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Ha, a new post!


Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I haven't had anything to say.

I installed Windows 7 on my work desktop last week. There were some issues reading from the installation DVD, so it took me a couple of days. I'm not sure if the DVD was messed up or if my DVD drives are too old, but I ended up copying all of the install files to a flash drive, then booted from it and installed that way. I like Windows 7 so far. It is very similar to Vista, but adds a few extra features. The way the taskbar works has changed quite a bit. It adds some grouping, square minimized apps instead of rectangular, and real-time thumbnails of running apps. It also adds "libraries", virtual folders that put the contents of multiple folders all in one place. By default, there is a documents library, pictures library, and a music library. Windows 7 also has good hardware and software support. Most devices and applications that work with Vista also work with Windows 7. It even found all of the drivers for my hardware all by itself.

I signed up for Google Voice this week. If you haven't heard about it, you should check it out. It is still invite only, but you can request an invite from Google. It took a few weeks to get my invitation. Google Voice is one free phone number that can link to as many of your phones as you want. You choose your desired area code and phone number, then add which of your phones you want to ring when someone calls. You can also filter which phones ring depending on who is calling. You can also easily or automatically send people to your Google Voice voicemail. The voicemails are automatically transcribed and emailed to you. There are so many cool features to Google Voice. I even have a Google Voice app for my blackberry so it can look like I am calling from my Google Voice number instead of my cell phone number.

Football season has been good and exciting. I can't wait for basketball season though. I'm excited for Kentucky and Spurs basketball. Only 17 days until the NBA regular season starts!

The Tile Wounds


We busted up all of the old tile in our kitchen this weekend. It was slightly dangerous, with broken tile flying everywhere. Here are some pics of the damage...

Bye Bye Floor


We will be replacing our kitchen floor in a week or so. We put in ceramic tile in 2002, but we chose a light colored grout. No matter how much we cleaned and sealed it, it always looked filthy. We are going to put down darker tile with darker grout.

Here is what it originally looked like (this is the closet today, just ignore the unpainted trim):
Here is what it looks like now:

It has been a while...


Since I have posted - or cleaned out my attic. I worked on getting out all of the empty boxes from my attic this weekend. I save the box from almost everything we buy and put it in the attic. Unfortunately, the attic was almost full, so I am throwing all of the empty boxes away. I don't think the trash people will be very happy with me. Hopefully all of the boxes won't still be sitting there when I get home.




That was the total cost of my surgeries to remove the melanoma from my face. That is more than Zoe's birth cost! Luckily we have good health insurance so we only had to pay our regular co-pay. I get to have more surgery on my back on March 20th to completely remove the rest of an atypical mole, so I'm sure my health insurance company loves me.

Rachel has been talking about going to midwifery school. Obviously nothing has been decided, she is just looking into it. We would have to move to another state after she completed midwifery school, because midwives cannot deliver babies in AL. She always mentions Tennessee and Indiana. Every time she mentions Indiana, I always think of this:

Happy Birthday to Andrea today!

Ha - I suck at posting


Sorry for the long posting drought. I'm not promising to post more often, but maybe I will. We had a good Christmas and anniversary. I got lots of Blu-rays. New Years was interesting as I had to search far and wide to find a replacement lamp for my DLP TV. After calling many places and my dad calling many places, we finally found one place that had one in stock. I had to drive to East Lake near the airport, but I got the lamp put in so we could watch Kentucky's bowl game on my big TV. Next time I am going to plan ahead and purchase a lamp in advance online at a much cheaper price than I had to pay at the store.

I had a great workout today. I bench-pressed 295lbs 10 times! I had never done that before. That projects my max to be 384! We can build on this! Hopefully I can keep building on it anyway. I'm getting closer to my 400lb goal!

Maeve is still acting like Houdini. I thought I had the lock locked on her crate this morning, but apparently it wasn't latched all the way. When we got home, she came running out of the garage. She hadn't done much damage in the garage, but I can't believe she keeps escaping from her crate!

Fantasy football was fun. I came in second in one league and third in the other. Not quite as good as last year, but close. Congrats to Mark on winning one of the leagues. Fantasy basketball is going well. Our custom league is very competitive, with no one team holding a clear edge. In the other standard 10 team league I am in, I am in first place. There don't seem to be many good teams in that league. It is basically a three or four team race.

