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A little window into the lives of the Roblee family...Happy Fall!

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The first week of the month was packed full of merriment! We started off with a trip to Wild Animal Park. Ryan's preschool goes every year and the kids always have a great time. Ryan got to take a sweet picture with his class and his awesome teacher, Ms. Katharine. Also, Mike went on the Daybreak Men's Getaway with our church while I stayed home and did life with the kiddos. We had soccer games, birthday parties and more! While Mike was on his trip, he busted his eye playing football with the guys. Ask me if I felt bad for him. The answer is no. But WAS pretty cool...and chicks dig scars!The second weekend of the month was even more jam packed with fun events! I had a wine tasting trip in Temecula that I planned for our La Costa Moms group. My dad agreed to drive the Dalcorp One so that we could fully "enjoy" our trip. While we were away, Mike took the boys camping and my mom watched Alana. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I think grandma tired Alana out nicely. You'll see in the pics. My friends and I had such an incredible time just laughing and drinking wine together. No topic is off limits with this gang and I love i! Blessed to know such special ladies:)The week of the 17th we made some great memories. First, auntie Erica came to visit the kids and decided that baking some sugar cookies would be a good idea. After all, it was our parents' 41st anniversary...what more could they want than sugar cookies decorated by my kids? I think the pictures most DEFINITELY speak for themselves. Erica, thanks for visiting, but maybe next time we can just bake a cake. HA!On November 20th, Dane had his second Jogathon at Magnolia. He raised $276! Thank you to all who donated and supported him. He was so proud and completed 23 laps, which was 3 more laps than last year. Woot woot!Thanksgiving this year was so different than in the past. We of course had it at the Heublein's home in Valley Center, but even though there were 30+ people there, it had a very chill, relaxed vibe. We had quite a few guests this year, including Bart's best friend Henry from New York! We met Henry in St. Croix at Kim and Bart's wedding, and much to our surprise (and joy) he accepted our invitation to come out for Thanksgiving. We loved getting to hang out with him as he was such a pleasant guest. We shared a lot of laughs and got to know him better. It was such a fun time. Thank you to Colleen, Debbie and Bill for putting on such a beautiful Thanksgiving event (as usual). The food, decor and drinks were all TO DIE FOR and I had the best time. Mike texted me later that evening and said, "What a great time that was." Indeed...After Thanksgiving, the kids and I headed up to LA to visit with the fam (and Henry and Kimmy) a little more. We did the "gingabread" house contest, tree shopping and just got to veg out and play games all sorts. We also celebrated Erica's 31st birthday in style as she had a couple days off of work!It's always hard getting back into the swing of things after a near perfect holiday, but I'm excited because Christmas is right around the corner. More fun times ahead! Blessings to you all!Ms. Katharine!Class of 2028I think this should be his Christmas card pic.Going batty!Football fun.This. Never. Happens.Playin' at the park at Ryan's buddy's birthday party:)Waiting for Dane to get out of school.I asked Ryan what he was drawing. This is a picture of him when he has to eat quinoa. This poor child.Dane's gun masterpiece.La Costa Moms take Temecula!Best photo bomb!And while I was wining, the boys were camping:)Happy kids...Alana had a great time with grandma, but she put herself into a food coma.Watching some cartoons in mommy and daddy's room.Dane caught a Monarch butterfly at Madeline's house! Run, D...RUN!This is what you get when you have boys and girls living under one roof. Chimo Legos in doll house cribs. Sleep well, Chima. Sleep well.Auntie E is here!We were a little scared by the kids' sugar cookie creations...In and Out, baby! And Ryan was READY!Yeah...I guess you don't know the muffin man...Going down to the Jogath[...]

October: Celebrating Life


October - it's one of my favorite months. It's when Fall really begins to shine. Orange and brown, pumpkins, cool nights, apple cinnamon, baking...these are all of my favorite things wrapped into one season. We started off my favorite season with a trip to Bates Nut Farm. Kruger House preschool goes every year, and it's always a fun time for the kids. It brings back fond memories from my times there as a kid when we had the ranch right around the corner. Ah...the pumpkin's a happy place. Other than losing our pumpkin voucher and having to pay a ridiculous amount for a pumpkin, the kids and I enjoyed ourselves!October 4, my friends Alex, Laura and I threw a La Costa Moms "Mother Appreciation Tea" at Laura's house. It was so much fun making food, treats and gifts for these ladies. I'm so grateful to have a group of moms in my life who know exactly how I feel and who I can lean on for support no matter what. It's been a gift that truly keeps on giving.October 6th was an emotional and beautiful day for our family. We celebrated the life of my dear Auntie Bob (Barbara was her name, but Bob was her REAL name to us). She died of old age at 94. While we were standing at the grave site, I looked around and took the scene in as much as I could. It was such a stunning day and it was touching to see many family members and friends gathered around. She did not have a husband or children, but she did have so many of us as her "children." I'll never forget her presence at all of the family functions we've had throughout the years. Auntie Bob was always there. She'd throw in a sarcastic comment or a joke when the moment called for it, she'd bust into singing hymns when she felt like it, and she was most of all, a faithful servant of God. Even though she began to get grumpy and disoriented as old age and senility gripped her, she was still my loving, ever-present Auntie Bob. I love her and always will. I'm so glad our family was able to celebrate together and be thankful for her life that day, for her life truly was a long, faith-filled, and family-filled life. RIP Auntie Bob.And like life, the blog goes on...October 26th, our dear friends Bob and Sonya Sabatini visited us from Oahu. They came to the main land to see their daughter in Colorado and they were awesome enough to make a stop in San Diego! Mike had a great lobster dive the night before, so we enjoyed baja style lobster tacos and sat by the fire while we chatted into the night. It was such a lovely time and someday....SOMEDAY...we will get back out there to see them in Oahu:) Mahalo, Sabatinis!Well, that's it for now. There are some fun pictures of all of the other happenings this month, including some cute Halloween pics:) We love you all and thanks for keeping up with the Roblees!Why do I have to sit through this stuff?Tractor ride! Alana is still not sure if she wants to be happy about it.Horses made her happy! She was a natural!Ryan loves them, too:)My little jack-o-lantern.Dane gave me my own journal.Dane thought he would make a quilt for Blizzard out of construction paper. Bliz was ecstatic. Just playin' construction in the dirt...yup...Mother Appreciation Tea!Laura, Kristy and Alex:)At grandma and grandpa's for the funeral. Alana isn't sure about Karston...Pancakes!This picture grips my heart. Ryan understandably could not figure out why we wouldn't open the "box" to say goodbye to auntie. It was a touching moment to explain to him. He was so inquisitive and sad about not seeing her again. I'll never forget that moment.Auntie Bob's sister and these kiddos' GG...Moggy:)Because auntie served in the armed forces, Moggy was presented with the flag in her honor. It was a precious moment.At the church with the pastors.Alana enjoyed herself at the reception:)Ryan was trying on his Halloween costume. This was my racing suit when I was his age. So fun!I told her to try walking in my shoes some time! So she did...Putting on a little make up:)The kids enjoyed themselves at the Carlsbad Fire Station event. It was also Ryan's friend Alex's [...]

Zoomin' Through June!


