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The Daily Bastardette

THE DAILY BASTARDETTE: Commentary by Bastardette on identity and adoptee rights, and the atrocities the adoption industry and "friendly" deformers concoct to maintain The Adoption Culture of Shame and Acquiescence.

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Daiily Bastardette moving to Word Press


After a couple years of talking to myself  about it, I have decided to transfer The Daily Bastardette  from Blogger to Word Press.  The final straw came when Blogger changed my banner and header and wouldn't let me fix it. back. And when I tried to change the template--forget it! Besides I can do a lot more on Word Press.

The transfer is probably going to take place tonight.  I'll still have to work on various pages and make some fixes over the next couple days,  but all 1300+ blogs should be in place.

The new address is

And thanks to the fabulous Claud for her Big Help!

Both Ends Burning: International Adoption = Functioning Global Society or Welcome to Cultural Trotskyism


Both Ends Burning's  Craig Juntunen  wrote a truly clueless blog the other day.  I don't have the time tonight to go into it in great detail.  I'll post part of it below, however,  with some comments. Certain transnational and transracial adoptees I know could have a field day with this, and I hope they do.Juntunen writes::We have developed a distinctive arrogance of what is right and wrong for a child seemingly based on borders and geography. Many argue taking a child out of one culture to join a family in another culture is robbing a child of the birth heritage and should never happen. We have a hard time accepting cross-pollinating race and heritage as a cultural asset, and view it instead as a personal liability. Think of the many friends you know who were born in one country and during their childhood moved to another country. Ask them if moving to another country was traumatizing and damaging to their human condition, or ultimately  an experience that allowed them to expand their human condition.  Better yet, ask any child living in an orphanage whether they would prefer to have culture and heritage or a permanent family.If we are really going to evolve into a functioning global society, why can’t we accept, embrace, and promote cross-border adoption in the same light we accept and promote domestic adoption? Are we still quietly clinging to the notion that a segregated society is a better society?A real postwar refugee family landing in New York(1)  Juntunen's comparison of international adoption to routine family immigration is ludicrous, if not amusing. (OK, I snarked out loud when I read it.)  I come from an industrial town that had lots of immigrants dating back to the mid-1800s.   When I was growing up  we still had ethnic and religious neighborhoods: Italian, Greek, German, Spanish, Slovakian,  Serbian, Russian, Syrian and Lebanese,  Romanian, and Jewish.  In fact, I attended a predominately Jewish grade school through the second. grade. As a postwar kid I knew plenty of  "refugee" kids.  My schoolmates came  from Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Lithuania,  and Greece. All of them came to the US with parents or family members. Despite the trauma of war, they were not torn without notice from their parents, families and care takers, their culture and language. Their names were not changed. Their identities and histories  were not erased and held sealed and secret by the government.  They were not blank slates.  They were not  natural resources expropriated for profit by privilege or whim.  They were not a soul-saving project. That Juntunen would compare  the cross-country and cross-racial  disenfranchised adoptee experience to the experience of   family immigration astounds me.  What next? Sentimental revision of the Middle Passage?  The Magdalene Laundries?(2)  Junteunen must feel pretty achey breaky  and bent over carrying that white man's burden   to the "new caught sullen of the world."  It's no surprise that Harvard's child-redistribution maven  Betsey Bartholet, who believes that the act of putting one's children into the hands of international adoption agents empowers   not only individuals and families but entire  countries, is listed on BEB's 2010 and 2011 IRS 990 forms as a board member. It makes me wonder where Georgia Tann, were she still alive, would be in  all this today. The Americentricity and racism in Juntunen's  claim that those do not not accept the international adoption racket as "normal" are racist is naive,  Utopian, and dangerous to  the children and families who fall into the hands of  Juntunen's mercenaries  and by extension  to the adoptee rights  movement. Juntunen probably doesn't realize it, but he's a eugenicist at heart, homogenizing entire cultures with "good intentions"[...]

2014 ASAC Conference: Our presentation on Jean Paton anounced


I am happy to announce that I'll presenting at the 2014 Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture (ASAC). conference, Crossing Boundaries  at Florida State University in Tallahassee.early next year..  I'll be part of a Book Session  panel headed by E. Wayne Carp author of the upcoming biography  Jean Paton and the Struggle to Reform American Adoption (University of Michigan Press, 2014).  A permanent title for the presentation will be announced in a few days, but for current informational purposes, we will be discussing the Jean Paton's work and the book..With me will be Elizabeth Samuels and Marianne Novy. I don't know what their critique topics will be, but mine is "A Radical Looks at a Radical." Jean Paton is the mother of us all.:\ the  Mother of US adoption reform and the adopee rights movement.. As  Dr. Carp noted in the proposal:Paton gave adult adoptees a voice and provided them with a healthy self-image; facilitated thousands of meetings between adult adoptees and their families of origin; fought tirelessly to open sealed adoption records... Patron’s struggle to reform American adoption was never easy; she faced resistance at every turn. This, then, is Jean Paton’s story: one courageous woman’s struggle to overcome American society’s prejudice against adult adoptees and women who gave birth out of wedlock; reverse social workers’ harmful policy and practice concerning adoption and sealed adoption records; and change law makers enactment of laws prejudicial to adult adoptees and birth mothers.Elizabeth Samuels (by Bastardette)I've presented twice at ASAC, in 2005 at the University of Tampa on Where We Came From:  First Mothers in Film and in 2010 at MIT, with  Floating Baby Moses:  The Politics of Legalized Baby Abandonment. (not online.)  It is truly an honor this time to be included with Elizabeth, Marianne, and Wayne. I've met Elizabeth several times, and  we shared a panel  on records access at the  Adoption Ethics and Accountability conference in Arlington, Virginia in 2007.  She is a professor of  law at the University of Baltimore .and the author of several important law review articles on first parent confidentiality and records access.  (See link to her for a list of them)Marianne Novy (by Bastartdette)I've known Marianne for ages.  She  is  a fellow Ohio bastard and the author of one of my very favorite adoption books,  Reading Adoption: Family and Difference in Fiction and Drama and the editor of a another favorite,  Imagining Adoption:  Essays on Literature and Culture. She teaches in the Literature Program in the Department of  English at Pitt and a leading force in adoption studies..Wayne, of course, is one of the pioneers in adoption history.  He is the author of Family Matters:  Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of  Adoption  and my favorite  adoption book (naturally!) Adoption Politics: Bastard Nation and Ballot Initiative 58. He is also the editor of Adoption in America: Historical Perspectives and numerous scholarly articles. Wayne teaches at Pacific Lutheran University in  Tacoma, Washington where he holds the Benson Family Chair of History.E. Wayne CarpWe are a very cool lineup.For more  information about Jean Paton and her new bio, go to The Biography of Jean Paton  webpage.  Also, "like" the  book's FB page. This is so exciting.  Now I only need to read the book--which is currently undergoing final proofing and will head to press very soon for release early next year.******Scheduled keynoters:Jackie Kay, professor of Creative Writing, Newcastle University (UK)  is a Scottish-Nigerian adoptee, and author of the groundbreaking volume of poetry The Adoption Papers, and the adoption memoir Red Dust Road. Laura Briggs, Professor and Chair of Women, Gender,  and Sexual[...]

