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Dispatches from Greensboro, NC

Updated: 2017-10-19T15:23:15.803-04:00


Nine years smoke free


GREENSBORO, NC -- Nine years ago, I stopped smoking. (On November 17th, to be precise.) It seems unremarkable now and I only acknowledge it as a backwards nod to the person I was back then who thought this would likely be impossible but who persevered. (Chantix helped, I'd recommend it if you smoke and want to quit.)

Mike Barber's police body camera baloney


GREENSBORO, NC -- At the League of Women voters Greensboro City Council candidates forum on Tuesday, Councilman Mike Barber said this about police body worn cameras: "I want every body worn camera worn by a police officer to live stream on the internet." Baloney. This is a canard belied as untrue by Barber's actions. Putting aside whether or not live streaming police video is a good idea (

Seven years, smoke free


I nearly forgot that it was seven years ago today that I quit smoking. Here's what I wrote last year: -------------- Six years ago today, I quit smoking. Smoking never really seemed to fit with me. I like the outdoors and fresh air. I like flavorful food. I've regularly exercised my entire adult life. None of those things go well with smoking. Yet, smoke I did. Like many people, I made

"Echo Chamber of Delusion, Paranoia and Racism”


GREENSBORO, NC -- The Greensboro Police Department announced today a partnership, short on specifics, with, the closed social site/app that requires users to sign up with their real names and provide their verified address. Out of the currently 123 reviews of on Site Jabber, 99 give it one star out of five. Here are some of the most notable, good and bad: Every person

Council candidate cuts through the bull


Marc Ridgill is a retired police officer running for city council. He is also a prolific blogger, utilizing the medium in ways (like local state legislator John Hardister) that one wishes incumbent council people would, explaining the issues as he sees them and offering his ideas — and he does it on a platform that doesn't require one to log in in order to be subjected to data gathering and

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


The biggest question for mayoral candidate King


GREENSBORO, NC - Devin King is running for mayor. He is something of an outsider who doesn't like what he sees and thinks he can shake things up. That can be good. The best qualified city council candidates are not necessarily those who put in their time on boards, commissions and civic clubs. That's certainly one route to experience, but it can lead to being subsumed by the insulated power

Memory loss


GREENSBORO, NC -- Former New & Record editor John Robinson bemoans the N&R's loss of institutional memory. It seems the paper has a short term memory problem too. From a letter to the editor today: The complete list of candidates who have filed to run for mayor of Greensboro, from the Guilford County Board of Elections:

It's all coming back to me now -- sort of.


Scott Yost at the Rhino Times:  "The band Meatloaf famously sang, 'Two out of three ain’t bad...'" Sigh.

Gary Marschall's big ol' gaping logic hole


GREENSBORO, NC -- The News & Record publishes a letter today from one Gary Marschall of Greensboro in which Mr. Marschall lights his hair on fire, warns of same sex marriage marking the end of "our culture" and  laments: "If only reason and logic would rule." Mr. Marschall then proceeds to send his screed down a sink hole void of the very logic and reason he just wrote should prevail. The

New Greensboro film festival calls for submissions, volunteers


GREENSBORO, NC -- There is a new film festival coming to Greensboro this summer. It's the Barefoot Bijou Summer Film Festival and they are calling for submissions. From the press release: The inaugural Barefoot Bijou Summer Film Festival invites North Carolina filmmakers to submit their short films. The fest is seeking short films produced in the last ten years, either: 1) films made by a

Down the tubes


GREENSBORO, NC -- I know a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and, sometimes, circumstances make it hard to stick to one's principles; but the fall of John Hammer, former publisher of the Rhino Times and now-editor under new ownership, is remarkable to behold and a sad loss for Greensboro. Always a staunch conservative, Hammer used to have going for him a tenacious allegiance to transparency

It's about time


Via Billy's blog comes news that John Hardister (R, Guilford) has submitted a bill to the state legislature that would make operations of the state lottery more transparent. I haven't read the bill, but from Hardister's press release, it sounds like something long overdue. The free market does not mean that marketers are free to dupe people and lottery advertising with its emphasis on the