It's July. JULY! I have so much I want to write about between April and June, but just as Elsa exclaims in the movie Frozen, I'll have to "let it go." (Thankfully, July is a much happier month for me since Frozen is on its way out in our house. At least for now...) I shall therefore report on the month of June at this time.Ahem.We started off the month in a most exciting way. Pastor Jason at Daybreak Church surprised the congregation and asked us on the spot, "Who wants to be baptized today?"  He told all those who were up for it to come on back, to get changed and get ready to be baptized. He explained how in Jesus' time, baptisms weren't as much of a process as they are today. People would just do them on the spot, wherever they were. Daybreak was ready for this -  they have special baptism kits with an entire change of clothes, an area for blow-drying hair, doing was awesome! So, Mike decided it was his time to get baptized (thank goodness he could touch up his makeup after!). He had been thinking about it for some time. Even though he was baptized as a baby, he wanted to "take the plunge" to devote his life to God with his whole heart and mind. It was such a life-changing moment, not only for him, but for me as well. I can honestly say I've never felt prouder to be his wife than I did on that day. It's a day I will always remember fondly. Congratulations, Mike! I love you...[Okay, wiping tears...tough transition here...just going to dive right into the next topic.] Ryan finished his first year of preschool at Kruger House here in Carlsbad. He had such a wonderful first year and loved his teacher Miss Paige so much. I do believe he had a crush on her! His knowledge of letters, numbers, and words has grown so much and we are thrilled he will be starting his second year of preschool in the fall with Ms. Katherine, Dane's first preschool teacher. We really love her and know he will thoroughly enjoy his time with her. I will enjoy it, too, since now he will be in class more often...FREEEEEEEDOM! Well, almost...Dane finished up 1st grade mid-June and it was a little bittersweet. Another year flew by in a flash. He had a bit of a rough start at the beginning. I think going from 3.5 hours at school to 6 hours was a bit tough on him, but he adjusted after a few months. He learned so much this year and his teacher Mrs. MacBeth was instrumental in his growth. She was challenging, but caring and loving...the best you can ask for in a teacher! We will miss her, but Dane is very much looking forward to being an even BIGGER boy in second grade. His reading is improving daily (it's still not his favorite thing, but we're getting there) and he and Ryan are participating in our library's Reading Club, so that is helping them (and me!) stay on task.Father's Day weekend was a biggie for us this year! First, we spent Saturday at the home of our friends Cyndi and Chris. They invited us for a Father's Day/Birthday gathering and we had a blast. They even had a jumpy, which is always a plus when you have boys! Then, on Sunday we headed over to the Heublein's for another Father's Day/1st Birthday party for little Esther (or Essie as she is so lovingly called). Almost the whole gang was there (minus Kimmy, Bart, Erica, Brian, Spencer, Lindsay, Kassady and Mike), but their presence was not forgotten. The kids had such a ball in the pool swimming, playing with Uncle AJ's airplane, eating, sleeping, running, get the was crazy! Thanks to the Heublein's for putting on yet another awesome family event!Okay. The blog is over. I'm done.JUST KIDDING!It's safe to say Dane thoroughly enjoyed his first year as a cub scout in Den 4. Ms. Patty was a great den leader and helped the boys through all of their requirements and experiences seamlessly. Recently, he had the honor of being part of the Flag Raising at the San Diego Fair. Mike was able to join him and they played a little at the fair afterwards until Mike had to go to work. Speaking of scouts, Mike has[...]

Fun with Son Camp at Balboa


We had a fantastic time camping at Camp Balboa and going to the Padres game. Dane was so jacked up all weekend and I couldn't have been a prouder Papa. He was singled out because he was in uniform all weekend and completely represented what it means to be a scout. Saturday evening they retired a U.S. flag in a very solemn ceremony and he was chosen to help out. Then, the next morning the camp master presented one of the remaining grommets to him with which he created a woven key chain. Dane was so honored! After the camp, went to the Padres game and he got to pose and chat with bench coach Dave “Doc” Roberts. He was also a player for the Padres and Red Sox and if your remember stole “the Base” when the Red Sox won their first world series after 80+ years in 2004. What a fantastic weekend we had![...]

March to the Beat!


Apparently I love F-words. Family. Friends. Food. Festive. Frolic...fantastic fellowship flickering forever. These are the words that just came flowing out of me as I tried to convey the atmosphere of this day. On March 9, 2013 we celebrated the birthdays of Mike (41), Ryan (4) and Alana (1). Cool number pattern, eh? Some might call me lazy for combining birthdays, but I? I call it genius. Since family and friends are spread out all over southern california, it just made it easier to visit with them. It was supposed to be a small affair, but as usual, we ended up with quite a party! No one was complaining, though. It was an incredibly beautiful day, the BBQ was fired up, the drinks were flowing, the kids were bouncin' I said...fantastic fellowship.The highlight of the day (at least for me) was watching Mike open up his card. Unbeknownst to him, a bunch of his friends and family had put money into the pot to pay for a new surf board. Mike has been riding a borrowed board for the better part of a year and was aching to get a new one. Let's face just wasn't in the budget. Thanks to so many of you, he was surprised (I think) to receive enough money for a brand new, custom made board! For those of you who would like to know, the board is almost done and he has a little surprise for all who donated! Stay tuned...As people trickled out of the party, the craziness died down and we were left with some awesome presents, a few tired kids, and a Gamma and Gampa who had a change of plans. They decided to stay until the next day to spend more time with us. It was so enjoyable having them there. They even got to go with me to take Dane to school. So much fun. Thanks again to everyone who not only came to the party, but to all of you who gave money to Mike's "cause." He is truly excited and grateful for all of you...and so am I.On March 11, Ryan's preschool took a class trip to Sea World. There aren't too many pics, but I just wanted to share a couple. One of my favorites is a picture of Ryan and his teacher Ms. Paige, who also happens to be his first major crush:)Well, that does it for now. Thanks for keeping up with the Roblees. I hope you all have a sensational, blessed, fulfilling Easter. Remember Jesus' eternal gift to us this day!Monday morning pancake breakfast by Gamma!This outfit from auntie E was just too much!Sea World!Kruger House Preschool Class of 2028!He really is in love with Ms. Paige.Da dun da dun da dun da dun...Get me out of here. Now.At the very mediocre dolphin show. I remember these shows used to be INSANE!Cool.Time to wash up! First bath all together:)[...]

Mother Son Fun!


February 7, 2014 marked the 10th wedding anniversary for Mike and me. We had big plans for that night (dinner, anyone?) but Dane's "Bring Your Bright Lady" Mother Son Dance was that night, so Mike passed the torch to Dane for the evening. What a guy! The dance was absolutely hysterical. I think I laughed the entire night. Before we got there, Dane was so nervous about it, not sure what to expect. He kept asking, "I am supposed to dance with you? Is anyone else going to be there? I don't want to go on stage..." I kept trying to reassure him that it was going to be a fun, relaxed time, but my reassurances were going nowhere.Then we arrived...The glowing lights from inside the cafeteria immediately spoke to Dane. He lit up with enthusiasm as he saw some of his friends arriving. It was then that I knew, everything would be allllll right. Before we entered the dance, we had our picture taken. Then, it was go time. We walked in and grabbed some food. After a few minutes of eating, there was a second grader who said hi to Dane and asked him if he wanted to go on the dance floor. Dane wasn't sure yet. Apparently he knew this kid, but when I asked what his name was he said, "Mom, he never told me!" Ah yes...makes sense. Now, this kid took his dancing seriously. He went out there and just started going crazy. Ever heard of that phrase, "Dance like no one is watching?" I think this kid invented it. He was hilarious! Dane caught the fever and asked if he could go, too. So now the two of them were just going nuts on the dance floor. I will never forget how funny they were. The music was blasting, the glow sticks were was definitely a sight to behold. Soon, tons of kids were flooding the floor. Good times.Anyway, after an hour, Dane wanted to go home. He told me, "I think I've danced enough for tonight." He was pooped. So began what I'm sure is a first of many Mother Son dances. The best part of the night (for me) was seeing 5th grade boys there with their moms. I was so glad I still may have 4 more years of this with Dane before he's too cool to do these things!On Valentine's Day, Mike and I were able to go to Date Night at our church. They even had child care! While there, we went up on stage with two other couples to play a Newlywed Game type game. It was so funny. Mike and I had it in the bag until the underdogs took it at the end with a freak guess! ACK! Mike and I had some disagreements about our answers until we let it go finally. :) Ahhhh yes...competitive much? I also noted how weird it was to not only dance at church, but to dance without having any wine. Interesting realizations, I know...The following week was full of just your normal Roblee life. Cub Scouts, trampoline get the idea. I hope you have fun reading our blog. Enjoy your weekend...we love you!Ryan's morning face!Anniversary flowers:)Those legs and that hair...It's glow time.Okay, he was really fired up at this point.One of Dane's best buddies, Berk.Should I be at a rave with my 6 year old?Mike took the kids to Birch Aquarium. They had a blast!What an ugly day.Mmmmm, yellowtail!Trampoline fun!Story time...the best...Tramp hair!Nice pants, Alana...Dane hurt his arm...he made a splint.Dad and Colleen training for the Mt. Wilson race!You go guys!I woke up to this one morning. Simply stunning.Cub Scouts Blue and Gold dinner (Scouts anniversary) :)The kids love their vintage Rainbow Creek Ranch shirts from grampa!It's okay, I'm a doctor.ValentiMes Day in Dane's class.There's Berk making a valentine for his mom and dad.Dane was SO cute with Ryan in his class. He was very protective and made sure he went where he needed to go. So adorable!My mutilated heart Valentime pancakes and bacon. Looks nasty, but tastes so good!Valentine's Date Night at Daybreak Church! It was so much fun.10 years, baby! (Well, 13 if you count dating:)First bath together! Fun times...Saturday morning nuggles.I had a date with my boys to see Fr[...]

