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The Binibining Pilipinas 2007 this year, will be held at Araneta Coliseum on March 3 2007. This time around, BB Pilipinas features two kapuso's, Margaret Wilson and Ailyn Luna and other 28 gorgeous ladies.

Who do you think among all these ladies gets to take over the crown of Universe, International and World?, Find out on March 3rd, via GMA Pinoy TV from 2:50-5:20 pm,
(And for people from the Philippines, i bet you guys know already)(image) (image)

Britney, "what the hell were you thinking?"


ok so im been seing this Britney being bald and everything everywhere, and im just like, "what the hell??". What was she thinking when she did this?. Or was she thinking at all?

thats all, i just wanted to share that.


anyways, on Kris James Hope thing. Im soo sick of it. so what?, its not like thats the first time to happen..

I got this off GMA Pinoy TV forum, and i gotta say, i trully agree!!!

"Did Kris ever say sorry to Alma, to Philip's wife, to the wives and girlfriends of Aga, Alvin patrimonio, Robin Padilla and god knows who else?" Call it hypocrisy at it's finest. "

Sandara, sa RPN 9 na!


WOW, Sandara Park ang unang nag sign sa RPN, not only a variety show ang gagawin nya dito, but also a drama. If the network does gets succesful, then she will be maybe permanently be an RPN talent. Sabi kasi nila, RPN just borrowed Sandara off ABS dahil wala naman itong show. If i was Sandara, Id stick with RPN and if i fail, move to GMA dahil wala na syang future sa ABS dahil meron na silang Kim. anyways, Good Luck to that. Maybe we'll see RPN 9 going international soon!!..anyways, for the people of the Philippines, Sandara's shows will start airing March of this year.!!

Kris, blaming GMA for Bringing Hope



Part 2
Part 3

Naloka ako sa mga pinag sasasabi ni Kris sa interview nya sa Rated K. I was actually beleiving on your statements at first, but when she started blaming someone else i was like, "What the hell", why blame GMA for having the interview of Hope?. First of all, your part of a show that is same with what they do so you should know the consequences you are facing. You know that from start eh talaga namang merong competensya. Do not blame GMA, or anyone at all, except for your own husband, James, who made the mistakes. Alam mo na pala na isa kang sikat na tao and as you said, you are number 1, so expect it na pag-uusapan ka talaga. If this Hope thing isnt true talaga, why did you faint, or why are you so mad?, you shouldnt care dapat diba?

For my conclusion, Kris is just mad because hindi siya ang kinampihan ng GMA. My words for Kris, hindi parating ikaw ang dapat tama.

Cesar Montano Quits Lupin/The OC


Sayang at nag back out na si Cesar Montano sa Lupin because he is going politics na. hay!! Anyways, I hope they can get a better actor who can replace Cesars supposedly character.
Anyways, its still gonna be good without him kasi Janno Gibbs will be there, and his a true comedian talaga. anyways, update ko lang ung post ko dati na kapuso na si Cesar, but i guess not anymore.

(change topic)
(image) Have any of you watch The OC??, at the Philippines do they show it? Well i watch its first,and second season pero i kinda stop on its third. And now, i started watching the fourth season again. Although Marisa died on the show, it still carry on with the story with a better plot. Now, Ryan, played by Benjamin Mckenzie is now dating Taylor played by Autmn Reeser. Kinda weird because they are the most unlikable couple. Anyways my point, the show will have the last episode next week. Not the last episode of the season but the series. Im so upset because this show is now again my favorite show. Rumors though is that CW will pick up the fifth season. Hopefully they will, or else, im gonna be sad.

Move GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2, RPN 9 is coming


Move GMA and ABS, RPN 9 is coming para bawiin ang trono na kinuha nyo sa kanila. Ito nga ang bagong balita that RPN 9 is gonna be Solar Powered. This is thier way to get back on top. Thier aim is to be atleast get on number 3.

RPN was once a home of legends, like Eat Bulaga, German Moreno and Nora Aunor. Last 1979, Eat Bulaga was made not by ABS nor GMA but by RPN 9. Aswell as Nora Aunor's 'Superstar' which was a top rater.

