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Preview: Goatland


The comings and goings of Goatland, the yuppie residential experiment.

Updated: 2017-04-23T05:17:47.592-07:00




Goatland celebrates Earth Hour: candles, wine, and (unplugged) laptops.

The Continuing Drama of the Goatland Pipes


Last week, Ben's toilet, shower and floor suffered from a bit of sewage "back up". Not good, but certainly not the worst plumbing disaster Goatland has seen. I called the landlady, who called her brother (as we knew she would) and asked him to take a stab at fixing things. His attempt to clear the pipes resulted in Goatland's worst flooding to date. Both Ben's and Jon's rooms have had most of their carpet torn out and have temporarily been declared hazardous areas.

The final Festivus has been postponed until further notice.



Honda Civics are the #1 car for teenage drivers....and also at Goatland:

Sorry about the lack of posts, everybody!

What's new at Goatland?


Hmm...we've had some visitors, including a Goatland almunus. The downstairs bathroom continues to be ridiculous - the shower broke, but at least it was sanitary. We had six new fish, but only five are left. I guess when it comes down to it, domestic life is pretty boring!

Goatland opens a Washington, D.C. branch


This article has a pretty funny description of democratic congressmen living in a crowded, rat-infested crash pad in Washington D.C. In the evenings, they talk about typical roommate concerns - who owes money for groceries? - and also national policies. For the record, we are cleaner than they are. Goatland does not have rats (or goats).

In other news, Daniel and I are engaged :-)

Goats on a Boat


Goats on a Boat
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Youtube sucks


Perverts, meet bureaucracy, your new best friend.

The end.

Tree Goats



I don't think any words can improve on the picture.

Goatland power outage


Goatland power outage report for the last...oh hell, since I moved in:

Sat, Nov 18: 2.5 hr
- all five goats
- 1x bottle of wine

Sun, Dec 3: 3 hr
- all five goats
- with special guest Randie "Randie" Kim
- 1x bottle of champagne
- 1x bottle of beer

Sun, Dec 10: 1 hr
- four goats*
- 1x episode of Fawlty Towers
- 1x Xmas tree**

* the goat otherwise known as Jon slept through the power outage
** pictures of the tree coming soon

Power outage


The power went out earlier tonight. We all grabbed out flashlights, met in the living room, and opened a bottle of wine.

Yep, that's how we goats roll.


The Tale of Two Roombas


Two more new members of Goatland


New family members


Meet Julie's William and Harry

(image) (image)

(Actually these two are the same frog. The other one is hiding...)

Most expensive purchase?


The most expensive thing I've ever bought is my car. Second place was last week's dinner and open bar for 98 at Quinn's, an excellent Miami restaurant. My most recent purchase, on the other hand, was an apple cider at Starbucks. They both went on the same corporate credit card.

Guess who I found in Chicago




I tried to bring him home with me, but I don't think the TSA would let me bring him abroad a 757.



About half of the Season Pass that I've contributed to the Goatland TiVo contains the word "star" in the title somewhere.

There other half are shows where people talk funny. I'm told those funny-sounding people are called "British".



Thanks to everyone who came to Goatland for Festivus! The wrestling match nearly did Goatzilla in, but he has begun to recover. The pole dancing straw goats were a nice touch.

Wow, we're weird.

What's in a name?


In the past few weeks, it seems that the universe has decided to demonstrate that Brienne, shortened to Bree, is not an uncommon name at all. Keep in mind that I have never met another Brienne, or another Bree who spells her name like I do.

Apparently, though, not only I am not alone, but other Briennes lead VERY interesting lives!


On Sep 7, I received the following email:

"Subject: Voyages de Dominique

Hello Brie,

I have a cell phone you can call me on: 06 21 XX XX XX
Let me know about Laurie and Greg. You are my only link to Laurie so
please do not forget me. Tell me too when you get my ticket for Abbou
Dhabi and how I get it. You can contact me with that email but
Telephone is faster.

Take care,

I've blacked out the cell phone number, but 06 is the country code for the Vatican City. Someone else was cc'ed on this email - an artistic person apparently also named Brienne. I think the message was meant for her instead of me.