Child Wonders


Hello there! We've got a fun show for you tonight...or today...or.....okay whatever.We start you off with some random photos from the end of January. There are some great pics from our little fishing excursion in Lake Laguna Niguel. Brian and Erica were kind enough to snag a primo spot at the lake (they left at 4 am) and we enjoyed ourselves immensely that morning. Mike and the boys were out camping, so I just had Alana with me. We caught three trout and had a great time doing it! Alana was such a cutie and was so happy the whole time. I brought her pack and play so she could hang with us. Unfortunately, there was a tree (Brian's favorite tree) that hung over the area where we were sitting. The birds congregated there and proceeded to unleash a sequence of poops that forced us to move our location a bit. I don't think I've ever been pooped on so much! Well, at least by a bird...In other news....KIMMY AND BART GOT ENGAGED ON JANUARY 28, 2014!!! YEAH BABY!On February 1, Colleen treated us (and Katie, Dillon and Karston) to a tour up at Wild Wonders in Bonsall. It was such a great little place and the kids LOVED seeing all of the exotic animals. It was nice to be able to get up close and personal with the animals and to be able to touch some of them. Mike even got chastised for being too close to the fence once, hehe. Thank you Colleen and Bill for a wonderful "experience" Christmas present! We had a blast!Snot bubble!Playin' in the back yard.Dane's Cub Scout troop got to go to the Carlsbad High School basketball game and talk to the players and cheerleaders. :)First time angler!This is Brian's special trick. He inserts a syringe into the worm and blows it up with air so it floats. Only Brian.A couple of our beauties:)Congratulations Bart and Kimmy! Can't wait for the big day!Bart made a beautiful ring out of his mother's diamonds. WOW! Good man...Ryan's creation. It's like Sputnik. Spherical but quite pointy at parts.I think Alana seems more interested than Boehner at this point.Ryan's preschool. They love Miss. Paige.Dane does so well on his spelling tests!The boys are ready for Wild Wonders!And so is Alana:)"Great. Another day with annoying kids."Our first boo boo of the day and we hadn't even started yet!Grandma Colleen holding baby Karston:)Why?They are so smelly! "Git in mah belleh!" Such a fat, cute little thing. Tired little girl.Ryan's new friend Em coming over to paint.Em is 22 months old, 13 months older than Alana. They are the same size.Ah. A broken monster truck. Shocking.I could get used to this.[...]



In this family, when we say "Half Marathon," we mean "PARTY TIME!" I truly feel like I've said this a thousand times, but my 34th birthday was the best birthday of my life. On Saturday, January 18th, my family came down to start prepping for what I thought was a little post-marathon hangout with the family. Turns out, they were prepping for my "best birthday ever" party! But let me not get ahead of myself...Saturday night was nice and relaxed (for me at least). Mike and I played our usual ping pong tournament, Kimmy, Moggy and the rents played with the kids, and mom prepared a lovely Pasta Fagioli (or as Ryan calls it...Pasta "Pa soup") for us to enjoy before the race. It was such a great time of chit chat, movie watching and enjoying eachother's company. We headed to bed pretty early since we had a big day the next day. Little did I know just how big it was!Sunday morning we woke up to the coffee brewing (among other things) and a runner's breakfast of bananas, oatmeal, almond butter and rice cakes. Breakfast of champions! We took some pics and Mike shuttled us over to the starting line. We met Katie and Colleen there, at which point Colleen asked for her bib. I had forgotten it at home! AAAAHHHH! Thank heaven Mike was there to race back to the house and grab it. Whew. Crisis averted.The start of a race is always so emotional, but this one was especially...well...special. I had my dad, my sister, my cousin and my aunt all running with me, and the positivity surrounding us was infectious. Everyone was so encouraging and uplifting. As Annelle from Steel Magnolias says, "I still get real emotional sometimes." Okay okay, I'll move on, but you know I had to quote Steel Mags.Dad was hilarious throughout the race. He was saying hi to everyone we passed, yelling at everyone "Hey! First timer here!" It was so DAD. We were cracking up! It was also awesome to see Kimmy and Katie running so well. They are strong women, that's for sure. And Katie just had a baby 4 months ago! WHAT?! Colleen and I got to run a lot of this together, which was so nice. Our last marathon we had to split up for reasons I won't mention here, so this was what I dubbed our "redemption run." Around mile 3-4, the family came out to give us hugs and high fives on the route! It was so great to see their faces and it definitely gave us a good boost.The best part of this race (for me) was crossing the finish line all together and seeing our cheer leaders on the side lines cheering for us. That was a feeling that will permanently reside in my heart. Another feeling that resided in me was THANK GOODNESS THAT IS OVER. Now it's time to eat In N Out! Or so I thought...After a little "Mexican border" maneuvering from Mike, we escaped the crowds and arrived at the house. Just as I was walking to the front door, I uttered the words, "I feel like I have to barf..." Then the door opens and....SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family and friends are standing in the back yard ready to celebrate with me! It was hands down the coolest thing ever. And I didn't have to barf anymore! Not only have I never had anyone throw a surprise party for me, but I was truly surprised! I had not one inkling that anything was going on. Great job to all who threw it! A special shout out to Mike, mom, dad, Erica, Kim, and Mern for organizing this thing. I know how much work goes into this stuff and I so appreciate everything...more than you know.Now, I'll stop yammering so you can see the pics. Thanks to dad for taking most of the pics again. I am still getting over the fact that this party is over, but if there's one thing I know about this clan...there's always another party in the works:)Dane was writing a book. This title is appropriate.Bibs were picked up and ready to go!A little carb load for Alana:)Moggy...our inspiration! And I'm so excited to announce we will be running with Moggy in the Santa [...]

