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Preview: Dad of Four plus One (formerly Dad of Four)

Dad of Four plus One (formerly Dad of Four)

Ramblings of a dad..........

Updated: 2017-12-17T14:33:43.135+08:00


My cliched weekend


Khadijah fed me with this song when it first came out and have been listening to it ever since.....And I really liked it the first instance!Weekend was, as usual, hectic....Spent most of the time with, you guessed it right - kids. Saturday was a Swan Lake marathon with Hajar whilst Sunday was Incredibles' turn. Almost memorized the script to both. Yusof and Khadijah went to watch The Sorcerer's

Normalcy reigns...


(picture : courtesy of Khadijah)I can heave a sigh of relief now that normalcy has crept back in to our lives . It's my first posting of the year..I haven't blogged about our not-so-new addition..Neither have I corrected the misrepresentation of this blog...These two were actually the main obstacles which have stopped me from continuing to diarize my account of our lives for posterity..So, the

Salam Ma'al Hijrah


Another year has come to an end...."What have I achieved?" is indeed the routine question....I really have to sit down and make sure that my set goals are achieved next's wishing all of you out there "Salam Ma'al Hijrah" and may this new year be a better one in all aspects.We are closing the office early today to allow everyone to take their time to reflect and to join in the

Over Cendol.....


Am I back with a vengeance blogging? I really don't know...I have been putting off blogging as I need to do some housekeeping for this blog of mine...Currently it is really misleading and tweaking it is so time-consuming. Let's see whether I can keep the momentum going, time-permitting.I have 3 hours to kill while waiting for Khadijah sit for her MARA entrance exam at a quaint little place in



Sempena Hari Raya Aidil Fitri yang mulia ini, saya sekeluarga, ingin mengucapkan ucapan SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. Kepada anda yang akan memandu balik ke kampung masing-masing, pandulah dengan cermat dan selamat semoga selamat sampai ke destinasi anda, Insya Allah.In the mean time, stay focussed with your ibadah during, what's left of, the month of Ramadhan and we can only pray

Sweet 15


Khadijah turned 15 today. We had a small celebration last night after her iftar. We ordered pizzas and wifey baked her a carrot cake...My only advice to you dearest sweetie.....always remember Allah in whatever you do and insya Allah everything will be just fine and taken care of for you!And...don't grow too fast, dear baby!

This and That


Khadijah's pieceKhadijah's piece too I now fully fathom what the hype is all about - Revenge of the Fallen! It was freaking awesome (to borrow the most over-used phrase by my kids). Dad was indeed awestruck despite some reviews that it lacked substance. Well I paid to be entertained and entertained I was. Comments from my kids :- Khadijah - " Josh Duhamel is hot"Yusof - .....stoic.....Ibraheem -

Mr Imelda


Yusof has finally decided to save up his pocket money but for all the wrong reasons - to spend on things that he loves! His penchant for shoes is definitely driving him to earn the title "Mr Imelda"! He has been sharing with me of his newfound love "Macbeth" the past few months - not of the Shakespearean kind though, which I secretly hoped it was (err...I mean love for literature and not



Yes....!! The constant nagging since a month ago will be laid to rest finally. I actually managed to secure an on line booking for ..yah...Tranformers : Revenge of the Fallen, T2 in short. Mmm all this talk about being sold out for the next week is utter rubbish. So all of us are going minus Hajar. It's Umar and Ibraheem who have been really looking forward to T2. Ironically, the movie is rated



Let's just say that Khadijah and her team mates didn't get to, literally (well they were to present a disfigured pineapple to their opponent had they won the debate) and figuratively, mutilate a pineapple today. Her debate team lost to the state reigning champion team which school bears "pineapple" as part of its name. When I called her right after the debate, she was in high spirit, which for a

Ah Peng


Picture of an old armchair against a newly acquired 1950s display cabinet in our Ayer Baloi houseThis entry is actually inspired by my discovery of a 1970s advert below..."Puan Nora, ... anda kalah!" It was a good weekend in Ayer Baloi, as always, last week. Kids had fun, parents had their much needed break...But most importantly had a quality time devoid of modern world entrapments which would

School Break et al


Khadijah & me @ LookissHajar & mommy @ Lookiss (Image : Copyright belongs to Janiz Chan)With three kids and two teenagers all cooped up at home 24/7 - definitely a formula for disaster, well nearly! No, just kidding....Gone were the days that kids could roam free around the neighbourhood without any fuss. This reminds me of the good old days (aaah..reminisce..reminisce) where days were spent



Raising teenagers can be daunting on parents. When will the issues ever end, one might ask? It will never. Yusof has entered his new phase in his life. He definitely has a mind of his own now...He chooses his own style, charters his future path, over-zealously speaks his mind and so forth. Physically, he's shot up to almost my height and we share the same shoe size. This means, half of my

More art...


