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Martin Lippert

I work at Pivotal as Principal Software Engineer on tooling for and around the Spring framework (including the Spring Tool Suite and Spring IDE). I am also co-founder of it-agile GmbH.

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Coming up: EclipseCon Europe 2012


This years EclipseCon Europe conference is going to be awesome!!! It starts only a week from now in Ludwigsburg again and I am very much looking forward to it. Why? Well, let me explain why I am so excited about it... :-)First of all, I am really looking forward to meet a lot of good friends and colleagues from the Eclipse community. I love all those amazingly prolific chats in the coffee breaks and around the sessions. You should go there as well and meet all the people who are working on your favorite Eclipse projects. Ask them questions, motivate them by giving them good and constructive feedback, and enjoy the time. I also very often use those meetings to also say "Thank You" to those who helped me on mailing lists, implemented bug fixes that I am benefiting from or helped me to fix issues on my own. Its a good chance to say "Thank You"... :-)In addition to that I am also looking forward to the awesome program and some good BoF sessions, of course. Here are my favorite ones that I am going to watch:The Future of Eclipse: Eclipse needs to continuously innovate and improve itself as a platform, as an IDE, and as an ecosystem. So looking ahead at the next challenges for Eclipse is important, and brainstorming about what might (need to) come up after the 4.x releases is at the heart of such a conference like EclipseCon and could be inspiring for all of us. Orion - a browser based tools integration platform: The Orion project at Eclipse is one of the most promising and inspiring projects at Eclipse, at least from my point of view. Looking at the browser as a runtime environment is one of the natural choices when doing software engineering today, and thinking about software development tools themselves as running in the browser it part of our all future, I think. Orion moves ahead into this direction.A regular day as an Eclipse Committer: A look behind the scenes is always interesting, especially if you would like to get involved in the development of an existing project at Eclipse or maybe even think about proposing a new project. And I am sure Benjamin and Steffen will give a lively and interesting talk on how much fun working on Eclipse projects can be.Tycho adoption: Lessons learned, tips and tricks from the 1st line of front: Tycho is becoming a standard for building Eclipse-based applications, p2 repositories, plugins, features, distributions, RCP apps, and whatever artifact you can think of. And adopting a new build system is not always as easy as you might think. So its definitely worth to listen to those experiences before doing it yourself. Eclipse Spykit - A Handy Tool for Startup Analysis: Analyzing performance, especially startup performance, is an important work to do. But it can be really painful to figure out what exactly is happening at startup - and why. I am looking forward to this talk on the Eclipse Spykit to help you with this.Flight Club and Club ECE: Don't forget to have some fun with the Drones and the live music!Last but not least I am excited to give a talk myself about "Embracing Eclipse Orion" - where I will talk about re-using Eclipse Orion and demo the "Scripted" project, a browser-based JavaScript editor that we released last week on GitHub: forward to seeing you at EclipseCon Europe 2012!!![...]

open and transparent demo camp sponsoring


Its been a while since Peter Friese and I started to organize the Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg. And since the early days, we couldn't have done it without companies sponsoring the event so that we could sit in a nice location, have free drinks and quite often even free food for everybody joining us to watch great demos and great speakers.

Since sponsoring was always an important part of organizing that event, we decided to try something new in this area. For the next demo camp (the Juno release camps in the summer of 2012), we try a totally open and transparent sponsoring. Everybody is invited to join us sponsoring this event. All you (as a sponsor) need to do is: register yourself as a sponsor on the demo camp wiki page with your name and the amount of money you would like to spend. And we explicitly invite everybody: from big companies spending several hundreds of Euros to individuals spending only a few bucks. Every single Euro is welcome and highly appreciated.

The sponsoring will have absolutely zero effect on the selection of speakers or demos and we continue to have no sponsored talks or company presentations at the beginning (the only exception to this is if the management of the company that is giving us the room for free is asking for a small intro at the beginning, but we try to avoid that as well). And attendance will be free, as usual... :-)

Ah, one more thing: We will donate 20% of the food/drinks that we order for the event to a local organization that helps homeless people. We think its not fair when we sit inside having more food than we can eat and having other people sitting on the street being hungry. Therefore 20% of all the drinks/food that we order will be delivered directly to that organization on the evening of the demo camp.