All "Charged" Up in January


We started off 2014 with a January that has been peppered with so many little joyful moments, most of which are best described by the pictures. I'll just say a few words about some of the bigger moments...First, we were so excited to be able to watch the Chargers win against the Bengals on January 5th...the playoff win that got Mike so jacked up I thought he might explode. Those days are so fun because we get to just be together as a family and enjoy each other. (Note: On this actual day, we lost Jerry Coleman, the beloved war hero and announcer for the Padres. January 5 is also the anniversary of Adele's death. January 5, 2014 was an emotional roller coaster...bittersweet indeed.)Then, on January 11, Erica and Brian took us to Monster Jam, as they are now accustomed, for the 3rd year in a row. They always get this for the boys (and Mike and me), and now Alana got to come along for the ride. The general consensus is that Alana had the most fun! She was loving the trucks and had her happy face on the whole night. Ryan was a little bit overwhelmed and wasn't happy until he put on the pink ear protectors that Alana had on. It was funny how much he loved those things. There's that pink again:) Dane really enjoyed himself. We think. He was getting so annoyed by us asking if he was having fun. He looked like he was staring off into another world, but I think he was just loving it so much it had no idea how to react. So, all in all, a great trip and thanks again to Erica and Brian for a wonderful time!Lastly, I celebrated my 34th birthday on January 15th. First, some of my friends threw me a little party at Le Papagayo in Encinitas. I love that place! Best Mahi Mahi tacos ever. Then on my actual birthday, the family and I had a quiet day at home and enjoyed a yummy dinner at our favorite spot called Hooked on Sushi. We ate a TON of food while Ryan didn't eat anything and took random photos of people and things. Ah yes...just a normal dinner with the Roblee family.Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and gave me gifts. Honestly, this was my favorite birthday year yet! I felt so blessed and loved. Coming up in the next blog...the Carlsbad Half Marathon and my surprise birthday party! Mike and the boys went down to the beach and collected some clams. I made some yummy clam chowdah with them!The kids piled up all the toys to clean reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book!A little Minecraft...She loves her Chargers:)Thanks to our friend Carole, we were able to meet Jerry Coleman when Mike and I just started dating. Not bad:)Look at this Lego-meister!It was Charger Day at school!Ready for MONSTER TRUCK JAM! (As Ryan calls it)Needed a little love from auntie Erica.Alana is enjoying a bottle while watching the festivities.He's got the pink head phones and he's good to go!Tradish Droopy pic.Drivin' the car at Sprouts!Alana situps...Mike and I worked late into the night putting together our new nook:)Now that's a tired Charger fan...I don't think Alana appreciated the Dane standee. She was not amused.My birthday was beautiful!From Ryan.My cotton candy birthday dessert at Le Papagayo. Awesome!Ready for birthday sushi!"Dad, make sure to mark down some Mackerel for me, would ya?" This is a picture of a random lady sitting next to us - Ryan took it.Ryan was enjoying a tea party at school with all of "his girls.""I wish I could go to Colorado. First I would throw snowballs. Next I would make a snowman. Last I would come and drink hot cocoa." We have some work to do with spelling:) But cute, nevertheless.Where's Ryan?There he is!Dane wanted to show me the robot he made out of boxes. Ryan was his assistant, of course.Alana loves to inspect Blizzard. Blizzard does not love it.[...]

Thanksgiving 2013


Thanksgiving of course went so fast I can barely even remember it already. Thank goodness for pictures. Although, dad took so many that I about lost my marbles choosing which ones to include.We were missing a few family members this year (Piepgrass Family, Lindsay and Kassady, Bart and Brian), but their spirits were there with us! Colleen and Bill put on a heck of a party, as usual, complete with beautiful decorations, two fabulous turkeys, great weather (yes, they made it happen), and all the holiday cheer we would need for the day. Special shout out to mom and Erica for all of the added help and preparations. This day was such a blessing and you all made it possible.There's not much I could say to sum up what this Thanksgiving was like, but if I could use one word that would describe the feeling throughout the day, it would be PEACE. I can't speak for everyone, but I just felt like there was such peace and calm during this special holiday. The older I get, the more I realize just how important these days are. They're so rare and precious. I thank God for allowing us all to gather once again under one roof (well, almost all of us) and I hope that all of you shared a Thanksgiving filled with peace and joy this season. Much love to you all.The Roblee men.Lauren's first attempt at an all organic pumpkin pie:)Tradish carving pic!Well, the lemon halves were placed on the wrong side of the turkey, but we still got a good pic of the "breasts." HA!There's baby Karston!Whatchoo lookin' at?Hey look! There are Mr. and Mrs. Jason Jenkins!Courtney MAY be excited about eating...maybe.The kid table!Dillon's lookin' snazzy in that tie!Who am I?Karston RELAX.Oh boy...this made for a fun evening.Silly "natural" pic.Posed pic."Omigah look!" pic.The Nocita gang.We are really weird.Moggy...what ever happened to Bailey's?!Play time with Jason! Houston, I think Ryan may have a problem.Sitting by the famous Heublein hearth.November birthdays!"I like to party!"The colorful, magical fire place!Winding down...Thank you so much, B and C! We love you![...]

A Week of Thanksgiving Fun


The weekend before Thanksgiving was surprisingly quiet, so Mike had the brilliant idea of going on a walk together. It was such a brisk, beautiful morning and we all had a lovely time just enjoying the day.Since Dane was off school the entire week of Thanksgiving, I had to come up with a few things to do or mama was gonna go nuts! First, the kids and I met with some other mommies and kids at the Daily News Cafe for some breakfast and chit chat. It was actually pretty nice because we were outside and had a big table. The kids ate like crazy (okay, so did I), so we headed down the street to a little grassy area by the beach for them to get out some energy. Other than Dane chasing a ball into the busy street and giving us all a heart attack that would last for days, it was a very nice, relaxing day!The day before Thanksgiving the kids and I picked up granddad and headed to the San Diego Zoo. It's always a lovely time at the zoo and the boys loved having their granddad there. I think the main event was the reptile area. We spent a lot of time there checking out the lizards, snakes and turtles. Good times:)The beautiful view of the ocean.Dane wanted to walk on the wall...that lasted about 5 seconds.Ryan was also not amused.Who am I?The boys are wrestling while Alana checks out her diaper.Breakfast time!November 25 and it's so beautiful!Getting ready for the zoo. Alana was not happy wearing shoes. Ha! Ryan let me know pretty firmly he did NOT want to sit near the gorilla statue for a picture. This guy was huge! And just "stood" there like that for a long time.The Condor's wingspan is amazing!It was a bit loud for Ryan.Mikey's favorite animal!Not tired at all.Look at those cute jammies![...]



A visit to gramma grampa's.Ryan's first real haircut (mom's doesn't count).Our neighbor Kent's 42nd birthday.Green Dragon's Party. Ryan's preschool Thanksgiving feast.Dane's assembly.Love to all. Boom.The boys were pullin' the buggy into the trailer at gramma grampa's:)A quick trip to the movies to see Gravity in 3D. Thank goodness we saw it in 3D is all I'm gonna say...Grampa, on the phone, pettin' the cat...multitasking.Tired?Just hanging out in their big deal."Why I all blue, mommy?" Dear, dear Ryan.Ryan's first hairs cut!Workin' on his trike...Dane made a list of everywhere he wanted to go on his week off for Thanksgiving. Apparently he took some notes from Genesis.Go Green Dragons!Kent's birthday was so crazy! There was stuff everywhere for the kids to do. I, of course, drank and ate.And then I saw was like a dream...Waiting in line. Brotherly love.Oh, are you tired from the walk, Blizzard? Here, sit in the stroller.Not sure Ryan was as excited as Dane was about rough housing:)Thanksgiving at Kruger House!Nice."Moooom! I told you not to take a picture of me! Omigah!"Assembly time at Magnolia.There's Mrs. Sanchez, Dane's teacher:)Mrs. Hines dressed as a turkey!There's Dane's big 4th grade!This has Ryan written all over it. Pay no mind to the knife on the counter.I took this picture from our backyard. A beautiful full rainbow right after a good rain. It was unbelievable![...]

Halloween, Laser Tag and Other Stuff, Too


Alright folks, it's the end of the year. The time when I'm putting together a book of all my blogs from the year. The only difference is, I have to do last year's as well since I was a little busy being pregnant and tired. Therefore, you can be sure the next couple posts are going to be pretty short in the writing department.Halloween was nice and low key this year. We had our annual La Costa Moms Halloween party on October 30 and the kids had a wonderful time, as usual. Laura put on a slammin' event and we even had a bouncy house to counteract the sugar the kids were ingesting. There were some adorable costumes, but I'd say my personal favorite was Janessa's daughter. She was Boo from Monster's Inc! So cute...On Halloween, Mike raced home to carve pumpkins with the kids (unbeknownst to him...sorry babe) and then we ate and ran. We headed down to our old stomping grounds in La Costa to trick or treat down there. It's such a fun, festive area and there are always tons of kids and fun decorations. The kiddos definitely enjoyed themselves. Even Alana got into it! I had my special mommy drink in hand, so all was right with the world.After Halloween, Dane's buddy Berk had a laser tag birthday party. Let me tell you it was the funniest thing to watch these kids play. I kept walking in to check them out. Instead of hiding and being sneaky, they all just stood around and shot each other point blank. It was hilarious! Dane was so tall he could be seen anywhere, so he died quite a number of times. I'm pretty sure Dane had the best time because when we left he declared that he now would like a "Desert Laser Tag Birthday Party.' So, grampa, get it together and start planning now!Cutest batman EVER.A fitting costume.I'm sorry, but did someone order a tall glass of ADORABLE?!Laura's happy cuz she NAILED IT!There's Sarah and cute little Marcus! Or as Ryan calls him, Marker.The ever amazing Alex!Halloween was crazy hair day at school:)A little light reading before school.Ryan was a little grossed out by the pumpkin guts...which was shocking.Ready to go!Would YOU open the door?Mommy's special cup.Our happy little pumpkin:)Our neighbor Kent was the Fox this year. He even carried around an ipod playing the Fox song! Hilarious!Ryan is obsessed with Alana. How could he not be?I's ridiculous.Don't ask.I came in to the kitchen and saw this. Simply stunning.Running laps before school to get the jitters out.What's under the bed?An Alana!Go Green Dragons!Someday when you're older....[...]

