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Politics served up with a smile... And a stilletto.

Published: Sat, 17 Mar 2018 21:29:49 +0000


By: President Bush’s Speach Causes Firestorm « Be A Patriot!

Fri, 16 May 2008 12:59:26 +0000

[...] President Al Gore has criticized American policy while speaking in several parts of the world.  Here is an example of what Al Gore said in England to a British newspaper: “If you have a renegade band of rightwing extremists who get hold of power, the whole thing goes [...]

By: tyk

Thu, 01 Jun 2006 16:30:43 +0000

Page 1 NYT this morning says Dutch scientists who took borings under Arctic Ocean found evidence that temperatures in that region averaged 74 degrees F a few years ago (55 million years ago, specifically). I thought, wow, now the Gore-nicks will have to admit that global temperatures fluctuate natually. WRONG. Turns out, according to NYT report, that is all the more evidence of our need to curtail our production of goods and services. The Florida-like period in the Arctic was probably caused by green house gasses (probably from volcanos, since dinosaurs didn't have cars) and that we still must curtail cars, smokestacks, etc., avers NYT.

By: bird dog

Thu, 01 Jun 2006 13:49:10 +0000

thanks for the link, Rick. that piece got "Farked", and the numerous comments are just unbelievably hostile and nasty. But we had some fun with it. No fun - no blog!!!

By: :: Political Musings ::

Thu, 01 Jun 2006 02:09:25 +0000

To Which We Can Only Reply... "...We wish": Al Gore has made his sharpest attack yet on the George Bush presidency, describing the current US administration as "a renegade band of rightwing extremists". In an interview with the Guardian today, the former vice-president ca...

By: Brian

Wed, 31 May 2006 23:36:10 +0000

Leftists, whether speaking on American or foreign soil, who see no redeeming quality in this country, and bend over backward to explain away the actions of totalitarian or rogue governments by referring to America's endless crimes, leave the distinct impression that they are anti-American. There is no alternate explanation for this. Gore or Carter taking digs at the administration in the presence of fawning foreign audiences is merely a subset of this anti-American tendency. It feeds into it, in fact.

By: Eno

Wed, 31 May 2006 20:17:41 +0000

Gore's unfitness for any elected office becomes more evident every day. He clearly is far more interested in his personal power than in furthering the interests of his fellow americans. His proposals would put millions of working people out of work based on unproven, and in some instances, unfounded science. Wealthy people like Gore and Soros are not concerned about the plight of average people. I normally will not personally criticize other commenters, but Bartley, Scrivinor's comment may be the most ignorant I've ever read on this blog. Gore's comments about a sitting preisdent, made on foreign soil, have a far greater historical meaning than political speeches in Iowa. Anyone who has studied political science, interantional relations or history would recognize this fact. Reagan never personally insulted Carter's idiocy even though the previous admin's foreign policy was an interantional joke. It would not benfit the U.S. to have done so. Rarely in history has one party attacked a sitting president with such vitriol on foreign soil. If people actually took the time to study history and understand the politics of other nations (yes, including Europe Bart), they may have some understanding of Rick's column. But in the typically unreal stupid vein that the left currently exists, Bart reduces this to a two word response. Hey moron, being anti-Bush does not make you anti-american. Being anti-american makes you anti-american. P.S. Riverrat, could questions about -isms. Guys like Bart wouldn't understand the statist basis of Facism and socialism when reduced to a nationalist scale, rather than as worldwide phenomonem. But conservative dummis like us probably need to stick to New Riverisms.

By: kreiz

Wed, 31 May 2006 19:59:20 +0000

Why is it that the Left always sees flagrant America-bashing (especially when done overseas) as the height of patriotism? That always slays me. It's somewhat akin to the old saw that "they wouldn't make fun of you if they didn't love you." Yeah, right- whatever.

By: Tim

Wed, 31 May 2006 19:50:40 +0000

Saying what Gore did on American soil would be an expression of the very American right to freedom of speech. Saying what he did in a foreign country is a slap in the face to the Bush administration, not the American government. The office of the President is more important than any one person that serves in it, and I think most Americans can appreciate the difference between attacking the President and attacking the Presidency. I also find the use of the word "provincial" rather ironic.

By: Monsoon

Wed, 31 May 2006 17:48:08 +0000

There was a time when past administrations showed some semblance of deference and courtesy to a present Oval Office occupant, especially in statements to foreign media on matters of national security. Clinton, Gore and Carter regrettably have brought the curtain down on this judicious doctrine, with substantial undermining consequences for the Nation. I would remind Gore that Sadam Hussein's son-in-law enjoyed a brief vocal defection before, upon being coaxed back into Iraq, he was promptly executed. Point being, many of the very same regimes at which Gore blows his sanctimonious prattle villifying the United States would not show Gore a great deal of tolerance as a returning mouthy ex-official to one of same. But, Gore being the same clueless clod he's always been, any such advices are a waste of time. Blow hard, global warming wind bag. Blow hard. Monsoon

By: expat

Wed, 31 May 2006 17:47:29 +0000

Madeleine Albright is pushing her new book in Germany tomorrow. In an interview I just saw, she says about the same thing as Gore. While pushing the crazy Christian aspect, the program (Kulturzeit on 3SAT) ran an inauguration picture of Bush and turned on the sound for the "so help me God" part. This is disgusting. I really wish someone could get a tape of this and run it with subtitles on FOX.