Now, RPN 9 is on thier way to the top spot again. With their Solar Powered Network, they will produce many competetive progams that will make them rule the number 1 spot again.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole Smith a former playboy bunny and a very controversial celebrity have passed away at age 39 today, February 8, 2007. The cause of her death is yet not known, but now being undergoing an autopsy. This is a sad thing to happen because not just long ago that Anna Nicole's son, Daniel a 20 years old, have passed away cause of drug issues.

A sincere condolence to those family Anna has left behind.

Cesar Montano Moves To GMA..


(image) funny how the biggest stars of ABS-CBN are now transfering to GMA. It started with Jolina, to Richard Gomez to Ariel Rivera, to Marvin from Binoe, but now its Cesar Montano. His last show from ABS was shown 3 to 4 years ago, when Kaya ni Mister..blah blah..ended.

Cesar is cast as one of Lupin (the show) characters. He will be I think Richard's mentor or something. Anyways, first it was Asian Treasures na unang nag appear si Buboy, pero it was just a guesting, but now its official na kapuso na nga si Buboy dahil nga, kasama na siya sa cast ng Lupin, na mag shoo-shoot na pala sa Feb 13 at showing sa last week of March.

Other cast of Lupin:

Richard Guttierez
Ehra Madrigal
Katrina Halili
Rhian Ramos
Janno Gibbs
Lani Mercado
Ara Mina
Polo Ravales
Tirso Cruz III
and many more.

the real: EB Babes vs Sexbomb



Meron palang nang yaring kalmutan at sipaan na nangyari sa showdown between EB Babes at Sexbomb. Ito ay full na ipinahayag sa S-Files last Sunday. Ang nangyari daw is, itong si Mhyca ay na-aksedenteng nasipa itong si Kim ng EB Babes na nagtamo ng mga sugat sa kanyang bandang likuran. Kaya, itong si Kim eh nagalit at tinulak ata itong si Mhyca. (diba, antaray). Kaya habang nag sho-showdown ang dalawang groups eh itong si Kim eh full of energy, bad energy nga lang. I say good for EB Babes at alam nilang lumaban. haha. Hindi nga maganda ang naipakitang katarayan itong si Kim eh atleast, umangat din naman ang pangalan ng grupong EB Babes. Dahil dito, eh naghahamon na naman ang mga grupong EB Babes ng round 2 na sigurado namang mangyayari.



Anyways, this is my verdict sa showdown last Sat. in terms of choreography, SBG definitely won. SB Evette vs EBB Belle, Belle definitely won Evette over by Beauty, and Moves. SB Che-Che vs EBB Ann, it was a tie. SB Mia vs EBB Madel, I say Madel won because she was doing more than what was expected off Mia, which didnt do much but do some JLO moves. SB Mhyca vs EBB Lian, Lian upstages Mhyca with her hip-hop moves that definitly put Mhyca on a mute. Then again, Mhyca does her kung fu fighting moves. Maybe Mhyca still isnt over with Kim and her's frustration between each other. Then, Rochelle goes up in the middle and challenges one of EBB Saida, Joyce and Kim. Viewers pick?, EBB Saida. But what the hell, who can beat Rochelle??. Anyways, no matter how ridiculous Saida looked on that stage, she still manages to be as cute as she is. Overall winner?, I say its a tie. Thats why we want round 2 right?.... admit it SBG fans, EBB did pretty good on that showdown..


