.

Puppies and Memories.


Upon coming home from the Walmart with some groceries, I was greeted by 8 sets of canine eyes and waggly tails. All wanting to go out and run in the snow. I walked through the early dusk, knee deep in snow, with pups nipping at the tabs on my muck boots. The yard being fenced we did not wonder far but in circles. Suddenly I was a child again making the circle and pie wedges for the game The Fox and the Hens. I was the only hen and 6 of the 8 dogs were the foxes. It turns out they cheat! They did not stay on the paths for long. The mutts cut across the wedges to get at me and did not care if I was safe in the "Hen House" center. I got mugged anyway. As I was the youngest of the 5 children in our family, I never did win, it seems I still won't. Not if I play with 3 puppies and 3 grown dogs. Oh well, fun is fun.
Pax Christi.

Feckless, Just feckless


Here I sit aggravated with my hopeless attempts to be creative with my digitizing for the embroidery machine, particularly because, after an hour’s work, my new printer refused to work. It sends an error message that there is paper jammed in the back. There is, of course nothing there, not even dust, as we blew it all out with compressed air. Now I have to drive all the way to Mentor, to Best Buy to ask for another on. May be it is I who has no feck. May be it is a test of my patience. May be I’ll just go take a shower after I check of the three foster pups who are residing in my basement laundry room. Too much foot patter is coming from the basement, indicating they pint size canines have made the great escape from behind out barrier. [...]

Poor old Peanut Butter


Peanut butter the Pit still resides at the ACAPL. Her old foster dad sometimes takes her for a ride in the truck and she gets a run in the fields, but she still has to go back to the shelter.

We now foster a lovely beagle who was part of a rescue of 12 beagles from a hoarder. Fiona is 8 years old but you should see her play in the yard. She and the Amer. mix have a great time.

Peanut Butter and Fiona want a forever home and look at you with sad dogie eyes. It breaks our tiny little hearts.

Poor me


I once had a "true" love break it off because I was holding back his career. It was a good choice for him.

Update on Peanut Butter pit mix and Annie the cat


It has been so long since I blogged that I had to look up my pass word!

Anyway, Here is the news on Peanut Butter and Annie the one eyed cat. Right after I blogged the last time. Annie got a forever home and has not come back. Peanut Butter, however, took on her new owner's other dog and was sent packing back to her foster home, where she had been replaced in dominance and got hurt.

Peanut Butter is now at the shelter in a 4 x 5 kennel. She is mended after her fight at the foster home but we have not found her a home where she would be the only dog. She has lost the weight she needed to lose but she still is a frightening looking mutt. We had a drug dealer who wanted her but we sent him packing fast faster than PB was sent back! Nothing scarier than a bunch of angry women.

If you pray for animals, PB sure could use some, as could all our 200 or so cats and dogs, kits and pups.

Tales of the Tails at the APL – Annie


Annie is a black cat brought in to the shelter by a person who “found” her. You can never tell for sure if the animal was found or the owner just got tired it. As it was Annie came in a while ago. She was given her shots, cleaned up and placed in OB. That is the observation room not a place for the animals to deliver young, not that we don’t have a lot of that going on at the shelter. Annie was given a good bill of health and “fixed.” No animal leaves the shelter otherwise.

The problem with Annie was that she was an adult cat with one blind funny looking eye. She had been to the mall shelter several times since she was spayed, but came back to the main shelter each time. A few weeks ago, a man and some of his family came to the mall looking for a pet. The man was older and was wanting a friend to hang around with. He chose Annie because he too was just about blind. We all thought it was a great match, Annie loved the man and the man loved Annie and they had something in common.

I’d like to say that was the end of a happy story, however, when they got home, the man’s eyes started to itch and water. The more Annie snuggled up to her new best friend the worse his eyes bothered him. They family came out the main shelter in tears. He could not keep Annie. He had trouble enough seeing and the itching and watering made it much worse. “I’m so sorry Annie.” the man said with tears from allergies as well as sorrow. They left with no pet for grandpa. It was a sad story all around.