I Just Wanna Celebrate!


Birthdays. I love them. It doesn't matter who's birthday it is...I wanna celebrate and have a good time because's a birthday!Meanwhile, back on earth, my mom and dad decided to come down to Carlsbad to celebrate her 61st birthday, beach style. First, we headed over to The Beach House for a fancy lunch and as a bonus, our dear friend Phyllis joined us. It was so nice to get to visit with her and catch up. Dad snapped some priceless pics of the kiddos, too. Thanks for picking up the tab, rents! My parents are smart enough to get their own place to stay for the night. Dad made a reservation at a hotel right on the beach so they could enjoy the ocean mist and sounds of the waves right outside their door. They got to ride their awesome beach cruisers around, as well. The pics are so cute! It was definitely a relaxing and peaceful stay...that is, until they decided it was time to head over to the Roblee's the next day...Mom and dad went with Mike and Dane to watch Dane play in his soccer game. Dad, of course, took tons of pics (don't worry, I kept it down). It's so amazing to see these pictures of Dane. He is only 6, but to me, he looks 10! I think they had fun being there to support the Green Dragons:) Afterward, they came back and it was time for Gramma to open her birthday present from us. The kids were dying to do it for her, but we were able to keep them at bay...sort of. Once the excitement died down, Mike took the boys to go camping while mom, dad, Alana and I went to Vigilucci's (apparently pronounced VIJ-il-oochies...go figure) to meet Colleen and Bill for some birthday dinner. I think it's safe to say I haven't made that many noises while eating in a LONG time. I ordered this Cioppino that was to die for. Alana enjoyed herself, too, and gnawed on whatever we threw at her. There was so much slobber and drool because the food was that good. Oh, and Alana was pretty slobbery herself, too:) Thanks, mom, for spending your birthday with us (and for buying us food...hee hee). We had such a lovely time!Riding along Tamarack beach. Doesn't get much better than that.The cute couple:)The birthday fairy came and wrote a birthday message!Go Dane go!Ryan was on the playground while Dane played. As usual:)Nice action shot!"That one was for you, Gramma!"Soccer is serious business.I love this pic!She did NOT wake up happy...but we changed that real quick:)This Johnny Jump Up is like baby crack! HAHA!Ryan could hardly keep his hands off Gammas birthday presents.Dane channeled Mary Therese! (For Kimmy:))Paintings for Gramma. On the way to camping with daddy.Cuyamaca baby!Always meeting some nice kids to hang out with:)This freaked me out.And while the boys were camping, mommy was ordering Cioppino from Vincenzo. Yeah baby!Tradish "cheers" pic!I'm happy as a bowl full of Cioppino!Colleeeeen and Billy! Sunday birthday party with the "after church" gang:)Happy Birthday, Mom![...]

This Is How We Do It


Montell Jordan isn't the only one who knows how to do it in Cali...the Roblees do it like nobody does!The boys went for their regular dental appointments and we had so much fun as usual. That dental office is like Disneyland! Well...maybe not QUITE Disneyland, but it's pretty insane. They've got TV's in the ceiling, goodie bags for the kids, candy flavored's so cool. The kids love going there so I have never had to pull their leg (or teeth) to go. We had no cavities this round, so that's always a big YAY for us:)On October 19, La Costa Moms went wine tasting in Temecula! We left the kids with daddy and headed on out around 10 am. It was such a full day! We hit up four different wineries and then finished up the trip at our (now) traditional Mexican restaurant, Rosa's. Get the nachos when you're there...just sayin'...On October 24th, we celebrated our little friend Davan's 4th birthday and the boys had a wonderful time. Her mom and dad, Laura and Dave provided a yummy feast of pizza and cupcakes as we watched the kids burn off all of their energy. I love birthday parties at the park because there is no hassle and the kids have a blast. I'm sure you'll see in the pictures that their favorite part was the cupcakes. Great job on those, Laura!There are quite a few miscellaneous pics thrown in here. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the chaos. XOXOTwo toofies:) Not quite ready for a dental check up.Dr. Dabir is awesome!Ryan isn't sure about the lobster. He doesn't eat things that are as big as his head.Ryan's preschool was learning about fire safety. It was pretty comical to watch them all try to stop, drop and roll.I love the kid on the left: "You want me to do what?"Making a little nana bread with mom:)Time to drink wine!Kathryn was randomly picked and got a free bottle! WOO HOO!We had fun with these...Kathryn's favorite movie...Wizard of Oz:)I think Sarah is having a great time...Yup...she really is. Wine tasting agrees with her!There's Sarah photobombing the sign.While I was out tasting, Mike took the kids to Dane's friend Landon's birthday party. Here is Heather holding Alana, who all the moms graciously pointed out is wearing her outfit backwards. Awesome:)I think Dane MIGHT be tired. This was after he tried to convince Mike that he wasn't.A gift to dad from Dane:)Time to snorkel!Ready for some cupcakes!Happy birthday, Davan!There are Nic, Maya and Davan giving each other hugs...Dane and Kai getting ready to stuff their faces.I like Davan's approach.Do you think she's enjoying it?I love these pics...Watch out, Ryan.We took so many pics because they were all moving. Enjoy the sequence!I saw this while jogging in Carlsbad. So cool!Here is Dane walking with his best buddy Kyla.Alana on her 8 month birthday:)Alana's hat pic...Ryan's hat pic...Mommy's hat pic.I think Paco has had enough tequila.My adorable little chefs!You never want to see this when you come into the room.[...]



October is rockin' indeed! We started out with a wedding, and we continue with family visits, lobsters, cub scouts...the list goes on and on. I'll try to keep it short and sweet since I have a lot of pics on this one.Dane started Cub Scouts this year and has enjoyed learning all it takes to be a scout. He gets to go to his meetings with Mike, so that's a really nice bonding time they share. He's also started piano lessons, so he's been practicing and getting pretty good at Jolly Old Saint Nicolas:) Let's hope he moves on from that one soon...just sayin'...First grade has proven challenging, yet rewarding for Dane. He excels at math and LOVES practicing his addition and subtraction. Reading and writing are still a bit rough, but he's working hard on it and progressing daily. We are so proud of him!Ryan is enjoying his preschool 3's class with Miss Paige on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He has a lot of buddies (mostly girls...argh) and due to his love for an online learning program called Starfall, he is excelling at his letter sounds, numbers and is learning small words. He is such a shy, quiet dude around others these days. You never know what he's thinking. But it's been so fun to see him bloom and start talking so much. He seems to be learning new words every day, thanks to his big bro Daney.Alana is of course, a doll. She is always smiling and is such a joy to have in our family. She is crawling so fast I can't keep track of her and she's pulling herself up and scooting along well. I fear she will be walking soon! AHHHH!We had a great visit from auntie Erica a couple weeks ago and she brought goodies from the Gomezes that the kids just loved. They had given the kids Halloween buckets with all sorts of little gifts. We had so much fun with all the stuff - wait until you see the pics!Lastly, Mike and I got to go on a date! We went to the Chart House for some amazing food and we talked and talked for hours. It was such a blast! I felt like we hadn't done it in forever, so it was a treat to be able to relax and enjoy each other's company. Alrighty, I think that about covers it for now. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more Roblee adventures coming up!Simply stunning.Dane has passed all of his addition up to 10's and is now in his subtraction tests. He's loving it!Dane had his carpool friends Kyla and Berk over for a little play time after school. Here's Dane receiving his Tiger Cub patch!Dane in full uniform! Ryan is missing the bottom half of his.Alana loves to clap! I think it's her favorite past time.Dane wrote his name in cursive and was so proud:)The biggest lobster Mike has caught yet!His baby:)Let my people go...Ryan asked if he could clean the windows. Um, yes please!Look at that heed!Ryan and his buddies Desmond and Judah doting on Alana.Date night!Dane's bat. Mike and I thought it was a robot. Hint: Make sure to ask your kids what they drew. Don't guess.What?Halloween presents!These pictures will speak for themselves. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />I think Erica would make her hubby proud with this Paso Doble masterpiece...I think this accurately portrays how moms feel at the end of the day.And this portrays how moms might LOOK at the end of the day.Dane got to visit the Fire Department with his fellow scouts.She loves "the clapper!"Snuggles in bed!Best/funniest hair EVER.[...]