Dusten Brown honored by National Congress of American Indians


Earlier today Dusten Brown was honored by the National Congress of American Indians.  In a ceremony attended by dozens of native military veterans, he was recognized for his service in the Oklahoma National Guard. The meeting opened yesterday with approximately 3000 Indians from across the country in attendance.Dusten's daughter, Veronica Brown, 4, removed to South Carolina by her Capobianco "adopters"  while not present in person was there in spirit. The AP reports: During a ceremony that featured drumming and Native American songs, tribal members wrapped a brightly colored prayer quilt around Brown. The gift is intended to comfort him on the days he misses his daughter. Brown was also presented with an eagle feather to honor his service in the military.S. Joe Crittenten, deputy principal chief of the Cherokee Nation praised  Dusten as a good man and  a good father.  "Veronica will always be a Cherokee citizen, and we look forward to the day she comes home to Dusten."Dusten remained silent during the ceremony and made no public statement afterwards.This sad picture  from the ceremony is a little fuzzy. Go here for a clearer shot. Ironically,  Oklahoma Governor Mary Falliln opened the event.  She became  instrumental in the destruction of the Brown family when she backed down from her earlier defense of tribal  and parental rights  virtually turning over Veronica to the Capos.  Seeming to forget her shameful behavior  she glad-handed Oklahoma Indians (particulary) for working  hard to improve tribal health tying their  work to reforms in Washington. "The American Indian is an integral part of our state." she said."I can think of one little  Oklahoma Cherokee princess who's not. ICWA and the Brown case are part of this year's agenda, but I don't have any details.NCAI standing with Dusten BrownTwitter fried my account and I was forced to start a new one.  Besides tweeting The Daily Bastardette I tweet  (and retweet) about adoption issues, civil rights, freedom of the press,  the corporate state,  Depeche Mode, literature and books, plus some local stuff.  I retweet generously.  Join me there! Daily Bastardette @DBastardette.[...]

Orphan snatcher Madonna banned from theare chain.


OK.  It's a slow news day...but remember when ladies were asked to remove their hats during a movie.?  Now it's Blackberries.

Various media are reporting that Tim League, CEO of the Texas-based move theatre chain Alamo Drafthouse, has banned Madonna from his theatres until she "apologies to her fans." Our favorite not-an- orphan orphan  harvester you see, was busted smack in the middle of the New York Film Festival for texting away during the premiere of 12 Years a Slave. (trailer)

  Variety gives an account of the incident  by film critic Charles Taylor who saw  it go down: To add insult to injury, he didn't even recognize Madonna as the mysterious lady in black until later..

 Tonight at the New York Film Festival premiere of ’12 Years A Slave’ (a masterpiece, by the way), I sat behind the unholy trifecta of Jason Ritter, J. Alexander from ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and Michael K. Williams from ‘The Wire.’ Plus, a mysterious blonde in black lace gloves who wouldn’t stop texting on her Blackberry throughout the first half of the movie. Eventually, a woman next to me tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, and the blonde hissed back, ‘It’s for business… ENSLAVER!’ I turned to the shoulder tapper and loudly said, ‘THANKS!’ and gave her a thumbs up. 

How crazy entitled is Madonna?  She just compared  herself a slave for being asked to shut off texting during a movie about.... slavery. I doubt she catches the irony.

Anyway, the Drafthouse has a strict code of patron behavior.  Among the rules: children under the age of six are not allowed inside and any audience member who talks or texts during screenings will be ejected without refund.

The Madonna  ban started as an off-the cuff  joke from League on Twitter, but when the story got traction, he decided to make it stick.

 According to Vanity Fair, League isn't  holding his breath for an apology.." I don’t think [the ban] really affects her life that much.”

Neither does grabbing somebody else's kids. 

James Hamilton: An Adoptive Father Speaks Out in Support of ICWA


A few days ago Jim Hamilton posted a comment regarding  ICWA and the Veronica Brown case under Veronica: One of the Many Multi-Heritage Children Harmed by ICWA. published on the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare webpage.  The misnamed CAIW is one of the leading organizations whose mission is undermine Indian autonomy, tribal sovereignty, traffick Indian children into appropriately  white christian families, and ultimately dismantle the Indian Child Welfare Act which it claims harms Indian children.  Jim's comment was put on "moderation" and  has never been posted. We can guess why.With Jim's permission I am posting it below. I am an attorney and an international adoptive father. In my view, the ICWA does no harm whatsoever to children, including Veronica Brown/Capobianco. What does do great harm to children are those who circumvent state and federal laws in the blind pursuit of children. I fully understand how intense the desire for a child can be and the emotional upheaval that delays in the adoption process can cause for prospective adoptive parents. My son's adoption process in the country of his birth lasted 12 months. We met him for the first time almost 4 months after his referral and 8 months before the process was completed and we could bring him to the United States. But, I and my wife had to be prepared at any time during that process for his mother or father to revoke their consent to the adoption and assert their right to parent the child to whom they had given life. This was not only a matter of the law, but of what was moral and ethical. We were the supplicants, not they. It was we who were required to meet with their approval, not they with ours. That is as it should be, because a child should be raised by his or her biological parent(s) where that is possible. It is not our place, as Christians or otherwise, to judge another's fitness to parent or whether another culture affords a fit environment in which to raise a child.As for the roll of the ICWA in this case: it is up to the Cherokee Nation to determine who qualifies for tribal membership, not the federal government, not the state of Oklahoma or South Carolina, or any of us. The tribe has opted not to establish a blood quantum, as others have done. Reasonable minds can disagree about whether their choice is good or bad, but again, it is their choice, not ours. (Think back less than a century and consider whether you would have preferred to be judged by blood quanta and labeled a mulatto, quadroon, octaroon or have been labeled other than white because a great-grandparent had been of African descent.) Mr. Brown used the legal avenues available to him to challenge the loss of his child, as I suspect any of us would have done. The pity here, in my eyes, is that the Capobiancos did not have the strength to surrender Veronica from the outset, rather than wage a years long battle to obtain another's child.James HamiltonJames M. Hamilton is an adoptive father and an attorney in private practice in St. Paul , Minnesota, who has followed this issue in Minnesota and around the United States since 1997. His op-ed, Adult adoptees should have unconditional access to their birth certificates appeared in the March 14, 2013 edition of  The Minnesota Post (includes link to original. )  His testimony, in support of unrestricted OBC access given before the Minnesota House Health and Human Services Policy  Committee in March 2013  on the Bastard Nation webpage.******I  am doing some major work on CAICW and other Indian "orphan" speculatorswhich will appear here eventually. Organizations such as CAICW are not only a danger to Indian Country but to the adoptee rights movement,. We need to stand in solidarity. Today it's them; tomorrow it's us.Twitter fried my account and I was forced to start a new one.  Besides tweeting The [...]