I'm thinking that Facebook is a good way to keep in touch, let people know you think of them, and still have little or no REAL contact or communication with them.

"Here, I'll send you a fish for your "little Blue Cove" and a horse for your "My Farm". See I like you and am thinking of you."

The cool little games we get to play and we do not have to pass on how we really think and feel, or hear what we do not wish to contemplate. We are doing “things” for people and yet barely burning 3 calories. WE can show 15...23...52... people that they are loved and thought about in one heart felt Click! Is not the “NET” wonderful?

And, we can learn that our loved ones are alive and healthy enough to spend some hours on Facebook, or the like. Good thing to know.

Better than silent nothing I suppose.

Things I've Learned


Some things I learned lately, or at least had reinforced.

-You can send a kid to the office easier if you tell them, “It’s a good thing I like you.”

-If you drink Beet-carrot-celery juice, you will see a change in color of your urinous waste.

-You can use less electricity and have you bill go up (& up).

-Cold dogs will put up with doggie sweaters but hot dogs will not.

-Some dogs think plastic food dishes are chew toys.

- If it's on the floor, a dog will chew it.

-If there is fluff in it, a dog will get the fluff out.

-Spell check can give you a word then tell you it is spelled incorrectly.

-You can work 6 days straight on the Wii Fit and not loose an ounce.

-If one dog has itthe rest will want it.

-Dogs never want to eat out of their own food dishes.

-Friends like you better if they don’t see you too often.

-Dogs don’t care if you get a good nights sleep as long as they can lie next to you and push you with their feet to be sure you are there. You think that they could just smell you.

-You can deny God’s existence but he will never deny yours.

-Don’t put the squirrel feeder and house inside the Jack Russell yard.

-My cranberry relish still taste's good and is good for you.

-The book “Coralline” (yes with an o) is going to be coming out as a movie.

-Husbands stop listening to you even before the loose their hearing.

-The colder the temperature, the finer the snow.

-Six dogs in your house can be too many and too few at the same time.

-A dog loves you, even when you say something offensive.

-Most dogs are good for a snuggle.

-Don’t blog about communication, before you take your antidepressant.

Pax Christi!



For what even I have done or said that has bothered you in any way, I am honestly and humbly sorry. Really! I mean it, wondering why intelligent people can not communicate their feelings clearly and non-offensively? Is it because we are so smart we look for hidden meaning or omens in everything?

Recently, two people came to visit. It had been a while and I and Pop looked forward to it with anticipation. Even though we had a great time, there was fear and trepidation, on my part at least. Every time I spoke I worried that I was offending some feeling of theirs, and several times I did just that. Our beliefs on some things have become quite different. I noticed some sighs and eye rolling coming my way.

Every parent has some regrets and feels that they were poor parents. Mine grow around the stick of lack of truth or clarity in communication. But this feeling of inadequacy spreads through out every thing I do. I know I’m a good person and have much to give. I know I care about all life from a germinating seed of a human to the germinating seed of a plant. Life is LIFE, a gift from God. I know I care and mean only the best. I’m not vindictive, I love, try at least to be patient, kind, not jealous etc.

You would think I’d have a bunch of good close friends. You would think that, but you would be wrong. I have some awesome friends. They are far away and are not near me day in and out. People whom that is forced on, I wind up offending and they pull away.

Pop is right in a way. He once said, “…., you offend everyone you talk to.” The truth in the statement is I eventually will do just that. Ah, I know. I am wallowing in self-pity and regret. That does not change the truth. 60 some years old and still can not talk to relatives and friends. There is none in the world whom one can just be our selves with. Funny, that is what we all want. To be accepted “as is”, non returnable, you have to keep me even with the flaws.

