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Preview: Comments on: Why Should You Try Twitter? The Value, As I See It

Comments on: Why Should You Try Twitter? The Value, As I See It

Curious Geek. Husband. Father. Educator.

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By: Advanced Twitter Fu: Become a Master at Josh Bancroft’s

Wed, 14 May 2008 04:37:22 +0000

[...] basic, “entry level” explanations about why you should use Twitter everywhere. I even wrote such a post a couple of months ago (which includes the excellent “Twitter in Plain English” video, [...]

By: Luke Gedeon - Solutions Researcher » Sunday Snippets 2008-03-30

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 03:56:29 +0000

[...] reads from my shared items: Why Should You Try Twitter? The Value, As I See It Op-Ed Columnist: Partying Like Itâ€(image) s 1929 Google for [...]

By: samgrover

Sat, 29 Mar 2008 23:07:43 +0000

@Josh I look forward to that post. I'm sure there's a lot I'm missing about the twitter mashups out there :-)

By: Josh Bancroft

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 21:48:51 +0000

@Jen - I never have to ask what's on their desktop - neither of them own computers, and probably never will. :-) @Sam - That's definitely a good tip, though I've found I never use it, because I get WAY too much tweet volume for SMS (ask me about the $350 phone bill I got one month because I thought my 1500 SMS plan was an Unlimited SMS plan...), and Twitter via IM never works for me - way too unstable. However, I usually accomplish the same thing with a search RSS feed from - there are several topics/names (including variations of my own) that I follow that way, and just get it all in Google Reader with my 500+ other feed subscriptions. :-) Perhaps I should do an "Advanced Twitter Kung Fu" post with more expert tips like that, how to follow conversations on, how to use hashtags, cool mashups like, etc. I'll get right on that, in my copious free time. ;-)

By: samgrover

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 20:38:30 +0000

"Ignore the public timeline, or any tweets/messages from people you donâ€(image) t know." I agree with that but I'll add a caveat. And that's about the "track" feature of Twitter. It is not available on the twitter website or in any Twitter API using desktop clients, and can only be used through IM or SMS, as far as I know. With the track feature you can receive tweets that match keywords you provide in real time, irrespective of who wrote it. It provides you with a subject based stream of conversation interspersed with the people based stream you follow. As such it can open new horizons and make twitter even more useful to you. I have found it useful.

By: Jen

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 05:21:29 +0000

I have! It's not as much fun when the victim thanks you, with much confusion, for the video link. ;) Haha, that's awesome. I have to ask, what do they say when you ask what's on their desktop? I tried to troubleshoot an error my mom had once, and when I asked her that question, she said, "a few pencils, paper clips, receipts, coffee, books- oh by the way, have you read..." Thank you. :) I'm trying to get back into my photography groove.

By: Josh Bancroft

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 05:01:44 +0000

@Jen that's hilarious. Have you rickrolled your parents? ;-) I can't even imagine trying to explain Twitter to my parents, but they're special cases. I don't think either of them have ever sent an email or been on the web. They live in Utah, and I don't have much contact with them, but once in a while, my mom calls me and tells me she tried to email me (from her sister's house or whatever), and she couldn't get either of my "email numbers" to work. I asked her what she was using, and she said she tried, and, but they wouldn't go through. ;-) BTW, your blog looks great. Wonderful photography.

By: Jen

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 04:56:21 +0000

I had the twitter conversation with my parents a couple weeks ago. One one hand, they were horrified that I was putting details of my life on the internet. On the other hand, it meant they didn't have to analyze what exactly I meant by, "What's new? Not much." Now they love it, although now they ask me to explain everything I mention in my tweets. They don't get rickrolling at all. Oh and uh, hi! I've been following you on the arslounge feed for a while.

By: Josh Bancroft

Thu, 27 Mar 2008 23:29:32 +0000

@Elly of course! You'll be added soon. :-)

By: elly parker

Thu, 27 Mar 2008 23:17:01 +0000

Hey Josh, could you add me into the pulse of Intel? Unless you're making it US/PDX-centric?? @ellybabes