Ultra tragedy 1st anniversary, But Wowowee is happy, for 2nd Anniversary


style="DISPLAY: block; BACKGROUND: black; WIDTH: 360px; HEIGHT: 290px" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">This page requires a higher version browser

PUTANG INANG YAN!!...anu to lokohan??..“Ang pangako lang namin, sasabayan namin kayo. Basta ginusto ninyo. Magtrabaho kayo, sama sama tayo.” Anong ibig sabihin nito??..hindi nila pananagutan ang nangyari sa ULTRA?? now that is bullshit.!like what Rickey said..managot ang managot..this is 71 lives we are talking about..I just dont know how Willie can still have a smile on his face. akala ko tinutulungan nila ang mga families ng victims, yun pala is no. Thats why for some ways, napatawad ko ang WOWOWEE sa nangyari..dahil akala ko nga na tinulungan nila ang mga victims..tapos ngaun..yan lang ang masasabi 'work hard'...ewan ko lang kung masabi nyo pa yan kung isa sa mga KAPAMILYA nyo ang isa sa 71 lives..basta ewan..galit na galit lang talaga ako ngayon..sorry for my bad mouthing..hope all of you understand..

Anyways..on the other hand..something made me happy..EAT BULAGA..napanood nyo ba ang showdown ng EB Babes at ko talong talo na ang EB Babes..pero meron din pala silang binatbat..hehe..

Oh over it na..pero that doesnt mean na i have forgiven WoWoWee..(not particulary Willie.. CHE)

Hello and Sorry


To all of Rannier Castillo fans and Stef Prescot haters out there, heres Stef Prescott's sincere apology.

"Hello, stef all the viewers of starstruck the next level, I want to
clear up all the bad impressions of me..starting with the fans of Rainier
Castillo..hindi ko talaga sinasdya..i didn’t mean that I’m not interested with
Rainier, its just that I’m concentrated on starstruck right now..I’m trying to
reach my dream, and I’m doing the best I can at it..once starstruck is over, and
I feel contented with where I am, then maybe I can start thinking about those
kinds of things like a lovelife..but for now, since bata pa ako, and I have a
lot of things ahead of me, concentrated talaga ako sa starstruck..I also want to
change the impression that I’m a snob, or so called “masungit”..I know that this
started with the Rainier issue, and when I said the words,”I’m not here to make
friends, I’m here to win”. I didn’t mean it the way I said it..what I meant was
that although I will make friends during the competition, that is not my main
goal here in main goal is to win, and the is the reason why I
joined starstruck in the first place..that was my fault if I gave the impression
out that I have a bad attitude..I want to change that impression if you guys
will give me the chance..I want all of the viewers to see the real stef, the
nice one, not the “masungit” one with the bad attitude, because that is not the
real me..thats just the impression I gave all of you guys..and I’m willing to do
all I can to change that impression of me that was there from the start..again,
I’m sorry for all the mistakes I have made, and I want all of you to see the
real me..thanks and Godbless


Sana matigil na ang mga pang ha-hate ng iba kay Stef dahil alam nyo naman siguro na sya lang naman ang pinaka talented off all the girls and i absolutely want her to win not because shes my favorite but because shes talented..OH DIBA SINCERE DIN YAN...LOL..sana bumisita dito si Stef so she would know how much support i am giving to her..

S o now, another topic. Did you guys watch Starstruck on Thursday episode??..haha..ang sweet naman nina Stef and Aljur. They can definitly be a loveteam. And ofcourse, Jesi and Kris loveteam, Dex and Mart loveteam, haha..basta watch the video...nga pala..this one i owe because im just stealing his videos muahahahahaha..


Tin at Diet - Feeling Superstars


I have nothing against Kristine but I do to with Diether. haha. Actually I like Kristine Hermosa, shes talented and pretty. But behind that beauty, GOD she has some ugly attitude. And Diether, yan talaga ang feeling superstar. He makes me puke.

Ok, so story is, pinaghintay daw nina Kristine at Diet sina Gladys Reyes at iba pang mga guest na showbiz couples. 1 o'clock daw dapat nanduon na sila, pero 2:30 na daw eh wala pa itong sina Tin at Diet. Dahil dito, galit na galit si Gladys dahil ayaw daw nyang ma-late sa taping nya for Bahay Mo Ba To?