Learning Experiences


Life is full of learning experiences. Learning is necessary. With out learning there is no growth. Learning is what makes life worth living. OK, Okay, what’s my point in writing. I have one of those life questions, and that is, “WHY do so many learning experiences have to cost SO MUCH money?

Here is what I’m talking about. A friend kindly purchased a used lawnmower for the APL. It was used, so she had it overhauled. The thing ran really well all summer, but as the last mowing of the season finished the engine blew up. Why? No one put in oil. Now she is looking for a new used mower for the APL. No they can’t fix it. No the APL does not have the money to buy one.

What was the thing learned? Check the oil yourself because no one else will. Now, I ask you, couldn’t that lesson been learned more cheaply?

Here is my own example. I bought a $12,000 Inbro embroidery machine. What did I know? I went to the trade show. I shopped around. Looked at all the machines and made my decision, the wrong one, of course. Wrong because I believed the sales person that there would be training and support near by. (Near by to them was the east side of Pennsylvania.) So after 3 years and calling the service guy in I sold the machine for $1,750.00, which was $250 more that I could get for a trade in. Most companies would not even talk about taking it as a trade in. Couldn’t someone have just told me to get a Tajima in the first place?

Pop took his money out of the bank and paid off his car and bought me a Tajima machine. Now there is an expensive “Learning Experience”! I could have bought two new cars or a house in Ashtabula, Ohio with what we have spent on embroidery machines. I better get some customers and fast! Anyone out there need some creative embroidery work done? Please? Maybe?

Today so far


My life stinks today. So many thing have gone wrong I can't even remember what happened first. There is one minor deal: I can't find my original print of Sr. Anthony.
Major deal the computer went down and even though I told it to save all my files IT DID NOT when I went to recover. I lost it all in more than one way!! So if you like me and read this send me an email so I can get your address.


Oh! We did find the sceptic tank and put a riser on it. It makes me feel better knowing that we have one and it is functional. It was under the new deck but the end with the lid stuck out just enough to get the riser on. We needed a riser because the tank is about 5 feet down. The guy had to get his back hoe to dig it out of the hard hard clay.

Pax, Babka

Thanks Joe!


The person who got us the pictures etc. of the Log Cabin event was our neighbor Joe Misinec! That would not have been even a guess for me. What a great surprise!

Thank you again Joe!
Pax, Liz

Special Thanks


We wish to send a special thanks to the person or persons who provided a glossy, suitable for framing copy of the Star Beacon article on Pop and Log Cabin Days. We have tried to guess who left the article, along with a framed copy of Pop's news photo, between the doors of the front entrance. But, have been unable to come up with the right person even though we have asked several.

Would the sweet person or persons let themselves known so that we can give them a proper thank you? Please?

Love to you anyway! And, Thank You!

Back in Michigan


Hello All.
I'm back in Michigan watching the house, cat ant dog of my brother and sister-in-law while they are in Alaska. Having been there once, I can say that, if they relax and let God, they will have a great time. Pop and I sure did.

This time I get to watch some workmen. The house next door is to be demolished, but instead of the work crew, the fire department showed up. Now I know what your thinking and that's not it. They came to practice cutting through the roof. They have 4-5 holes all ready.

I'm going back out to take some pictures. I'll post them on my Flickr site under St. Clare shores Firemen.

Pax Christi.

Black Squirrel B and B


Well Hello!
We’ve been busy in A-town, what with garden, squirrel houses, APL dogs, Bat houses, and helping mow etc. at the Log Cabin Historic site.

We did get away for a few days the week after Father’s Day. A friend watched Sooty and we kenneled the Jacks so that we could spend some time at The Black Squirrel B&B, South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, just west of Cleveland. What a great breakfast! Man! Rob can cook! None of that pick your cereal or have a bagel stuff.

Just a few activities might be: fish, bike, use the gulf cart, tour old houses, view the caves, jet ski, para-sail, eat, hike, swim, tour the wineries, shop, play on that great mini-gulf course, go through the museums and monuments, party, view the butterflies in the butterfly house and sit in the hot tub. On lucky days, you can ferry over to the other island and see where the Confederate prison was.

