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Preview: Comments on: Twitter refuses to uphold Terms of Service

Comments on: Twitter refuses to uphold Terms of Service

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By: Mom

Fri, 23 May 2008 06:31:53 +0000

Yes, this is Ariel's real mother. Those of you who are easily manipulated by media driven celebrity conspiracy theories or actually believe there is no such thing as integrity any longer will ignore this post. Too bad for you. I am not here to comment on twitter, TOS, freedom of speech, the "sexiness" of ShakeWellBeforeUse or if Ariel is a c---. If I said she wasn't, you wouldn't believe me anyway. I CAN attest to one thing. It IS a fact Ariel's stalker has been after her for over 3 years beginning in her home town---before she had a high profile on the web. I have seen the physical evidence and know it to be threatening. Ariel did nothing to initiate this situation, the person in question is mentally unbalanced and deeply insecure. The person found out where she lived and made it known to her. Ariel has done everything within her power (talking to the person and friends of the person, police, legal advice, adjustment of lifestyle) to defuse the situation all to no avail. I had thought when she moved to the city, these attacks would end, but they have not. There is more than mere name calling going on. There is a history of vindictive harrassment. Whatever else you think about how she is handling it is your opinion, but she did NOT make this up. Since I have known Ariel all her life I can tell you one thing. She plays by the rules. She does not manipulate people or situations for her own gain. And she is too smart to screw up her own reputation as a consultant in social media to try and play competing services against each other. All speculation on that account is ridiculous. And Mom to Ariel: you could have told me you were going to blog this rather than let me randomly find out about it on my own.

By: lane hartwell

Fri, 23 May 2008 06:03:50 +0000

after reading more background on this, I think I've changed my mind a bit. I think it's become quite common for people to toss around terms like "harassment" and so on. I've seen people claim they are being stalked and then when you ask them what that means they say "oh, they leave comments on my photos" or something to that effect. I think there is a huge difference. As unpleasant as it is sometimes, people are going to express opinions about you that might hurt you. They might call you names, or talk about your appearance, or whatever. Those comments might have no basis in fact at all, but still, it happens. The internet is a breeding ground for this because people don't have to reveal who they are. So they hide behind that and call you names. It's cowardly and immature and can be hurtful and painful, but is is harassment? I'm not sure. If you turn off your computer, does this problem cease? If you stop posting on twitter, does it follow you? I was bashed by a mob of anonymous people for weeks a few months ago. They posted on my blog, called me names, sent me e-mails, and posted misinformation on their blogs about me. It was hard to take sometimes. I allowed all the comments to stay on my blog because in the end I truly believed that those comments would speak far louder about the character of the posters than anything I could ever say. Many people actually spoke out for me because of this. I also think it's important that people take responsibility for what they put out there. If you put online things that are controversial, people are going to have strong opinions about it, both good and bad. Do you really want to control that? I'm not against you, Ariel, but I'm not sure I think Twitter has handled it poorly. It might be really hurtful and annoying that someone is calling you names, but is it bona fide harassment? I'm not sure. If they ban that account for name calling, where does it stop? I'm not sure I want that kind of twitter.

By: Parkhill Venture Counsel » Blog Archive » Same Issue, Different Worlds

Fri, 23 May 2008 05:58:16 +0000

[...] has been a dust-up in certain corners of the Internet recently over Twitter’s alleged failure to deal appropriately with [...]

By: Eguled

Fri, 23 May 2008 05:36:46 +0000

Tubecams has a good point. If someone calls me a dick, I would just laugh and move on. So someone called you a cunt. Big deal. Seriously.

By: Robert Simplicio

Fri, 23 May 2008 05:27:34 +0000

If the shoe were on the other foot, and they felt someone violated them, the company, the same way that I'm sure you feel violated, they would have had their attorneys send (at the least) a cease and desist letter. I suggest you do the same. It's time to escalate it beyond the CEO. OK, that makes no sense. But it did when I wrote it, so I'll leave it.