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Comments on field negro: Hillary, it might be time for that Q word.

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"There is no more Jim Crow"...obviously you haven'...


"There is no more Jim Crow"...

obviously you haven't met his sons, daughters, nieces, nephews...

During Bobby Kennedy's time the primary had only b...


During Bobby Kennedy's time the primary had only begun three months before he was assassinated unlike today

I don't even know why I comment, most ppl talk our of their ass with no knowledge of history, some of the comments are so ignorant, ever since I began reading ppl's comments online, I am saddened by the lack of knowledge, the erroneous beliefs.

Ppl comment and have never lived outside their state or country, traveled, and only know one language, do not seek knowledge of self, never lived or been around Jamaicans, Haitians, Mexicans, Hawaiians, Filipinos, make generalizations and blanket statements, comment on Fox News(why even tune in?)It's all negative all the time; my belief in my fellow man is at an all time low. Ppl are prejudice, ignorant, jealous, arrogant.

I love to debate and add to my knowledge, but blogs ...blogs...

Jeebus, drink some more kool-aid or something and ...


Jeebus, drink some more kool-aid or something and settle the fuck down.
If you all are scared of a little finish line race then just say scared. Otherwise how about calming the fuck down a little bit.

Are you people out of your fucking mind?What kind ...


Are you people out of your fucking mind?
What kind of sick fucks are all of you that can think that HRC is calling for the death of someone?
WTF is wrong with all of you here?

Just a dangnabit Freudian slip. That's all Field.N...


Just a dangnabit Freudian slip. That's all Field.

Nevermind that there's a 10% chance of Obama being assassinated, and that if that doesn't happen before he nominates Veep, she ain't ever getting to be president...

Shoulda seen her face just after she said that (Oh, my gawd, did i just say that?!)

Shoulda apologized right then and there.

Thanks for THAT,Miranda!And here's a petition to s...


Thanks for THAT,Miranda!
And here's a petition to sack that woman:

Well, gee if Hillary was just having an unfortunat...


Well, gee if Hillary was just having an unfortunate subconscious moment..what in the world was Liz Trotta on FauxNews having?

i am new to your blog and like what i've read thus...


i am new to your blog and like what i've read thus far. (i recently started my blog and have become fascinated with finding all the other "negro" blogs.)

you've probably seen keith olbermann's special commentary from msnbc, right?

hill-dawg has lost her mind for real.


m dot




Methinks, dat deh field-negro panders to sloe thinkin-nin Negroes. Not too complicated, not too analytical Negroes.

~My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992...


My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California,

It may have been an awkward way of stating it, but isn't she just pointing out that democratic campaigns have run into the month of June in the past?

i am late to this and the last few post so apologi...


i am late to this and the last few post so apologies Field...
i have watched this woman's descent into madness with glee.. she is quite unhinged.... a woman scorned first by her husband and now by the general public...
she should be muzzled and strapped to a trolley a la hannibal lechter and led off the stage... no.. the planet.
we had our first woman premier here in the uk and in no way did she ever behave like this... it's disgusting hrc is able to get away with it time and time again...

~Nsangoma.. bullshit. Sen. Bob Graham is from Flor...


Nsangoma.. bullshit. Sen. Bob Graham is from Florida and HE voted against. ...
jody said... 7:55 PM

Is Bob Graham still a Florida US Senator?

i guess my point is she doesn't really know why sh...


i guess my point is she doesn't really know why she is saying these things any better than all of us. they are less about political strategy and more like a messy public therapy session. actually we see her much more clearly than she sees herself. it would be great to have a president whose personal psychology was stable for once.

dear field, my take is that she was making her tal...


dear field, my take is that she was making her talking point about late running primaries again. she had made it multiple times prior to friday already. the place where the statement goes off the rails is with the chosen example. the implicit comparison of obama to rfk is clearly problematic. unless we see her as out of control rather than fully considered. it is her subconscious working out it's internal struggle in these public therapy sessions. there is no single explanation. it is a loaded and complicated statement revealing many emotions she is feeling right now. envious, vindictive, desperate, dishonest, provocative and scheming. the last thing she says is that she really doesn't get it. she is of course really talking about herself and not the identified subject, those who would force her to end her campaign. all in all very similiar to the mlk/lbj quote

Hello Mr. Field,How do I get my picture in the com...


Hello Mr. Field,

How do I get my picture in the comment section?

This comment from HRC was a blatant form of arroga...