Here is a pick of the house and the view from the pool.
(image) (image)

You can look for yourself at the site below.



Nothing like a few days alone to create in a person a need to create something to fill a hollow. With the kid/s busy and gone, and myself in St. Clair Shores dog sitting, the hollow seems a big empty crevasse. So, I fill it with TV (boring) and books and dog walks and shopping, and esp. a visit to Romeo and a visit with Christine. Christine is such an awesome friend. She listens, advises, shares and kicks my butt in the nicest possible way.

Come Saturday the 17th I may well be on my way to Hyettsville, MD. to get with Cousin Maryann to see what I can do to help her move. What a pain it is to move, esp. when you have been in a place for almost 2 decades. Actually I going to see what I can get, you know, that old stuff no one wants but a Civil War pack rat like myself.

I MISS getting to go to events. The dogs slow us down but the real problems are jobs, and gas prices, and no one to buy our house so we can move to Pebble Co., Ohio. The housing market is bad everywhere but in Ashtabula with 30% poverty, we would be lucky to get what we paid for the house, the $70,000 we spent in upgrading everything would just be lost. What a bite!
God sure must have a plan for us here, since He made the market so bad just to keep us in Ashtabula.

Pax and Love to all who reads this.
I cover you with the Blood of the Lamb.

Pop & His Knees


It has been a while since I posted. With the loss of my good friend, and the holidays, and Pop's knee, and subbing, I just did not feel like it. I'm feeling much better now.

Pop & His Knees,

As some of you know, Pop has had trouble with his knees sot a while. Some 20 years ago he had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. Surgery was being scheduled for the left knee when I went to a prayer service at Mary’s Farm in Falmouth, KY. I placed a little slip of paper in the request box that said “Marv’s Knee”. Along with my getting to see the miracle of the sun, the pain left Pop’s knee that day and has never come back.

Too bad I did not say “Marv’s knees” because Pop has been having some real trouble with his right knee. Last summer he had arthroscopic surgery on that knee again. It did not work, leading to partial knee replacement on Feb. 13th. He is doing very well. The Doc says that he can drive now but not more than 20 minutes. Also, Pop may work in the shop, but must get off the knee as soon as it starts to hurt. He has therapy 3 days a week for 4 more weeks, then Pop is off and running. He plans to be involved in lots of Civil War things this summer.

If you wish to see the pictures of Pop’s surgery, Check out our Flickr site.

Pax & Be God’s




My good friend, Carmen, pass over this past Wednesday about nine in the evening. Her family and friends were with her there. Please pray for her and her family.

Thank You.

As Rich Mullins use to say, "Be God's"



Please Pray for my friend Carmin. She is in hospital with cancers. Her son does not want Hospice because it implied the end, which it may be despite his denial.
Please pray for her.
Pax, Liz

Good Bye KZ


While new life lives and grows in the whelping box in the shop, we have to say good bye to an old friend. Today we lost our companion of some 15 years. From tiny pup, to rollicking playmate, to old and infirmed, our good dog, KZ, was loyal and protecting. We grieve her loss. She will be much missed.



As you may know, we help out at the Animal Protective League. Pop in a weak moment said he would take a pregnant dog and foster her until the pups were gone and the mom was neutered.
Well here she is with her new litter. She gave birth to 10 puppies Friday in the wee hours of the morning. I had stayed with her until 1:OO am.I gave up and went to bed thinking she just was not ready. By the time I got there in the (image) morning she had had all the puppies but two did not make it. They got too cold. However, Sadie has 8 healthy pups of unknown parentage. They will be ready to go by mid January, shots, neutered, etc. Anyone wishing a new best friend, let me know.

In other news; I bought Pop a pickup truck at auction. Don’t ever do that! You do not have a chance to drive it, etc. and the repairs could cost quite a bit.