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One Gamer's Perspective

Opinions and comments on games, gamers and those who love them.

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Rift Beta: First Impressions


I spent some time playing the Rift Beta last week. Specifically, I had the opportunity to participate in Rift Beta 5 from Tuesday through Friday. I chose to play a Defiant Warrior. In those four days I managed to reach level 19, completed a buttload of quests, helped close many rifts and joined in on some PvP action. Below are my first impressions. Probably the first thing I noticed when

Fall from Heaven mod - More Naval AI


Looking at the history of posts on this blog, it's readily apparent that I have been slacking over the past year. This is mainly due to the fact that most of my creative energy has been directed towards creating a new mod for the popular Fall from Heaven mod for Civ IV. My mod mainly focuses on bug fixes and improving the woeful AI. Details can be found hereI plan on continuing to work on this

Die2Night Review: Zombie Fever grips the web!


Who knew that trying to survive against hordes of zombies while being cooped up with complete strangers, many of them a bit insane, could be so much fun?Die2Night, a new web-based, zombie survival game, lets you do just that. Thrown into a town with 39 other folks, your mission is to work together to survive the horrible, zombie-filled nights ahead for as long as possible.The game is free to play

Dawntide Beta: Various Thoughts


The Dawntide beta client has finally reached a point of stability for me where I can actually play the game! Below are a few thoughts cobbled together from notes I jotted down over the past few days (some I may have mentioned previously).You eat bread and water for some reason, though I see no visible change to my stats or messages telling me that I'm fatigued due to hunger/thirstFood is eaten

Dawntide Open Beta Journal #1


Note: These experiences are from the weekend on July 2-5th, 2010.For various reasons, it's been a while since I've checked in on the Dawntide beta. But now that the game has officially entered open beta, I thought it was time to pay it another visit.After the expected patching and updating (which went very smoothly), I logged in to find my old characters had been deleted. No big deal. I quickly

SWTOR: WoW with Lightsabers?


So new info about the upcoming Bioware MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic has surfaced from E3. Based on this interview with Rich Vogel and this preview from Massively, let's see what sort of info they're giving us...Player ships that don't actually fly anywhere. Instead they are glorified apartments and transportation hubs (kind of like a personal flight master)War Zones = BattlegroundsCrafting

Dawntide Beta: Day One - I'm a Lumberjack...


After two frustrating weeks of not being able to login successfully, they finally patch the servers with a fix that works! For the first time ever, I am able to interact with the game world and do stuff!My first goal in this game was to check out the crafting side of things and see if I could manage to craft a set of bow and arrows for myself!So I created a new character and gave them as many

Dawntide Beta Failure - 16 days and counting...


Still have yet to successfully login to the Dawntide beta, despite numerous attempts with more than one character over the past two weeks.

Beta Failure: Mortal Online and Dawntide


Both games severely disappointed me yesterday.First off, Mortal Online had a new patch on Wednesday, but alas, despite trying a good dozen times throughout the day on Thursday, I was unable to ever connect to the patch server. Actually a fairly typical beta experience (though it shouldn't be for a game that claims it will be releasing within two weeks), but still frustrating nonetheless.Dawntide

Mortal Online Open Beta: Day Two


Day Two was a bit less exciting than Day One. Again I was only able to spend less than an hour in-game.I logged into my character who was still standing by a tree near a respawn point. Initial load was extremely laggy, as before. With a plan in mind to craft a bow, I set about whacking at the tree. To chop a tree you have to be in combat mode with your axe in hand. Then, when you interact with

Dragon Age: Origins - Impressions


This writeup was originally titled First Impressions, but I've ended up playing much longer than I had planned on before posting this, so First Impressions no longer applies. I would call it a Review, but I feel like that term would be a disservice unless I had finished the game or played through a significant portion as well as experienced the content with different starting characters. But,

Mortal Online Open Beta: Day One


So the Open Beta for Mortal Online began yesterday. The client was available via torrent, but it seems today they simply have a direct download link.Anyway, I had no technical issues with my setup. The download worked fine the first time around, installation was simply extracting the files from the zip, the updater ran, showed me the most recent patch notes and downloaded everything successfully

Clomp! League : Season Three, Day One


After what seemed an overly long hiatus (to bloodthirsty orcs anyway), Season Three of the Clomp! Cup was organized and ready to rumble. The Greenskins of Azh's Bashas gnashed their teeth in anticipation of the first day's match against the opposing Orc team, the Zerkr'z.A bit worried about facing off against the veteran Bashas team, the Zerkr'z opted to hire a Star Player by the name of Varag