Video podcast from the OSGi Users Forum UK meeting on OSGi Tooling


Last week I went to the OSGi Users Forum UK meeting in London to join a panel on OSGi Development Tooling. I was invited as one of the people working on the Virgo IDE, the Eclipse-based developer tooling for the Virgo runtime at Eclipse (which we recently contributed from vmware to Eclipse and made the first milestone build available to the public).

The idea of the panel was to tell the panelists (all somewhat related to OSGi tooling) what you wanna get from those tools, what you are missing and what you would like to have in the future. Obviously we touched the old discussion whether manifest-first or manifest-generation is the better or more natural way of doing OSGi development, but this was not the only topic.

Now there is a video podcast available online:
It was fun having a part of the panel sitting in front of the audience in person while the other part of the panel joined the session via Skype video. Thanks again to the organizers for making this panel happen!!! And enjoy the video!!!

Slides from Spring Tooing Talk at JAX 2011


Yesterday I gave a short talk at JAX 2011 called "Spring Tooling - What's Cooking". During the talk I gave an overview of the Spring tooling landscape, demoed some nice features of Spring IDE and the SpringSource Tool Suite and deployed a small Spring app into the hosted PaaS as well as into a local CloudFoundry cloud running exclusively on my notebook. Was fun doing that all in 30min... :-)

Here are the slides from that talk:
The slides also contain the part that I didn't talked about (the team behind Spring IDE and STS, challenges of distributed agile development and our release cycles). So if you missed that from the talk, take a look at those slides.

Slides from Berlin Expert Days 2011


Yesterday I was invited to the Berlin Expert Days 2011 to give two talks, one on my lessons learned from using and coaching agile development methods and techniques and one about my OSGi experiences. Here are the slides now:
Thanks again for inviting me to this nice event!

Talk at Nordic Coding - and why OSGi is sometimes a bitter pill


I am happy to be invited to speak at the upcoming Nordic Coding Event in Kiel at April 15th about OSGi. The title of the talk is: "A quick tour through OSGi - and why it is sometimes a bitter pill". So after giving a short introduction about the basic principles of OSGi and explaining why its often indispensable medicine for your project, I will talk about my experiences using OSGi for many years now. And I will talk about why that medicine could be a necessary, but quite bitter pill for you and your project.

Upcoming Event: JAX 2011


I am pretty happy to participate in the upcoming JAX 2011 conference in Mainz, Germany as part of the Eclipse Tools Day (organized by Lars Vogel). In my talk "Spring Tooling - What's cooking" I will talk about the stuff I am doing in my job all day: building Eclipse-based tooling for the Spring development platform. Aside of showing some of the nice features we built into this tooling (like direct deployment to different PaaS clouds and nice improvements for annotation-based spring programming) I will also take a look under the hood. I will take a look at the challenges and problems building this tooling on top of the Eclipse platform and how we adressed them.

See you at JAX 2011 in Mainz!

Upcoming Event: Eclipse Summit India 2011


I've been invited to speak at the upcoming Eclipse Summit India at May 26th + 27th in Bangelore, India. The current plan is to talk about:
  • OSGi Best and Worst Practices
  • Module Systems and Architectures
  • Bytecode Weaving in OSGi
  • Classloading and Type Visibility in OSGi
See you in Bangalore!

Spring Extension Factory now on Github


Two years ago I wrote a tiny little piece of software that lets you combine Spring Dynamic Modules and the Equinox Extension Registry in an easy way. Now I found the time to put this SpringExtensionFactory on Github. So if you ever wanted to use Spring Dynamic Modules to inject dependencies into your RCP view and editors - take a look, its quite simple to use... :-)

Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg on July 9th - Don't miss it!!!


The upcoming Eclipse Helios Demp Camp in Hamburg on July 9th will be really amazing. Peter and myself are working on a great program for this event and we already have good ideas and suggestions. Apart from that we have organized a new location. The demo camp will take place in the Magazin-Kino in Hamburg, a cinema just for us for this evening. As you can imagine, popcorn, ice-cream, and soft-drinks will be ready for you as well as some more surprises! So don't miss it!!! Join us on July 9th, register here: Helios Demo Camp Hamburg Wiki Page.