Then last night, I received a series of emails apparently meant for a Brienne K. who works at a day care center in Ottawa. This Brienne has been invited to appear as an extra in a movie that is filming this weekend. I have a map to the location if anyone wants to drop by - they're looking for more volunteers.

And apparently, a YouTube phenomenon known as LonelyGirl15 has been going on for months now. It features a "doe-eyed" character named Bree, with a "dorky boyfriend" named Daniel.

Maybe this kind of thing happens to the Jim Smiths of the world all the time, but it never does to me! The universe is a very strange and mysterious place.

Off-topic rant


This awful article, which I first assumed MUST be satire, says that men shouldn't marry women with college educations and full time jobs that pay $30,000 or more. Apparently they should stick to the uneducated and underemployed, in order to avoid being dumped like the narrow-minded jerk who wrote the article.

I found a pretty good rebuttal on, which rips up the statistics that Forbes quoted pretty thoroughly. The rebuttal reads in part, "If you find yourself in the predicament of being unhappy about the income disparity within your marriage, take my advice: You're going to be unhappy about something, and if you're unhappy about this please shut up and go buy yourself a Fiji vacation." That made me smile....I need a vacation! But I'll be paying for my next one with air and hotel points, I think.

New Goat On The Block





The biggest news of all: we will soon be welcoming a new Goat to Goatland! Watch this blog for news...

The plumbing disaster has been 85% resolved: the room has new carpet, and it is habitable again. Art (the landlord's brother) is coming one more time to try and fix the bathtub; if it doesn't work, we'll have to have another plumber come out.

Apparently the last plumber's visit caused some serious tension between the landlord and Art, because the bill was higher than she thought was reasonable. She wasn't here to see how truly disgusting and awful and NECESSARY the bill was! Hopefully Art will continue to work towards a fully functional bathroom, and not give in to the landlord's financial goals...they just raised our rent anyway, so they've made up the cost of the plumber's visit.

I finally ordered a china hutch, too, so we can stop putting our wine glasses on the ground.

Plumbing disaster


It's been a stinky weekend at Goatland. The toilet in Steve's old room backed up in some sort of nasty sewage explosion (odd, since no one has used it in months), covering the bathroom and linoleum with about a 1/4 inch of nasty sewage water. The water immediately began soaking into the carpet, and made it almost through the doorway. All the carpet in the room had to be removed. The entire room has been quarantined and covered in bleach until we can figure out what else to do. The plumber who came spent about 5 hours and $700 trying to clear whatever was blocking the pipes....yuck!

This was by far the most revolting thing that I have been near in years. When I went in to the room for the first time, the stench was overpowering and I nearly vomited.

Thank you to Art, our landlord's brother, and his whole family who graciously and quickly changed their weekend plans to help us with this.

Côtes du Goatland


We've always been proud of our goat tradition at Goatland -- we often try to bring in goat themes to things for no other reason than that out house has "goat" in the name. We have the Christmas goats, the goat X-ing sign, the meal with goat, goat milk and goat cheese and, of course, our favorite wines: Goats do Roam and Goat-Roti (which are great both because they have "goat" in the name and because, like me, they're South African.)

As some background, we're kind-of wannabe wine snobs -- we have two big wine racks and more wine than will fit in them, and we even took two quarters of Viticulture at Stanford, but in reality we wouldn't recognize the name of a major wine region in France if we heard it. That's why it was a bit of a surprise when, after he heard the name of our house, my father immediately suggested "You should drink Goats do Roam -- the wine named with the silly pun on Côtes du Rhône". Yes, it turns out Côtes du Rhône is a major wine region in France, with Côte Rôtie being one of the oldest vineyards. There's even a trademark dispute:



According to the local paper, Googlers boosted California's tax revenue by about half a billion dollars this year (responsible for 1/8 of a $4.3 billion increase). The average tax bill approaches what most people earn in a decade. Way to go Google, drinks are on me! And liquor licenses, roads, police, and schools are definitely on you! :-)

The newest member of the family


Welcome to Luc Robert, Brienne's cousin. He's cute, he's cuddly, and his name is French like mine!

Baby pictures are online these days. He'll be blogging before we know it.