Clomp! League: Season Three, Intro


And Season Three of the Clomp! Cup is off and running! After the trouble encountered last season where a number of teams went MIA, it was decided that Season Three would be limited to veteran coaches who had already proven their reliability. This season will also be the first to use the newly implemented playoff feature for multiplayer tournaments.Many teams from Season Two returned for another

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Nine


The Day 8 match against the Dwarven team, Ground Round, was resolved 1-0 in favor of Azh's Bashas due to a no-show by the Dwarves.On the final day of the second season of he Clomp! Cup Tournament, Azh's Bashas, in the running for one of the top two spots in the division, square off against the equally tough Altdorf Avengers and one of the most violent players in the league, Borgrut Lucky.First

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Seven


As evening closed in on day seven of season two of the Clomp! tournament, crowds gathered in the stadium for what had been dubbed 'The Greenskin Bowl', as the two mighty orc teams of Division Two, Azh's Bashas and the Blood Fang Boyz, squared off for what was expected to be a brutal, dirty game. In other words, a perfect Blood Bowl match!First Half:Start of the game saw the opening kickoff going

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Six


Coming off their first and only loss, Azh's Bashas were looking to recover their place at the top of the division when they faced off against the potent offense of the Plaguebringaz, league leaders in pass attempts, catches, passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, and surprisingly, knockouts!Embarrassed by the ease with which Orion the Titans had routed his team last week, Azh decided that he

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Five


Day Five dawned and Azh's Bashas were feeling cocky. Their next opponent was the human team of the Waterdeep Warriors, and the Bashas had always had success when playing humans in the past. Little did they know that the ominous signs in the shaman's mushroom tea that morning were not something to be ignored.The teams faced off for the coin flip. Across from the Bashas stood one human in

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Four


In the closing hours of Day Four of Season Two of the Clomp! Cup, the proud Orcs of Azh's Bashas meet up with the Skaven team, SneakyVermin, one of the offensive powerhouses in Division Two.First Half:Opening kickoff sails out of bounds. SneakyVermin chooses to give the ball to Kriik, the veteran thrower for the Skaven team.Quyuthc the Stormvermin, blitzes the left side, pushing back an Orc

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Three


On Day Three, the Bashas face off against the Wood Elves of the Tree Rats team, who oddly enough, are 'coached' by a frothing orc they keep in a cage! A bit confused by the situation, but eager to bash in some elf heads, Azh's Bashas crack their knuckles in anticipation of the upcoming carnage.First Half:Bashas get the kickoff. The ball sails deep, landing a few feet from the endzone. The

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Two


The reformed Chaos team, Malal'z Marauders, marched into the Basha stadium, eager to meet their foe in an epic clash of strength. And speaking of strength, one Beastman bulged suspiciously with muscle. So much so that Azhog was convinced that some secret chaos mojo had been used to grant him extra power. But nonetheless, the orcs of Azh's Bashas were undaunted and ready for battle

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day One


The crowds roared for the opening day of Season Two of the Clomp! league. This would be one of the featured matchups of the day, pitting the Lizard team of Bufo Draconis against the Orcs of Azh's Bashas. The two teams had met in Season One, and both teams were eager to prove themselves in the rematch.First Half:The Bashas win the coin toss and choose to receive the ball, placing it in the hands

Clomp! League: Season Two, Intro


After a short hiatus, the league reforms for Season Two. Several coaches decide to cut their losses and pick new teams to play with, while a number of new coaches flock to sign up, having heard of the potential glory waiting for them in the trenches of the Clomp! league!It was decided that new teams could play up to five games before Season Two started, to catch up with the teams that were

Two Things I Learned While Modding Civilization IV


I recently delved into the world of modding. To be more specific, I started designing and coding a minor mod for the Civ IV mod, Fall from Heaven II. It is a small, simple mod whose only purpose is to check the terrain around a city when a unit is built. There is a small chance that the unit will receive a special, bonus promotion that increases their strength in that terrain.A couple of

Clomp! League : Season One, Day Five


On the final day of the season, Azh's Bashas eagerly awaited the arrival of the elven team, Errandir's Earthweavers.And waited. And waited some more.The Orcs, not overly known for their patience, began to get restless as the minutes ticked by and no sign of the elven team was seen. Coach Azhog tried to keep them focused on the upcoming game, but the Bashas began to brawl with each other. After a