The Last Invisible Continent Redux


A different review written by me of Michael Allen Potter's The Last Invisible Continent:  Essays on Adoption and Identity  has been published in the Columbus Free Press.

There is one error in it--my fault.  The number of sealed OBCs in Ohio is now estimated to be 400,000 not 100,000.

Read Mike's blog,  icartographer

TWITTER:   Twitter fried my account and I was forced to start a new one.  Besides tweeting The Daily Bastardette I tweet  (and retweet) about adoption issues, civil rights, freedom of the press,  the corporate state,  Depeche Mode,  literature and books, plus some local stuff.  I retweet generously.  Join me there! Daily Bastardette @DBastardette.

CHIFF Blocks Bastardette from Following Its Twitter Feed


Oh the shame!Whoever runs the Children and Families First 2013 (CHIFF ) Twitter account has blocked  Bastardette from following their  tweets..  Earlier I and an array of adoptee right advocates and adoption reformers were blocked from posting on the CHIFF FB page when one-by-one we posted  simple polite statements that we opposed the bill and, were working to defeat it.  (Read about CHIFF here.  I still need to write my own analysis.)To be honest, I've barely looked at the CHIFF Twitter feed.  Seeing today that it was not on my "follow" list (I thought I'd perhaps  neglected to add it) I hit the button and got the following message:You have been blocked from following account at the request of the user.So, the  PTB at CHIFF have banned the Executive Chair of Bastard Nation, the largest adoptee civil rights organization in North America from following their nefarious 140-character conspiracy tweets  on how to "improve" adoption and increase the foreigh-born adopted class in the United States. Call Alex Jones! Who knew I was such a threat?   It's not like they're cozily tweeting post-colonial theory in the wee hours of the night..Of course, it's all theater.  We can just go to the CHIFF Twitter  feed and FB propaganda. page  at our leisure without following or posting comments,  I guess CHIFF, in its patriarchal  bullish way thought it was sending me a message. Don't mess with Big Adoption.  Sorta like the the Capodroids busting Claude D'Arcy for using a Maurice Sendak picture for her banner on Musings of the Lame.. Is this suppose to hurt our unworthy feelings and shove us back in the bastard closet? I wish they'd follow The Daily Bastardette.  I could give them some good tips on local taco trucks.or pictures of my cats.Whatever, I  feel so empowered.  As the Dirty Harry of AdoptionLand, I apparently can wreak havoc on::Sponsors and Co-Sponsors of the Children in Families First Act of 2013SenatorsRoy Blunt* (R-MO)Mary Landrieu* (D-LA)Richard Burr (R-NC)Kirsten Gillbrand (D-NY)James Inhofe (R-OK)Mark Kirk (R-IL)Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)Claire McCaskill (D-MO)Brian Schatz (D-HI)Chuck Schumer (D-NY)Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Roger Wicker (R-MS)RepresentativesKay Granger* (R-TX)Karen Bass* (D-CA)Michele Bachmann  (R-MN)Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR)Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)Diane Black (R-TN)Bruce Braley (D-IA)Jim Cooper (D-TN)Lloyd Doggett (D-TX)Trent Franks (R-AZ)Steve Israel (D-NY)Eddie Berniece Johnson (D-TX)Patrick Murphy (D-FL)Albio Sires (D-NJ)*Lead SponsorsSupporting OrganizationsABBA FundAdoption Ministry of YWAM – EthiopiaAdoptions of IndianaAdoption STARAll God’s Children InternationalAmerican Academy of Adoption AttorneysBaker Victory ServicesBarker FoundationBethany Christian ServicesBoth Ends BurningBuckner InternationalCelebrate Children InternationalCenter for Adoption PolicyChild Advocacy Program at Harvard Law SchoolChildren’s Home Society and Lutherans Social Service of MinnesotaChildren’s HopeChildren’s House InternationalChristian Alliance for OrphansCrossroads Adoption ServicesDillon InternationalDillon SouthwestEACHEuropean Adoption ConsultantsFocus on the FamilyFuturo de los NinosGladney Center for AdoptionGolden Cradle AdoptionHarvard Law School Child Advocacy ProgramHopscotch AdoptionInternational Adoption NetInternational Child Advocacy NetworkJoint Council on International Children’s ServicesKidsave InternationalLaw Offices of Kelly Tillotson Ensslin, PLLCLifesong for OrphansLOCO Ministries, Inc.LOVEacadianaLutherans Social Service of MinnesotaLutheran Social Service of New EnglandLutheran Social Services of the South, Inc.Michael S. Goldstein, Esq., LCSWMiriam’s PromiseMLJ AdoptionsNational Council for AdoptionOEIDIH MinistriesPatch Our PlanetRainbow KidsReece’s Rain[...]