(image) Pagdating daw nitong dalawa eh pinag tatalakan daw ni Gladys ang mag couple. "late na kayo!" sabi nitong si Gladys. Tin answers with a wrong answer, "nasa taas lang kami"...kaya itong si Taray queen eh sinabihan naman itong si Tin ng, "kung nasa taas lang naman pala kayo, eh bat di pa kayo bumaba?"..kaya nung nag start na ang taping, nag dialogue itong si Gladys ng, "mag simula na tayo, nandito na ang mga SUPERSTARS"..

Hahaha, im sorry to say, pero korek ang mga guest's ni DJ Mo sa program nya, mas better station ang GMA kesa sa ABS dahil mas warmth daw ang isat isa dito. ABS definitly has some proffesinalism, attitude, feeling superstars problem.

Anyways, if you watched Mara't Clara before, You darn better not piss this girl off. Shes now a legend in terms of being contra-bida. Shes the one who flushes your face rigt down the toilet. And this is why I prefer contra-bida's rather than those stupid martyr bidas.

out of topic...4 days to go nalang at Asian Tresures na dito sa GMA Pinoy TV, USA Pacific..!!!

Juday and Jolens Movie - Ouija Board


(image) (image)

Ouija Board is a horror movie starring the two giant networks own queens, Judy Anne Santos and Jolina Magdangal. It might come as a surprise to some of you because Juday will be working ober da bakod. Well, first of all Juddy Anne is not exclusively contracted to Dos or Star Cinema kaya pwede syang mag work on the other network. Anyways, this movie is said to be GMA's own sukob because same as Sukob, Juday and Jolens will be playing haft sisters aswell. Shooting for the movie starts on the third week of February. Kaya abangan!!.

Matt Evans binastos si Sunshine Dizon


Eto na naman ang bagong issue na binastos daw ni Matt Evans si Sunshine Cruz na bida natin sa Bakekang. Ang nangyari?, Inagawan daw ng entablado ni Matt itong si Sunshine while she is performing. Kabastusan diba?. This happened sa IloIlo kung saan ay nagdiriwang sila ng kanilang festival. The two giant networks were ask to send some of their stars sa festival na ito. They were given 30 minutes each to perform, and GMA ang unang isinalang. But before that, syempre meron ding mga anek anek na performance ng sarili nilang mga ek ek kaya dito, nalate ang pasok ng GMA kapuso's. Pero ito namang ABS eh nagmamadali dahil meron daw hinahabol itong si Matt na flight at 7 p.m.

Nagkasundo na ang mga organizers ng show at mga taga ABS at GMA na patapusin na raw muna ang performance nitong si Sunshine. Pero habang si Bakekang ay kumakanta, pumasok na raw itong si Matt at pinatay na ang audio nitong si Bakekang. Sa nangyari, napahiya tuloy itong si Sunshine sa harapan pa ng kanyang mga kababayan.

Mga taga ABS talaga, always wants it their way. Sana naman pinatapos nyo na muna si Shine. Kahit naman kayo eh magagalit sa ganoon pangyayari. anyways. Have a good one people..

SOP All Stars



One of the best performances of SOP. Grabe. ang galing talaga nila.Its like 3 generations, Sayang lang dahil wala si Janno. Those kids are unbeleivable, imagine at that young age, nakikipag sabayan ka na side by side with Ogie Regine, Jaya, Kyla and Jay-R. I hope theres more of this on the next Sundays to come. Danny Tan is amazing.

Starstruck - Vote for STEF and RICH



Louie Ignacio gave this peformance a perfect score. If I were to be the judge, I would have given the same score. Finally, in two years Starstruck found the most talented off a million filipinos. I see some recording artist in the future, Stef, Rich, Prince and Aljur. Now my bet for this season, Stef with Paulo as a loveteam, while Aljur to be the hunk, and Rich as the sweetheart. Out of all the survivors, only these four showed me real talent. Stef with her all over complete package. Aljur with his charm and talent for music. Paulo with his acting and confidence to be a star. and Rich, altho di kagandahan, she has the talent to prove shes way more beautiful than Jesi, Jewel or Kris.


