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Tails of Another Yarn


Tails of Another Yarn is a new blog created by Tama Vaughn (The Twisted Hare) and is a spinoff of Sockamania. Instead of just knitting socks, Tama would like to offer you a place to showcase your other knitting projects and win prizes too.

Each month, members will be able to post a photo of a Work In Progress or a Completed Project. At the end of the month the names of the participants for that month will be entered into a drawing and winner will be chosen.

Occasionally Tama will post a new design pattern - Tama's Special. It could be anything. She has even hinted at doing a Mystery Knit-A-Longs. Anyone who participates in Tama Specials and completes their project, will be entered for a special prize draw. Unlike Sockamania, where the winner could select their prize, drawing prizes for Tails of Another Yarn will be chosen by the Tails of Another Yarn admin team.

If you would like to become part of Tails of Another Yarn, please go to the blog at: More information about this new blog are there, along with the email address of where to join.

This a new blog, so please bear with us as we work out the kinks. The first prize drawing will be scheduled for December 31, 2010. Beginning January, 2011, prize drawings will be held monthly.



Hi everyone,

This is a difficult message to post and it's been a difficult decision to make. Unfortunately Sockamania will be closing. I have not been designing for Sockamania for some time now as I just did not have time to keep this club going. Tama offered to take over from me and have done a fantastic job. I love all the socks she has produced. Unfortunately she is no longer able to continue.

Add to that the fact that participation has dropped, we've taken the decision to close this club.

A huge thank you to Tama, for keeping this club going and to Barb for helping running things. Also a big thank you to Pixie, who was a helper until fairly recently. I really appreciate all the work you've all done.

There will be no more Sockamania patterns but I won't delete the blog. It'll stay live for some time so you cna still admire the fabolous socks knitted.

Tama and Barb have something new planned and they'll make their announcement soon and I hope you will support them.

Thank you to all current and past members. I started this club when I was just starting out as a designer and it gave me a huge boost of confidence to see people kniting up my designs. My career has grown immensely since then and I'm thrilled to be able to do what I'm doing and I'm sure it's a lot due to Sockamania members giving me the confidence to keep going.

Happy knitting,

Anni x

Winner September/October Prize Draw




You are the winner of the September/October Prize Draw.

As the winner of the prize draw you may choose your prize from either Tama's Etsy Shop: The Twisted Hare or Anni's On-Line shop Yarn Addict & Anni Design.
Once you have made your choice, please email either Anni or Tama and let them know that you have chosen your prize from their shop and which yarn you have chosen. Make sure you include your shipping address.

done with major computer problems


loved it! thanks yarn is sundara and scouts swag both very yummy

LAST CALL for September/October Socks


Has anyone else completed the September/October Socks? Reminder that Sunday is the last day you can submit a photo of your completed Autumn Sunset socks. Drawing will be done the first of the week and the winner announced.

Two Weeks Remain To Complete Sept/Oct Socks


Reminder that there two weeks left to complete the September/October Autumn Leaves Sock pattern.

August price


Thank you Tama!

A big yellow envelop, very soft when pushing it...


(image) This beautiful yarn is waiting for a pattern of long socks so my feet and leggs will be kept warm this winter.
(image) And this sunny yarn came along, all over the big blue sea, after a hard time ordering it. Luckely for me, knitting goes a lot better!
Thanks again, Tama, for the lovely price, and your patience....

Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique Tutorial


The Philosophers Wool Website has a great tutorial (video clip) explaining how to do the Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique.

After learning this technique, it made knitting fair isle easier, more fun, and best of all, no longer had to worry if I was knitting too tight and would not be able to pull the sock over my heel.

Autumn Sunset


I, too, am new at two-color knitting so couldn't get up the courage until I got to the leg. My tension is not good, but they do seem to fit. I used Socrates yarn. The heel was not easy, but the second one went faster than the first.
I joined the group in order to be challenged and this first pair certainly fulfilled that. Thanks for doing this for us and I am looking forward to the next challenge.

Autumn Sunset


(image) This is my version of Autumn Sunset. I'm not very good at with stranded work yet so I only did the pattern at the toe and cuff - knitted toe up with a heel flap. Increased the cuff to 70 stitches and was able to get the sock over my heel. US2 using unknown cream yarn purchased from Stitches West.

I've casted on a 2nd pair of Last Leaves of Summer to continue practicing stranded knitting. I may try to cast on Autumn Sunset with US3 as Sandy and Steve did but maybe just for the cuff and leg and see if I can get it over my heel. Would love to be able to do more colors changes but way too advance for me now.

Thank you Tama for continuing to challenge me and help me improve my knitting skills.

Autumn Sunset


Don't forget that the drawing for current sock pattern, AUTUMN SUNSET, will be on October 31st. So far we have two beautiful entries -- Great Work Ladies. Anyone else?

September Twilight


(image) Made with a Knitpicks sock blank that I dyed myself (see earlier post), and a solid blue that I don't remember what it was. Knit toe up with a corrugated rib cuff. I have enough left of both yarns to make a second pair. These came out smaller than I had hoped, and will grace a friend's feet instead of my own. I'll use size 3 needles instead of size 2's on mine. This was my second try at socks with an inserted heel, and I think they will be my last. Trying to pick up all those live stitches was way too nerve-wracking. Thanks for the pattern, Tama!