The War on ICWA: Forces growing to dismantle ICWA and Indian sovereignty


Last night Daily Bastardette received this comment on Bloody but Unbowed: Dusten Brown Shows His Stuff.  regarding the new attempt to dismantle the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).  I believe it is too important to leave in comments and am giving it its own space to receive more attention.. The only change I have made is the addition of links.Hi. I really like your editorial. I found this about the Capobianco's PR team and its head Jessica Munday. Munday is apparently on the anti-ICWA campaign trail:"Jessica Munday is owner of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC, the PR firm that launched an anti-ICWA campaign on behalf of adoptive Baby Veronica parents Melanie Duncan and Matthew Capobianco. Munday recently sent an email to all Capobianco supporters who signed a petition to abolish ICWA. Here's what she said,While Congress has yet to amend the ICWA, our collective effort surrounding Veronica's case will indeed help ensure this situation will not happen to another child. As a matter of fact, it already has. We have been informed her case has already been used in several cases to block similar travesties from occurring.... If anyone would like to continue advocating for children being hurt by the ICWA, please connect with the following groups."Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfareadministrator@caicw.orgHome Foreverinfo@home-4-ever.orgCoalition for the protection of Indian Children and Familiesinfo@coalitionforindianchildren.orgCitizens Equal Rights Alliance (Munday forgot to include them)feedback@citizensalliance.orgMaybe we should thank Munday for informing us of these anti-ICWA groups. H. *******This email, though no surprise is still alarming. ICWA has been in the crosshairs of the adoption industry long before it became law. The last major attack that I remember was in the wake of the Rost case about 20 years, though I believe there have been smaller skirmishes since. Bill Pierce, founding president of the  National Council for Adoption  (NCFA) was a chief opponent.  He  claimed the measure was racist, granted "special rights," (ie, discriminated against white paps) and prevented Indian women from choosing adoptive parents for their to-be relinquished children.  Pretty ironic since Pierce opposed identified adoptions (I want to make it clear that the current current NCFA administration does not hold Pierce's views.).Sen. McCain Back in  the 1990s when Sen. John McCain,  major promoter and defender of of ICWA, was floating a presidential run  he and Dr. Pierce had a shouting match, instigated by Pierce, over  ICWA at a political event in Arizona with Pierce accusing adoptive father McCain of being anti-adoption,In another dust-up, McCain reportedly physically removed Dr. :Pierce  from his Senate office during an unpleasant ICWA discussion..  (I'm not at home at the moment and can't find my hard copy documentation on the Pierce stories.  If I locate them I'll amend this entry with links or sources.  I have no documentation on the office dust-up but heard about it on good authority.). Dr. Pierce+I'm doing some major backgrounding  on the "christian orphan movement"  which is front and center in the anti-ICWA drive. This afternoon I came up with this on the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance from the  November 1, 2011 issue of Native American Times:The leading Indian hate group these days is the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA). Dave Lundgren, an attorney, calls them the Ku Klux Klan of Indian Country.  It's sister organization the Citizens Equal Rights Foundation  (CERF) in 2002 held a  Mother's Day Conference in Washington called "Confronting Federal Indian Policy. "CERF  at about the same time filed an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court i[...]

Bloody but Unbowed: Dusten Brown Shows His Stuff


This morning  Dusten Brown showed his stuff as a father and a man.  In a press conference in Tulsa he announced that he and the Cherokee Nation will no longer pursue custody of  his 4-year daughter Veronica Brown:. His sad surrender was done not as a sign of defeat but of love for Veronica. He surrendered to save her from further confusion, pain, and public intrusion:. Veronica is only 4 years old, but her entire life has been lived in front of the media and the entire world, and I cannot bear for that to continue any longer. I love her too much to continue to have the spotlight on her. It is not fair for her to be in front of the media at all times. And her safety, happiness and well-being have always been my number one priority. Brown, said in his statement: The most difficult decision of all was to let Veronica go with Matt and Melanie Capobianco last month. But it was no longer fair for Veronica to be in the middle of this battle. It was the love for my daughter that kept me going all this time. But it was also the love for my daughter that finally gave me the strength to accept things that are beyond my control... ...And to Veronica—one day you will read about this time in your life. Never, ever for one second doubt how much I love you, how hard I fought for you or how much you mean to me. My home will always be your home, and you are always welcome in it. I miss you more than words can express. You will always be my little girl, my princess, and I will love you until the day I die. I love you and hope to see you soon. The complete statement is  posted on Indian Country.*****I have not written about the Veronica Brown case, and  I congratulate the dozens if not hundreds of people who have written splendid commentary. All I can offer in my defense is that I became so angry and inarticulate at the destruction of the Brown family that I just couldn't write about this horror show without sounding like an hysteric.The adoptee rights fight I've been in for 30 years or more has been 90% political,.  And you can't say that the fight for Veronica hasn't been political. But it is also emotional. I'm sitting here in the Ohio Union at the Ohio State University crying as I read Dusten's statement.. Crying over the mutual loss of Veronica,  Dusten and her family, but also the tears of our collective loss. A little girl, like many of us, has lost her family for no reason other than the greed of privilege. She had a family that loved and wanted her. I 'm' crying because adoption crazies, cut Veronica in little adopta-bits.  I am crying because they won this fight and the expense of a powerless 4-year old.  They have no shame.But it's a Pyrrhic victory. Someday Veronica will know and  understand what happened to her and who did it and why they did it. The Capos may very well love Veronica  (though at the moment she seems more like a much loved vase or antique desk) and she may end up loving them back. But what will she think of those who used her as a political pawn in their own agendas: Nightlight (the crackpot adoption agency that brought us frozen embryo "adoption,") politicians,  judicial cronies, racists, evangelicals, Tea Partiers,  PR flacks and media hacks. Pulling the strings behind this cozy coalition were  domestic neo-imperialists intent on destroying  tribal sovereignty and stripping  Indians of  long fought legal  recognition, protections such as ICWA, and natural resources--including children.Make no mistake. There's big money involved  in Veronica's case, bigger than the adoption industry could cough up..Commercial genocide. We won't kill you.  We'll just obliterate your land, your resources, and your families.The destruction of ICWA[...]

This is Not Adoption Reform: ORTL says, Let's make adoption easier and cheaper in Ohio


Bad news in Ohio.  Ohio Right to Life is ready to launch a new easy adoption  legislative project:   The bill isn't filed yet, but  it gained traction Monday when the Columbus Dispatch  published:  Abortion foes focus on easing Ohio adoptionsSince the bill isn't up  yet, we can't say what it says exactly, so I'm going by the Dispatch report only.  Here, is a  rundown from Mike Gonidakis,  adoptive father of two and President of Ohio Right to Life:.  .Decrease the waiting time for adoption finalization from 1 year to 60 days (Note: this seems to be a mistake.  Under the ORC, adoption finalization can currently take place no less that 6 months after placement.)Decrease the eligibility time a man can file with the Ohio Putative Father's Registry (PFR) from 30 days  to 7.Require adoption agencies and adoption lawyers to inform fetal fathers (before the birth of the child)  that an adoption plan is being made; thus, giving them more time to file with the PRF (if they can find it)Increase the Ohio adoption tax credit from $1500 to $10,000 to be spread out over four years,  substantially offsetting the cost  of the adoption Decrease "birthmother" fraud by requiring adoption agencies and adoption lawyers to make living expense payments provided by paps (prospective adoptive parents) directly to service providers (doctors, landlords, utilities), not to "birthmothers" themselves.  Under current law, these funds go directly from pap to "birthmother".  The  $3000 payment limit would not change.This proposal has more holes than the proverbial Swiss cheese. Two months is far from enough time for ethical post-placement. follow-up and opens the adoption process to corruption, child abuse, and adoption fraud. even more than it already is.  When I was adopted finalization took approximately a year and  a social worker made at least three unannounced visits to our home between my placement and adoption finalization.. That is not too much to expect today. If you're doing it right, what's the rush? Combined with the PFR   provision (below),  the shortened time frame is no more than a new way to push dads out of the way and hide their children from them..My other big concern is the PFR.  There is nothing to prevent a woman from claiming she doesn't know the name of the father or giving  a false name and contact information for the father, or just refusing to name him at all, or  naming several men as possible fathers (Hello, Maury!)   It  certainly doesn't require her to tell the putative father that she is even pregnant.   She can just weasel. Moreover, under current law, a man can register with the PFR any time after he has sex with a woman. (according to court rulings when a man has sex  with a woman he's put on notice). Although some men do get snookered, they currently  have plenty of the time to get on the books if they suspect adoption may be afoot. But since the PFR is unadvertised, does it even matter?.  ORTL needs to look at  the current scandals of Baby Veronica and Baby Deserai  among the latest adoption parade of horrors to see  where this will lead. (For more about the the legal situation of putative fathers and the Ohio PFR go to The adoption tax credit sends a very bad message:  adoption welfare.   (What a boon for serial adopters!) What ever happened to  "if you can't afford a child, don't have one?"  bringing up the whole "deserving" issue.   Welfare moms :     Off the dole you go! Adoptive parents:   On the dole you go!I don't have an original source for this quote, but someone said recently in a twe[...]

