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Preview: Comments on field negro: The Gaydar.

Comments on field negro: The Gaydar.

Updated: 2018-03-22T07:59:54.853-04:00


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ditto fn: we gays love all real men like you... ...


ditto fn:

we gays love all real men like you...

and only the perps, DLs, and court jesters gaybash...

thank you king,

Hey Field,I've been meaning to send you an e-mail ...


Hey Field,

I've been meaning to send you an e-mail to let you know how much I appreciated this post and how well you handled yourself. It's been a crazy week.

I did a cross post on my site. Thanks for being an ally. You're amazing!

Darian Aaron
Living Out Loud with Darian
"Black and SGL with No Apologies"

MacDaddy,That kind of gay perception problems you ...



That kind of gay perception problems you experienced are typical of desperate heterosexual women who feel that "all the good men" are gay.

Being an openly gay black man, who is out, proud, and very self aware, I do a TERRIBLE job being gay according to my heterosexual friends, many of whom base their assumptions of gay men on stereotypes. I am not consumed with my appearance (although I am not a slob), don't know the scores to any Broadway Musicals, Not too interested in Female Diva worship, and I like scotch... STRAIGHT.

I am sorry that you've had to deal with the gay perception thing, but I can assure you that it takes much more than intelligent conversation and good grooming to make my gaydar tingle.

I am also not interested in trying to convert heterosexual men into homosexual ones. If I sleep with a man who claims that I've converted him, I'd call him a liar. I don't make str8 men gay; they already have tendencies that they've become comfortable enough to express to and act upon. If a man is married or involved with someone, male or female, and I know or can tell, I stop him in his tracks.

Straight men don't want gay men and Gay men don't want straight ones. For me, I like men who know they're gay and are open about it, to me and my friends at least. I have no time or patience trying to shoulder someone's lack of self acceptance. It's harsh and unfair to say, but my gayness was only a liability to my church attendance. When I decided that christianity just didn't make sense to me, it made my being gay slightly easier. My family and friends were exteremely supportive though.


As far as Mr. Johnson telling you that you're gay while in a shower and surrounded by naked men, you presume that gay men are incapable of anything other than carnality; this is so far from the truth. Do you get an erection everytime you see an attractive woman or a nake female body part? Like you, I work out and shower at a gym. I have never gotten an erection in the shower whether I was surrounded by naked men or not.

Again, if one wants my Johnson at attention it's gonna take more than a naked body. I have way more control over my Johnson, as most gay ment do, than people think. Gay men are not genital-controlled, sex-obssessed, whores.

Thanks for vouching for my Afrospear application.

whitney b, thanks for checking in, and your kind w...


whitney b, thanks for checking in, and your kind words.

blackwomenblowthe...that is too funny; but hmmmm :)

diane, thanks, and I will check out your link. I have mad love for MLW, and I still post there when I can. And thanks for the link. I will reciprocate of course.

"What's all this talk about Mrs. Field? Ain't she the cookie lady"

See dweiums, this is why I am glad Mrs. Field (Not Field's) doesn't read this blog, I would have to be hearing about that damn smart ass "dweiums" for the rest of the week. But good one :)

What's all this talk about Mrs. Field? Ain't she t...


What's all this talk about Mrs. Field? Ain't she the cookie lady?

Okay, stupid . . . but I had to say it.

Leave it to Field to get the rational folks talking about subjects most Americans wish to avoid. I think most people's 'Gaydar' is wack. It depends on foolish fuel like "Does he like to shop, (cook, sew, garden, decorate, whatever)?" Or is his apartment clean, along with his nails? And don't let a brother stand up for a gay friend.

So where are you folks when I feel like discussing this stuff offline with a few dirty martinis?

Field NegroI just thought about something... maybe...


Field Negro

I just thought about something... maybe your best friend won't leave you alone with his wife because he's TERRIFIED she'll start crying on your shoulder telling you that HE IS GAY!!


Think about it!! (smiles)

FYI Field: many women prefer bi-sexual men over he...


FYI Field: many women prefer bi-sexual men over hetero men.

