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Preview: Comments on Dr.J's HouseCalls: Memorial Day

Comments on Dr.J's HouseCalls: Memorial Day

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Thanks for reading, Dr. A. I know my story is one...


Thanks for reading, Dr. A. I know my story is one of many. People have no clue as to what is really going on in medicine. And they mostly don't care.

Your question has been asked and answered before - but I am willing to have another go at it - perhaps in more detail.

Alas, I have an "engagement" of sorts this evening and cannot spend time on it tonight, but if you will be patient with me, I will top-level your question and answer it in a new post within the next few days.

I would appreciate it very much if you'd spread the word about my blog. My whole purpose for being in the blogosphere is to build "traction" to pressure local & state law enforcement to do something besides "shrug it off".

The local press (of course) is in the pockets of the hospital(s) & guilty parties involved, and has determinedly buried the story.

And medical "aggregator" Kevin has steadfastly refused to link me . . . as I have been critical of his corporate sponsorships (something for which I make no apologies).

Dr. J, I came accross your blog recently and just...


Dr. J,
I came accross your blog recently and just finished reading your post, "What happened to Dr. J.... The Long Version".
I have a comment and a question. I have been in medicine now for going on 30 years and have 'seen it all' so to speak. I must agree that we unfortunately do not live in a transparent society, as people may like to believe. Organizations, administrators, government have agendas that may digress from their stated missions. This is a disheartening, sad reality. I have little knowledge of what you went through, but from what you have written I am not surprised by the lack of redress of the situation. I have seen so many times where people who have done the right thing were later blamed in all sorts of ways. During the period of blame (lawsuit, board review, etc.) colleagues typically shrug it off, much like other people do when they learn that somebody has cancer.
I carefully read your 'long version' but didn't quite understand what exactly transpired during the episode that started the trouble, i.e. the situation with the care of the baby or child. I don't know if you are willing or able to tell about that, or if you have already explained it in detail elsewhere, but I think it would be helpful for readers in understanding what happened.