Truly Stupid PAPs: I'm adopting from where?


I spent a good part of yesterday trying to repopulate my Twitter account that's been fried for probably a year. In the process Twitter gave me a continual feed of "Similar to Daily Bastardette" accounts which I dutifully checked out.  I found  new people I'd never heard of and old one's I'd forgotten. Amongst the forgotten was Reunited Cricket  known for her infamous yet deserving Hall of Shame Blog Awards highlighting the blogs of truly stupid paps and adoptive parents. The irony, of course is that the awardees have no idea why they've been inducted into the Hall of Shame. I mean, these are the type of folks who upon the arrival of Baybee Bumble would hang a Kinko's-generated GOT'CHA banner across their porch, with balloons and rainbow unicorns floating over it. I thought I'd seen it all through the years, but Cricket this week has uncovered a blog so inane, so stupid that its author makes Melanie Capabianco look like Saint Clare of Assisi. The award-winning entry is entitled Azer-by--wha?  It recounts the blogger's attempt to adopt from Azerbaijan though she's not sure if it's in Asia or Europe. In the process, this rube manages to insult the entire country, its culture, and its stigmatized unwed mothers who apparently God finds so pleasing that he created them to produce swag for adoption "professionals" and product for US christian paps.Unlike the blogger. I've actually been to Azerbaijan, mostly Baku.   It is one of my favorite places in the world  I  once spent an evening there at a hotel disco (soviet style) where for $20 hard currency we got a bottle of champagne and a tray of fancy French chocolates. (So much for Red Oktober). Another night, sitting on my balcony, I witnessed a near rock n roll riot when a big stadium concert nearby by some Euro metalheads  was cancelled at the last minute due to "wind." (Baku is known as the Windy City.) Refunds over this Act of God  were not-so politely declined despite the promoters strong held belief that ticket holders were expected to take  the ripoff without  sigh or murmur. They didn't. Baku is also the place I learned that drinking hot tea cools you off, a trick I still use in the summer.Our paps, of course, will forgo discos, but maybe not champagne,  in their obsessional pursuit of a Baybee Bumble of their very own..Bastardette waiting for the trainwreck Cricket states the case so well, that that there is really nothing I can add to her commentary. I don't want to take anything away from her, so I'm not posting a direct link to the latest Hall of Shamer. Read Cricket's takedown and then click her link to the blog and read the original. I'm s tempted to post a comment on Azer-by Wwa?,  but  don't want to open a floodgate  that would take down the blog.  It's well worth the forbearance keep the train wreck on the tracks. I can't leave, though, without giving you taste of the brazen stupidity of this blogger. .I assure you is not made up: We have not been married long (in another place she says they'e been married a year), we would like a child as young as possible (we have everything to learn about being parents  and think it would be easiest for everyone if the child were very young) and are able to travel.The Hall of Shame Awards has been on hiatus.   I hope Cricket picks it up again on a regular basis..I planned to post a couple pictures of myself in Baku but the albums aren't where I thought they were. If I find them tomorrow I'll stick a couple in. I've instead included a pic of me in St. Petersburg waiting for the trainwreck.*****TWITTER:   Twitter fried my account and I was forced to start a new one.  Besides tweet[...]

Book Review: The Last Invisible Continent: Essays on Adoption and Identity by Michael Allen Potter. A superb and elegantly written mixing of the personal and the political.


Although I am an adoptee rights activist I seldom read adoption books outside of history or other topics I have a specific interest in. I almost always avoid memoirs. To be honest most are awful. It may be good therapy to write your adoption story, but please leave it in your desk drawer! Michael Allen Potter's The Last Invisible Continent: Essays on Adoption and Identity is quite a different story. I've been familiar with Mike's work for several years. I knew part of his story. I knew this book would be important. I was thrilled when he emailed me a few days ago and told me the book was finished and on Kindle. I downloaded it immediately. And holy moley! What a book it is! Unlike the typical weepy adoption memoir this one is hard and gritty. It's of the street, but also of the heart. Mike doesn't pull any punches about his mother's mental illness, his battle with alcohol, or his rotten adoption, which he discusses almost in passing, though it it obviously the core of the essays. My personal favorites are the essays "The Re-education of Michael Allen Potter" and "Checking the Bastard Box." In "Re-education", Mike recounts how is mentally ill mother ends up living in a crack house--evicted from her own modest government-subsidized apartment by some rockhounds down the street who then extort her to live in the dump. Mike leaves San Francisco for a quick trip to Schenectady to return her to her rightful home. She's ambivalent about leaving, but happy to see him. His run-in with her "landlord" (not to mention his mother's reaction to his arrival) is both scary and funny. What strikes me most, though, is Mike's respect for her illness. He doesn't treat her like she's crazy. Ever. He watches out for her in person and from afar, yet respects her independence and choices, even while he worries. Much to Mike's surprise and relief he manages to scare the shit out of her crack dealer tormentors who end up towing his line. "Checking the Bastard Box" examines the "fake Mike" the adoptee without his records or roots. The essay opens thus: When I arrived in San Francisco, late in the summer of 1996, I had someone else's name. In my bags were packed photographs of someone else's family and every form of ID that I brought with me was fake; my driver's licence, all of the credit cards that helped to propel me across the continent, my birth certificate, my Social Security and ATM cards. All fraudulent. My medical records contain no information. My blood type has never been recorded. The person whose name appeared in thick block lettering on my English degree was just as fictitious as the Pucks and Oberons of my undergraduate studies. Those few sentences describe the identity conundrum that many adoptees live. In existential terms we have no authentic identity. Our identities are state constructed, a Potemkin village of fictitious documents, family lies, and the unwanted paternalism of the American a culture of American adoption secrets and lies. Mike like any thinking bastard knows that bastards are erased from their history. Nothing, apparently happened to us until we were adopted. Saved from one oblivion and dumped into another. Our existence is determined solely by our relationship to the state and the person or persons to whom the state transfers our bodies. In "Check the Bastard Box," Mike descries this erasure: I do not have legal access to my own immediate or extended family members, medical records or heritage. My name was changed three times before my tenth birthday, and these name changes were (allegedly) meant to convey a sense of inclusion into those new facsimiles of family units. In reality, however, what adoption did in bo[...]

