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Preview: Comments on field negro: Black male savages.

Comments on field negro: Black male savages.

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"Because at the end of the day, the pie is only so...


"Because at the end of the day, the pie is only so big." Not true, the national economic pie can be grown, though not always in socially or ecologically healthy ways. One way to grow it is to act as though, as Bill Clinton said in his younger days, we don't have a person to waste. Beats the current way of growing the economy by growing the prison industrial complex and the hard drug biz.

Well, after seeing Amanda MArcotte's reaction to B...


Well, after seeing Amanda MArcotte's reaction to Brownfemnipower's complaints about appropriation I don't take Ms Marcotte's or Seal Press's apologies seriously

There are many good things in the feminist movement however behaviour like Ms. Marcotte's to her well meaning critics actually hurt the desire of many feminists to see be more inclusive, but then again the onus is on white feminists to convince the white supremacist patriarchy to recognize the humanity of all women.

For more information you might want to read folks like Blackamazon

While I do agree that many middle to upper middle ...


While I do agree that many middle to upper middle class white women are and always have been a protected class, I do not think that is the case for the working poor or those living in poverty.

Good point,Feminism in America, especially mainstr...


Good point,

Feminism in America, especially mainstream feminism has been centered around white women. It is so important that we realize that sexism is only a biproduct of racism in this country. The reason why white women have been oppressed was because white men wanted to have a reason for to justify their violence against black particular black men, during slavery, the idea that black men would rape white women became the justification for slaughtering black male slaves, or torturing them, after slavery the same idea existed during the time of Dr. King, thousands of black men have been killed in this country because of this threat to white women's purity....funny, today, it seems as though over half of black men want to date white women, not because of love, but because of their self hate, if only they knew, their private parts were cut off for that, and also white man has never been convicted of raping a black woman in this country!!!!!!!EVER!!!!! so sexism here in America was a way to keep the elite, the elite, by having a woman in her place, but this place was way higher for a white woman that for a black woman, i know this sounds cold, but it is the truth, hopefully people realize we do not need a woman president but a person who is black, latino, asian ,or the real americans, native americans to be the next one...but will this happen in this country..? i wonder ...

"Second, white women belong to the most protected ...


"Second, white women belong to the most protected class in this country, so I have always been somewhat confused as to just what the fuck they have to complain about."

Oh, that's easy, Field. Being part of the most protected class in this country isn't the same as being part of the freest class. As such, I've always, as a white woman, felt I had plenty to complain about regarding my position relative to white men. Black men, not so much; I'd never claim sexism is worse than racism.

You're absolutely right, of course, about the pictures.

"2.) urged Bill to intervene in the Rwandan genoci...


"2.) urged Bill to intervene in the Rwandan genocide"

LOL! And how did that workout? Pssst

Her view of the world is no different from the conservatives. We are better off with the real conservative who actually has real experience in the real world.

She needs to go back and play with her dolls and make believe.

If any of that is true, anon then bfp is still Lat...


If any of that is true, anon then bfp is still Latina, it is irrelevant who her other parent is. She can claim Latina. I think you're one of the many pro-Amanda toadies who just needs to hide the inherent tendencies she obviously has to imperialize poc issues and capitalize off of them.

bfp mama is white. her mama raised her. she hates...


bfp mama is white. her mama raised her. she hates her white side. her husband is white. her children is white. if she was not fat she would embrace her whiteness. don't be fooled by the false chola. its all about her. just like her white girls.

Bfp is a Latina/Chicana with light skin. Race and ...


Bfp is a Latina/Chicana with light skin. Race and identity aren't solely determined skin color. Someone black posting here should know that, considering the many shades that we come in.

Well, without affirmative action none of the hires...


Well, without affirmative action none of the hires of people of color would have been done. So the shibboleth of 'merit hiring' brings the memory of 'merit pay'. The standards and amounts were to be determined by your supervisor. I had the top enforcement numbers for my unit-number one in the Commonwealth. My co-worker, who bragged she was too stupid to be accepted by Penn State, barely made the minimum to be retained. Through contacts I learned that she was to be awarded the entire budget for 'merit pay'.


bfp is white. has white husband. white children. ...


bfp is white. has white husband. white children. nice to know color folks worry about white girl while my black ass is ignored in Fl.

