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All about migraine relief, how my migraines effect my life, and everything I've learned and continue to learn to help us all relieve our migraine frustration and pain.

Published: 2013-12-04T02:18:00-06:00


Avoiding Holiday Migraines - $100 AmEx Card Giveaway


Scroll to the bottom for our giveaway! Ends December 15th - so hurry and enter! It's that time of year again. Things get super busy, schedules change, there are lots of different - sometimes strong - smells around, there are...

Back to School Migraine Challenges - Giveaway & Win $10,000 For Your School


Scroll to the bottom for our giveaway! Ends September 15th - so hurry and enter! This time of year doesn't present as many challenges for me personally from a "back to school" perspective as it does for many... because I...

June is National Migraine Awareness Month - Are You AWARE of Your Triggers? - GIVEAWAY!!


Scroll to the bottom for our giveaway! Ends July 1st - so hurry and enter! I always find it kind of funny that everything nowadays has an "awareness" month... but I'm certainly not knocking it. Roughly 36 million people in...

Migraines and Food Triggers - Plus Enter to Win a FREE Giveaway


I'm excited to announce that I'll be working with Excedrin Migraine again during 2013 as a Blog Ambassador. I hope through this relationship with Excedrin Migraine that I will be able help myself, and all of you, with the seemingly...

Migraine and Epilepsy could share a "genetic link"


I've read several articles about the link between epilepsy and migraine before... and it seems the research is continuing. This new study was featured on my local news tonight. I am going to check more fully to see if any...

Review: Excedrin Migraine My Triggers App - Giveaway Winners Announced!


In my last post... I talked about how we all know we should track out migraines daily to help understand our patterns and triggers, as well as help our doctors with the most detailed information possible. I talked about how...

Tracking Our Migraines - Why Don't We? Plus, Enter for a chance to win the Excedrin Migraine Relief Kit!


We've all been told how helpful it is to track our migraines. So why don't we? Is there anything we can do to make it a daily ritual we consider a positive, helpful tool instead of another chore in our...

Botox for Migraines - Update


I blogged back in 2004 about Botox for Migraines. My original post is here: I had planned to try it, but upon some research I found that the manufacturer tested on animals in a particularly cruel way and I...

Reporter Serene Branson - Complex Migraine


Were you all as fascinated as I was to find that reporter Serene Branson's on-air confusion and garbled speech was due to a complex migraine. When I saw the clip on the news that night I also thought immediately that...

Migraines and Bad Dreams / Nightmares?


I have noticed a connection over the past year that is new to me. I've been having vividly bad dreams that seem to be connected to a migraine attack. They are not so much what I think of as nightmares...

Product Review: SootheAway Thermal Therapy System


My simple review: Excellent - A+ product! Details below. Click here to see the SootheAway Product Demo I was recently contacted by the makers of SootheAway and asked if I would be willing to try their new product and provide...

Medi-Temp Migraine COLD/HOT Wrap - Free Shipping Offer


UPDATE 1/23/12: My affiliate link and promotion code no longer seem to be working. I do still highly recommend these wraps and use mine constantly! You can pick them up at for $15-16 (same as the main Medi-Temp website)...