Autumn Sunset


At the moment, it looks like I'm addicted: the fair isle seems to be all I want to do. Luckely for me, Tama gave us this pattern, so I could cling on my addiction :))(image)
I used yarn that someone wanted to throw away, but I could save it just in time. It's an old yarn, from the 'nederlandse wolfederatie' named 'Sterka'.
75% wool
25% plyamide
The yarn with the autumn colours is a leftover from Lana Grossa.

After the legg, I knitted always one row extra between the 'leaves'.
It's a size 27, another pair for my three year old. (60 stitches, 2.5mm needles)
He already wants to put them on to go kicking the leaves!

It was great fun knitting them!
Thanks Tama.



(image) These are turning out to be so cool that I couldn't wait until they were complete to show them off. I'm knitting them from a Knitpicks sock blank that I dyed myself. As you can see, it's impossible to tell what the socks will look like by looking at the sock blank. I'm having lots of fun!

Firecrackers in September


I finally finished my Firecrackers! Better late than never, right? LOL They were so fun to knit! I love the lace and it was easy to memorize; I think I'm making these again *grin*. Thanks for the wonderful pattern!

I used Plymouth Sockotta yarn and US 2 needles.

August Prize Draw Winner!



You are the winner of the

August Prize Draw

As the winner of the prize draw you may choose from either Tama's Etsy Shop: The Twisted Hare or Anni's On-line Shop: YarnAddict & Anni Design.

Once you have made your choice, please email Anni or Tama and let them know that you have chosen your prize from their shop and which yarn you have chosen. May sure you  include your mailing address.

Big Sale


For any of you looking for some GREAT yarn at a GREAT price I have my Back to School Sale going on in my etsy store right now.  FREE shipping and 25% off everything in the store.  Check it out!  It's a great time to stock up on yarn for all your winter knitting!

Autumn Sunset


I love autumn!  All the yellow and orange leaves.  I found this great yarn at a shop near where I live and knew I had to make these socks for the Fall pattern.  It really isn't as difficult as it looks.  If you have a hard time carrying your yarn for the color change try Barbara Walker's motif method where you slip all the stitches of one color on the row while working the other color, then go back and work the slipped stitches.

Have a great season!  Happy Knitting!  The pattern is ready to go at the Google Group.



These are a gift, and I do hope they will fit the recipient!!
She's a regular firecracker herself, and the colourway of the
yarn is called 'Fireworks'!!

Last leaves of Summer and May socks


The August socks were a quick knit in worsted. yarn from my stash--I think the blue was Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. They are going to Mongolia for the Wool Aid Project. The May socks are Panda Silk; the yarn was a dream to knit and so so soft. These are a gift for a friend, but I have some Panda Silk in red that I want to knit up for myself. I need to put myself on my sock list!! I also have 1 1/2 July Firecracker socks finished, but other more pressing project have gotten in the way.

Last leaves of summer...


My camera and computer finally decided to cooperate I can show you my August socks. Knit in sockyarn, on 2.5 mm needles, both at the same time, magic loop, 56 stitches, and they should fit a child. Will make a nice present:-) I used a variegated/selfstriping yarn for the leaves, and intarsia on the heel. Fun and quick pattern.(image)
I'm so glad Sockamania will live on for some time longer, and I think a new pattern every other month is a great idea. Maybe more of us will be able to finish on time and post.
Looking forward to Autumn's first pattern!

Last leaves of august



Finished this pretty and fast knit yesterday on a very windy, autumn like day.
I love autumn and I love these socks. Knitted on 3 mm with 56 stitches. (image)

I'm very happy to read Sockamania is still going on, I'll keep knitting your lovely patterns.

Have a nice day, Mirella

the last leaves of summer


What a great idea to make one pattern in three different sizes of yarn!

I took the pattern of the thickest yarn, and used size 2.5 mm needles, so my son of three has great leaves-socks.
I've used Lana Grossa left-overs, the white spickle is wool, the purple-ish is with more cotton in it. I could'nt find the labels anymore, so unfortunatly I can't give you more specifics.

Of course I'm gonna make myself a pair of these too, they are just too lovely!

August socks


Here are my August socks. I have one sock done in fingering weight yarn. I started it and tried to do the colored pattern. I must tighten the tension so much that I couldn't get it over my ankle. So...I took it out and just did the two beginning rows and two ending rows on the graph--no leaves. I didn't try it on again until I was to the toe. Guess what? It was too tight. So I put it aside and knitted the sock in worsted weight yarn. It is a fast knit. I did not do the leaf pattern either on the leg or the heel. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in country blue. I don't know what I will do with the other sock. Maybe undo it and knit with larger needles. I have wanted a pair of black socks but every time I try it, something goes wrong.
I have learned so much from Sockamania--first and foremost how much I love to knit socks. I am so glad that it will continue. Every 2 months will give me time to finish a pair and maybe try a second pair, too. Thanks so much!



This lovely yarn is my choice when I won in July. Thank you so much!