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Comments on Hobo Mama: Lifeblood

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Hello! I absolutely don't mind -- it's wonderful t...


Hello! I absolutely don't mind -- it's wonderful to hear from you! I enjoy your blog and the other carnival bloggers as well -- it's so fun to connect. Oh, also, I am the queen of wordiness, so I really don't mind. Love it!

18 months! See, that would be nice. But I agree that it definitely seems less of a burden now than before. I think partly it's that I've seen its purpose, whereas from 12-30 or whenever it was we started TTCing, it seemed so pointless.

As far as sleep, it's strange, because he's really not sleeping through the night, and even less recently. I can't figure if it's teething, needing solids, learning to crawl, what, but he's almost newborn-ish again some nights -- rrr. What with the screaming and the up every 2 hours. So there have been spans of more sleeping (6+ hours), but then it reverts. But I'm thinking the spans of sleeping are what started my cycles back up. But at least I've had some sleep in the past 9 months. I hope you get more sleep soon!!

I didn't get my "lifeblood" back until James was 1...


I didn't get my "lifeblood" back until James was 18 months old, but basically all my friends with same-aged babies got theirs between about 6 and 10 months PP...

I was SO glad to not have it back, but I think the tradeoff was a serious lack of sleep. All those babies' mamas were sleeping mostly through the night by the time they resumed cycling, and I have YET to sleep completely through the night without waking up once...and there are still plenty of times when I'm up quite a bit at night.

So I hope at least you're getting some good sleep!

Also...I definitely don't call my monthly visitor my "lifeblood," but I HAVE been pleasantly surprised at how much better my relationship with my cycles is now than before I had a child...not just that it's physically easier, but it does seem like more of a positive thing and less of a burden to me now. I try to use that "period-energy" for good now, to help me make positive changes in my life and in the world, instead of just b*tching at everything like I think I did before. Just thought I'd share because it has been an eye-opening experience for me in how we perceive our own experiences as women.

Okay, getting too wordy, sorry. Do you mind that I'm reading your blog now? Ever since I participated in the carnival of bf'ing in Nov, I've just been checking the other participants' blogs every once in a while. Just FYI for why I'm here, because I'm always curious about those who stumble across my blog. Ack! Darn the wordiness! I cannot seem to stop it!