Why does Vista get such a bad rap? I've been using it for 2 years, and I really like it. It is more stable than XP, and I haven't run across very many application incompatibilties. As long as you aren't trying to use a really old program, there really aren't any problems. It is definitely a hardware hog, but as long as you have a dual-core processor, at least 2GB RAM, a good sized hard drive, and a nice video card for the fancy visual stuff, it will run awesome! Internet Explorer still sucks, but I like Firefox on Vista. Google Chrome and Opera run very fast, but both of them display some web pages a little strangely sometimes.

Kentucky's football team had a good year, with their 3rd straight bowl win. The basketball team is really coming along too. Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson are incredible. I feel like we can do pretty well in SEC play, and we should be in the tournament again this year.

The Spurs started out a little slow, with several injuries to key players slowing them down. After the slow start, the Spurs have really picked it up lately. They have been really clutch (and lucky) and won a few double overtime games and some other games on last second shots. I think they can really make some noise in the playoffs this year, but they may need one more decent player to make it to the Finals.

Survey From Rachel...From Meg...


Three names you go by:
1. Dave
2. David
3. Quattro

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Blue shirt
2. orange boxers
3. khaki pants

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Computer parts (for the server, for my home computer)
2. For Christmas vacation to get here

Three people who will probably fill this out:
1. Your Mom
2. Your Dad
3. Your Grandma

Two things you did last night:
1. worked out with Vinny
2. had diarrhea in the middle of the night (I drank a bunch of expired egg nog because I was out of protein shake mix)

Two things you ate today:
1. Quaker Oatmeal Squares
2. granola bar

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Rachel
2. Mark

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
1. Take pictures at Target
2. Hang out with my family that is coming into town

Two longest rides you have taken:
1. From Bowling Green, KY to Canada
2. mountain biking 18 miles in three hours (it felt like longer)

Two favorite beverages:
1. water
2. wine

Should I Hang it up?


Rachel says I should hang it up and quit blogging. Should I quit? Am I doing such an awful job of keeping up with my blog? I've seen worse. I don't want to quit.

Here is the survey thing I am supposed to do:

8 Favorite TV shows:

1: House
2: Criminal Minds
3: World's Dumbest...
4: Sportscenter
5: The Mentalist
6: Cold Case
7: Spongebob
8: Drake and Josh?

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1: Zoe's Kitchen
2: Cafe Trentuno
3: Olive Garden
4: Ruth's Chris
5: PF Chang's
6: California Pizza Kitchen
7: The Cheesecake Factory
8: Edgar's Bakery

8 things that happened yesterday:

1: Got up at 5:10
2: took the dogs for a walk at 5:50
3: took the kids to the bus stop and school
4: went to work
5: ate Zoe's Kitchen for lunch
6: took one of the luggage rack crossbars off of the 4Runner, then put it back on because it made the car look bald. (removing the crossbars on your luggage rack is supposed to decrease wind resistance improve gas mileage by 4-5% at 75mph).
7: microwaved some bacon for brinner
8: Something else before bed that I will not name...

8 things to look forward to:

1: the end of the election
2: the weekend, and my trip with Rachel
3: Christmas
4: Thanksgiving
5: beating Mark at fantasy basketball again
6: Getting 2 days off work next week
7: beating Mark at fantasy football again
8: food

8 things I love about fall:

1: colder weather
2: fires
3: roasting marshmallows
4: defrosting the car every morning
5: not being hot when I am outside anymore
6: eating Christmas candy
7: decorating the house
8: the girls' excitement about everything

8 things on my wish list:

1: I wish someone would stain our playset for me
2: ninja lessons
3: new monitor for our desktop computer
4: UK football to go to a bowl game again this year
5: UK basketball to be nationally relevant again
6: a clean, organized garage
7: Spurs to win another title
8: More pirate themed fantasy team names

The padlock worked...


We put a combination padlock on Maeve's crate. It is the luggage type with three number dials so Zoe can work it easily. Houdini hasn't escaped since, although she has tried to chew the lock off.

Darbie has been acting weird since we got the new dog. She seems scared of her, and Darbie hasn't been eating as much as usual because Maeve keeps trying to eat every time Darbie does. Darbie normally eats 1 1/2 cups of Science Diet food each day. It seems to be the right amount, she is maintaining a healthy weight. Darbie tends to eat it over the course of the day as opposed to all at once. Maeve needs 2 1/3 cups of food because she is a growing puppy, and also eats it over the course of the day. Now they are sharing the puppy food and a food bowl (except sometimes when we give Darbie hers on a paper plate - poor Darbie).

