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Preview: Comments on the field negro: "Groundhog Day"

Comments on field negro: "Groundhog Day"

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I do not see HRC as some crazy bitch. I see her p...


I do not see HRC as some crazy bitch. I see her person use to entitlements. Yes she ultimate priviledge white women. She is a woman who rode her husband coattail to get where she is now. She became senator of New York because her husband was the ex POTUS and decided to move to New York. She is in the race mainly because of her husbands political reputation. Her career moves where directly linked to her husband access to power (Law work in Arkansas and Walmart New York State Senator) And she has become accustomed to it. If fact she beleives it is natural law.

In recent years, we had two other women vying for the presidency. Elizabeth Dole, the her husband is Bob Dole, E Dole is a politician in her own right. I do not remember seeing the whole cadre of feminist/women rallying behind her that way I saw with Clinton. Also Carol Braun Mosley there were no feminist contingent that I can remember --Oh yeah I forgot Carol Braun Mosley is Black and that cancels out her being a women. No mainstream feminist/women support for her.

However I digress. When someone is use to things given to them and gotten for them, they believe they are entitled what they want. That is how HRC is acting. Let me be clear she is riding on success and popularity of her husband. She is a the wife of Bill Clinton and implicitly states that is her qualification for presidency --her the 30+years of experience. She not a politician who worked her way up. Despite her political ideology, she has much more in common with George W. Bush (My Daddy was a politician and ex president) in that regard than any other high profile politician. And like W she wears arrogance with a fierce vengeance. (But unlike Bush, she is has the raw material and talent to do the work.)

That is why she is about herself because all her "political career was always about her --or how she can benefit from her husband power and influence. She does not come from the traditional path women take to enter politics. i.e grassroot work, community involvement, local elections and moving up the political ladder. That type of political mindset that evolves in moving up the political totem would not afford a scorch earth mentality and approach to the campaigning that Hillary inhibits.

Think about it. What does she have to offer any elected national politican other than her husbands influence and access to power. She know that she is not a national power broker in her own right. No nationally elected official wants Bill on there team. If they did they don't need HRC to be the middle man. She has not accumalated 30+ years political networking through the tradition political route that affords that the type of currency.

She has to win because politically she because it is about her that has been her career orientation. She is not going to change that orientation just because she running for POTUS. It got her this far. Moreover, she knows does not carry much political leverage. (Remember in 2000 alot of W. people were his daddy's peeps)

To second Anon-- self-hating Negro? No, just a cl...


To second Anon-- self-hating Negro? No, just a classic example of taking an insult thrown at our people and turning it around to take down our tormentors. When I was a kid growing up, white racists called me just about everything under the sun-- N*****, cockroach, maggot, snake, monkey, jungle bunny, animal, what have you.

Oh, and the majority of these racists weren't the obvious Bull Connor racism-on-the-sleeve types, they were exactly like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton-- pretending to support civil rights in public, but privately racist to the core, a fact which came out only when they were challenged.

So I learned to twist around their insults, realizing that even the insulting comparisons they made could be twisted around to invoke qualities of strength, particularly things like swarming rage and ferocity. Since my teenage years, I've never been messed with, and it's because I learned to treat people with kindness and respect-- but unleash my claws and fangs if anybody tried to pull any crap.

It's something that the Democrats need to learn when taking on people like Hillary Clinton and Rush Limbaugh. Civility and respect are cornerstones of society, but we need to realize that narcissists like the Clintons have no intention of following those same norms, and every intention of taking the respect others have shown them and using us as chumps.

When facing people like this, respect and indulgence are not the right responses, since they will only encourage narcissists to take further advantage of a permissive system. Only harsh punishment and vicious responses are called for.

Anyone with New York roots-- encourage someone like Nita Lowey to issue a primary challenge to Hillary, encourage New York Democrats (especially Charles Schumer) to take Hillary to task-- "Shame on you Hillary, now step down"-- and hit where it hurts most. Bring charges of impeachment against Hillary, whatever charges you can put together-- if nothing else, it'll drain scarce funds away from her-- publicly humiliate her in local and national media, raise the specter of the Clinton Foundation and its tremendous corruption. Even go spreading nasty rumors in the tabloids to humiliate the Clintons further. Make it hurt for them, it's the only way to slap down narcissists like this.