A Wedding Weekend to Remember


Jason and Lauren Jenkins. It's official.After a lot of preparation, celebration and libation, this sweet couple tied the knot on Sunday, October 6, 2013. Oh, but let me back up a bit...I headed up to L.A. the Friday before the wedding to start getting things in order as Marianne and I were doing the flowers. We were scheduled to go to the L.A. Flower Market really early on Saturday, so I needed to get up there to prep with her. It was such a blast to have everyone around! AJ was home with his beautiful friend Des, Kimmy and Bart were in town, Erica and B were helping with the kids, and Bill and Colleen drove up from SD for the festivities. The whole clan was there! Not only did we have a lot of fun chatting and catching up, but Marianne and I enlisted all of their help, of course...Saturday was a whirlwind, but it was FUN. At times it was a bit hectic and frightening (were we going to get it all done?!), but mom, dad and Colleen were the best wedding helpers, and Erica and Reggie were great watching Alana and Ry Ry. It takes a village, people. Wait...village people?? HAHA!Anyway, Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner in Marina del Rey at C & O Italian Cucina. It was SUCH great food and we all laughed until we cried! We let out a lot of steam and gave in to the red wine that was flowing...and boy was it flowing. They really know how to put on a good party! It was such a treat to hear Jason's speech - you could just feel the excitement for his big day pouring out of him. Mazel.Sunday came and it was go time. Everyone helped load up Dalcorp One (my parents' gigantic motorhome) with all of the flowers and decorations, and Colleen, Marianne, dad and I headed out early to Shanghai Red's Restaurant in Marina del Rey. We got there just in time to start getting everything set up. To be honest, I wasn't sure we could pull it off. The wedding was at 5pm, it was currently 3:15pm and there were still customers at the restaurant milling about. It was time to MOVE IT people!With a lot of frenzy and a few minor freak outs on my end, we were able to get everything out and ready just in time. I have to say...the colors, the designs, the centerpieces...everything just GLOWED in the light of the setting sun. Then the music started...It's hard to describe what Lauren looked like as she walked down the aisle with her mom and dad, Susan and Craig. To say she was beaming just doesn't cut it. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning (or Hanukkah - ahem)...but no, it was more than that. As she walked down that aisle, she never took her eyes of of her man...her prize. It was one of the most wonderful moments of pure joy I've ever witnessed. There is such a tender love between the two of them and I truly felt it radiating. THAT'S the word...she was RADIANT.Anyway, before I lose myself in adjectives and CAPS, let me just say, the reception was so much fun. Dad took a bunch of pictures of all of us in the light of the sunset and the kids ran around like crazy (thanks for watching them, Mike!). It was a wonderful time of fellowship and laughter. The evening went on and by the end of it, Lauren and her family were playing instruments and singing together. It was a family affair for sure!Thank you Jason and Lauren for allowing Marianne and me to be a part of your big day and for trusting our abilities (even though you pretty much had to). I'm sure her spreadsheets and invoices were something you will never forget, right? Thank you to mom and dad for always being ready and willing to help when we need it. Thanks to mom and Colleen for helping us complete the floral arrangements. Thanks to dad for driving (and PARKING)[...]

I'd Turn Back if I Were You...


What a fun couple of weeks this has been! There is just so much "normal" life stuff going on (which I love) with a couple really awesome things thrown in on!Last week was a lot of the usual routine - piano, soccer, preschool, cub scouts - just your average week with young kids:) I took a lot of pictures of us throughout the week just livin' life. These pictures are usually my favorite because they capture those every day moments and make them extra special.Toward the end of the week (two weeks ago), I started getting food ready for Lauren's "Palm Springs Bachelorette Weekend." Unfortunately, Ryan got pretty sick so he had to come along with me on all my errands. Poor baby! I was able to get all the shopping done quickly and the next day I headed up to Palm Springs with Alana in tow. This was to be Alana's first bachelorette party...woo hoo! We had the best time EVER! It was so relaxing to just hang by the pool, chat, eat, drink, laugh...and Alana was so good. She napped and slept well, which made the trip really easy. I think everyone had a nice time with her and she had a blast, too. I know I can speak for the whole group when I say we were so honored to celebrate Lauren's upcoming nuptials and were excited to be a part of her big day! Thanks to Mike for watching the boys so I could have fun with the girls:)After the big weekend, it was back to the grind. I was shuttling kids, packing lunches, piano lessons, soccer practice, dinner, doctor know, back to the "normal" stuff. On Thursday, Ryan's preschool was going to Bates Nut Farm. I have so many great memories at "Nates Butt Farm" as a kid. It's always nice to go back there and experience it with the kids. Alana and Ryan were in heaven there and it was nice to be out in the mountains breathing the crisp, fall air. Once we picked out our "punkin" and rode the "tracker" a couple times, we packed up to head home.Before we went home, we stopped by cousin Katie's house to see her new baby boy, Karston. I was so glad to be able to hold him before he was even a week old. What a cutie! Thanks to Katie and Spencer for letting us come over and check him out...he's definitely a sweetheart. Good job!Alright, I'll stop yappin'. Check out our pics and have a wonderful week!The Monday carpool:)Sick Ry Ry:(Uh oh...Ryan was helping me give Alana a bath. He was such a big helper!Ridiculous.Even though Ryan was sick, he was such a good boy letting me cart him around on my errands.Dane's "homework headband" so his hair doesn't get in his eyes.There's the bride! Ready to chill out in Palm Springs.Alana's hanging out, poolside.Alana: "Calm down..."Erica and Mern, right before our awesome Mahi Mahi fish taco dinner.There's the gang! (Minus Erica)Yummy avocado!There's auntie Kim taking Alana for a dip:) The marriage bed. JUUUUST KIDDING.What a group! Erica made the best French toast!Spa time with the gals!Dane has now officially started having homework. Yay.Waiting for Dane to finish piano lessons.Ridin' out in the cul de sac:)This is how banana bread gets eaten in this house.Just watchin' a little Duck Dynasty.Tired boys!Aw...he loves his daddy.It's Bates time!He was SO "decided" to ride the tractor!Alana loved the ride!This scarecrow may have a problem here...Pickin' out punkins.Meet baby Karston!Ok, I want another one...There's the mama lookin' good!Back in the cul de sac, Dane's throwing the ball for Pete:)Watchin' Curious George eating mommy's famous nachos. [...]



