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Preview: Forks and the West End, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, US

Forks and the West End, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, US

Lake Crescent Mirrored 2009 ckspicer

Updated: 2017-10-10T16:28:47.325-07:00


A great "crop" this year



Some years these don't come up at all. These are our Gnome mushrooms - they look like they belong together.

Forks natives



A recent visit from some locals - always interesting to watch.




Our first dusting of the season-  and it's still November! 






Our first dusting of the season-  and it's still November! 



Solar eclipse



The clouds moved on,  and this is what we see inside the box.  Not a stellar picture, but balancing the box, aiming it correctly,  and manipulating the phone to take the picture was getting hilarious.  You can see the "bite " the moon is taking, though.  It is only a partial solar eclipse, but still not seen very often.  We're glad we took the time.



Solar Eclipse- sort of




We prepared two boxes: pinhole on one side, white paper on the other inside end.  (As in the picture)  Went outside and saw the beginning of the eclipse-  lower right side of the sun with  a bite being taken.  Then the clouds rolled in. The second picture is where the sun is - behind the clouds.  At least we saw the beginning!



A rainbow day !



Actually two, but I only got a picture of this one.



In the shade...



The shamrocks and ferns are happy !


Beautiful skies





A very stormy day at Rialto Beach.  James Island in the background.

Destruction Island


Destruction Island
from Kalaloch Campground
It almost looks like it's on fire, the sunset is so red this day.
The sunset silhouettes the island and shows the lighthouse at the south (left) end.
The rocks around the island, and between the island and the shore,
are what gave it its descriptive name.

Our World Tuesday is "Where family-friendly bloggers share images of their world and tell us a little bit of the story about the place."



Kalaloch Campground
Olympic National Park

As the sun moves through the sky, so do the shadows amongst the trees.
Late in the day, the shadows from one stand of trees create stripes upon the ground and into the next stand of trees.  The sun is behind us here.
It's so interesting to watch as different parts of the forest are revealed and shadowed as the day goes on.  It's almost a different forest as each portion has its turn.

Our World Tuesday is "Where family-friendly bloggers share images of their world and tell us a little bit of the story about the place."

The Cap Man Cometh!


The Cap Family.
All the way from Georgia, they have been traveling for almost a year now.

The story of the bottlecap en-rusted truck can be read on their website.
Notice the little car on the top, too? 
This lovely family was a delight to meet. 
They came to the Forks Open Aire Market on Saturday, June 23.  They've been in the area for some days, enjoying the sights on the West End of the peninsula.
The original idea was for them to be able to sell their art that day, but
that didn't work out, unfortunately!  We were looking forward to seeing
the Cap Family Wares!
You can read their story, and see their art on the following link.
(There's a link on their site to an etsy shop, but it was down when I clicked on it.)

Yesterday, we looked out the kitchen window,



... and saw this portion of the elk herd walking down J street.  We raced to the front window, grabbing camera on the way, in time to see them hop the fence into the field, easy as you please.  We often see them in the field, but - walking down J Street?

A trail in the snow



... made by the crows trying to walk to the feeder.

The field kept coming and going



...doing a Brigadoon!

When we awoke Sunday...



...this is what we saw out the window.  10-12 inches by our measure at our house.
This was just the beginning. It started Saturday with a little dusting. We did some shoveling Sunday so we could get around the house.

And the tree came tumbling down...


I've used this Chinese Coins tree as a frame for pictures, and as a subject in and of itself.  The birds used it as a lookout, and as a refuge or resting place.  It was glowing yellow in bloom, and sparkling when frosted. 
The winds took it down last week. 
It hadn't been healthy since a storm last year almost ripped a limb completely off;
and, we knew it was only a matter of time, even with our efforts to shore it up.
Still, it was sad to see it go.

Here, my husband has already been cutting the branches off,  though you can still see the break.
We heard it go down, although we didn't know it at the time. 
After hearing a crash one night during the howling of the storm, we went outside to see if there was damage.  It was dark and still raining. What we could see didn't show damage to the house, the vehicles, so, we went back in.  The next day, in daylight, we noticed. 
Our view is lessened by its demise.
Now we are asking ourselves, "What should we put up in its place?"

Quilting on the West End


There are quite a few quilters here on the West End, quite accomplished some of them. I know quite a few, and enjoy quilting myself - though I don't count myself as an expert.
I recently joined a group of blockmakers online at Block Lotto . This picture is of the block pattern for September - a Curved Rail Block in batiks. Simple stack and slash type of construction. It's a lot of fun making just a few blocks, testing a new pattern.

The Forecast is... what?


(image) The forecast for today was for cold but partly sunny.
Our Forks weather usually calls for "liquid sunshine",
but frozen sunshine?
Ah, the surprises and delights of Mother Nature in Forks.
These were taken at the beginning of the snow this morning.
It lasted all of today.
And will go on into tonight.
And tomorrow.
Maybe I'll make a snowman!

It got a little snowy...


First it was a little snowy...Then there was a little more...Then there was the wind (this is a mild bit) ...This is how it looked until the warmer temperatures started today, and the rains started. This is at sunset yesterday.Our first storm of the season, in what looks to be a tough winter.The blizzard has gone on to the Midwest now.[...]

Veterans' Day Salute!


(image) ... and a [huge] THANK YOU!
to all who have served and those who continue to serve
in all of the branches of the
Armed Forces of the United States.
We have had three sons serve in three branches:
Army, Navy, Marines,
and currently have a son in the Army
who sent us these ID tags for wearing for Veterans' Day.
The tags read:
We hope that all know that we are grateful for their service,
and for the sacrifice their families make, as well.
This arrangement is for you:
flags for the country you represent,
a yellow rose for remembrance,
ID tags for the servicemembers.
The vase is a branch from the forest here,
a piece of home.

River Reflections


(image) Near Lake Ozette

For more We(image) ekend Reflections, go to:

Mobile home at F.O.A.M.


(image) This recent visitor to the Forks Open Aire Market brought along a mobile home - for his 4 dogs. As we spied them on the street, someone commented that it looked like someone had brought his own doghouse! Then the trailer turned and we saw a dog sticking his head out the little side window. The dogs seemed to be enjoying themselves - no barking or fighting, even with the top closed while on the road. Nice friendly owner AND dogs.
I only had my phone to take a picture, but at least I had that! It took me a couple of weeks to get back on here to post this. I hope he's checking this and sees it.

ABC Wednesday: K is for...


(image) A Kouple walking their Kite at Kalaloch Beach.
As they walked, the kite stayed in front of them like a tether.
Really rather Kool to watch.
(image) Kalaloch Beach, south of Forks.
Rugged in places, but with hard-packed sand for fairly easy walking.
The tide was out, but when it is in, it can completely cover the beach.
When it's stormy, the waves can be blown up over the bluff.
(image) This kite was being flown at Kalaloch by our camping neighbors
(see J is for Jack from last week).
To see more ABC Wednesday, go to:
They can be really inventive!