See you at the cinema!!!

P.S.: There is no soccer game (FIFA World Cup) that evening. So there is no reason not to come... :-)

Slides on OSGi Best and Worst Practices from Java-User-Group-Meeting in Karlsruhe


I gave a talk at the Java User Group Karlsruhe last week on best and worst practices using OSGi for building business applications (thanks to David for inviting me). You can get the slides from the user group or directly here:
Thanks again for joining! The room was full of people and I especially enjoyed all the great questions and discussions during and after the talk. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to be a guest at the event!

Slides on OSGi Lessons Learned from OOP-2010 Conference


A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the OOP-2010 conference in Munich about the lessons I learned from building business apps on top of OSGi during the past five years. Finally I put the slides online:
Sorry for the delay!

Slides from Meet-The-Experts on Architecture


Last friday I was invited to give a talk at the Meet-the-Experts event in Solingen. I talked about my view on architectures in an agile world and how module systems drive those architectures for a flexible future. Here are the slides:

2nd Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg in 2009


I organized a number of demo camps over the past years (always together with my colleague and friend Peter Friese), but the last one was different. I was overwhelmed by the huge number of registered attendees for the 2nd Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg this year. We had over 110 people registered on the wiki - around twice as much as for the other camps in the past. And nearly all of them showed up at the event. This was absolutely amazing! Thanks again to all of you making this event such a big success!!!

Peter posted some notes on the program and what happened during the demo camp, so I don't repeat all this and instead direct you to his nice summary of the event. And I have to say many many thanks to all the wonderful speakers who all gave funny and entertaining talks and made the evening not just full-packed with information and details on Eclipse stuff, but also a fun event. I enjoyed it very very much!

Looking forward to organizing the next demo camps and hoping to see you all there!!!

OSGi for Eclipse Developers Webinar


Today I gave an Eclipse webinar on "OSGi for Eclipse Developers" together with Chris Aniszczyk and Bernd Kolb. We talked about various OSGi things that might sound strange and/or unfamiliar to you if you come from the Eclipse way of developing applications. We talked about the relationship of Eclipse and OSGi, dependency management and why you should use Import-Package instead of Require-Bundle, dynamics with OSGi, services vs. extensions, versioning, some compendium services and tooling for OSGi. If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the entire webinar from here again. Enjoy!

Coming Up: Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg at December, 4th


The Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg is coming up on 4th of December (its a Friday) from 6:30pm - 10pm at the stylish EAST hotel (like the past demo camps in Hamburg). And I am pretty impressed about the number of participants: We already have more than 70 people registered for the event. Wow... Maybe one of the reasons is the exciting program we put together... :-)
  • Tom Schindl will talk about Eclipse e4
  • Jan Köhnlein talks about building graphical and textual editors for your domain-specific language.
  • Jochen Krause will showcase Eclipse RAP and how you can build your rich AJAX apps using the Eclipse UI metaphors.
  • Nils Hartmann and Gerd Wütherich will share some insights into the various ways of how to realize an automated build process for OSGi and Eclipse applications.
  • And Ekkehard Gentz will show us "redview", a technology to build dynamic views for enterprise applications based on Riena, EMF and CDO.
Thanks to all the speakers who have agreed to join us in Hamburg to give demos on cool technologies - some of them travelling to Hamburg especially for the camp. Thank you all very very very much!!!

If you haven't registered yet, go to the wiki page and put your name on the list (if you have no account for the wiki, just create one or send me an email and I will put you on the list). There is no fee or ticket you need to pay for, itemis and it-agile will sponsor the event. Thank you guys for that!!!

Its a great opportunity to see the technology in action, meet with the guys building that stuff and have a chat. See you at the Demo Camp in Hamburg. Don't miss it!

