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Riding in the Keys how to capture videos from youtube

Wed, 28 May 2008 04:46:00 +0000

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The Technology Behind Digital Cameras

Tue, 27 May 2008 23:13:00 +0000

Technology has revolutionized the concept of capturing live images. The earlier concept of producing permanent photograph was based on pure chemistry. In 1830, Louis Daguerre, devised the first practical way of producing permanent photographs. Today we are talking about the computerized photo imagery in the filmless picture taken by a device that is smart in electronic intelligence and in appearance - digital camera.A digital camera takes video, still photographs, or both digitally. It records images on a light sensitive sensor. Instead of using a film, an arrangement of charged-coupled devices-light sensitive semiconductors, which stores electrical charges,-does the job. These digital sensors-composed of pixels -transform the light from the scene snapped into an analog signal which is then converted into a digital version. One electronic filtering system regulates color and other picture components. Another system reduces the picture. The image is finally sent to a temporary storage area and ultimately onto a memory card. Many compact digital cameras can record sound, video and still photographs.The images are transferred to a computer where they can be modified, printed, attached to email, inserted in web pages, etc. The most significant advantages of them are its memory capacity and ability to screen the images taken on a tiny video monitor.The technology of the digital camera relates to the same technology of Video Tape Recorder. The first VTR in 1951 captured images from the television by converting the information into electrical impulses (digital) and subsequently saving them onto magnetic tape. It was in 1960s when NASA had made a major breakthrough by converting analog to digital signals by means of the space probe for mapping the surface of the moon. Also digital imaging had its other uses in spy satellites.Kodak scientists invented the first mega pixel sensor capable of recording 1.4 million pixels. In 1991, Kodak released the first digital camera system- a Nikon F-3 camera equipped with 1.3 megapixels aimed at journalists. The first digital camera for the consumers which worked with a home PC via a serial cable were the Apple Quick Take 100 camera(1994), the Kodak DC40 camera(1995), the Casio QV-11 with LCD monitor(late 1995) and Sony`s Cyber-Shot Digital Still Camera(1996).The main features of a digital camera can be summarized as follows:Resolution: Resolution means sharpness of a picture. The higher the number of pixels, the higher is the resolution.Memory: The pictures are stored like a data file in a digital camera. The size of the memory determines the number of picture which can be taken, stored and downloaded in the computer.Flash Type: Most of them have a built in flash of a range around 10 -16 feet which is required to provide extra light needed to take photographs in insufficient light.Optical Zoom: Normally two types of zoom lenses are used viz., digital and optical. The optical zoom lenses serve more purpose like adding detail and sharpness.Compression: This process helps to reduce the file size.Lens: The length of a lens determines how much of a scene will fit into a picture.LCD Screen: A very interesting feature of a digital camera is the LCD screen which permits one to see what the photo will look like before and after taking photographs, leaving room to decide whether to erase or save the photo.In the market there are several brands which are selling successfully and the continuous improvement in Technology is leading way to introduction of more and more exciting features in the digital camera.This article can also be accessed from page Sedycias works as IT consultant for PoloMercantilcasio (Category: Cameras & Photo )[...]

