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A Zwinky is a small cartoon character which can be completely customized to your own liking. Although this is nothing new, they differentiate themselves from similar services by making the process extremely simple and straight forward. Secondly the actual design is so cute, that everyone adores them at first sight. Finally, and indeed most importantly, they are completely free to the user.

The winning concept behind Zwinkys, is that it gives people the ability to quickly make a cute avatar which can used to represent themselves. The benefit to the younger audience, is that they can quickly change the appearance of them to suit their mood, or if there is a special occasion, they can redesign it to fit that occasion. So if it's Halloween, perhaps you might want to dress your new avatar in a little monster suit, or skeleton suit.

The really clever part of of this, is that once you make changes and save them, everywhere that you have previously used your Zwinky is automatically updated. So instead of having to visit your myspace page, blog etc you can literally click a button and they all update.

Parents not only adore the cute little avatars, they recognise that the added benefit of their child using a Zwinky is that their identity is more secure. As no longer are their children uploading images of themselves to use as avatars. So the benefits of using them are clearly positive.

Once you have created your unique Zwinky, you can then enter Zwinktopia. This virtual world is a place to meet and chat. It's basically a virtual world. In this virtual world, they can meet with each other and can earn zbucks which can be used to go shopping with. There are various articles like shoes, bags, etc which you can buy and the more you earn the more items you unlock. Thus the interactive portal keeps audiences of all ages enthralled for hours.

If this wasn't enough, you also get access to your own profile page. This profile page, allows you to add friends and keep in touch with them. You can also leave znotes, which are little notes that can be shown to the visitors of your profile page.

In order to get one and enter the Zwinktopia, you are going to have to download the Zwinky software. The software is required in order to aid the process of creating the Zwinky. But rest assured, the software is completely safe and contains no spyware or malware. Once you have downloaded the software, you can install it and it will prompt you to create a username/password. Once you have completed this, you will then have access to enter the Zwinktopia.

So now's the time to grab your free software and create a little Avatar, so that you can become the talk of the town, and protect your identity.

Dave Pitman is founder of, the Zwinky resource. The site contains great information on Zwinkys and tells you exactly how to create a zwinky.

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