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A weblog produced by a marketing executive in the Life Science consumables and equipment market. This blog is for those in the biotechnology business or interested in entering the sales, marketing, field support, or technical support side.

Published: 2005-08-20T21:27:43-07:00


Opinions and the stuff that wastes my time


I participated in a marketing meeting last week where an inordinate amount of time was wasted; we discussed the merits of coming up with a way for a busy sales rep on a tradeshow floor can easily identify a particular...

Interviewing Success in Biotech


I've had a lot of experience interviewing people, as my current company firmly believes in a lot of up-front screening and then a 4-6 hour marathon interviewing session with 5-7 people. So as a dutiful Product Manager I've interviewed my...

The Stem Cell War (Fortune Magazine)


Today my copy of Fortune magazine comes in the mail, and an interesting article is entitled "The Stem Cell War", all about California's struggle with the $3B Proposition 71, passed only last November. Now a non-profit foundation, there was a...

E-newsletters - you should subscribe


I'm pretty picky when it comes to newsletters in my in-box. If they don't have the ./ mantra of 'more signal, less noise' then I'm frankly not interested. If you are interested in what is going on in the world...

Books that have shaped my thinking


Talking with a friend at work last week, she was in a bit of a funk and the conversation soon turned to books that have inspired us. She showed me a book she was starting to read, which reminded me...

'Toastmasters and You'


For many years I would wonder about organizations like the Kiwanis or Rotaries or others that serve as good examples of civic volunteerism, and mistakenly grouped the Toastmasters as one of them. When I relocated a few years ago to...

Crossing the Chasm


When I look back at where I began not-so-long ago, as an experienced pair of lab-hands who knew his way around tissue culture transfections and Northern and Western and Southern Blots and immunoprecipitations and routine cloning of genes, I wonder...

"Let's keep in touch"


Listening to a tape by Brian Tracy ("How to Master your Time"), he says that a mentor can shave off years from a career path. I certainly believe it, as recently I've consulted a few who have years of experience...

Some favorite links


As the first entry to this Sales and Marketing blog, here are some of my favorite links to online stuff. As the life science business is young, there are only a few places where scientists (customers) and commercial folks (sales...