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(image) I got off to a bit of a false start a few weeks ago...saying I was back to posting cartoons on a regular basis. Side tracked with some other things recently, I've fallen behind once again.
With the holidays coming up and no new finalized material ready, I've resorted to posting a cartoon that I included with the booklet I sold a while back. It was one of the "never before seen" for the those that own it and have already seen this, my apologies. For those that didn't order a copy, hope you like it. I'll get back to work soon...really.
Happy holidays! :)



(image) Hey everyone, I'm back! Hello? Anyone still there? My apologies for taking so long to update this blog.
Once the weather started to get nice, I couldn't stand the thought of being indoors, sitting at a computer as the sun beckoned outside.
But now that it's slowly starting to get cold and rainy again, I'm sure I'll have more time to devote to cartooning.
I can't make any guarantees on how frequently I'll be updating this site, but hopefully it won't be more than a month between posts.
Now to some background behind this cartoon. I went to visit Seattle a few weeks ago and decided to check out their downtown library. It's actually a cool place...very modern and organized. I did embellish a couple of things in this cartoon, so it's not 100% true, but pretty close to the real thing. I guess I'm just trying to show what little charisma I have...
Hope everyone had a great summer and thanks to my die hard fans for encouraging me to get back to work! :)



(image) Yep ladies and gentlemen, it's about that time of year again...time for a little break from cartooning and being anchored to a computer. I'll be taking a few months off to get outside and soak up some UV rays, work on photography, get some ideas for the next round of cartoons, and just try to enjoy the summer.
I'm not sure if I'll be printing another collection of cartoons this time around. There weren't as many this season as the last, so maybe it's better to wait until I have enough to make it all worthwhile.
In the meantime, hang tight and I'll be back soon. Thanks for your support!



(image) Once again, I'm a little late on posting a new cartoon. I think it has something to do with the warmer weather we've been having and being at the Oregon coast for the weekend.
The idea behind this post started with a suggestion from R.K. It was slightly different at the beginning, but after a couple of little tweaks, this is the end result.
I call it "The Loquacious Patron."



(image) Truthfully, I don't watch any of the CSI shows on TV, but after getting an idea from one of my co-workers, N.B., I thought it would be fun to take the classic detective scenario and put it in a library. This might have the potential for later episodes...stay tuned!



(image) I've fallen behind schedule with my usual posting because I didn't have a cartoon ready for this past Sunday (sorry!). I finally finished what I've been working on and was going to wait a couple more days, but decided to hurry things along and just get it online.
This "page-centric" cartoon and idea came from one of my top contributors, R.K., but I altered it somewhat. Originally it called for a different end result and arrows pointing to all the different changes that had taken place through the course of evolution, but I didn't have enough room (even with this wider than usual panel!) and had trouble ending on a convincing note. After staring at the computer monitor for what seemed like hours and nearly giving up, for some reason my brain came up with (had to do a little Google search to find the name) the Martian Popping Thing™...??!!!



(image) I'm not sure what prompted this week's cartoon. I guess it's some kind of deep seated fear of being embarrassed in front of a large group of people, or children in this case...something that probably goes back to my own childhood and fear of public speaking.
At my library we have what's called Story Stop and although I have nothing against reading and singing to kids, I don't think I'll be participating anytime soon. I'll leave that to the professionals. :)



(image) Recently I was riding the bus home and a passenger sitting across from me had their cell phone pointed right in my direction. Of course they might have been been scrolling through a list of contacts or playing games or whatever else you do with cell phones these days...or they could have been taking my picture and text messaging friends about the idiot sitting in the seat nearby. All in an instant...



(image) Once again, I'm posting this a little earlier in the day because I have plans for later this evening.
Occasionally my co-workers and I have joked about putting a life-sized cardboard cutout of ourselves somewhere in the stacks to see if we could slip out from work unnoticed.
That's what inspired this week's cartoon...and by the way, it's not based on a true story and I don't condone this behavior. ;D



(image) Just having a little fun here combining yoga with library tasks. Originally I had another patron salutation in mind, but as you might have guessed, it probably would have been deemed inappropriate. :)
Posting this earlier in the day, because I'm heading off to spend the afternoon playing that new fangled Rock Band game with some friends. Can't beat living room karaoke!



(image) This post is kind of filler material and not necessarily library related. I'm still working on some new ideas, so I hope to see you back here next week!



(image) This is one of those situations where the mind goes on autopilot, which has happened to me plenty of times.
Actually, if you can believe it or not, our library used to have a Starbucks parked in a corner of our fiction room. This was a few years ago during the peak of its powers, but eventually it closed down, much to the dismay of some our coffee loving staff and patrons. Luckily there are still plenty of coffee shops within a few blocks, so everyone can still get their caffeine fix, just a little less conveniently.
Thanks to H.J. for the coffee order help!