Slides from WJAX Talk on Building Web-Apps with OSGi


I uploaded the slides of my talk on building web applications on top of OSGi that I gave yesterday at WJAX 2009 together with Gerd Wütherich and Peter Roßbach:
The slides are German only. Sorry about that... Hope you enjoy it anyway... :-)

Ready for Eclipse Summit Europe 2009


Tomorrow I will travel to the Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 (Ludwigsburg, Germany) to meet great people, see interesting talks and participate in two session on stage: I am happy to present together with Jeff McAffer from EclipseSource our experiences using OSGi in various settings and the "best practices" that we extracted from that. So if you are interested in avoiding the faults and mistakes I did during the past years, join our talk (OSGi Best Practices) and see me talking about my own failures... :-) Its Wednesday at 1:30pm.

In the second talk I will give a short overview of the Equinox Weaving project (formerly known as Equinox Aspects), what's new and what's coming up in the future (Equinox Weaving: Bytecode Weaving in OSGi). So if you would like to hear more about bytecode weaving classes in an OSGi environment, don't miss these 20 minutes at Wednesday at 3:30pm.

See you all in Ludwigsburg!

Slides from JAOO: OSGi on the Server


It was my first time being at JAOO in Aarhus, Denmark, and it was absolutely great. Lots of interesting talks and discussions and I enjoyed a lot to talk in this fantastic cinema-like room:


I talked about the different settings how you can use OSGi on the server-side and about the dynamics of OSGi applications:
And you can find most of the slides of the other talks at the schedule pages of the conference. Enjoy!

JAOO is coming...


I will leave Hamburg this Sunday to travel to Aarhus, Denmark, for this years JAOO conference. It's my first JAOO and I heart so many good things about it. :-) And I have the great opportunity to give a talk on "OSGi on the Server". Eberhard Wolff is organizing the "Java Now" track and invited me to this. Thank you very very much for that, Eberhard!!!

Eclipse 3.6 M2 is out - and includes Equinox Weaving


The second milestone of Eclipse 3.6 is available for download - and its the first milestone build that includes the Equinox Weaving feature as part of the Equinox 3.6 M2 downloads.

After graduating the Equinox Aspects work we renamed it to Equinox Weaving. The reason for this is: The design separates between the base mechanism of modifying bytecode at class loading time and the actual bytecode modification. The AspectJ-based aspect weaving for bundles is just one of many possible bytecode modifiers you can think of. Another one that we implemented (but is not yet part of the Equinox Weaving project) allows you to use Springs load-time weaving infrastructure on top of a OSGi runtime together with Spring Dynamic Modules. And the nice thing about it is: While you are free to choose whatever weaver you like, the caching mechanism of Equinox Weaving works independent from all those weavers.

We still need to update the Equinox web to reflect the graduation and design changes of Equinox Weaving, but please feel free to take a look at it. We are happy to answer questions on the newsgroup and the mailing list.


Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 Program Online


The technical program for Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 is now online and I am pretty happy to be part of it with two sessions:
  • Equinox Aspects - Bytecode Weaving for OSGi: This is some kind of an update talk on the Equinox Aspects (or better: Equinox Weaving) project. Will give some insights what has happened and what is planned for the future.
  • OSGi Best Practices: This is a joint talk with Jeff McAffer, Paul Vanderlei and Simon Archer where we will throw together our experiences from building apps on top of OSGi over the past years.
Don't forget to register for the event. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!

Slides from Talk at Java-Forum-Stuttgart 2009


Today I gave a talk on building dynamic applications with OSGi at the Java-Forum-Stuttgart 2009. This was mostly the talk I gave (and prepared) together with Kai Tödter and Gerd Wütherich for previous conferences. Here are the slides:
The talk were in the main hall of the conference center and it was fun standing on that huge stage... :-) And of course I got completely confused during the talk while switching between the demo application and a slide showing a screenshot of that demo app - picking up every possible embarrassment... ;-)

Slides from the OSGi Talks at Java User Group Essen


Already two weeks ago I gave two talks together with Gerd Wütherich at the Java User Group Essen meeting at May 14th. We talked about OSGi in general and building web applications on top of OSGi in specific. We had a room full of interested people and I enjoyed a lot talking there. If you are interested in the slides, here they are: