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Published: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 14:13:33 +0000

Last Build Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 14:13:33 +0000


Robin joseph posted a blog post

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 11:37:45 +0000

Robin joseph posted a blog post

Recruiting in Digital Era!

It is true that digitalization is directly connected with improving the user experience. The imperative motto of digitalization is “anytime and anywhere” in order to eliminate THE delay of frustration.The concept of digitAlization is affecting each and every industry and business niche today. The one who is good AT adapting the digital changes is one step ahead of the competition.For recruiters, the question is how it affects recuiting? What are the biggest changes and challenges they have to face? What are the recruitment software to use? And the biggest is how to manage them?Well, here are some answers.How to choose the right platform?Focus on your priority- your topmost need? Do a little research on the things you needed. For example, if you are good at managing employees but don’t good at hirng, you need to choose a platform that will help you in hiring.The HR department has many divisions (payroll, cms management, employee relationship, hiring etc.). Based on the priority, choose your platform.How it saves time?One of the most important benefits of digitalization is, it saves time. For an example, if you are in hiring department and you have to hire the quality candidates in the shortest span of time out of the pool of candidates.It is not possible for you to go through each and every resume, here AI-based recruiting software helps in driving the candidates’ insights and saves time for recruiters.Are they costly?Money matters a lot but it is good to invest and update ourselves with the latest technologies.And about cost, this totally depends on the type of service you are looking for. There are many tools available which are free but have some limited functionality.There are also many services which offer Free Trials of their recruiting software some of them lasted for months.The digital and modern technologies in recruitment are not only saving time and money but also helping recruiters in hiring the best possible talent.Please mention your thoughts and doubts in the comment section.See More

Stephen Shunk posted a blog post

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 08:26:22 +0000

Stephen Shunk posted a blog postRemote Part-Time Jobs for Students: Perks and PitfallsSometimes life in college can be challenging and students end up looking for remote part-time jobs. Whether it is to cover the tuition fee or just for upkeep in school, part-time jobs seem to be a good option to cover these expenses. It also makes students have a sense of independence since they earn their own money without relying on parents or friends to give it to them. Most students prefer to take a part-time job along with the study, for example, write essays for money.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the range of part-time is 35 hours or fewer. Students can take even 20 hours a week to balance work and study. Part-time jobs offer many advantages and disadvantages that you need to take into consideration.AdvantagesWork ExperiencePart-time jobs provide a platform for real work experience where the student takes part in completing a certain task that is paid. The work experience is a great skill to include in the resume to help in getting a job after completing their studies. For example, a thesis editor wants to hire a person who understands the dynamics of the writing quality content and can work as a team. A part-time job shows that you have some job experience and have been exposed to the job market which is an advantage over other applicants when searching for a job. Earn moneyThe reason for getting a part-time job is to get extra cash. You can use it to buy school items, pay your bills, tuition fee and that will help you cover basic expenses as you study without borrowing from your parents.Effective management of moneyThe amount of money you get for the writing jobs for example in a part-time job at E Writing Service is enough to educate yourself how to budget and manage your finance. Nobody budgets for your expenses and since you put some effort in earning it, then you start to think and plan how and where to spend your money. It also teaches you how to save for other future needs.Gain useful skillsDuring this period, you learn how to deal with different people, improve your communication skills, organizational skills, time management, etiquette, and multitasking. You will also develop interview skills and improve in writing and filling job applications.Networking possibilitiesPart-time jobs allow you to meet with different people in the professional world. They provide a perfect platform to grow your network that is useful in building a lifetime career path.DisadvantagesLess time for studyWorking while studying means you will have a busy schedule and less time for homework and yourself. Also, you will have less time to rest since you feel tired and exhausted by the time you get home from work. This negatively affects your study pattern.Increased chances of absenteeismPart-time jobs may place restrictions on the student’s study time. Due to exhaustion from the work they may be less involved in academic activities and eventually find it hard going to school. Some even look for thesis editor to help them with their assignments in school. The job may even take the time set aside for extracurricular activities.Poor performance in schoolLack of involvement in school leads to poor grades. Students who work for more than 20 hours a week may find no time to study which results in poor overall performance in class.No extra benefitsPart-time workers do not enjoy additional benefits like sick leave, health insurance, holiday pay, etc. In case you fall ill while working and take a break then you are not covered for that.Increased stress and poor healthFinding a balance between work and study can be hard for any student. As a result, they end up stressed as there is little time to study for exams. This means you have less time for yourself and it affects your health in the long-run.ConclusionIn a nutshell, part-time jobs prove to have both advantages and disadvantages for students. Balancing work and studies is not for everyone. If you have really need to do it, you need to be well-organized and s[...]

Ladderise posted a blog post

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 06:43:08 +0000

Ladderise posted a blog post

Resumes for Beginners

If you’re a fresh graduate, the word resume would be haunting you. It is a necessary document you need to apply for any job in any career. The fact that you have graduated and had zero experience whatsoever makes the resume formation ten times harder. But you don’t have to worry anymore because this guide here will help you form a resume that will minimise your rejection chances!Resume versus CVCV and resume are two words often used as synonyms. Most jobs require either of the two, but the applicant would send whatever they have without bothering about the difference that CV and resume have. Basically, there is only a slight difference, but that is the one thing that will save you as a beginner in the professional world. Long story short, a resume mentions your educational background, personal or professional experience of any sort and other general details. A CV indicates the same information.The difference is that a CV provides this information in a little more detailed way so that the employer can learn of your prior skills. On the other hand, a resume is exact. This will let you get away with the fact that your experiences section isn’t too full.What to mentionYour resume will need a lot of edits throughout your professional life. In fact, you might have to make several different resumes according to the job requirements. However, as a beginner, you don’t have much choice of what to add in and what to not. You pretty much need to fit in every single detail of your life in the resume. This information can be divided into a few main categories.Educational backgroundYour education is your primary asset at this time. After all, you spent all these years graduating from college so that your degree would have a value. Start with your new educational institute and go back to your secondary school. Other than your subjects and majors, mention your extracurricular activities as well. If you were part of any society, don’t forget to add that. All sorts of educational achievements are welcome in this section. Your GPA, grades from school, etc. should all be added.SkillsOver your time in university, there are specific skills you must have learnt even if you didn't have an internship. These include communication skills, presentation skills, writing skills, time-management, punctuality, etc. Although these sound very general, these are actually instrumental skills in the professional world, and your employer must know that you possess these. You can mention any personal talents too.Any work in any fieldA lot of college students are encouraged to do volunteer work. This can be inside the school or in some social welfare organisation. Other than office work, you could have worked for a school society. Anything from the marketing of school events to photography that was done solely as a hobby, mention it in your resume under the title of work experience.These are the tips that will make your resume look professional even if you just finished college!See More

Tanya Williams posted a blog post

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 00:39:50 +0000

Tanya Williams posted a blog post

How to Use Facebook Ads to Reach Passive Candidates

New technology is readily available to help recruiters do their jobs better but unfortunately, it is greatly underutilised as recruiters are either not aware of the options or they don't know how to use them effectively.One of these is using Facebook Ads to Reach Passive Candidates.Watch part 1 to find out why you need to use Facebook ads and learn this vital skillSee More

Kristina Martic posted a blog post

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 17:30:03 +0000

Kristina Martic posted a blog postTop 5 free job posting sites for employersThis list of top 5 free job posting sites is the ultimate resource for every employer looking to fill in open job positions. Find out where can you post your jobs for free to reduce your recruiting costs.  Top 5 free job posting sitesHere is our list of the top 5 absolutely free job posting sites you should utilize to reduce your recruiting costs and attract more qualified candidates:Free job posting site #1: Indeed  Indeed is a world’s top job search engine with the highest traffic (200 million people visit Indeed every month). This means that Indeed searches the web and collects job ads from multiple sources, such as job boards, other job search engines, employers’ career sites, etc. However, it also offers a possibility for employers to post their jobs directly to Indeed by opening a free employer’s account.Free job posting site #2: GlassdoorGlassdoor operates an online job and career community. It became famous as a place where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. However, Glassdoor is also the world famous job board with the highest traffic (50 million people visit Glassdoor every month). It is often ranked as the best job board to post jobs for free.Glassdoor offers the possibility for employers to post up to 10 jobs free for 7 days.Free job posting site #3: JoraJora is is an Australia-based search engine for jobs, but it functions as a worldwide job search aggregator in almost every continent around the globe.To publish your jobs on this site, simply fill in the form, choose the locations you want to target and hit 'Post Job'. As simple as that, no registration required. You can post as many jobs as you wish!Free job posting site #4: Google for jobsGoogle for Jobs is an AI-powered job search engine launched by Google in May 2017.This means that job seekers can now look for job postings directly from their Google search. Since Google for jobs is a job aggregator, you can’t directly publish your job postings to appear in Google search. You can, however, follow this guide to make sure Google collects your job posting form your career site.Free job posting site #5: Post jobs for freePost Jobs For Free is based in sunny Florida, but it serves jobs all over the world. Recruiters can use it to post jobs, search resume database and send messages to resume posters. All for free! If you happen to need more detailed explanation, check out this video.Additional ways to promote your job openings for freeThere are many other free methods you can use to promote your job openings for free, such as:Social media recruitingEmployee referral programsYour company's newslettersEmail campaignsIf you want to learn more about these methods, check out our Ultimate Guide for Posting Jobs That Stand Out.See More[...]

ISL Recruitment posted a blog post

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 10:30:05 +0000

ISL Recruitment posted a blog post

What job advert buzzwords really mean

Hidden meanings. My goodness… they are a curse.Especially if you’re like me – someone who just wants to know what’s going on, make a useful decision then move to the next thing.Real meanings are hard enough. There are, for example, triangular warning signs beside hilly roads telling me to look out for falling boulders. I’m ashamed to admit my car didn’t come equipped with the latest Boulder Deflection Technology. I’ve definitely missed something. Or I’m about to hit it. I honestly couldn’t tell you.But a hidden meaning is 10 times worse because you feel dim for not spotting it, annoyed it was hidden in the first place, then dim again when someone tells you how obvious it all was. Hidden meanings are awful.Most are euphemisms. Euphemisms exist only because the truth is temporarily unsayable. If you’re trying to describe a man at party who’s morbidly obese, can you simply say so? No. He is a “larger gentleman”. Does anyone listening think you mean ‘larger’ like a heavyweight boxer? Of course not. But honour has been preserved.Perhaps less admirable are the euphemisms in job descriptions. Senior recruiters will have seen and heard these a thousand times, and recognise them for what they are – more unsayable truths. But to candidates and newer recruiters it’s still a code.It’s worth remembering candidates engage with job descriptions infrequently and reluctantly. Why should they be expected to spot hidden messages?So we’ve dragged the most common offenders into the cleansing light of day. I am pleased to present to you: The ISL Recruitment ‘Riddle of the Job Description’ List Of Shame…Continue reading here...This post was written by Alan at ISL and originally appeared on the ISL Recruitment blogSee More

Angelina posted a blog post

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 17:26:36 +0000

Angelina posted a blog postWhat is Rattan?Rattan comprises approximately 600 different species of reed palms native to tropical regions of the world, so there is naturally something very exotic about the way that it looks. Rattans are visually quite similar to bamboo, but its stems are solid and require some structural support as they are quite vine-like in the way that they grow. Their vine-like qualities enable rattan to be shaped into all sorts of wonderful styles, making them a favourite for furniture making. The skin of the rattan can be peeled off from the core to be used as rattan weaving material, and you can usually see this decoratively on some rattan furniture as it appears as though “ribbons” of rattan are tying pieces of the furniture together.Rattans have been known to grow to astounding lengths up to hundreds of metres long in the wild, and 70% of the world’s rattan population actually exists in Indonesia due to the tropical environment. Rattan is incredibly lightweight, and surprisingly more durable than bamboo. Like most woods, rattan accepts paints quite well, and so is popularly stained to different colours to suit the colour theme or decor of the garden in which its situated. Though the natural rattan tones are still a favourite for the garden, more contemporary gardens may feature black rattan furniture, white rattan furniture or more brightly coloured colours to accent their garden.Natural Rattan Furniture Natural rattan is made from the rattan palm that is found in parts of south-east Asia. This is a unique type of palm plant that is slender and vine-like. The grain of the wood actually grows vertically instead of in rings, which helps make it one of the strongest types of wood in the world.The fact that it is essentially a hardwood vine means rattan is a perfect material for making garden furniture. Unlike other types of wooden furnishings which are made from solid pieces of wood, rattan is woven around a frame.This unique woven texture gives rattan garden furniture an exotic appearance that is incredibly stylish and visually appealing. The natural strength and durability of rattan allow furniture made from it to be able handle outdoor use and support heavy weight.At the same time rattan furniture itself is very lightweight and easy to move, yet won’t be blown over in strong winds. And because it is so flexible it can be made into an enormous range of shapes, sizes, and types. The fact that it requires minimal care to maintain doesn’t hurt either.What is Cane?Cane is basically a part of the rattan plant. It is produced simply by peeling off the skin of the rattan vine. This material is then wrapped in solid hardwood, steel, or aluminum frames to create a more appealing furniture item. Cane as a wicker material effectively highlights the mottled coloring and pattern of rattan skin.One great quality of cane is that it is less porous. This means that it can easily repel spillage. The remaining liquid can be easily wiped down by a dry towel. Canes are highly pliable in nature, thus it is ideally used in the production of chair seats or surface texture to the façade of furnishings.As mentioned above, cane is also used in combination with rattan materials so as to highlight it beautifully. Unlike rattan which is most commonly treated and painted, cane is left in its natural round state. In terms of strength, cane is generally stronger than rattan, thus it is most commonly used for binding purposes.One common quality between cane and rattan is that both of these are inexpensive wicker materials. Although most of the materials are imported from tropical countries, furniture made from cane and rattan is still considerably cheaper than those made from solid hardwood or plastic. They are also known to be very lightweight in nature. One can easily transp[...]