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Politics served up with a smile... And a stilletto.

Published: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 14:02:33 +0000


By: SShiell

Wed, 02 Apr 2008 22:53:27 +0000

Rick: There are many reasons you put troops into a fight and one of them is to test them. Malicki has army and security troops in the south that are untested. The Surge and it's respective operations have concentrated in the West (Anbar province), the East (Diyala and associated provinces), in the North (toward Nineveh) and the associated regions around Baghdad. Drive out Al Qaeda was the primary emphasis. But the troops in the South, unless thay have been rotated in and out of the Surge operations, have not been tested. During the VN War, how many US Guard or Reserve Units were called up? Very few. And those that did suffered enormous drop-outs through retirement and resignation from within the unit's membership. The result was that in future conflicts, DOD resolved to ensure the Reserves took on their share of the burden. In more than one sense so as not to build an essentially hollow force. Malicki has to test the troops with these kinds of efforts to determine when and if they can stand up on their own. And you can run exercise after exercise and you will never determine you real capability until it is for real. The second point I would like to make is don't be too quick to call this a lose for Malicki. Bill Roggio has some good points in his writeup. Some points I would like to make are as follows: 1. The Mahdi Army took some major hits during the operation. You don't lose 200 fighters a day and call that a win. As badly as the Iraqi Army may be, it definitely appears to be head and shoulders above the Sadrists. 2. Even though Malicki representatives went to Iran to broker a stand down of the Mahdi Army, the Iranians would never have agreed to support such a move unless the Sadr folks were taking a beating. You don't agree to a truce when you are winning. 3. Sadr has called for his troops to stand down, but the Iraqi Army continues its operations. That's a pretty strange defeat if you ask me. 4. And lastly, once again Sadr has shown he is "in the rear with the gear". Every time he does this, more and more of his troops can't help but ask themselves the Braveheart question, "Why am I fighting for him?" I'm just saying . . .

By: Drewsmom

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 09:51:00 +0000

Dale, I think its a stretch to call Rick a lefty and he is not the only one with those thoughts. I was a big time war suppporter but like I said earlier I think its time to bring the majority of our guys home and then take it up later with Iran if they continue to meddle in Iraq.

By: Dale in Atlanta

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 19:21:02 +0000

Well Rick, once again to prove your Anti-War roots, you jumped on seemingly "negative" news about the War, and just as in the past, you have been consistantly proven wrong. Rick, you, like too many other Bloggers, Fall in Love with your Own Analysis, then you Blog your way into an corner, and the only way out, is to continually Blog away on a subject, while you are constantly sinking under the weight of your previously stated "analysis". This is called: Arriving at the Conclusion first, in your case, you've decided you're aainst the War, and then finding the "evidence" to support your flawed, pre-judged "conclusions". Rick, you're the BEST WRITER on the Internet/in the Blogosphere, bar none! You're a smart guy too, no doubt. And I think your heart, and probably your head, are in the "right" place. But your common sense and your ability to effectively and accurately judge from an unbiased position what is happening in Iraq, what it is all about, and why it is VITALLY important that we not only stay there, but for once and for all, end that conflict in a decisive manner, has slipped from your grasp. In fact, your recent posts on the War have sounded more at hmme over at DU or or the Daily Kos-omac. But since I know you are not a "Lefty", I can only assume you've sniffed the rarified airs of Pat Buchannon, Ron Paul and the John Birch Society. Stop it now Rick, you're smarter and better than that!

By: This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here » Blog Archive » What I’m reading today

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 18:02:55 +0000

[...] with total disregard for Iraqi lives. al Sadr finally realized it this morning. Rick Moran at the Right Wing Nut House questions Maliki’s judgement. McQ at Q&O dissects the events leading up to the Basra [...]

By: Mike Devx

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 13:27:51 +0000

It's not at all clear to me whether the Mehdi army is a well-coordinated insurgency vs a well-coordinated Iranian front group. But they're clearly not just a bunch of loose Mafia-style wel armed criminals lording it over their small domains. I've heard that the Iraqi Shiites are not pro-Iranian. However, this smells a great deal like an Iranian front group to me, flexing its power. I've got no proof either, however.

By: axt113

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 12:41:20 +0000

After days the Madi army still controls around 75% of Basra and is launching daring and successful raids on the Iraqi forces, US and UK troops have had to come in to save the Iraqi army and desertions are growing, meanwhile the conflict has spread to half a dozen other cities, and others are calling for a negotiated peace agreement Maliki is doomed

By: Drewsmom

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 11:14:54 +0000

I am just a dumb blonde lady but I think its way past time to bring the majority of our troops home. I am not saying bring em all home and leave Iraq in civil war but just leave some advisors and a few outposts. The Iraq police and military have had five years to stand up, and have not, and it really does not look like they will stand up. Please, I also do not want to hear it was all about the OIL cuz we ain't seen any and continue to pay out the whazoo for gas. Your logic on saying it was all about the OIL holds no weight.

By: bobwire

Sat, 29 Mar 2008 07:58:11 +0000

MarkJ I don't know why you invoke WWII. Perhaps Hitler pulled the plug because of the Eastern Front. After all two-thirds of their war machine was sundered in Russia.

By: bobwire

Sat, 29 Mar 2008 07:38:10 +0000

If we completely support the govt in Iraq, then they should by now have their own air support. Didn't we have death squads in El Salvador in helicopters? Cannot we buttress our ally against the war on terror in a similar fashion? Are there no Iraqis enrolled in the School of the Americas? If we want Maliki to succeed, then give him the tools. Otherwise, are there no contractors willing to step up? Surely we can have the oil revenue pay for it.

By: Scrapiron

Sat, 29 Mar 2008 05:30:34 +0000

McDonalds serves instant food, if you want an omelett you will have to break some eggs. I hope the cowardly democrats are willing to die as instantly as they are to surrender to a bunch of murdering thugs. I can't believe I belonged to that cowardly group for 40 years. The only thing Dimmy Carter ever did right was wake me up to the danger of being cowards.