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Podcasting is definitely an interesting recruitmen...


Podcasting is definitely an interesting recruitment tool and can be a powerful way to talk to the “right candidates”. Employers have a huge opportunity to develop a much more personal & open communication with potentially interesting candidates around the world, through web 2.0 marketing tools.

Nonetheless, I would argue that this recruitment tool is not as simple as you portray for several reasons :
• It is new, therefore it will take a bit of time for corporations to feel comfortable with it.
• Podcasting recruitment should be part of a global e-branding recruitment strategy, and not simply a tactical tool.
• Creating the right communication message to attract the right candidates is complex, but very necessary for success.
• Corporations have to be ready to “create their own story” and to “open their doors” to potentially interesting candidates, that best identify with their organisation.

Building an employer brand means questioning the organisation, the career paths a company can offer to high performers, the capacity to attract interesting profiles outside of the core functions, how to create a global talent pipeline, how to differentiate from other equally attractive competitors, etc..

Despite what you may think, I am convinced that developing a unique e-branding approach to recruitment, will definitely help corporations succeed in attracting the best talent for their organisation. Video podcasts take the whole communication tool one step further, as the target audience can visually identify with possible future managers &/or employees in a given company.

Myself and my associate, launched our blog last week highlighting the importance of e-employer branding. In order to better understand the video podcasting tool, we developed our own podcast on “E-brand your recruitment”. Take a look if you have time :

Anne Marie Ronayne