(image) It might seem like I'm wallowing in self pity with this post, but it's just showing a behind the scenes look at what I go through to put a cartoon together. Okay, it's actually not that bad, but I've been dealing with a bit of cartoonist's block this past week. No worries, I've got a couple of ideas brewing...stay tuned!



(image) To my one remaining fan out there:
I apologize for not posting a cartoon last week. I had one all ready to go, but at the final hour decided it might not be appropriate, and without a backup cartoon...well it just didn't work out.
This week's post is somewhat of a continuation of the previous cartoon, when my fellow co-worker G.H. and I were talking about the library attracting some "interesting" characters and what they would look like in a police lineup. The patrons you see here are based on a mixture of real and fictional regulars that roam the stacks throughout the day. Hopefully they don't discover this cartoon and sue me into oblivion.



(image) I didn't do the best job of conveying this, but after a discussion with fellow co-worker G.H., we decided that the info desk at our library would eventually end up looking like an L.A. pawn shop...complete with bullet-proof glass divider and steel metal drawer to handle any patron transactions. Maybe I'm just becoming paranoid, but there sure are some sketchy characters passing through the library doors these days.



(image) Back in the early nineties, a Seattle based rap group, Sir Mix-A-Lot, released a song called Baby Got Back. Perhaps you remember hearing it on the radio or seeing it on MTV (a million times). If not, I apologize for the obscure pop culture reference.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I was checking in some oversize books and my friend and co-worker, C.P., started in with this rap and planted the seed for this cartoon. Thanks C.P.!



(image) Here we are in February and already I'm starting to run out of ideas...another round of cartoonist's block I suppose. This is about the best I could come up with. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon. Have a good week everyone and I'll see you back here next post...



(image) Today's cartoon is to highlight one of our job hazards at the library. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood), but I've had a couple of close calls. Mainly through my own fault...trying to shelve a book up above that's slightly out of reach and a row of precariously placed novels come cascading down, narrowly missing any unprotected body parts.



(image) As they used to say on Monty Python, "And now for something completely different..."
I decided it was high time to work on another of David Elsey's poems. Only in this case, instead of picking a library themed poem, I chose another of my favorites. At first, I tried to illustrate it as a cartoon, but with the limitations of MS Paint and my own drawing skills, I wasn't able to do it justice. Then a co-worker of mine suggested I take photos and insert my cartoon characters onto them...but for some reason, it still didn't quite work. So after taking pictures around my neighborhood in southeast Portland, I thought they could stand on their own with the words to this poem. My one fear is that poetry is mostly for the reader's imagination, and posting photos with it would only take away from that I hope this doesn't diminish it in any way. Thanks to David and N.B. for their help and encouragement!



(image) After working at a library for a while, I've smelled some pretty harsh smells. You might even say I've built up a bit of a tolerance compared to the average person. Sometimes books smell, sometimes patrons smell, or the origination of the smell can't be ascertained. There are smells that leave when a particular patron leaves...other times, they linger for a few minutes, even after said patron vacates the area. Understandably, not everyone has access to health services, or chooses to take advantage of them for one reason or another. I'm not a social worker, otherwise I'd probably have more answers.
Anyway, this cartoon came about after recently experiencing a smell that can barely be described...I literally had to keep a 15 foot distance from the source or else my gag reflex would start to kick in. A character building shift for sure. Okay, enough ranting...many thanks to R.K. for his idea help and have a great week everyone!



(image) This is from an actual exchange between two patrons at our library. B.C.M told me how he overheard it during one of his shifts in Humanities and I decided to turn it into a cartoon.
For some reason I thought coming from royalty meant awareness of etiquette and manners...but that sure doesn't seem to be the case here. :)



(image) A little late on posting this because of the holiday. This cartoon came about after talking with D.T., a co-worker of mine. We were discussing the fact that a lot of companies seem to be jumping on the "green" bandwagon these days...which I suppose is a good thing.
Hope everyone has a great new year!



(image) This is just a classic case of misunderstanding...happens every once in a while in the library. I actually recycled the idea for this cartoon from one that I did a long time ago in a previous job where we talked to people over the phone.
Once again, happy holidays everyone! See you in 2008...



(image) The holidays seem to have snuck up a lot faster this year than normal...I don't know, just a feeling I had. We've been seeing our share of new hires recently which was the inspiration behind this week's cartoon. I'd say more here, but I gotta get caught up on x-mas shopping...see ya!



(image) Don't ask me where I got this idea from...I think it had something to do with trying to shelve books in the same section as another co-worker and suddenly imagining what would have happened if we were living in the days of the Wild West.