Well, last week was another busy, but FUN week! We had much of the same stuff going, playdates, etc., but with a couple added activities. First, Wednesday morning, Ryan, Alana and I headed out to Julian to go apple picking with our La Costa Moms group. It was a LOOONG drive for a short trip, but the kids came back with the juiciest, tastiest apples. I think it was worth it just for that. It was so great to be able to just wander around and eat apples straight off the tree. I ate three!That Wednesday afternoon, Dane started cub scouts. He went to his first pack meeting on Wednesday with Mike and then his first Tiger Cub den meeting on Friday. We got most of his uniform and patches, but we're still waiting on some as the store was out. No doubt it was raided by all of the other Tiger Cub parents looking to outfit their cubs:)On Friday evening, Mike watched the kids so I could go over to my friend Laura's house. It was her 45th birthday, so a few of us threw her a fiesta celebration. It was so yum, complete with mahi mahi tacos, pico de gallo, mango salsa, rice, beans, cupcakes and margaritas to tie it all together! Everyone had such a lovely time just chatting and mingling. Happy 45th, Laura!Saturday, Mike competed in the Boys to Men 100 Wave Challenge. So many of you donated to this wonderful cause, and Mikey did not disappoint! He ended up surfing 117 waves! GO MIKEY! Thanks to these guys (and your donations), Boys to Men is able to provide mentoring to at-risk I said before...a fantastic cause. Great job, Mike!While Mike was out surfing for a cause, I hauled the three kids to Dane's soccer game. It was interesting keeping an eye on Ryan while I was trying to watch the game, but if there's a playground he's pretty easy. Dane had a some great moments in the game against the dreaded BLACK DRAGONS. He even got to play goalie for the first time! I got some shots of him blocking the ball a few times. Overall, the Green Dragons did much better than previous games. They even scored one goal! :) For some reason the league has put a lot of 6 years olds on his team and they are playing against many teams with 7 and 8 year olds, so the games have been pretty lop-sided. In any case, they are fun to watch and the kids are learning a LOT. Go Green Dragons!Saturday afternoon, Mern came down so we could get ourselves in order for Lauren and Jason's wedding. We are doing the flowers and decor, so we had a lot of planning to do! It was so fun to be able to visit and plan together. We got a lot done and we're feeling good about it all. After she left on Sunday, we just relaxed in the afternoon. I had been sick since Friday and needed to lay low and get better. It was nice to laze around and just chill.Thanks for keeping up with the Roblees. Have a wonderful week!"Who am I?"Dane has been making his own Lego kits, wrapping them, and giving them to Ryan as presents.Ryan is waiting to open his present...again...We're losing him...What is it?:)Dane's homemade Darth Vader mask.Apple picking at Peacefield Orchard in Julian.Can you see Ryan?Yum!Dane's first pack meeting!Dane is ready for his first den meeting!Mike showed him that this was the correct way to do the salute:) Laura's 45th!There's Kathy signing the card...Time to eat!I think we may have put it too high. Either that or Laura's too short!Happy Birthday, Laura!Ryan at the playground during Dane's soccer game.Go Green Dragons!Dane did NOT want to take a break. We almost had a melt down here, but Coach Rebecca handled it.Lookin' a little tired during the second half.He's havin' fu[...]

Baby + Blizzard + Baby Lizard = It's Just Another Week


Well, this week has definitely been a blur, but a good blur, for sure. We started off the week at a La Costa Moms event called Breakfast at the Park. It's always a nice time letting the kids run around while we eat yummy food. Ryan made some new friends, too! More on that later...Monday night was my Bunco night where my Bunco ladies and I got together to enjoy some silliness. Liz put on a great party with a tailgating theme. As usual, we were being goofballs the whole night, but in a twist of fate (not at all because Mary whipped us into shape) we finished three rounds in record time! GO BUNCO!Tuesday was a big day for the Roblees as Dane started piano lessons! I was a bit nervous as he's shown a lot of hesitation every time I mentioned piano. But when we arrived at Sean Whiteman's home, things got started off well. He let Dane explore the piano, ask a ton of questions and was so kind and gentle. It was cute to watch Dane get excited about the piano. He noticed the pattern of black keys, asked why the pedal made the piano sound different, and why his piano was so big (it was 9' long!). The questions went on and on and I loved every second of it. Perhaps the best part of it was the fact that there is a playground right outside Sean's door, so Ryan and Alana will be able to play during Dane's lessons. Yippee! It was just so much fun to hear the piano and to fondly remember all of the piano lessons my siblings and I took with Alan Devries through the years. It is fun to continue the tradition and to hear the music playing again...Tuesday night, Mike and I headed to Back to School Night at Magnolia Elementary where we got to meet Dane's teacher, Mrs. Sanchez, and see the work they are doing in class. It is so wonderful to be able to send Dane to a public school that is such a close knit group of people. The parents, the teachers and the principal are all so committed to the students...the principal Mr. Hines knows all the kids' names! When we went up to introduce ourselves and told him Dane was our child, he smiled and said, "Dane just cracks me up...always bouncing as he's walking...he reminds me of a little kid named Murphy who used to go here and would just smile at everyone." Ah yes...our little goofball Dane:)We got to enjoy some time with new friends as well. I met Kathy through La Costa Moms and she just recently moved with her family from Utah to Carlsbad. She's right around the corner! She has three grown children, but two young sons named Desmond and Judah who are a little younger than Dane and Ryan. The boys all got to spend quite a lot of time together this week. Kathy and I babysat for each other, allowing us to each have some alone time running errands. It was great!The rest of the week was just more of the study was back up and running (yay!)...Ryan got his stitches out...Dane's catching baby lizards...Alana and Blizzard play know...same old same old. Dane is going to start Cub Scouts this Friday, which of course, has Mike extremely excited:)Thanks for keeping up with the Roblees and have a wonderful week!Playing at Aviara.There's one of Ryan's buddies, Davan.It's Bunco time!There's Jillian being annoyed with me:)Andrea, Erin and Mary looking like their ready for some footbaaaaaaaaaall! And wine...Our lovely hostess Liz, Shekina and Jen!Sarah was a little late to the game, but that doesn't stop her from sportin' the Ducks gear like a true fan...And then there's Marlo. I always have to have a crazy Asian's in my blood.Jordy is Alana's adopte[...]

The Week of Wine and Bruises


This week started off with a bang as my friend Marianne took me out on a friend date to the lovely Malibu and Vine Winery guessed it...Malibu! It was such a lovely afternoon of stuffing our faces and enjoying fine wines. We had a lot to catch up on and I think we got our fair share of hilarious people watching, too! Thanks, my dear friend, for such a fun time and for the laughs. Whenever we get together it's always a great experience:)We headed back to Carlsbad on Monday for a lazy Labor Day, spent at home with just our little family. It was so nice to relax and just unwind. I made some incredible shrimp tacos, if I do say so myself, and we hung out with the kids.On Tuesday, Ryan had his first day of preschool! He was pretty excited until we got there, then his excitement went into overdrive. He immediately shot past me to the toys and started exploring. He was showing me everything and could hardly contain himself. Needless to say, he didn't have trouble adjusting.Unfortunately, he had to miss preschool on Thursday because Wednesday night he decided to whack his head into the door jamb. His cute little naked booty was running to the bathroom and he just couldn't make the turn. He's had so many close calls at that door that I'd stopped even drawing my breath every time he ran by. But this was gross...the entire house shook so I knew it was bad. He came back out into the room with blood all over himself (and all over the carpet...yay). We got him patched up and Mike took him to the Urgent Care where he got 6 stitches. Dane was actually worse off than Ryan. He was so upset that he was hurt and was saying things like, "Are we gonna lose him?!" And "They're not going to put him down, right?!" Poor kid was beside himself. I was able to calm him down after a while, but he was pretty shaken up. Such a sweet, sensitive heart. So Ryan's stitch count is now at 9. My friend Shelly came up with the great idea of having a frequent flyer card at the Urgent Care. Maybe after two visits, we can get the third one free!:) Since our living room floor was covered in blood, I spent the better part of the day cleaning carpet. I had a group of moms from La Costa Moms coming over for our monthly Cooking Club, and the good news is, they all gave me the thumbs up on my cleaning job. Anyone need their carpet cleaned? For a fee, of course.On Saturday, Erica came down to surprise Dane for his first ever soccer game! The Green Dragons had a fantastic time and Coach Rebecca lost her voice:) It was so hectic and fun...hilarious to see these kids learn the game and run around like mad. They tired themselves out pretty good, so we came back and had some nap time. Erica and I got to visit and enjoy the quiet time while they napped.While we were visiting and the kids were napping, Mike went out to go spear fishing at Terra Mar. He hadn't been spear fishing in 20 years and was so thrilled. He brought back a lovely Corbina and was so excited to get that thing cooked up! After he cleaned it up, I salted it and threw it into a pan with olive oil and garlic. That thing was YUMMY! Way to go, Mikey! Can't wait for more tasty fish to delight our palates. :)Thanks to all who keep up with our craziness. It's fun to share it with you! Please have a wonderful, safe week and enjoy every day. Love you all!Enjoying my wine, I think:)Slow down, Mern!Alana stayed back at Casa Nocita and hung out with auntie Erica:)Lazy Labor Day movie time.Dana graciously came over to watch Alana while I took Ryan to preschool! Blizzard wanted [...]