The Clintons have forgotten, however, that African...


The Clintons have forgotten, however, that African ants are carnivorous, and we have a special taste for the flesh of humans who attempt to torment us. We ants will cover Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton from head to toe, sink our claws and fangs into them, and utterly devour them, to the bone, for their shameful behavior. It is now that we must demonstrate our profound ferocity.

Got self-hating negro much?

WOW!!!HeartofFury!!!! Bless you, love y...


HeartofFury!!!! Bless you, love you!!! And mucho thanks to the 'Field' for posting your response to this mind-boggling rampage.
"HeartofFury'... I can't/Where do we begin to thank you for the tremendous amount of rigor and work so evident in your post here. Thank you, thank you for real-time, simple, straightforward tools that we have at our disposal to register our righteous OUTRAGE. Thank you for demonstrating how we can direct our rage/anger. Your post should be that much-needed breath of fresh air; each of us should feel empowered.
Thank you, 'Field' for providing this forum (I found it via perusing NPR's site). And, hallelujah! Finally, others - like 'Heart of Fury' - thank you, thank you! I promise to get the word out. Thanks.


Finally David Gergen put Hillary on front street l...


Finally David Gergen put Hillary on front street last night and said she needs to tell voters who have flat out said they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his race, "I don't want your vote". Took long enough for somebody to just say it. Screw'em if they wanna keep living in 1942.

Posted this elsewhere, will reiterate it here: Con...


Posted this elsewhere, will reiterate it here: Considering the latest Jim Crow act by Hillary Clinton and Massa Bill to push the Florida/Michigan delegates-- despite the fact that Hillary herself, along with all other candidates, agreed to the rules, and that Obama took his name off the ballot in Michigan (a state he'd win easily)-- it's obvious that Hillary has no intention of acting like a mature adult, supporting Obama as the nominee, and seeking out unity in the party. There is only one response to this, and those of you who are veterans of the civil rights struggle know what that is-- first, we try to act respectful and reasonable with our opponents. Second, if this fails, we fight intensely but with restraint in hopes of convincing our opponents, through reason and sound arguments, that our rights should be respected. Failing this, and especially when facing hateful racists like the Clintons, willing to employ the most specious arguments and chicanery to persist in their narcissistic campaign (despite Obama leading in pledged delegates, votes and states), there is only the third option, our "nuclear" option-- you fight viciously, bare your talons and fight tooth and nail, until you utterly destroy hour hateful, racist opponents and break their will to continue in their campaign.Those of us around in the 1960's, along with the abolitionists of the previous century who worked to free our people, knew clear and well that a subset of white racists, many of them powerful, would stop at nothing in their hate campaign against the African-American population-- lynching, mass murder, disenfranchisement through subterfuge, all were permitted. The only way to beat these people, frankly, was to destroy them. These racists declared war against us, and our only recourse was to fight back viciously. The Clintons are the modern version of such racists. We have attempted to be reasonable and fair to them. However, they have shown that they will stop at nothing to suppress and ruin us as a people, use any duplicity and chicanery to sate their personal ambitions. So the only recourse is our nuclear option-- we must make a concerted effort to utterly and absolutely DESTROY HILLARY CLINTON AND BILL CLINTON, destroy their political career, destroy their lives and make them miserable. They have declared war against us, and our survival depends on this, because if we waver here and allow ourselves to meekly capitulate to their chicanery, then in the future, there will never, ever be a deterrent against whites in power using every tool in their disposal to damage our people and keep Blacks out of power-- they'd see the example of the Clintons, and rightfully sense that they could get away with anything. THIS MEANS MILITANT ACTION AGAINST THE CLINTONS.What specifically? Here are the things we need to do:1. When the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee meets on May 31, assemble yourselves, peacefully but firmly, and make it abundantly clear that any duplicity on these two states, on the basis of rules that were agreed to by all candidates, would result in a mass boycott of the election by African-Americans and the permanent loss to the Democratic Party of their most vital, most loyal constituency-- and the utter destruction of the Democratic Party as a viable political organization. Obama, Edwards and all the other candidates were not allowed to campaign in either Florida or Michigan owing to the rules that all (including Hillary) agreed to, and the most basic element of an election is the act of campaigning itself-- obviously in Obama's case, as seen on Super Tuesday, it was his intelligent campaign that enabled him to perform so well throughout the nation. Moreover, Obama did not even have his name on the ballot in Michigan, so giving him zero votes or delegates in Michigan-- a state which he would easily win, as Jesse Jackson himself d[...]

in chris rock's infamous comments, "i'm tired of t...


in chris rock's infamous comments, "i'm tired of this shit. tired tired tired. tired of this shit."