I like this; so whimsical. Is it the naive style? Not sure myself. Got Khadijah an easel, acrylic paints and three sets of mounted canvas last Saturday. Lucky for me there are a few art supplies shops in Taman Melawati which are barely five minutes' away. There is an art institute there hence the many art supplies shops. She hardly wasted her time to start a piece - of wifey and Hajar but still

Khadijah's art adventure


Khadijah was running an art-marathon a few days ago finishing her school art folio. This girl has got talent but refuses to admit it. Saw her charcoal landscape sketch last night and I thought it was good. She had annotated colour schemes on the sketch. I think she's going to transfer the idea somewhere else. True enough, she's asked me to buy readily-mounted-canvas and acrylic paint this weekend

A party that was


Ib had his birthday party and wifey and I are so relieved. It was a hectic but pleasant week for the both of us after failing to persuade Ib out of his self-planned weekend. You see, his and his siblings' exams started this morning and obviously having a party for him would mean that the last-minute-pre-exam-prep-night is out of the equation! But we eventually relented and let him have the party.

Ib wants a party


Ib's turning 8 this 17th and he wants a party. He wants to celebrate it with his classmates. So, mom and dad are frantically organising one for him! It'll be one hectic week ahead for us. Invitation cards : printed; menu/food/drinks : mum's job; party favours : my department (haven't started); pinata (yes he wants one - this will be about the only party game which I agreed) : my department;

Labour Day Weekend


It has been a dream of my dad to organize a gathering to reunite his immediate family - his siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings and step-mother. They had, somewhat, grown apart since the demise of my paternal grandad who passed on when I was fifteen. The house in Ayer Baloi was inhabited by my dad step-sister and her family with my dad's blessing since Tok Ayah's passing-on. She was the

Another anniversary of birth


Wifey turned forty one almost eight hours ago..Exactly a year ago, the above pictures were supposed to be posted BUT I procrastinated; so shoot me : ). BTW ignore the U in FOURTY as it was a mistake by the bakers. Those were the cuppies I surprised her with last year together with a handbag.What did we do for her birthday, you ask? It went uneventful, as usual...Not not really, wifey baked

My Comot Girl


My comot girl Hajar after lunch last Saturday Trying to log in to LHDN's website for e-filing for wifey..luckily mine is only due end June! Password re-set by LHDN somehow does not jive with the system..Hence this posting came into being. We have two khenduri to attend this weekend - one in Johor Bahru and one in Ayer Baloi... I'm knackered...need to sleep....

Happy Birthday Yeop


Just came back from a surprise dinner for my bro-in-law, Meor a.k.(affectionately)a. Yeop at Intai Intai.... Wifey made the cupcakes above...heavenly and sinful Valrhona Chocolate Mudcupcake. Yumms...I'm stuffed! Wishing Yeop also known to his nieces and nephews as Papa Yeop a very Happy Birthday!Will upload more piccies when free.

Plagia.... eh wha'?


As I brace myself for yet another frenzied weekend, I discovered that one of my postings was striking enough to have one third of it plagiarised. A whole paragraph from it was lifted and pasted in somebody's blog...A lady from the red dot down south to be exact! How did I find out, you say? I keep track of new visitors of my blog and would reciprocate by visiting theirs. Thanks to free widgets

It remains a notion


Last weekend kicked off, on Friday night, with a b'day dinner Mrs N, Mr N, wifey and I hosted for superwomanwannabe, my work partner at Il Tempio . It was cosy and intimate. The ambiance was, according to wifey, like in her kampung - well, she's right but with a luxe-touch; the tag-line of the restaurants of tamarind group is after all "Jungle Luxe". It was meant to be a surprise dinner for SW

Khenduri in Muar


Early this month my sister and parents held a thanksgiving khenduri in my hometown, Muar, for my sister's recent negative diagnosis of the big C and to celebrate the addition of a new family member, my sister in law. Initially I was supposed to take a lift from my sister since it made no economic sense to drive alone when one could car pool! But, as always, my mom (who always knows best....: ))

Beautifully imperfect partner


I wanted to post my trip back to Muar with my two girls over the weekend but Yasmin's posting in her blog made me defer the entry. Yasmin's work never has failed to touch my heart. And this latest installation just did it again this morning"Little imperfections that make them perfect for you"...Isn't this so very true..! Life is too short to dwell with and complain about the imperfections.