Knowing and Managing Your Digital Camcorder Battery

Tue, 27 May 2008 11:34:00 +0000

The smartest thing Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4gb Ms Pro Duo 4g Adapter W0qqitemz370050661838 do Sony Cybershot Dsch1 5 1mp Digital Camera W0qqitemz110249719797 you purchase Kodak Xtralife 4 X 6 Photo Paper 100 Pcs W0qqitemz110251031965 brand-new digital camcorder is to master all the functions and parts of it. By learning everything, if anything out of the ordinary occurs; it is less likely to end up being a problem.For instance, if you are knowledgeable at least in some very basic things about your digital camcorder battery, you should not Lexmark Pn21g1738 Photo Paper 100 Sheet W0qqitemz110251027302 a problem when something goes wrong with it and you have to replace it Hd 720p Widescreen Hdmi Digital Camcorder 16mp New W0qqitemz290227916835 describe it to the service center over the telephone.A digital camcorder battery Costa Rica Surfing be a very significant issue. When we speak about the rechargeable batteries that go along with your camcorder, the most basic thing to know is how to extend the battery life and avoid having to deal with Energizer Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery Er D720 W0qqitemz220230403736 costly repairs due to improper management of your digital camcorder battery, or even end up missing out on some great shots that you would have preferred captured.Battery BasicsTypically a digital camcorder battery will cost you roughly $40-$60, or possibly more if it has an extended battery life. On the electronics market camcorder batteries are quite common; you can locate them in just about any digital camcorder or camera shop, then manufactured by well known and common electronic equipment makers such as Canon, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Nikon, Fuji, JVC, Sony, Casio, HP or Canon Lens 135mm Fd Lens 1 3 5 S C W0qqitemz260238387713 Konica, Olympus, Toshiba, Pentax, a Hitachi as well as many others.The Different VarietiesThere are basically three different kinds of camcorder batteries, and when you're picking the best digital camcorder battery, usually there is no concern, for it typically comes with the camcorder when you buy it. The three different types are NiMH, Kodak Xtralife 4 X 6 Photo Paper 100 Pcs W0qqitemz110251031965 and Li-ion.Nickel Cadmium, or NiCAD, batteries are the older cell type and you can find them in older camcorders and cameras, in addition to other types of toys and laptops. This kind of battery has the ability to handle higher loads, and for the most part you will find them in those high-powered cameras which require quite a bit of power to work in an efficient way.Conversely, NiMH or the Nickel Metal Hydride is, at the present time, the most widely used and most well known type of cell batteries. This kind of digital camcorder battery is typically less expensive than many other types, and so requires more maintenance than you will find with others.The last kind of digital camcorder battery is the Li-ion or the Lithium Ion Battery. Generally speaking this kind of battery is very expensive and very light as well, however he can give just as much power as a NiCAD battery is able to supply.Listen to Korbin Newlyn as he shares his insights as an expert author and an avid writer in the field of electronics. If you would like to learn more go to Camcorder Advice and at PAL CamcordersUS $3.35 End Date: Tuesday May-27-2008 5:56:36 PDTBuy It Now for only: US $3.35Buy it now | Add to watch list[...]


Tue, 27 May 2008 06:20:00 +0000

US $0.99 (0 Bid) End Date: Tuesday May-27-2008 2:15:55 PDTBuy It Now for only: US $1.00Bid now | Buy it now | Add to watch listThe Hp Photosmart 3310 All In One Printer W0qqitemz110251047480 angle digital cameras are easy to use for an experienced Camcorder Battery W0qqitemz200220695190 but might be a little harder for the beginner. One particular camera that is a wide angle camera is the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Kodak Xtralife 4 X 6 Photo Paper 100 Pcs W0qqitemz110251031965 8 megapixels. This particular camera has a 3.8 wide angle optical zoom. The SD870 IS is user friendly even though it is a wide angle camera. The design is a bit unusual, but unique. The face recognition technology allows the user to take some clear and detailed pictures without much bother. This camera has no problems taking a clear picture in any light setting.More wide angle digital cameras are the Casio Exilim EX-Z100 with 10 megapixels and the Olympus SP-560UZ with 8 megapixels and Camcorder Battery W0qqitemz200220695190 times optical zoom. The SP-560UZ is a SLR camera, but the Casio is a compact digital camera. Either of these digital wide angle cameras would be good for someone who wants to take exceptional pictures. The cameras have many features that you would expect from a digital camera. The only thing you need to do is compare the prices and specifications to see which camera would be the easiest for you to use.The wide angle digital cameras are used by professionals and beginners alike. You Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4gb Ms Pro Duo 4g Adapter W0qqitemz370050661838 take some nice pictures with a wide angle camera. Many users agree that the best camera is one that takes the shots that you want and is easy to use and understand. Having a complicated camera will cause you to Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 4gb Ms Pro Duo 4g Adapter W0qqitemz370050663019 out on that "spur of the moment" shot. You can look at the different makes and models of digital cameras and find one that has everything you need. The digital camera Cambey is full of cameras for wide angle Nikon Hl Cp10 Lcd Hood Coolpix 4500 Sq Digital New W0qqitemz250244498604 as well as a compact easy to carry camera.Good camera prices, and good digital cameras, Cambey always find themselves on the same shelf. There are however deals out there for the savvy consumer, who knows good Digital Camera Recommendations, when he sees it.[...]