"If you want more representation yourself, start y...


"If you want more representation yourself, start your own state blog -- hell, I'll help!"

risingtide, thanks for the offer, but you and I know both know that I wouldn't exactly fit in. Still, some of my fellow afro bloggers should get a serious look form these folks. There are some good ones out here.

The Borg Queen is one psycho bitch.In an interview...


The Borg Queen is one psycho bitch.

In an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press, Clinton said she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida's and Michigan's delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far.

Asked whether she would support the states if they appeal an unfavorable rules committee decision to the convention floor, the former first lady replied:

"Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this."

She doesn't care if she destroys Obama and the Democratic party along the way. She needs to be locked up and placed in a padded cell.

The Field Negro...This is referre...


The Field Negro...

This is referred to her as 'lola'!! *LOL* Can I put that on my blog? It's just too good not to repeat! *LOL*

This blog needs to morph into a pay-per-view television show...SERIOUSLY.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Hillary is crazy, but don't forget about Bill. I'm...


Hillary is crazy, but don't forget about Bill. I'm sure he's telling her "they" can win.

I wan't my celebration, I want her out now!

She is an incredibly delusional person and it's ju...


She is an incredibly delusional person and it's just hilarious for me to watch McCain and Obama start the general election with her still clinging onto the past.

"Sometimes a bitch is a bitch"I believe that came ...


"Sometimes a bitch is a bitch"

I believe that came out of the mouth of a pundit on CNN.

And I nearly spit out my beverage at the Baby Jane reference!

I think Obama is just being so cool. I bet behind the scenes he's playing hardball. He's got millions if voters, millions of dollars that haven't waned, brilliant strategists and Michelle. What more does he need? I can't wait for Michelle to be First Lady!

"In a way it's sad. I kind of feel sorry watching ...


"In a way it's sad. I kind of feel sorry watching the Ice Queen go through this exercise in futility."
field, I agree. But my sadness is mitigated by the fact that she continues to play the gender card and give McCain talking points by suggesting Obama can't win the white working class vote.

She had the opportunity to exit the campaign with style and grace by going after McCain and talking about uniting the party and settling the Florida and Michigan delegate stuff. But to show class I guess you have to have some.

field, I know some people are saying there's plenty of time for this. But after saying Obama doesn't have the experience to be president, after saying all he has is a speech, who's going to believe her when she speaks well of Obama now? And how can anyone not be suspicious that she's remaining in the race (at least in part) to continue to batter Obama, to make him fail in the general so she can get the democratic nod in 2012?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said----------------I don't ...


nyc/caribbean ragazza said
I don't think you have to worry. The girls probably had their hair blown out which is not the same as putting those chemicals on it

You know, NYC, I hadn't considered that possibility. My wife had chemically treated hair when I met her and then went pretty much straight to natural midway through our marriage. I never got the personal experience of being exposed to blowing out hair or using hot combs or anything else non-chemical.

LOL...The hazards of me growing up melanin deficient...

I saw the pic, but I didn't want to be the one to ...


I saw the pic, but I didn't want to be the one to bring it up. I'm always detracting your threads. No wonder you like Lark, but she still can't compete with Mrs. Field.

Btw, I like the baldie pic of you I saw a while back on another site. I have to admit, you almost resemble my ex in that one.

But hey, you can't say I don't still try to be nice to you...


This comment has been removed by the author.

Now she has the women crying sexism all over the p...


Now she has the women crying sexism all over the place.

As a woman I find that offensive to the umteenth level.

Not everything is based on gender, race, etc. Sometimes a bitch is a bitch. They can be male, female, black, white, orange, whatever. A sheisty person is a sheisty person no matter what way you slice it.

