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Last Build Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2017 05:41:35 +0000


Comment on Bearded musings by Nate Hoffelder

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 05:41:35 +0000

I'm jealous. I can grow scruff and that's it. P.S. Have you updated your blog recently? One of my tools says you are running on an old version of Wordpress, and that leaves you open to your site being hacked and defaced. (shoot me an email if you need help with it.)

Comment on Where the Hell is Matt? Turns out, Orlando by Nate Hoffelder

Sun, 31 Jul 2016 11:43:13 +0000

This post just crossed my RSS feed. Lucky you! I've always wanted to do this!

Comment on Where have all the spaceships gone by nimd4

Tue, 07 Jun 2016 13:17:03 +0000

Someone had heard this, because since then we've gotten Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, Star Trek and all the other cool stuff, nice!..;) :)

Comment on Buy a Blue Sun Jar and doom humanity by Byron

Mon, 07 Sep 2015 04:45:04 +0000

Love this game

Comment on When you talk about racism, don’t stop with the ones who make the news by Linoge

Tue, 23 Jun 2015 13:57:12 +0000

Note that I am not denying that racism exists in this country and needs to be addressed. However, the Charleston shooter literally came out and said that he was doing what he was doing because he didn't think there were enough people who thought the way he did. Because there wasn't a large enough "support network", for lack of a better phrase, for racist jackasses like him, and because he wanted to "inspire" the creation of one. He was a lone murderer, because he literally could not find anyone to help him, and he's said exactly that. He was very much alone, and I, personally, see that as a positive development, considering that even 30 years ago he might not have been.

Comment on The earlier, longer script for Serenity by Xavy

Sun, 17 May 2015 00:14:23 +0000

Thanks Two for the link! I've been looking for the 190 pages scripts for a little while. For anyone else looking to download and read the script : most of the links here aren't working anymore, but the last one posted by Two works. I'm copying it here : And thanks again!

Comment on “Heartbreak Hotel”: Spending Valentine’s Day with Neil and Amanda by Kate

Wed, 18 Feb 2015 14:23:13 +0000

Thanks for sharing. Great pics and comments. :)

Comment on “Heartbreak Hotel”: Spending Valentine’s Day with Neil and Amanda by Felicia M.

Tue, 17 Feb 2015 22:39:38 +0000

Your photos were really lovely. Thank you for sharing the experience.

Comment on “Heartbreak Hotel”: Spending Valentine’s Day with Neil and Amanda by Anthony

Tue, 17 Feb 2015 20:06:37 +0000

The energy, the audience, and of course Neil and Amanda. This was such an amazing evening, and it just didn't seem to end. They not only put in what we considered a double show, but their energy level never waned and their genuine enthusiasm and love for the audience was never in question. Thank you for capturing so much of the evening so well.

Comment on “Heartbreak Hotel”: Spending Valentine’s Day with Neil and Amanda by melissa

Tue, 17 Feb 2015 12:13:19 +0000

What a wonderful detailing of the night's energy. Far away, but got a great sense of "being there". Thank you!