This comment from HRC was a blatant form of arrogance and she is imploding. I think that she meant exactly what she meant, she is sending out coded messages to her supporters. She is hoping against hope that she wins the nomination, that she thinks she is entitled to. She will fall on her own face she will be her own worst nemesis. She has evoked racism in this country. She resurrected racism in this country and has used it to fuel her campaign in wins in Kentucky and West Virgina.

Long time the Senator from Illinois .

Christopher, ain't lyin...I've been on s...


Christopher, ain't lyin...I've been on some pro-hillary sites today Its incredible. Its absolutely scary..I mean hair-raising, heart palpitations, scary. Seriously, it SOOOOOO is.

Nsangoma.. bullshit. Sen. Bob Graham is from Flori...


Nsangoma.. bullshit. Sen. Bob Graham is from Florida and HE voted against. And like I said... this was the most important vote she could cast and she was wrong. And, unlike others who later have admitted and publicly said they regretted that vote.. she STILL wont.
It is exactly in those moments when difficult decisions have to be made, my "boi" spoke against the war. Not just now, but back then... where his judgement trumped hers.

~Nsangoma.....please... Hillary lost me when I met...


please... Hillary lost me when I met with her (and about 40 other women representing various womens groups) and she proceeded to tell us that she had seen the evidence of weapons of mass destruction,
jody said...5:34 PM

Hillary has a significant Jewish constituency there in the NY State. She had to vote the way she did, or be prepared lose future senatorial elections.

I noticed that yah boi was in Florida this week, kowtowing to guess who?

He, Obama, even said that he was inspired by the Zionists.

From Blacks4Barack...ACTION TIME !!!!!!!!! Demand ...


From Blacks4Barack...ACTION TIME !!!!!!!!!
Demand To DNC: Kick Hillary Out NOW !
Insinuates That Obama Could Be ASSASSINATED !

Now, things have gone way too far. Yesterday, in an appearance in South Dakota, Hillary Clinton justified her reason for staying in the campaign by referring to the fact that presidential hopeful 'Robert Kennedy was assasinated in June'...implying that the same could occur to Senator Obama. THIS IS SICK !!! Regardless of how the pundits try to spin this as just another misspeak, the statement speaks for itself and displays the diobolical mentality of Hillary Clinton.

It is unclear as to whether she is actually hoping that Obama would be killed, therefore giving her an open path to the Democratic nomination, or if she may be signaling her desire to some sick, warp minded homicidal maniac. Whichever be the case, her statement is automatic grounds for the Democratic National Committee headed by Howard Dean to demand that she remove herself from the race. If he does not, American Democrats should demand HIS stepping down !

This can not be tolerated!!! Regardless of who you are a supporter of, Hillary, Obama or McCain, ANYONE who would wish the death of another human being in order to win a political position is sick, dangerous, maniacal, deranged and totally mentally and morally unfit for any political position, particularly President or V.P. of the United States.

CALL DNC: 202-863-8000


A Multi-Racial, Grassroots Org....Dedicated To Truth !

Okay. . . . I'm defending Hillary . . . Hillary di...


Okay. . . . I'm defending Hillary . . .
Hillary did not mean this incredibly volatile slip that
emanated from her mouth. She is a thoughtful Democrat who has spent her life in the service of this country. She has only deemed to do what she thought best for the good of the electorate.

After months of campaigning, travel and worry about the country, the war and lastly Senator Kennedy she committed a terrible faux pas.

Well---even though she built her statement around staying in the race on a lie---er, I mean, even though she'd been dropping this same story for months about Bobby Kennedy being assassinated--
in June-- as proof that she should stay in the race---I mean even though months ago she said she was staying in the race because there might be a, Obama debacle---ummm, Obama ---I mean, even though she hates Barack's soul and would probably . . . .

Oh hell! Who could defend this crazy assed woman?!

I tried for you Field---but no matter what kind of ridiculous spin any supporter of Hillary brings to the table; Hillhound has done and said some truly despicable things so this does not surprise . . . .

It is remarkable.Even after the Borg Queen invoked...


It is remarkable.

Even after the Borg Queen invoked the assassination of Barack Obama, Hillbot loyalists all over the blogosphere continue to defend their Queen against the attacks of men, the media, Obama supporters, Arianna Huffington, yours truly, Peggy Noonan, etc.

I suppose if Hillary jabbed a knife into Barack's chest -- severing his aorta, Hillary's Harpies would jump to her defense and say she was "exhausted" or was suffering from "low blood sugar."

I've never seen anything quite like the blind loyalty the Hillbots have for her.