And her stance on Florida and Michigan are a perfect example of why people don't like her...FL and MI broke the rules, Barack adhered to them, you did not, and now you want to be rewarded for not following directions? I'm confused. Why should they be seated and why should you reap the benefits when it was made perfectly clear from the beginning that the states were in the wrong. It's this kind of sheisty-ness that makes people call her a cold, caculating, manipulative...well, bitch.

Ms. Field is a looker. You go boy!

Brother 'Field'Additional sympathy for your family...


Brother 'Field'

Additional sympathy for your family's loss. Each of us might continue to honor him and all vets by: 1. Speaking to and offering support to the next military person you encounter; 2.) Getting out to vote in November for candidates who can not only deliver on their promise to bring our troops home ASAP, but, also be transparent and hold themselves accountable.
Re 'tenacitus' - As a black feminist male (not an oxymoron) early on, I loudly advocated and supported HRC's run for the Presidency; even agreed with her challenge re 'O' man's DC/'Inside-the-beltway' experience. But, the more she allowed herself to use race, gender, class; the more she pimps the fears of her real constituency (flag-waving bigots) to differentiate herself from Sen. Obama, I continue to lose respect for Sen. Clinton. And/But, I also remain optimistic that the DNC/"Dumbocratic" Party will, again, lose what few remaining b..lls it might have. Tsk,, tsk, tsk; this is all really repugnant and disgusting (would almost rather have 'O' man drop out and retain some dignity [Colin Powell's wife was correct]).
Thanks for the blog, 'Field'. Bye ya'


Field, you are "right on" on this one. Hillary's s...


Field, you are "right on" on this one. Hillary's selfish, self-serving, "narcissism" is playing right into the hands of the republicans. She doesn't give a damn about the American public. After all wasn't she the first one to play the "race" card as soon as she felt "threatened." She did a great job of using that tactic to get the "red neck" vote. That's why the rich folks like her in this country keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Just keep brainwashing the "red necks" into thinking that the "nigger" is their enemy while rich white corporations keep selling our country down the river to the highest bidder. She's part of the rich corporate machine that has profitted and made millions from foreign oil, moved jobs out of this country, created a recession, got us into an unnecessary war, allowed high credit card interest rates, allowed foreclosures, reduced spending on education, supports unaffordable health care costs and the list goes on. However, if they can just keep "Trailer Park Trevor" believing that his enemy is the darker brother it will be business as usual. After all they've already said that if Obama is the democratic candidate, they'd rather take another republican "ass whipping" than to vote for a black man. This "former" super power that we call America is headed for disaster and is imploding from within. Great job Hillary...and it's my guess that you'll also win in Puerto Rico. After all, you know what they say about buying ice from your store...It's "colder." But then again Hillar is used to "stealing from the poor." After all wasn't the title of of her book "It Takes A Village" stolen from the African proverb?

I have a picture on my blog that I DON'T want to s...


I have a picture on my blog that I DON'T want to show you,Sen.Obama in a rifle crosshairs from a "Southern" newspaper.

As to your last question only polling will tell if...


As to your last question only polling will tell if his supporters will be happy if Obama wins the nomination but looses the election.

Anon, I cannot speak for all black people but I th...


Anon, I cannot speak for all black people but I think most black folk might have had similar feelings about Colin Powell in '96 before Bill started shooting his mouth off comparing Obama to Jesse in '88 and referring to his opposition to the Iraq invasion as a fairy tale.

I think other things such as Hillary's campaign insinuating that the O man was a former coke dealer. And having the head of BET talking smack about him pissed people off. Not to mention Hillary's inarticulate & ignorant comments about LBJ & MLK

Then there were things such as Krugman comparing him to Nixon. As some one who was very skeptical of any democrat producing a progressive agenda I had no opinion on the O man till I started noticing that he was being attacked in a way that seemed to at worst use racist stereotypes and at worst would disparage him.

I think that just like many women identfied will Hillary when she was being unfairly malinged. Once they saw the O man being unfairly treated they rushed to defend & express their opinion with their votes. In short Hillary is having problems getting black voters not because Obama is black or because his positions are so very different from hers but because I think her campaign offended many of them in a very personal way.

Now this is just my opinion as someone who is very suspicious of what the democratic party represents. I am only optimistic about the dumbocrats ability to sell a real progressive movement down the river.