Throughout this election cycle, I have add the mis...


Throughout this election cycle, I have add the misfortune of encountering and sometimes locking horns with feminist supporters of Hillary who actually think their candidate is entitled to be the 44th president not because of her thin and questionable CV, but because of her gender. It's stunning.

Hillary Clinton claims she has "35 years experience," which I suppose includes for 5 years sitting on the board of WalMart blocking employee efforts to organize.

Some of Hillary Clinton's problems include:

1.) claiming she brokered peace deals in Northern Ireland
2.) urged Bill to intervene in the Rwandan genocide
3.) claiming she opposed NAFTA when she worked tirelessly to get it passed
4.) claimed Chelsea was jogging around the Trade Center on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 (she was at home in bed)
5.) said on at least three occasions she dodged enemy sniper fire at the airport in Tuzla, Bosnia
6.) voted with George Bush, giving him the authority to go to war in Iraq and now she lies about what her vote meant
7.) opposed the international treaty to ban land mines
8.) voted against the Feinstein-Leahy amendment last September restricting U.S. exports of cluster bombs to countries that use them against civilian-populated areas, opposed restrictions on U.S. arms transfers and police training to governments that engage in gross and systematic human rights abuses, such as Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Israel, Pakistan, Cameroon and Chad
9.) was an outspoken supporter of Israel’s massive military assault on the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip last summer, which took the lives of over 1,000 civilians, 500 of whom were children under 12 and then justified it by claiming it would "send a message to Hamas, Hezbollah, to the Syrians [and] to the Iranians" because they opposed the United States and Israel’s commitment to "life and freedom"
10.) stood with Lieberman to vote to recognize the Iranian National Guard as a "terrorist organization," a vote widely seen as a precursor to a U.S. invasion of Tehran.

Yet to at least some feminists, none of this matters. Hillary's voting record and policy positions fall to the curb because she's female and therefore MUST be elected president. Their argument is totally and completely illogical and ignores several salient facts about Hillary:

1.) she's a dangerous hawk in the Cheney tradition
2.) her CV is a lie: a myth: just so much hyperbole
3.) her world view is one that sees the 21st century as an opportunity for a neo-Manifest Destiny with an American empire stretching from Israel to Iran and possibly to Pakistan

The American people can't afford to elect anyone -- man or woman, who holds such a regressive and dangerous world view.

Also, folks, if you want some merit-based publicat...


Also, folks, if you want some merit-based publications you can try writing some science fiction (I hear Analog takes anything that's decent. if you get a rejection letter, that means they want to publish that manuscript, once it's been polished a pinch).

Merit Based Hiring in the Federal Gov't creates Mi...


Merit Based Hiring in the Federal Gov't creates Minority Majority Safe-Havens.

For Real.

You see, in the sciences, the Feds are just plain desperate for Competency. So it don't matter what color your skin is... And since it most of the time does other places, well, there's a lotta all different sorts of folks there, having a blast.

This is what merit based hiring is about.

I firmly believe that everyone ought to be able to take a test to get out of highschool, and another to get out of college, and a third to get any job (oral if it's sales. can't do that one on paper).

But a wealth based affirmative action will do the same thing as a color based one, and piss off fewer white folks who don't like to think.

I don't agree with some other posts, however about...


I don't agree with some other posts, however about how white women are the "most protected". They can still get raped and murdered, and while they will be the most highlighted every time they disappear as opposed to when a woman of color disappear, the MSM does not protect them from getting attacked either way.
Now they do have the most privileges; especially in the mainstream society/academic/leftist circles. The real issue with Marcotte besides gliding through the left with props and love while her book jackets has a racist cover and her plagiarism charges, is that she was published due to her white-privileges. Let's be real; how many women of color do you think have approached publishers like Seal press with books or articles like what Amanda wrote and got rejected? I bet there were a lot. But hey, Amanda can claim oppression.


