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American Bandog Mastiff in the Home

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American Bandog Mastiff - In The Home


The American Bandog Mastiff - In The HomeOnce fully grown, Mastiffs require less food than you would think. In fact, because they tend to be relatively inactive, they eat about the same as a medium-size active dog such as a German shepherd.The Bandog Mastiff possess an ancestry that is part American Pit Bull Terrier, part Neapolitan Mastiff. There are variations of this breed, but those developed by two breeders called Swinford and Lucero produce the most stable animals. They have a reputation for their even temperament as well as being considered outstanding guardian dogs.The Mastiff is a social breed and needs lots of companionship. It loves to spend time with its family and is very affectionate. It will be happiest when it gets to spend the entire day — and night — close to you. So plan to spend a lot of time together, taking walks, playing fetch, or just sitting together and enjoying a book or movie. The Mastiff is definitely not a dog to pen in the back yard and only visit occasionally or to leave alone day and night while everyone else goes to work and school.How did Mastiffs change from hunting and war dogs to the gentle pets we know today? Part of the reason is that breeders have bred the Mastiff for gentleness and have thus created an excellent companion. In addition, Mastiffs are simply treated differently today. No longer are they sent into battle or baited against bears. Instead, Mastiffs are either kept as pets or put to use as watchdogs, guards, police or military dogs, search and rescue dogs, or as weight pullers.Many dog lovers are surprised to discover that these muscular, athletic animals can make great house pets. First thing you notice about the American Bandog Mastiff are his prominent muscles as well as how fit and the athletic look he carries with him. Most dogs in this breed are black brindle, but there are some black, blue, red as well as tawny.There are few particular concerns with the american bandog mastiff. He sheds no more than other dog breeds. Just brush him regularly, removing the dead hair, and you should have no problems.The American Bandog Mastiff is a highly intelligent dog, and does, indeed, make an excellent guard dog.As for Mastiffs being slow, they are actually quite fast and can outrun any human being. Of course, they also would rather stay with their family than do anything else, so they typically won’t run away if let loose. All told, the Mastiff is an ideal family dog for anyone who wants a big, loyal friend and who can tolerate the snoring and drooling.Although at first sight he can be a little intimidating, the American Bandog Mastiff possesses an abundance of loyalty and love. Highly Recommended Discover the Secrets of Raising Happy and Healthy Mastiffs! Send Me My Free Mastiff Secrets Email Course Today! You Will Receive the First Lesson in Your Inbox Immediately Totally Spam Free! We Value Your Email Privacy.You may unsubscribe from the email series at anytime. More info on American Bandog Mastiff breedTripod article on American Bandog Mastiff as a home petArticle on Geocities about American Bandog Mastiff the gentle giantGooglepages has articles on American Bandog Mastiff the great watchdogand American Bandog Mastiff eBook reveals all.And American Bandog Mastiff also has information on Yahoo[...]