"I’m not at all interested in heterosexual men. I am not attracted to them, I don’t desire to have a man who identifies himself as straight as a partner, and I can’t be convinced that a heterosexual man can be my night in shining armor if I only allow him to be. My interest is exclusively in openly bisexual men; men who have been in romantic relationships with another man, who are comfortable with being a switch, who have been penetrated..." -- Scottie Lowe @ afroerotik

Heya Field, Good on you!My husband, too is so unho...


Heya Field, Good on you!

My husband, too is so unhomophobic that it makes the fearful cringe.

I'm glad I found your blog, I used to read you when I was at MLW.(as Diane W, now Diane G at WWL)

I added you to my Blogroll at The Wild, Wild Left, my little Blog.

I'd be honored to have your cross-posts there anytime.

Here's a link if you are interested..

But if not, I will be popping in here more to read you.

You are a joy to read.


Wow, you dont hear many black many say things like...


Wow, you dont hear many black many say things like this. I thought I was progressive but you definitely have me beat, by quite a bit.

Thanks for granting my wish, Oh GREAT ONE! But did...


Thanks for granting my wish, Oh GREAT ONE!

But didn't the crazy heffa know that YOU ARE MARRIED?!!! Plus, I think it's more of a comfort situation.

You are a grown man who is COMFORTABLE in his own skin. Plus, all men know that it's more than being naked that gets Mr. Johnson worked up. Once that hot water comes into contact with him, he might do anything. :) *maniacal laughter*

While I might qualify as a homophobe by most peoples' standards, I do empathize with their social struggles. People call me the same hurtful epithets as gay men, although I am not. (I posted about it on April 21. Come by and see).

Great post! And don't worry. Lark Voorhies told me that you're the straightest guy she knows.

Nice!!! (as they say here in Philly, along with "g...


Nice!!! (as they say here in Philly, along with "good stuff")!!! Glad I have a house in Newfoundland, away from A-Merry-ca! Bring the Shrub bunch up to boil and turn them into War Tribunals!!!

WE ARE the "War on Terror!"

Hasta la vista, baby!

off topic but thinking of mr. constructive feedbac...


off topic but thinking of mr. constructive feedback... from usatoday, today
The U.S. military fired guided missiles into the heart of Baghdad's teeming Sadr City slum on Saturday, leveling a building 55 yards away from a hospital and wounding nearly two dozen people.
AP Television News footage showed several ambulances destroyed and on fire, thick black smoke rising from them as firefighters worked to put out the flames.

The strike, made from a ground launcher, took out a militant "command-control center," the U.S. military said. The center was located in the heart of the eight-square-mile neighborhood that is home to about 2.5 million people. Iraqi officials said at least 23 people were wounded, though none of them were patients in the hospital.
....good stuff!

One of my best friends, from the age of 6 (47 year...


One of my best friends, from the age of 6 (47 years ago) is a lesbian. My cousin is a lesbian and had adopted a daughter (with her partner) who has turned out to be could that be? If you listen to the pundits, you would believe that it's gays who corrupt children. No, it's pedophiles! 10%+ of the pop is gay or whatever......GLBT. So, folks need to get over it and just accept folks as they are, in all colors, flavors and stripes!

And, all gay folks ain't rich! My best friend is struggling to make it as a song writer in Los Angeles and my cousin is a registered nurse, who is in administration, in WV. Neither would be classified as well off, let alone upper middle class. I make more money than they do, and I work in construction.


This comment has been removed by the author.

"My best friend, for instance, is always ripping m...


"My best friend, for instance, is always ripping me about being a closeted homosexual, yet he refuses to leave me alone in a room with his wife. Go figure."

-Not hard...difficult, I MEANT difficult!

Your best friend knows you are not gay...and his wife knows it, too.

To paraphrase Chris Rock - everybody has some gay ...


To paraphrase Chris Rock - everybody has some gay relative, everybody.

Two friends that I've known for 30 years and 40 years are both straight. And they see me as their friend, nothing more or less. Tolerance is a good thing. So is friendship and Mr. Johnson.

One thing I forgot to mention is that the church t...