This is not the only controversy that Amanda Marcotte has been mixed up in; one of your commenters mentioned Diary of an Anxious Black Woman; (a black feminist blog and one of my favorite blogs.) she and a few others have been reporting about a girlcott of Seal press, Marcotte’s publisher over possible plagiarism by Marcotte. Story has it that a woman of color whose blog was called, Brownfemipower covered issues facing woc, but Latinas specifically. Brownfemipower did a lot of posts regarding issues of immigrant woman and domestic violence or rape. I know a lot of this stuff to be real and true because my wife instructs ESL students and she has become the teacher who’s the magnet for her female students with domestic problems.
Anyway, it seems our Marcotte published work along the same lines that Brownfemipower did. How much of it was identical is usually question (by the defensive supporters of Marcotte.) but it must have been bad enough for brownfemipower to pull her blog!

On to feminism in general:
Feminism is like any other liberation movement; it is important for those who demand whatever oppressive “ism” is relegating them to subservience to be overthrown.
Based on the beliefs of feminist theorists and activists, their understanding that the world’s population consist more than half of women, yet men hold most power and privileges, shows the case that feminism should be a liberation ideology that transcends class, race, and even gender., therefore can free everybody from patriarchy and misogyny. However, what has always dogged feminism is fact that the movement has more than its share of bourgeois, white women who unwittingly drag their own privileged mind sets, patriarchy, and sense of entitlement into the movement.
Women of color who have rightfully called themselves feminist have brought up charges of racism, classism, homophobia, and flirtations with right-wing positions with the bourgeois women of their movement over the decades. The responses were the same when men of color were confronted with sexism in the 60s and 70s by woc. The wocs were either laughed at or thrown defensive attacks. Just as the Nation of Islam cannot claim Black Nationalism solely or the Communist Party of the USA could not epitomize American Communist parties, Marcotte, the racist women of Tennessee Guerilla Women who support imperialism (Iraqi war) and the racism of Bill Clinton, and Hilary’s failed policies in New York cannot epitomize feminism. There are many feminists out there who do not support Clinton, I should know; I’m married to one.

interesting post.i am a young black woman, and i d...


interesting post.

i am a young black woman, and i don't consider myself a feminist. there are just things in each wave of the movement that do not interest me.




You might be right, but doesn't that beg the quest...


You might be right, but doesn't that beg the question: "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"


Yikes! Did my comment get eaten?


Yikes! Did my comment get eaten?

"..if I am not going to grab some of that bitch [t...


"..if I am not going to grab some of that bitch [the pie] without even asking."

"Field: You undermine your point when you use words like "bitch."

-Uh-oh, Field!
Looks like you'll have to "reject and denounce" your comment. :-)"

Never! And since when is a piece of pie a woman?

"But Field, are'nt you going to support the Epitome and Archetype of that protected class when she steals the nomination? A bit hypocrtical isn't it?"

Yes it is, but life isn't always perfect ;)

Anon 12:48PM, that's not true, not all black men hate white women. Look at O.J., and Clarence Thomas. One of them love white women so much it drove him to murder.

"The white man made you inhuman and you have no problem making the white woman a dumb animal.."

He did? I am quite human thank you very much. But that line is quite revealing, and it tells me all I need to know about you.

"Crying about your opression when you do the same to others. "

Mrs. Field are you posting here again? :)

"Sounds to me that you are arguing for MERIT BASED HIRING rather than "Employment Reservations" based on characteristics not germane to the execution of one's duties? Welcome to my side of the debate."

"Employment Reservations"? What ever happened to Affirmative Action? I swear you republicans just make up words sometimes. Kind of like "pro abortion" instead of "pro choice". I get it.

"Interesting - the biggest purveyor of the corrupted Black Male imagery is Thug Sambo Hip Hop but you are more interested in posters from years ago?"

You might be right, but doesn't that beg the question: "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

@ac, I totally agree with what you said.Sadly, Mar...


@ac, I totally agree with what you said.
Sadly, Marcotte is a great example of white feminist bloggers. She stole brown femi powers work, and then published these racist caricatures. Marcotte is a pathetic joke.

BFP was probably one of the first WoC bloggers that I ever read, and she also used to comment on AllyWorks as well.
I loved her work, and what Marcotte is doing is capitalizing and stealing her work. Actually, I am glad Marcotte was stupid enough to use those racist caricatures for her book, because that reflects what Marcotte really is.

anon. 12:48, trying to make comparisons to men in other countries is boring. yawn.