Yesterday, I put 2 1/3 cups of food in the bowl and took Maeve outside, thinking Darbie wouldn't eat very much of it. When I came back inside, the bowl was empty. Darbie had eaten it all very quickly. A few minutes later I needed to go to Lowe's to get a new aerator and some plumber's tape for our kitchen faucet, so I decided to take Darbie with me. She could use the exercise, and Lowe's allows dogs in their store. Darbie normally only poops in the morning and/or evening - afternoon poops are rare. While we are in the plumbing aisle, Darbie suddenly starts trying to poop. She got a little turd out before I stopped her, then we got some paper towels from an associate to pick up the turd. On the way out of the store to throw away the turd and let Darbie poop outside, another turd flew out of her butt. I picked that one up with the paper towel and took Darbie outside. I threw the turds in the trash can right outside the store and Darbie proceeded to take a huge dump right on the sidewalk. Nice. I was a little embarrassed and afraid to walk Darbie around the store anymore so I put her in the car. I went back inside and bought the stuff I needed and acted like nothing had happened. All that food she had eaten forced the poop right out of her. I guess that will teach me to assume that Darbie won't eat all of the food in the bowl. She is a beagle, after all, and was probably doing it to spite the puppy.

Houdini Update


Houdini (Maeve) escaped from her crate twice more - with weights anchoring all sides! I think we are going to buy a padlock or something. This is what the crate looked like when we got home today. I'm amazed she could fit through that tiny opening.


Maeve is Houdini


Maeve, the new puppy, is like Houdini. She has escaped from her crate several times. She has mastered sticking her paw through the bars, lifting the latch and sliding it over. I tried using a twist-tie so she couldn't lift the latch, but she just chewed it off. Last night I put her crate up against something (my power tower in the garage) so she couldn't open the door and put a weight behind it so she couldn't push the crate away from my power tower to open the door. I came back to the garage 30 minutes later and she had escaped again. She had tilted the crate one direction far enough that she could get the door open. What a determined dog! After that I put the crate back up against the power tower and put weights on all sides of the crate so she couldn't push it in any direction. That seemed to work - at least for now.

Rachel just informed me that Maeve means "strong willed and determined", and Darbie means "free". I guess their names match them pretty well.

What happened to your face!...


...was the first thing I heard as I opened my front door last night for the pizza delivery woman. I told her it was from surgery to remove skin cancer. She asked if it was ok now, and I told her that it was. Then she told me that her boyfriend was Mexican, worked construction, and never wore sunscreen. She said that she was worried about his skin. I told her I used to get burned a lot. She exclaimed, "But you are so white!". So then I explained to her that was the reason that I got burned - because I am so white. She then proceeded to tell me that I looked like her ex-husband. Ok....weirdo. Give me my pizza and get out of here. Not really, but what odd things to say to someone you do not know at all.

Happy Birthday Rachel!


I hope you had a good birthday honey. Thanks for being there for my for all these years. I hope we have many more together, and many more birthdays!The Friday Survey (on Saturday)Would you like to put last night on repeat, and live it forever?I don't think there is any day I would like to live forever. Yeah, me too.Can you successfully blow up and tie a balloon?Yep, and water balloons too.What was your last purchase?Papa John's pizza last night.Does anyone like you?ProbablyHave you made anyone laugh while they were crying lately?RachelWhat did you do Friday?Went to work, went to the grocery, ordered pizza, ate pizza, celebrated my wife's birthday with her!Do you trust all of your friends?Most of them. Morning or night person?Morning. Do people underestimate your intelligence?I doubt it. Is the intelligence of computers guys usually underestimated?Last person you watched a movie with?Rach and the kids.Do you hide your emotions?Mostly.Do you prefer to take showers at night or in the morning?The morning.If you could either float on the moon, or snorkel in the ocean, which would you choose?Snorkeling in the ocean is fun.Do you think you'll be married in 5 years?Totally.Have you been to New York City?Nope, I guess I should go sometime.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?Rachel. She is on her way back from a CPR class.Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life?I hope so.Where is your phone?In my pocket.Do you need to say anything to anyone?Huh?What were you doing at 7am?Lying in bed.Can you legally drink?Yeah.When was the last time you saw your mother?July.Do you believe in karma?A little.What was the last thing you drank?WaterDo you know how to play poker?Yep.Do you hold grudges?Not really.Do you sing in the car?A little.When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach?Hmmm, probably my last surgery on my melanoma.How late did you stay up last night?Maybe 10.Was there anything you regret about yesterday?Yeah.What will you do tomorrow?Go to church, do laundry, watch some football.Are you wearing a necklace, who got it for you?No.Did the one person who hurt you most in your life apologize?Yes.Are you mean?It depends on whom you ask.How is your hair?The same as alwaysLatest you stayed up in the past week? and why?10:00. Cause it was bedtime.Where were you at 2:02 pm?Publix.Are you excited about anything?Yes.Do you enjoy life?Most of the time.What was on your mind mostly today?Not much.Have you held hands with anyone today?RachelPlans for the weekend?Go out with Rachel tonight.How many kids to you want to have?2 is good.Are you afraid to grow up?I am a grown-upDo you have a good relationship with your parents?I think so.Do you want a small or big wedding?My wedding was very small. I think total there were less than 10 people there.What woke you up this morning?My alarm clock I got in fourth grade. Where are you?At my desk at home.[...]



