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Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Genes

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 00:27:41 +0000

I'm not sure if I was clear in my first comment... but my son had surgery in both his right and left ear (a year apart).

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Genes

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 00:26:03 +0000

We are very sad to hear that our son's tympanoplasty surgery did not work. He had his first surgery in his left ear over a year ago (eardrum was nonexistent), and his second this past December. The eardrum was 80% perforated and they found colesteotoma. Needless to say, both ears have holes in them We were told that he just doesn't heal well and that the skin graft is not strong enough. She is recommending cartilage in place of skin graft (mentioning that there will be conductive hearing loss). She feels it won't be too significant. Any thoughts or experience with cartilage grafts? Both of his past surgeries involved cutting behind the ear. My son healed well and doesn't seem to have any current issues. Thank you

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Robert

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 01:53:13 +0000

April, did the graft take? I know every little thing on recovery is a worry. Did I sleep correctly or yawn correctly. The first week of healing is a lot of worries.

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Penny

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 16:55:35 +0000

I had this surgery with the Mastoidectomy as well...The taste of salt is so overwhelming...And as another poster said...sometimes my tongue feels as if it is on fire...I know they say this is somewhat normal but can any of you out there let me know how long this will last~

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Mike

Tue, 19 Dec 2017 03:41:57 +0000

Hi Karen, I have the exact situation as you. Just recently perforated my left ear drum and need a Tympanoplasty Type I surgery. I have 50% hearing in my right ear due to a previous cholesteotoma. I tried the paper patch, didn't work. You are not alone.

Comment on My Tympanoplasty, A Retrospective by Request for Proposal

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 16:56:56 +0000

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Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Keith

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 21:09:46 +0000

Hi Karen, I am also deaf in my right ear and have a hole in my right ear. My ENT doctor is highly suggesting that I have the surgery and I'm scared as hell. If something goes wrong I'm totally deaf. Why can't you have surgery?

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Kim

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 02:11:39 +0000

I am so upset as I had my myringoplasty over 2 months ago and have just been told I have another hole ! This is after being off work as a teacher. I am no better off now but would have another op to fix it. I go back to specialist Tuesday

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by Jules

Mon, 30 Oct 2017 20:16:46 +0000

Karen, Why can you not have surgery? I am also completely deaf in my right ear (due to a lifetime of battles with Cholesteatoma) and wear a BAHA. I have had 7 ear surgeries on that ear with the last being in 2007 when my mastoid was obliterated and ear canal sewn closed. They also put in the titanium stud for my Bone Anchored Hearing Aid at that time; though I had to wait 4 months to start wearing it until the stud adhered to the scull. I was finally able to shower and swim like never before! No worries about ear infections! It has been wonderful- even though I am SSD without the BAHA. This past year I started having issues with my left ear Eustachian tube and when I saw my ear doctor for my annual check up, mentioned this to him. He checked the ear and told me that my tube was very underdevelopment- tiny; which is why I have so much pain when I fly (especially descending). My eardrum was intact and there was no infection. That was in June. In late August, I notice I was having fullness in my last year and a very hard time hearing when I was not wearing my Baja. Of course it took me a few months to actually go into the doctors because I think I was in denial that there was actually a problem or that there actually could be a problem when I finally did go in I was told at the walk-in clinic that I had a retracted eardrum and that I had probably had had a cold (which I hadn’t) and they put me on a couple medications. A few days later when it had gotten no better, I went ahead and called my ear doctor. I went into see him a few days later and he told me that I had a pretty good size hole in my eardrum and that he thought I had what look like the beginning signs of cholesteatoma in my left ear as well. I have had 2 MRI’s and a CAT scan and am scheduled for surgery on 12/8 to have the eardrum repaired and possible repair of the bones. I will have to wait a few months then go under again to have the Cholesteatoma removed from the right side as well. Since I am already deaf on the right side, the left is more pressing as he is trying to save what hearing I have left. It is not a lot at this point. I am deeply saddled by this as I struggled with this disease my entire life and now it has returned. The surgery is a terrible one - this I know first hand, but this disease can be fatal if left to take over so I will go through it again and hope for the best. Hearing is important to me. Living is more important. Good luck to you all.

Comment on Tympanoplasty Question by April

Sun, 29 Oct 2017 15:43:32 +0000

I stumbled upon this after doing some tympanoplasty info googling, as I just had mine done less than 2 weeks ago. I can't hear much out of my ear (which I expected) but I sneezed the other day and forgot to kept my mouth open and did how I normally do when I sneeze held it in :( I didn't feel any pain, but I heard the packing crackle and pop and felt some pressure so now I'm freaked, thinking I may have dislodged the graft. Doc can't check until packing has dissolved more so no it's just a waiting game. I'm pretty pissed at myself but hopeful it's ok. I wld hate to have undone everything with one sneeze :(