One thing I forgot to mention is that the church that Obama belongs to is the very church (as in a national sense) that ran ads way back when that said we accept all people and they showed gay people in that ad.

So, there to all of those gay crazy folks of all colors!

Field,I love your site. I read about you in The P...



I love your site. I read about you in The Philadelphia Inquirer and I must say, you are spot on in your commentaries!

I am a construction contractor and have worked all over the country in the last 20 some odd years. Prior to that I lived in Alaska and worked on the pipeline. A woman in a man's field (as it were).

Anyway, when I would work in town (that would be Fairbanks, AK), these guys would come in with lunch boxes filled with goodies that their wives had packed for the day. I used to say, "Boy, I wish I had a wife." From that time on I never had to worry about any of them making a pass at me, as I got known as "that Dike." I had really short hair and have never worn make-up (well, mostly never). I thought it was funny and never let them know otherwise.

Anyway, you crack (ooops) me up!

"Were you homosexual, your experiences, and probab...


"Were you homosexual, your experiences, and probably your education as well, would have been different. Basically, you would be a different person." (me)

Yes, but I would still be a proud one. (our host)

You don't know that, either. Your entire life would have been different, all of the education and experiences which have shaped you would have been different, so you have no idea just what you'd be like were you homosexual, no more than you know what kind of woman, or white man, or handicapped person, or whatever you'd be.

I'll give you one of my favorite examples: almost all of us have said, at one time or another, "I'd rather be dead than be a paraplegic." It's an easy statement for us to make, because for those of us who aren't confined to a wheelchair, such a statement does not mean that we are about to commit suicide.

Yet when you look at suicide rates for the handicapped, except for a brief spike during the first couple of years after the handicapping injury -- a spike that still never reaches one percent -- the handicapped do not commit suicide at significantly greater rates than people who are not in their condition.

It's just really easy for us to say what we'd be like or what we'd do if we had another status, because we rarely have to match words to deeds.

You really can't say what you'd be like if you were homosexual any more than I can say what I'd be like if I were black; neither one of us has any way to know.

"I am tired of the gay community being portrayed a...


"I am tired of the gay community being portrayed as white, wealthy, men, when in reality we are just as economically and racially diverse as societies as a whole."
Brotherkomrade: I agree with you. The gay community is diverse. However, here in Minneapolis, the most active and the most powerful organizations are white, male and well-healed. They're not only the leaders inside gay organizations, many of them are managers, directors of non-profit organizations and are able to get money to white gay organizations as well as the non-profit organizations to which they belong.
As a result, they're able to ensure that black organizations and certain organizations inside gay communities get frozen out of funding, such as less organized, less institutionalized transgender folks. Some of my gay friends say it's similar in places where they have lived. That I don't know. Jody may know more about that than I.

If we were more accepting of our homosexual brothe...


If we were more accepting of our homosexual brothers, then so many of them wouldn't be living on the DL< and they'd leave women alone because they would be free to live their lives as homosexuals in peace.

I personally do not see anything wrong with a man ...


I personally do not see anything wrong with a man being metrosexual, it only means he cares about his appearance and image before the world. It does not mean that one is gay either because he wants a clean apartment or wears Dolce and Gabbana. I think we have many misconception of what it means to be gay. It's about sexual preference and who you are attracted to. I think many people who are gay always knew that was different about them before fully engaging and becoming aware of their sexual identity. And when I hear some people suggest that somehow their mother made their sons gay, I shake my head astonishment. If one does believe that argument, then what is the argument for the reason why some women are lesbian as they were also reared by their mothers. The argument does not hold up very well.

If I thought about it, then I did not chose to be heterosexual, but I find myself strongly attracted to men except if they are married, then it becomes a chose of whether I become involved with a married man or single one. My grandmother told me when I was a teenager that you cannot help who you love. I believe people are attracted to how they are attracted to. Attraction is chemistry in a scientific sense. I also do not believe because someone is gay makes them less of a man, or a lesbian less than a woman, then we are falling into some social construct of how we think men or women should be. We tend to get roles confused with what it really means to be a woman or man.