Call for Papers: 8th Biennial Adoption Initiative Conference, May 2014


Call for PapersOn behalf of the Planning Committee for the 8th Biennial Adoption Conference at St. John’s University, we invite proposal submissions for papers and research manuscripts that address issues likely to impact individuals and families touched by adoption. This Call for Papers specifically targets adoption professionals, researchers, scholars, practitioners, and graduate students. We are especially interested in receiving proposals that address the 2014 conference theme, “Sleeping Giants in Adoption: Power, Privilege, Politics, and Class.”In keeping with our ongoing goal to present thought-provoking themes relevant to the training of mental health professionals as well as to the personal growth and deeper understanding of adoption triad members, our 2014 conference will consider the intersections between the “sleeping giants” in adoption. The Committee welcomes proposals that tie directly to the conference theme, especially proposals that illustrate the ways that adoption (as it is typically practiced) tends to privilege certain voices and perspectives while downplaying those of marginalized groups.The history of U.S. adoption is rooted in social reform movements led by individuals and groups with greater access to power and privilege that set about to design child welfare interventions and social engineering plans for the children of families with less access to such social and political capital. The 2014 conference will give special consideration to exposing the connections between social class, power, politics, and privilege in adoption. We seek proposals particularly that address these connections, both historically and in contemporary adoption practice.The 2014 conference theme highlights both historical and emerging practices in adoption, with a critical eye on considerations of whose privileges have been preserved, are currently being served, and whose interests should be better served. Papers and presentations should include a critical consideration of power, politics, and privilege and/or the role of social class in adoption. To Submit a Proposal, click here. (Note: There are two parts to the submission process–Contact Information and Presentation Proposal Information).FacebookAdoption InitiativeSt. John's University402B Marillac Hall8000 Utopia ParkwayQueens, NY 11439(718) 990-5460[...]

Deconstructing the Baby Veronica Case: Implications for working with fathers in Indian child welfare practice


I'm really impressed that this has come together so fast.  And what an array of panelists and presenters!   If I were in the Minneapolis/St Paul area at the end of this month I know where I'd be. If anyone attends I'd love to get a report. id="_atssh752" src="" style="border-width: 0px; height: 1px; left: 0px; position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; z-index: 100000;" title="AddThis utility frame">Deconstructing the Baby Veronica Case: Implications for Working with Fathers in Indian Child Welfare PracticeTuesday, October 29th, 20138:30am - 4:00pmMcNamara Alumni Center, UMNFederal and state laws, as well as agency policies and practice, play a significant role in how we work with fathers in Indian child welfare practice. In this forum, speakers and panelists with differing viewpoints will analyze the legal context of the "Baby Veronica" case for a closer look at father involvement. Practice strategies and policy recommendations will be a focal point. Read more about the event here.Breakfast and lunch will be served and light snacks will be available throughout the day.6 Board of Social Work CEUs will be available. CLEs have been applied for.PresentersJudge William ThorneUtah Court of AppealsChrissi NimmoAssistant Attorney General of  the Cherokee NationMark FiddlerAttorney representing the Capobianco FamilyErma J. VizenorChairwoman, White Earth NationPanelistsTerry CrossExecutive DirectorNational Indian Child Welfare AssociationEssie Leoso-CorbineSocial Services Director for Bad River Band of Ojibwe, WisconsinFormer Administrator in Tribal and County SystemsMary BooAssistant DirectorNorth American Council on Adoptable ChildrenModeratorSarah DeerAssistant Professor of Law, William Mitchell College of LawRegister here.This forum is being offered under the auspices of the First Nations Repatriation Institute; Center for Regional and Tribal Child Welfare Studies, Department of Social Work, University of Minnesota--Duluth; and Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, School of Social Work, College of Education and Human Development.Thanks to Jim Hamilton for the tip!******Twitter fried my old account so I  had to start a new one.   I need my old friends back!   Join me there!  Daily Bastardette @DBastardette[...]

AdoptionLand Incest Continues: Craig Juntunen from Both Ends Burning shills for Gladney


Craig Juntunen, the most dangerous man nin Adopton LandSpeaking of Gladney., as I did the other day......guess who's shilling for Dame Edna!.None other than the most dangerous man in AdoptionLand today, Craig Juntunen, founder and president of Both Ends Burning.and producer of Stuck, a  film  on the "orphan crisis" constructed to make your heart bleed and fill BEB's  pockets full.of sob story money for child harvesting..On  Wednesday October 9, Juntunen  will keynote the annual New York Metropolitan  Gladney Family Association fundraiser/cocktail party at the University Club in midtown. . (Gladneyators drink?  WWHSD? What would the home studier do?)This pairing should be no surprise, of course. Gladney and Juntunen have been up each other's pants for quite some time now.  Gladney CEO Frank Garrott sits on BEB's board (and the JCICS board).  In fact, the  board is mobbed up with  Texas oil,/petroleum, big insurance,  well-to-do adopters, and christian jocks--an incestuous  subject I'll save for a later date.Earlier this year Garrott  could barely control his enthusiasm over Stuck, a Kleenix-wringer designed around the idea that "orphans"  (and the term is up for grabs) are "stuck,"-- that is, held hostage in their own countries (mostly of color), away from their  shiny-white "real parents" in the US by archaic and inconsiderate laws in both countries, State Department interference, and the pestilential Hague Treaty on Cross Country Adoption--you know, laws and ethics that give a modicum of  protection to children and their families stuck inside the adoption not a coincidence that Both Ends Burning and Gladney are  major supporters of CHIFF  Children and Families First Act 2013) whose purpose it is to circumvent the Hague, pour money into "humanitarian relief" (aka neo-imperalist plunder), and funnel more "orphans" than Candy Crush has players into the US adoption maw.. Craig Juntenun's wet dream.  BEB is on the  CHIFF Executive Working Committee and Gladney is a "supporting organization." From the way Juntunen,  Gladney and the rest of this unholy alliance of money, colonialism , and social engineering carry on you'd think that international adoption has tanked due to multi-country bureaucracy, not  American adoption industry corruption and dozens of publicized cases of adoptee abuse and death at the hands of their forever families. .Grarrott wrote on his March 5, 2013 blog: What Really Matters:I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that our adoptive friends individually and collectively show our support for the film-viewing and related activities in your cities. As I write this, I just heard from Craig Juntunen, the founder of Both Ends Burning and the executive producer of “Stuck”, that Raleigh, the second city on the tour, was a big success last night in part because of the efforts of Gladney families there not only to show up and participate but also to bring others along. “Stuck” is an 80-minute gripping, award-winning film. Trust me; anyone you invite will be pleased they spent an evening watching this film  The film and the tour are not an end unto themselves! They will be a springboard to a well-planned social movement that will raise the public’s awareness about international adoption as a wonderful option for building families and a critical part of the solution to the orphan crisis.This fundraiser is a real opportunity  for adoptee rights advocates to kick up some dust--especially at the Queen Mother of sealed records..There is not[...]