Muli's Carrie Lee



GMA has a new recruit kapuso, Carrie Lee. A 19 years old Malaysian beauty who made a name by winning Miss Chinese Cosmos International 2004. Right after, she appeared on countless commercial ads and some TV drama here and there. But now, she is currently co-starring Philippines very own Alfred Vargas, through the newest drama GMA and Malaysia co-produced on entittled, Muli. Muli is said to air sometime very soon. What ive heard, April is the date we can finally watch the show that has been the talk of the town for quiet a while now. The said drama also stars such as Victor Neri, Marian Rivera, Renz Valerio, Odette Khan, and many other filipino actors. Also stars Malaysia's matinee idol, Daniel Tan.

The Promise Trailer


Its been 3 years in a row, and still, were not sick of it yet. The Promise, might just be the best out of the three films they've done. Off of all the reviews ive read, the story really gets me interested. Unlike Let The Love Begin or I Will Always Love You, this is more mature roles for the two. Sana lang, hindi sila mawalan ng mga bata na tagasubaybay, because of the love scenes and all thhat. Anyways, im realy excited to see this film. But im still waiting for TXT to go on DVD, ive heard din na maganda rin sya.

Super Twins



Super Twins is an upcoming GMA 7 telefantasya. The story is about twins who has some magical powers from some kind of a ring. Two little girls will be transforming into the characters of Jen and Nads. The trailer that was shown, shows that the uniforms are a lot similar to SailorMoon. But the costumes are now different to what was seen through the teaser. The one underneath is now the official costumes of the twins.


Jennylyn Mercado as Super S
Nadine Samonte as Super T
Dennis Trillo in a dual role of Eliseo/Eliazar
child stars-
Ella Cruz as Tin-Tin
Nicole Dulalia as Sha-Sha

also starring:

Patrick Garcia
Camille Prats
Marian Rivera
Christine Reyes
Bianca King
Tanya Garcia
Ian De Leon
Tetchie Agbayani
Mellissa Avelino
Gabby Eigenman
Patricia Javier

Super Twins is said to be replacing the show Atlantika that failed horribly. Super Twins premiers February 12 of the year of PIGS. For GMA PINOY TV subscribers, maybe it will only be 2 weeks delayed since were only 10 episodes behind from Atlantika.

What's Next with GMA (updated)


Naku, heto pala lahat ng mga new shows for the first quarter of 2007. I wonder whats for the second?.---------------------------------------------------------------Daisy Siete Mano Mano - Starring the new lead-star of the soap, Jopay Paguia. (Rochelle will be going solo with an upcoming solo album, similar to Beyonce.)Princess Charming - Stars the two cute kids from Bakekang, Kristal and Charming. Also stars Carmina Villaroel, Mark Herras with his new love-team Jackie Rice. Premiers January 29 sa dramarama sa hapon.Magic Kamison - Starring non-other than Chuchay, Gladys Guevara. Premiers Feb 4, right after SOP.LUV Pow - A new teen show that stars Camille Pratts, Rhian Denise Ramos and Yasmien Kurdi.Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang - Premiers Feb 4. (No Info about it)Super Twins - A new Fantasy series very similar to Sailor Moon. Stars GMA's princesses's, Jennylyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte. Premiers February 12 of 07Lupin - A new Richard Guttierez soap, with Rhian Ramos, Katrina Halili and Ehra Madrigal. Premiering March of 07.Muli - The Malaysia/Philippines produced Soap that is rumored to be aired sa Dramarama sa Hapon. Stars Philippines Alfred Vargas and Malaysia's Carrie Lee. Also stars Marian Rivera.Sininovela - GMA remakest the past Viva Films into a soap opera.Dapat Ka Bang MahalinGaano Kadalas ang MinsanKung Mahiwa Man ang UlapSaan Darating ang UmagaSinasamba KitaUNCONFIRMED SHOWSExtra ChallengeIgorotaComander ToothpickFlame of ReccaKahit Wala Ka NaUPCOMING FILMS FOR 2007The Promise - February 14 with Angel Locsin and Richard GuttierezPasok sa Banga - (Unknown)GMA and Regal's entry to the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival-Darna the Movie - Angel LocsinorEncantadia the Movie - Encantadia cast [...]