You may think the title of this post must be about me. Actually, it is referring to the old cartoon I loved when I was a kid. Dad gave me a DVD of the best of He-Man several months ago. I didn't ever think about watching it, but Addie found it on Monday and wanted to watch it. I was a little scared that if I watched it, it would ruin my awesome memories of He-Man. Did it ever! That was one of the worst shows ever! If you don't believe me you can borrow the DVD. The show is really simple and stupid. There is barely a plot, no development of anything, the music is awful, and the way things happen in the show makes no sense. It makes SpongeBob look like the greatest show ever (which it is, BTW). Addie made it through the first 5 episodes, then had enough of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

We had a good time in KY, seeing Andrea, Mark, Ashley, my new niece and my grandparents. Mark and I decided to climb the climbing wall at Dick's after we couldn't talk Zoe into it. The climbing guy talked us into climbing the most difficult route. There were six different climbing routes with varying handholds, and three of them had a rock overhang you had to climb over. Neither Mark or I made it past the overhang part, which was about two-thirds of the way up the wall. I fell off like 4 or 5 times, and hung by my rope in the air for a while before giving up. My hands just couldn't hold on tight enough anymore. I felt like I had plenty of upper body strength left, I just couldn't hold onto the wall anymore. The climbing was much more difficult than it looked. Next time I am going to try an easier route to try and get my climbing confidence up.

I have to take Addie to a birthday party for someone in her class at 6:15 tonight. Is that not the worst time for a 4 year birthday party? Addie normally take a bath at 6:45 and goes to bed at 7:15. A weeknight at 6:15 seems like a bad idea, but it is at one of those inflatable party places so I'm sure it will be fun. I think the parents decided on a weeknight because the parties are cheaper at that time since no one wants to have their party then.

Finally - A Post!


Sorry everyone. I have been very busy taking vacations this summer and then trying to catch up with work stuff from being gone on vacation. I think I am almost caught up. I don't know what to post about, but I figured I need a post regardless.

I've been excited about Team USA basketball this summer. They have been steamrolling everyone. LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have been incredible. They play Argentina in their second to last Olympic game in a few minutes. Luckily, I can watch it online, but I have also been DVRing every game so far. It is really nice to have something else going on besides baseball in the summer. Exciting stuff.

My melanoma surgery scar is looking pretty cool. It is healing up quite nicely. Kids ask me about it all the time. I tell them I had surgery, and then they proceed to tell me they had surgery once. Addie always tells everyone I had to have surgery because I didn't wear "scunscreen" when I was little. I told the surgeon yesterday at my followup appointment that I thought it was looking really good. He just said "We'll see". I think he is overly critical of his own work. He is a very serious guy, no joking around. He is a great surgeon though.

Disney World was fun, as always. We are heading to Louisville in a few hours to see my new niece (and her parents). It should be a fun trip, just like this post.

In Situ


That is my situ. In Situ, aka Stage 0 melanoma, means that the melanoma is confined to the epidermis only. The 5 year mortality rate for in situ melanoma is less than 1%. Even though my first surgical pass came back positive, as 30% do, only 5% of the second passes come back positive for possible melanoma. I survived my surgery today with no passing out. The doctor was much quicker with the cutting and stitching this time. Rachel and I feel much better about the melanoma now.

We had our church leaders pray for healing and anoint me with oil on Sunday. They ended up praying over almost everyone present on Sunday - it was a moving service. Everyone continue to pray that my second pass comes back negative for abnormal skin cells. Thank you for all of your prayers so far!