Demons of Adoption Awards 2013: Voting now open!


Nominations are closed and the voting begins.Select the most deserving Demon of Adoption for 2013. I know it's a difficult task  Competition sponsor Pound Pup Legacy, has gathered an array of  stunning nominees this year:  Nightline Adoption (Capobianco agency), Gladney Center, Adam Pertman, (Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute),  Both Ends Burning ("christian" child grabbers),  Children and Families First, and a satanic host of other duplicitous bottom feeders. And to think that Beelzebub didn't even purchase their the dark souls! Our nominees  simply turned them over to him. Here are the nominees with links to their webpages (thanks to Pound Pup) Raymond W Godwin and Nightlight Christian Adoption: for their role in the baby Veronica case;Supreme Court of the United States: for their decision in Adoptive Couple v. Baby girl;Lifeline Children’s Services: for assisting evangelical adopters to complete international adoptions when other somewhat sane agencies object;Frances Fitzgerald (Irish Minister for Children and Youth Affairs): for attempts to promote inter-country adoption outside the Hague Convention;Adoption Advocates International (AAI): for their involvement in the adoption of  Hana Grace-Rose Williams;Gladney Center for Adoption: for the placement with the Shatto family that led to the death of Russian born adoptee Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin);Both Ends Burning Campaign: for producing the documentary Stuck and the promotional bus tour associated with this movie;Christian Homes And Special Kids (CHASK): for their role in assisting parents to "re-home" their unwanted adopted children;Lutheran Social Services of Illinois: for employing social worker Elizabeth Thomas-Colwell who was formerly a licensed social worker (LCSW) in the state of Illinois. There is reason to believe that she was involved in poor practices and potentially illegal adoptions;Children in Families First (CHIFF): for its slick marketing campaign supporting and driving legislation (Children In Families First Act of 2013) to turn back the clock on inter-country adoptions by providing authority to USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security to bypass the Hague Convention Regulations, current US Immigration laws, and International Standards on Child Welfare;Adam Pertman: for claiming to be a critic of the adoption system, while at the same time promoting the interest of the adoption industry;Mardie Caldwell: for maintaining baby farms, which are categorized by race;Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute: for giving their seal of approval to persons and organizations that promote the interests of the adoption industry and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress.As always I'm torn.  So many  obscene child harvesters,  but only one winner. I may put off my vote for a few days while I think about it.Go to Pound Pup Legacy for details and a discussion on nominations and the  online ballotHappy Voting![...]

Gladney "Renounces" Re-Homing!


Edna Gladney--Greer Garson she wasn'tRenounce:: to say especially in a formal or official way that you will no longer have or accept (something) : to formally give up (something) : to say in a formal or definite way that you refuse to follow, obey, or support (someone or something) any longer....Merriam WebsterCiting  "a strict code of adoption ethics," prominent sealed and secret adoption agency, The  Gladney Center, has issued an astounding press release and apparent confession: Gladney Fights for the Protection of Vulnerable Children and Renounces Unregulated Re-homing.  The statement, issued on September 19 says in part: Fort Worth, Texas- The Gladney Center for Adoption was saddened and sickened  by the investigative reports featured by Reuters and NBC news that detailed the practice called “re-homing” of children by their adoptive parents ­when there is no investigation and preparation of the potential new family.  This story chronicles the desperate actions of adoptive parents who turn to the internet or social media to find new homes for the children they previously adopted.  The Gladney Center for Adoption, as well as the entire adoption community, have renounced this activity.    Gladney shares in the shock and concern over the damage these actions cause our most vulnerable children. To be honest we had no idea  that Gladney practiced "unregulated re-homing," and would so easily admit it in such a public manner.  We are   are gratified, then to hear that the venerable Dame Edna has renounced the vile practice of shipping and shuffling unwanted and second-hand  adoptees from forever family to forever family.  Confession is good for tthe soul.We are thrilled that Gladney is taking  "strict adoption ethics" seriously.  Or does somebody in Fort  Worth just need a dictionary?******I  had to start a new Twitter account.  Join me there!  Daily Bastardette @DBastardette[...]

Kemerovo outlaws all international adoption from the region; urges Russian Duma to follow suit


The legislature of  the Russian region of Kemerovo (Kuzbass) has voted unanimously  to ban  all adoptions  by foreigners of  local children. Galina Solovyova, Kemerovo lawmaker and co-chair of the regional educational committee, said in an official statement, quoted in The Moscow Times and elsewhere, "We think that the adoption of young citizens is an internal affair of Russia, an internal affair of Kuzbass"Solovyova, says that the new legislation was drafted due to local complaints over adoptee abuse in the US.  Solovyova also cited the recent re-homing investigation by Reuters, which documented the transfer of  unwanted adoptees to non-biological and non-adoptive individuals and couples--including pedophiles- often outside the parameters of child welfare and adoption regulations.  She particularity slammed social network cites in the US and Europe that "exchange and sell children adopted from Russia."  (Here's a Facebook example of an ostensibly "legal" exchange.) Adoption should only be permitted  domestically.Last week the Russian  Foreign Ministry  demanded investigation and prosecution in the cases of at  least 26 Russia-to US  re-homed adoptees.  The origins of these adoptees has  not been released.Kemerovo has, however,  been a popular sending point.  According to RIA Novisti  77 children from the region  this year alone have been disbursed worldwide. When looking for details on this story today I found several Kemerovo adopter blogs some dating back five years.Kemerovo is in SW Siberia, ENE of Novosibirsk Banning international adoption is nothing new to  Kemerovo.  Last year the legislature banned the adoption of  Kemerovo  Region children by US citizens. A few months later the Russian Duma, following suit,  shut down all adoption trade between the two countries. Solovyova hopes the Russian Duma takes notice of this new measure which needs only the governor's signature to take effect..A special thanks to my friend in Moscow Kyle Keaton for alerting me to this story early this morning.  If you want to know more about Russian culture and society--well everything about Russia-- check out his Windows on Russia.  It's almost as good as being there. ******TWITTER:  I had to start a new Twitter account.  Join me there!  Daily Bastardette @DBastardette.[...]