GREENSBORO, NC -- Roy Carroll, recipient of $2 million in City tax credits, a block of a city street onto which he will build apartments and a noise ordinance specially crafted to (successfully) close the rooftop bar below his penthouse condo, supports a proposed redistricting of Greensboro city council because he doesn't think city council has been business friendly enough. Is Carroll a



GREENSBORO, NC -- I've watched with anticipation the renovations to the restaurant space near the Fresh Market on Lawndale Dr., hoping it might be something local and unique. It's a Charbar 7, from Charlotte. Not having heard of them, I took a look at their menu where I found them offering "vegatables," "oinions" and the very unappetizing sounding "cumcumbers. " They also offer a "Two Elows

Speaking of idiots


A Mark Underwood writes a letter to the News & Record in which he takes to calling the victims of the November 3rd, 1979 murders by Klan and Nazis in Greensboro "idiots." Mark then goes on to write: "Passions still run high among the few interested, but the true facts are impossible to determine." Let's get this straight: Mark is convinced that the "true facts" are impossible to determine yet,

Ladd on fire


GREENSBORO, NC -- The News & Record's Susan Ladd is making the most of her new position as an advocacy journalist. In just a few short weeks, she is raising the bar for both her editorial and news reporting colleagues. I have not agreed with everything she has written, and some topics are more serious than others, but she is singlehandedly slaying stupidity and deception in a way I thought I'd

"I don’t have to look in the rearview mirror to see racism, and neither do you."


"I don’t have to look in the rearview mirror to see racism, and neither do you." — Susan Ladd Great writers can say a lot in a few words. Such is the case with this outstanding piece by Susan Ladd in which she demonstrates the moral and intellectual superiority attainable when talking about racism in Greensboro when one rises above generalities, pettiness and tired old rhetoric. It's one of the

Horrible, horrible; just pathetically and absolutelty the worst


GREENSBORO, NC -- Yesterday, the News & Record reported of a robbery in which a gaming console was stolen at gun point: "Armed men tried and failed to rob two people... The suspects ran from the scene without taking any property." (Emphasis added.) That story is still online. It's bad enough the News & Record turned a press release from the police advising of a "robbery from person" into a

Making it up: Another day, another News & Record fail


GREENSBORO, NC -- It's pretty bad when your local newspaper cannot even accurately regurgitate information from a press release. The News & Record "reports": "Armed men tried and failed to rob two people who arranged on Craigslist to sell a gaming system, according to a police news release."  and:  "The suspects ran from the scene without taking any property, police said." The police did not

News & Record's huge error on drunk driving stats


GREENSBORO, NC -- There is a certain type of reporting error that astounds me, I call it an affront to common knowledge, where an assertion goes unchecked even though, on its face, it seems to violate common sense. It is the kind of thing a reporter or editor with general curiosity and some basic knowledge of the world would be compelled to stop and double check. Today at the News & Record:

Bye Dell


I'm looking around for a new desktop computer. I have some specific needs. Dell used to have a great website that allowed one to custom configure a computer, to add and remove features and options. It was great because one could see what an ideal machine would cost, then make adjustments that would change the price if one needed to bring it in line with a budget It allowed people to dsicover, "

For Pete's sake


GREENSBORO, NC -- The News & Record mocks congressional candidate Laura Fjeld today "for thinking she could carry the primary victory into the general election in a district that has been a Republican stronghold for decades." A Republican stronghold for decades? Sigh... No. If the staff at the News & Record are going to belittle someone, they might want to make sure they aren't making fools

News & Record contradicts itself


GREENSBORO, NC -- This is why reporters should not make assertions without attribution. From Danielle Battaglia in the News & Record today: "Williams walked off the property only to return to the hospital's entrance" Yesterday, Sarah Newell Williamson wrote in the N&R: "He [Williams] got within 150 yards of the entrance, on hospital property." Which is it? If two sources are contradicting each

2014 Reckless Reporting of the Year Award


GREENSBORO, NC -- The long knives are out at the News & Record for those currently in control of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum (ICRCM), and it's not pretty. It's embarrassing. Reckless, actually. On the heels of last week's political hit piece based solely on anonymous sources taking aim at the controlling majority of the ICRM board, reporter Margaret Moffett launches another