Sobrang OJ Pare!!.


This is definitly my favorite part of SOP. Galing talaga nila Janno and Ogie. Now, this is the advantage SOP has over ASAP, the COMEDY.


The Best and The Worst Film of 2006



This Movie is the best Adam Sandler I have ever seen. Not only shows ofcourse his talent for comedy, but it also shows the talent he has good enough to be an oscar nominee. The story is very funny but yet sad. Although it may be a stupid story about everyones dream of having a remote that controls everything, I still understand what the story is trying to tell the audience. 'Family comes first'. I dont know, but this is my favorite movie for 2006. I ended up watching the film 3 times already, and still counting. Out of 10, the movie is definitly a 9.



To the fans of this movie, im sorry but the movie didnt do anything to me. Nor not scary or thrilling at all. Maybe only 1 or 2 parts made me jump off my seat. But still made me go to sleep haft the time. The story is soo long that even my sister fell asleep, considering shes a kapamilya fanatic. What I hate the most about scary movies now is that, they try to imitate movies like The Ring and Grudge. Not cool anymore. The only filipino scary film that I clearly like is Sigaw (Echo - international release). It is so good that it is even having its own remake here in Hollywood. Now, Feng Shui is good but Sukob just didnt do that much at all. It is a box-office hit and all, but most people just exagerated about this film. Out of 10, I give this movie a 5.

Stef Prescott & Prince Estefans' - Bestfren


H ere's Stef Prescott and Prince Estefan's KissFlick entittled, Besfren.


This is definitely a proof that Stef is very much the most talented one among the girls. talagang natalbugan nya lahat ng girls. I just dont know kung mas gagaling pa si Kris Bernal. Pero this is what the director gave the two, Prince with a 5 and Stef with an 8 !!..oh diba.bonga..tell me she doesnt deserve to win?.

Vote for Stef Prescott! GO STEF


Stef Prescot is my favorite among Starstruck final 14. Why? simply because shes beautiful and talented. But after their guesting in SIS, together with Rainier and Mark, shes been banned from PinoyRickey.Org Why?, because she embarassed Rainier for saying to him, "im not interested". Pinoy Rickey is a very loyal fan of Rainier. He even have a strong connection through Starstruck kaya I worried for this girl. Now that Rickey made a peace offering, im happy kasi Pinoy Rickey hopefully can show her videos to show Starstruck fans that she deserves a title.

I n the beginning of the competition, she has a strong chance and alot of fans, but right after Pinoy Rickey banned her, she lost alot of them. Kaya sana for some of you, watch Starstruck and see for yourself that she deserves to have a title.

Y ou can go vote for her through txt, just type STARSTRUCK STEF and send to 2344 for Globe, TM and Sun and 367 for Smart and Talk and Text.

Y ou can also vote for her through internet, just click the link below to vote for STEF PRESCOTT, [VOTE]


Heres a clip of some of the survivors. See for yourself that Stef has a lot of potentials to be the best.


The Promise


After two hit valentine movie, Let The Love Begin and I Will Always Love You, now once again Angel and Richard reunites (for valentines I mean) on the movie 'The Promise' by GMA Films and Regal Entertainment. (image)

The Promise is set to release on the exact same day as Valentines. The said valentine offering of Star Cinema, Huli Ka with Toni Sam and Zanjoe, were suppose to be release same date but Huli Ka have to move the showing date because the shooting are not yet done by then. Same with Happy Hearts starring Wendell Ramos and Rustom Padilla. Kaya nag iisa lamang ang The Promise na maipapalabas sa February 14.

This is first time for Angel and Richard as they portrays a very mature characters. Even a nude scene or a love scene is involve in the movie. Kaya kaabang abang din siya. The movie was inspired by Wuthering Heights, a book then made into several films. The only film I have ever seen this is on MTV, starring Erica Christensen and Mike Vogel. If this movie is inspired by the book, then I would love to see it because I am a fan of the story.

Anyways, The Promise is set to release on Valentines Day, February 14, 2007.