Life Imitates Art: Mary Landrieu Calls Pavel Astakhov an ass; Then files bill to speed up international adoption


Two weeks ago New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz wrote  G20 Ends Abruptly when Obama calls Putin a Jackass. Last week, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) , in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty called Russian Children's Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, who supports Russia's refusal to re-open its child coffers to needy American paps,  an ass. And it wasn't satire.  To  make sure  RFE/RL knew this just wasn't a slip of her sloppy political tongue, Landrieu reiterated:"He doesn't want to hear the truth," the senator says. "He's an ass. You can write that: He's an ass!"  And RFE/RL did just that. Despite the impeccable US news  source , no other US media picked up  Landrieu's  insult to a high ranking member of the Putin government, and so far only the English language edition of  RIA Novisti  has published the account (though it may appear in the Russian language press.) Astakhov'sRussian or English language tweets make no note of the outburst.  Does Bastardette have to do Drudge's work?To add insult to injury Landrieu claimed during the interview that Russian officials  are wrong when they say that American adopters  who abuse and kill  their Russian acquisitions aren't punished. Obviously Landrieu is the one who's mistaken.   My  blog  Nikto Ne Zabyt--Nichto Ne Zabyto, routinely accessed by the US State Department, the Russian government, and the press, documents the cases of Russian adoptees  murdered by their forever American adoptive parents.  Very few killers have received heavy sentences.Landrieu's remarks were  published only one day after the Russian  Foreign Ministry  called for the US to investigate and prosecute the cases of at least 26 Russian children  who have been re-homed to non-biological and non-adoptive families -including pedophiles--outside of the already suspect  adoption industry.Moreover, while Landrieu was busy comparing Astakhov to donkey parts, she was also busy introducing an industrial-size piece of busybody but very dangerous legislation: the Children in Families First of 2013 bill.  (CHIFF) Though pimped with nice-nice terms such as "family preservation,"  and "kinship adoption" the bill is clearly an attempt to refocus US foreign policy to ramp up and speed up foreign placement in the US.  You know.  Make it easier for Americans to adopt other people's children. The bill is backed by  the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys,  Both Ends Burning ,  the Center for Adoption Policy (CAP), the Christian Alliance for Orphans, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)  (the misnamed) Equality for Adopted Children (EACH),  Kidsave International, the National Council for Adoption(NCFA), the Joint Council for International Children's Services ( JCICS),  and  Rick Warren's Saddleback Church.  A serious, well-funded  PR campaign  to whisk this monster through is already in in place.   Note that no adoptee rights and adoption reform groups were asked to weigh in. Of course these shut-up-and-be-grateful  industry hotshots don't care what we think. Unfortunately for them, they're about to find out!I haven't had the time to read the full 77-page bill yet, but I'll be writing about it soon. In the meantime read Pound Pup's extensive analysis [...]

Bastardette Twitter Fail- Again - Please Re-up


I've had a terrible time with Twitter and have been unable to get in to it for months.  Tonight I decided to fix it and ended up starting over since Twitter thinks that Bastardette and  Marley don't exist anymore for log-in purposes.. This is my third round with Twitter. Is this aggravation worth it?
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Bastard Nation Facebook: 1000th member


The Bastard Nation Facebook page just signed on its 1000th friend: Martin Foran.

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Our Future is in Our Hands: A message from Ron Morgan; support James Lane


The recent news stories,documenting  adoptee abuse in great detail, is an opportunity for us to strike for our rights.  While I'm writing up Bastard Nation response  I'm posting a very important message from Ron Morgan. Take the fire and run with it! Ron Morgan:Well, it’s happened again. The media reacts to a breaking story revealing the maltreatment of adoptees by interviewing a bunch of non-adoptees. PBS gave Adam Pertman of the Adoption Institute a forum to react to the bomb-shell Reuters “re-homing” series, and you know what he said?“Derp, I didn’t know!!!”This is why it is CRUCIAL for us to support candidates who understand, embrace and advocate for Adoptee Rights. James Lane is a Late Discovery Adoptee running for New York City Public Advocate. James Lane deserves our support.Don’t sit on your hands while so-called experts and self-described advocates use their positions of POWER to pontificate about our rights!This is NO JOKE, people. As adoptees our future is in our hands. Write letters, demonstrate, button-hole your legislators, but take a couple of minutes to click on the link below and DONATE to an adoptee running to be our ADVOCATE! Donate to James Lane today! if YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RUNNING FOR OFFICE, let’s talk….Donate to this candidatevotejameslane.nationbuilder.comHelp Elect The Green Party's First Candidate for Public Advocate of New York CityJames talks about his adoption and adoptoin secrecy here NOTE:  You do not have to be a resident of New York City or New York State to donate.Spread the word![...]

"Adopted in America: A Study of Stigma" by BN's Joanne Wolf Small; popular research download



  Adopted in America: A Study of Stigma, a paper by long-time adoptee rights advocate Joanne Wolf Small was recently listed on Social Science Research Network's  Top Ten download list for
  •  Anthropology and Archaeology Research Network: Kinship & Gender (subtopic)
  • Anthropology and Archaeology Research Network: Kinship, Gender, the Body and Sexuality (Topic):
  • Social & Political Philosophy eJournal. "North America (topic),
  • Culture Area students eJournal,
  • Philosophy Research Network: Discrimination, Oppression, Coercion, Consent to Risk or Harm (topic)
  • Social & Political Philosophy eJournal.
You can download the paper for free here.

 For decades, Joanne has been a true adoptee rights warrior   and bastard goddess.  She is a member of BN's Legislative Committee. You can read more about Joanne and her book, Adoption Mystique  (that says it all!) here

 Cross-posted to Bastard Nation.

Demons of Adoption 2013: nominations now open!


It's that time again! Pound Pup Legacy has sent  out the call for nominations for its prestigious Demons of Adoption Award 2014.

 This is the seventh year the award has been issued.  Acknowledging the large adoption bottom feeder population  from which to choose and the tough decisions ahead, Niels Hoovgeen, keeper of the pup pound writes:

 It will be tough this time around. Over the last years we have dredged the cesspool named Adoptionland and condemned the practices of such agencies like: Bethany Christian Services and LDS Family Services, such trade associations of adoption service providers like the National Council for Adoption and the Joint Council on International Children's Services, and even showed our utmost contempt for the United States Congress. No feather weights by any means.

Although nominations opened only yesterday, Capobianco, Inc took the far lead already.  Other early contenders include Gladney Adoption Center, Adoption Advocates International (Washington State),  Irish Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, and baby broker Jennifer Potter.

Go to the nomination site to nominate and support your personal "favorite" bottom feeding adoption demon. Nominations close September 30, and voting will follow shortly. Feel free to forward the news!

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