One Surgery Down...


...One to go? Hopefully I will hear from the doctor today or tomorrow about how many more "procedures" I will have to have. Rachel has a nice recap of the last one on her blog. Please continue to pray that the pathology report from Monday's surgery comes back clean. Everyone, especially Rachel, has been very supportive through my skin cancer so far.

I feel like I am slacking with my working out lately. We have been out of town a lot, and I felt weird about trying to work out with a pressure bandage on my head - so I didn't. (Although I did mow the yard with the pressure bandage on my head.) I did lift weights yesterday and will hopefully run tomorrow. I did body weight-only pull-ups and dips last week instead of using my dipping belt. I was surprised - I got 20 pull-ups on my first set. I got 16 wide-grip pull-ups on the second and third sets. The dips surprised me - even though I do sets of 10 with 80 extra lbs on me, I only got 27 reps per set. I guess I am just not used to doing that many in a row.

On our way home from KY last weekend, there was a message on the big sign above I-65 that tells you about wrecks, road construction, amber alerts, etc. It said "One fatality is to many - slow down". Way to go guys, way to misspell a word for all of the hundreds of thousands of cars that drive down I-65 every day to see. Apparently one fatality is too many, and seemingly so is 2 Os.

The Beast...


is now hooked up and running. It has an incredible amount of power. It goes louder than I would ever want it. Addie likes it - she kept telling me she wanted it "louder". It sounds great. With the 910 watts from the receiver and 770 watts from the subs, there is now 1680 watts of power!

The wood floors are done. They look great. We are very happy with them. We are still waiting on a couple of thresholds to finish everything up. Rachel will probably post some pictures after we get the thresholds in. melanoma was a surprise. I initially wasn't aware that melanoma was the WORST kind of skin cancer, I thought it was a less worrisome kind. Melanoma sounds less scary than carcinoma. I was wrong, melanoma is bad. Luckily, mine seems to be very small, and they think they can get the whole thing in a couple of surgeries.

The Beast - THX Certified


(image) arriving today. 130 watts x 7 of THX Ultra2 certified power. It is an early birthday present from Rachel. At 50lbs, it is double the weight of my current receiver, as well as 3 inches deeper. Since it will not fit on the shelf my current one is on, I am going to have to put it on top of the bookcase next to the TV. Our wood floors we ordered are also in at Home Depot, so I am going to try and wait until we put the new floor in the living room. Otherwise, right after I set it up and calibrate it, I will have to take it back down and do it all over again. I guess this will give me motivation to get the floors done as soon as possible.



Running hurts. I started running again this week. The last time I ran was last October, on a treadmill. I ran 3 miles at 7 mph that day. I thought I was still in decent shape. Once I started running on Tuesday, I realized that was a myth. Today was even worse, as I got a major stitch in my side halfway through my run. I finished the run, but it wasn't fun. My quads have been really sore all week. Does anyone know if running on a treadmill is much easier, or is running real hills just that much harder? Getting ripped hurts!

It also hurts that the Spurs got knocked out of the playoffs by the Lakers last night. There were a couple of games in the series that it really seemed like the Spurs should have won. They were up 20 points in the 3rd quarter in Game 1, but ended up losing the game. They made a couple of major mistakes in the final minute of Game 4, they could have won that game. The Spurs should be up 3-2 right now, heading back home to finish off the Lakers in Game 6. Oh well, some years things go your way, and some years they don't. Every year since 2004, you can find just a couple of plays that would have changed the course of an entire playoff series. The Spurs could have had 5 straight championships if they had had a little better luck in even numbered years. Next year is an odd year again, so things should be better. The Spurs definitely need to replace some of their old guys. Horry and Finley definitely, and Barry and Thomas may not have much left either. It just seems like the Spurs were too old and tired from their 7 game series against the Hornets. Since there was never more than a day between games in this series, they never got a chance to recover. I guess it is time to pull for one of the remaining Kentucky guys, Rondo and Prince - Celtics or Pistons. The stupid Lakers only let west coast guys and foreign dudes on their roster.

Maybe think this through...


Before purchasing a domain name for your company. I got this as an email forward, and I thought it was funny enough to pass along:

The following are all legitimate companies that didn't spend quite enough time considering how their online domain name might appear ... and be misread.