Hot in Legoland


Well, Dane is back in school, so now the challenge is always...what do I do with Ryan? Poor Ryan usually has to entertain himself while mommy does various chores and errands. Well, my goal this year is to be really mindful about doing fun things together and enjoying our time as much as possible. Thanks to my friend Julie, we were able to go to Legoland today! She stopped by to give us passes and it turned out to be such a fun morning. Even Alana had a good time!We started out in the Sealife Aquarium (Ryan's favorite), then headed out to explore the "land." By about 11:15, I could see Ryan's face start to get red and he had that tired look about him. He kept on keeping on, but 11:45 was the cut off. We had so much fun, but the weather is HOT right now, especially for Carlsbad! It's about 90 degrees and really humid...kinda like Florida weather!We got home and Ryan actually put himself down for a nap. For mothers and fathers of young ones, this is like the holy grail of naps. It's precious and rare and not to be taken for granted. Alana went down pretty easily, too. This is why I'm able to crank out a blog today! Woo hoo!There are a few other miscellaneous pics from the past couple days. Enjoy and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, y'all!Picking Dane up after his first day as a 1st grader. He loves it!Now THAT is a biker dude:)Can you see our loud bird friend up in that tree? Looks like a crane, but we think it's an Osprey.There's Bowser chewing on Blizzard's old bone. So funny!Talk to the Spidey hand...Legoland. Woo hoo!Hi crab!Hey.I wanna EAT ya!Alana was mesmerized by the huge tanks.Ryan was NOT so sure about the shark tank...Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh...Hmmmm....At this point Ryan was SURE he didn't have to pee.A boy's delight!Chewy!At this point it was about 90 degree with no breeze. Whew!"I sweaty mommy." Uh, yeah.That is one tired camper. And that was just the FIRST half of the day...[...]

Daney's in the 1st Grade...Oh What a Glorious Daaaayaaaay!


There's something magical about the beginning of the school year. Yes, moms can be heard 'round the world rejoicing and exchanging happy texts and facebook messages praising their 6 hours of daily freedom. But, I don't know...there's something else...Seeing my "little big boy" stand in front of his school, just as he did last year when he started Kindergarten...well that is something that stirs up quite a mixture of emotions in a parent. Forget about the fact that the cliche statements you hear about time flying and how "they grow so fast" are, in fact, so true - there is a feeling I get where I can't grasp how awesome the moment is. It's like I know how much I am going to cherish this moment and remember it forever, but I also know I'll never truly understand how precious it is until time has indeed, flown.Watching Dane walk up to his classroom - a little bit shy, a little hesitant, but ready - it was such a beautiful moment. My curly-headed gentle giant sat down at the head of his little table of six and began to shyly smile at the kids, one of whom was crying because he missed mommy (my heart was of course, breaking). Little Tristan and Dane shared a "hello," and Tristan stopped crying. Maybe a new friend for Dane? Who knows? It's all so exciting to think about...What it boils down to is this...Dane is a 1st grader. He is now in the hands of Mrs. Sanchez in Room 7 at Magnolia Elementary from 8:05-2:35pm every week day for the next 9 months, give or take a few furlough days (thanks Cali) and holidays. There's something about that that makes my heart stop a little. He's out of my hands! The good news is, though, he's always in God's hands. Once again, I'm learning the art of letting go a little more with each kiss and hug goodbye. It will never be easy, but it does get easier. "Little big Dane," we love you so much and we are so proud of you. Have a wonderful year in 1st grade and let your light shine bright!Pancake breakfast as requested by the 1st grader!A new backpack that mommy and daddy found in our closet. Shhh, don't tell Dane. :)Ready to walk!Dane wanted to push the stroller because he's "a big, strong boy." Indeed you are, buddy.Tradish school pic in front of the sign!There's his classroom!He had his own pencil/crayon box with his name on it when he got there. He was so pleased.There's little Tristan on the right...cute.Come on mom, get outta there!Some brotherly love...Ryan: "Um...can I skip 1st - 12th grade?"There's Mrs. Sanchez busily chatting with the kids and crazy parents!Daney's backpack on the hook with all the others. I remember doing this in school!Peering into the classroom from outside the window with all the other parents. Hee hee.Alana, Ryan and I headed to the park to blow off some steam (well Ryan's steam). Alana was tired.Alana's first swing! She loved it!Ryan wanted to push! Be my guest!Having a yummy cheese sandwich before we head home:)[...]

AJ's 25, Man Alive!


Well, it's been 3 months and a summer filled with fun. Don't worry, I don't plan on catching you all up, I'm just going to start with yesterday...sound good?:)My brother AJ got to come out to Cali from Nashville for his birthday, so he and my parents drove down yesterday to spend the day with us. Since the kids have been bouncing off the walls lately (thank goodness school started today, or mommy might have checked herself into the looney bin), it was perfect timing for them to come! The day was a beautiful 80 degrees and the beaches at Tamarack were not crowded. We picked up some sammies at Vons and headed on down...we're only .97 miles from the beach, you know...The day couldn't have been more relaxing. The kids frolicked in the water with Uncle AJ, (Dane even had a good wipe out on his boogie board!) grandma and grandpa napped, read books, took was nothing short of bliss. Alana even took a short nap so mommy could go and play with the boys a bit!After a few hours at the beach, we headed back to the house to clean up and let the kids rest. We decided to head to one of our favorite family restaurants in Oceanside called Dominic's. It's such a fun little Italian place on the harbor and it's great for kids! Noisy? A bit...but a perfect place to end the visit. Wine, pizza, pasta, doesn't get any better. I wish everyone could've been there, but alas...AJ, thank you for spending your big day with us! Hope you enjoyed yourself thoroughly and made memories you can take with you to Nashville and hold close to your heart. We love you and Happy 25th Birthday!(Thanks again to dad for the pics, and to the drunk guy outside of the restaurant who took our group shot!)Mike and I don't remember the last time we saw Ryan eat as much as he did this night. It was awesome!Such a great pic of grandpa and grandma. Thanks, Mikey:)The kids aren't sure about the drunk guy taking our pic, but the adults are definitely having a good laugh about it!My Asian friends approved my dad's caption, so we're all good.[...]

Sibs in Cribs


Over the last few months, I've taken quite a few pics of the kids. Just hangin' out, doing their thing. It's been so adorable watching the boys get to know Alana and take her under their wing. They are both so precious with her and take care of her so well. I was sure we'd have a problem with Ryan, but he has surprised me more and more with his tenderness towards her. I can only see this getting better and better. You'll see this in the pictures for sure. She is a blessed little girl.Also in March, we had our annual La Costa Moms Egg Hunt at La Costa Canyon Park. It was so much fun seeing all the kiddos run around like crazy trying to grab all the eggs within reach. Having the older kids wait around for the younger kids to be done is quite challenging, but I think it was another successful year! :)Take care everyone and stay tuned for more Roblee blogs! I found Ryan in Alana's crib when I heard him on the intercom. Ah Ryan:)Westsiiiiiide...A little time with Granddad.Hmmmm....I had gone to put Alana down and came back to a chair, pulled up to the counter. Never good.Ryan had gotten the cheese out of the fridge and tried to cut it. After he failed at cutting, he just went at the cheese like a rodent. That's my Ryan, and I'm getting a "Mother of the Year" award.I was having fun with my hair to see what Alana looks like as a blonde. LOL!BEGIN FUNNY FACE SEQUENCE: The boys!Look at that curly hair:)Great trip to the dentist!I have a feeling I'll be seeing her like this when she's 16...Easter basket hats!Ryan and his best bud Christopher getting ready to hunt!Ryan. Alone. Eggs. Nuff said.Devon and Dane...tradish egg hunt pic:)[...]