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The official blog of Lint Hatcher, author of THE MAGIC EIGHTBALL TEST: A CHRISTIAN DEFENSE OF HALLOWEEN AND ALL THINGS SPOOKY, available for the Kindle at

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Why Do We Love Halloween So Much?


(image) What happens when a pumpkin carving, trick or treating, late night monster movie watching monster fan becomes a Christian? Is Halloween now off-limits? Is the whole thing pagan, occult, satanic? Is a love for spooky things and Gothic detail just plain sick? Lint Hatcher, past editor of Wonder magazine and all-purpose pop culture maven, doesn't take such questions lightly. In The Magic Eightball Test, Hatcher grits his teeth and runs full tilt through the anti-Halloween gauntlet - putting his mania for the monsteriffic to the test. The result: a spirited and thoroughly Christian defense of Halloween and All Things Spooky.

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(image) You never know when you're gonna enter Movie Stop, walk over to the "We Really Need To Get Rid Of This Crap Soon" section, and discover a copy of BLACKENSTEIN staring you in the face and for only $2.99.

I have a weakness for Seventies blaxploitation fliks and actually feel that BLACKULA is a pretty superior vampire film thanks largely to the natural gravitas of Shakespearean actor William Marshall. But BLACKENSTEIN, alas, turned out to be a bit of a drag. The actors were not bad, but there were a few too many scenes in which the camera was locked down on a shot of the laboratory (complete, I swear, with Strickfadden's original FRANKENSTEIN mad scientist electronics) while Blackenstein slowly walked from one side of the frame to the other. Slowly walked. Did I mention slowly? Arms outstretched. Grumbling to himself about the fickleness of fate. Walking. Slowly.