1. Who Represents is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity. Their Web site is:

2 . Experts Exchange is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at:

3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at:

4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at:

5. There's the Italian Power Generator company:

6. And don't forget the Mole Station Native Nursery in New South Wales:

7. If you're looking for IP computer software, there's always:

8. The First Cumming Methodist Church Web site is:

9. And the designers at Speed of Art await you at their wacky Web site:

Ode to Rachel


I've been wanting to post this, but I didn't want it to be too cheesy. Rachel had an awesome Ode to me, so I only hope this one doesn't suck.

Rachel is the most important earthly person in my life. When she is happy, I'm happy. When she is unhappy, I'm unhappy. She makes me so happy.

Proverbs 31:10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

Rachel is very noble, and worth more to me than any earthly thing.

Proverbs 31:26 She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

Rachel is super smart, I don't think I know anyone smarter than her. I'm glad I married someone so smart. She always has words of wisdom for me.

It is unbelievable all that Rachel does just to make me happy. She sacrifices so much for me.

Rachel always hand washes the dishes because she knows I don't like to.

Rachel lets me watch basketball almost every night - and sometimes even watches it with me!

Rachel puts up with my flatulence, my manly smells, and my body hair.

Rachel works really hard on her looks everyday; exercising, fixing her hair, etc.

Rachel is really beautiful. She has the most beautiful smile in the world.

Rachel works hard on my hair, she cuts it and fixes it so it doesn't look stupid.

Rachel is encouraging and always says nice things to me.

Rachel is a godly woman and pushes me to be a more godly man.

Rachel is an awesome mom and the kids really love her.

I really appreciate everything she does for me.

I love Rachel so much and want to be with her for the rest of my life. Thanks for putting up with me Rachel.


I'm Making Progress...


Slowly. I laid the smack down with my weights yesterday. I told Rachel to watch me on my third set of bench press yesterday. I asked her to because I'm out in the garage doing manly things like lifting very heavy weights all the time and no one is there to see the cool things I can do. I also wanted my woman to see how manly I am, and so she can fully appreciate my manliness. I told her I was aiming for 8 reps with 295. I got myself psyched up, I told myself I have to get 8 since I told my woman I was going to do 8. I can normally do 8 reps with 295 on my third set, but sometimes I only get 7 and I have never done more than 8. Lo and behold, I did 9 reps! According to my 1 rep max chart, my max should now be 374! Only 26 more pounds to go! If I can get 295 10 times, then my max should be 384, so it really isn't too far away. To be able to bench 400, I will need to be able to bench 315 9 times. It sounds like a lot, but I am going to get there eventually.

On Sunday we were at the in-laws house for Mother's Day lunch. Addie and Zoe were watching a movie that papa had DVR'd for them. Here is a snippet of conversation that happened during the movie:

Papa: Addie, do you like this movie?
Addie: Yes.
Papa: Do you want me to make you a copy of it?
Addie: No, I don't like coffee. I already told you that.

Good stuff Addie. 3 year olds are hilarious.

So LeBron was huge last night. I think the Cavs have a chance to take this series, but they are going to have to win one in Boston. That is a very difficult thing to do. The Spurs play tonight, back in New Orleans. It should be a good game, but I would like to see the Spurs win. The second round of the NBA playoffs has been interesting since 3 of the 4 series are tied 2-2 right now. Go Spurs!

Rachel is going to the beach this weekend. We are going to miss her. Andrea is going to come down and hang out with us for a couple of days so we don't get too bored without Rachel around. I hope she has a good time at the beach.

I have a few magazines...


In a stack by my dresser:
Rachel says I need to get rid of a few. That is only a few months worth of magazines. I have to throw out a huge stack every few months. I get lots of free computer magazines, mostly because they think I spend lots of money on computer stuff. I also get ESPN the magazine as part of my Insider subscription. My favorites are Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, and Road and Track. I also get Reader's Digest, but I don't think there are many of those in that stack. I told Rachel I wanted a magazine rack in the bathroom, but I think she thought it would end up looking like this.

I think I am going to try to get ripped along with Rachel. I want my six-pack back. I am already starting to change my diet a little, but I need to start running. As soon as school gets out, I can start running in the mornings. I'm not sure Darbie is the best running partner though. She always stops to try and sniff everything, and it seems like she gets tired quickly. It seems like everyone I know is joining the gym and getting fit. I have to keep up with everyone else!

Frank Caliendo....


Does a good Charles Barkley impression. His Bill Walton impression is pretty good, too.
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