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Politics served up with a smile... And a stilletto.

Published: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:00:37 +0000


By: Thomas Jackson

Fri, 09 May 2008 22:32:37 +0000

Hannity's analysis is probably based on advise of the Hildabeast's staff. Given Snobama's history who can doubt that new scandals are just waiting to appear? I have little doubt that the Hildabeast's staff uncovered the Wright evidence. Who knows what else they will have uncovered? More to the point is what white politician could survive the hits Snobama has taken? The only thing I can hope for is that he'll choose the Hildabeast as VP or better yet how about that great patriot, Wright!

By: Bob McCarty

Fri, 09 May 2008 14:48:22 +0000

I hope she stays in the race as long as possible, but realize her White House bid is over unless she pulls some of the political shenanigans for which the Clintons are so well known.

By: bobwire

Thu, 08 May 2008 06:51:06 +0000

Go ahead and fret over Hillary or Obama. Extol why McCain will carry you to victory, after having signed up the hillaryis44 crowd. You may be right. You deserve each other. Welcome to four more years of Bush. I will see all of you in hell.

By: Swan Song For Hillary? « Obi’s Sister

Thu, 08 May 2008 00:41:47 +0000

[...] when the entire galaxy has reached their gag limit with Obama. Rick Moran wonders if this is the beginning of the end (also at PJM). Fausta outlines two options. MVRWC said that Patrick Ruffini said I’m hoping [...]

By: Gayle Miller

Wed, 07 May 2008 21:22:57 +0000

In any event, who do you suppose is feeding all the dirt on Obama to the chattering classes? HRC isn't out of it by a long chalk!

By: dan in michigan

Wed, 07 May 2008 17:55:04 +0000

I don't think hillary cares about the math right now. Given Obamas social circles and the conclusion of the Rezko trial, there's no reason not to believe there could be a bombshell out there somewhere. I wouldn't quit if I were her. If Rezko gets convicted, he will be under tremendous pressure to flip. Ant objective person can see that the real estate deal stinks to high heaven.

By: Michael B.

Wed, 07 May 2008 17:54:37 +0000

Excellent point Rick, about the fact that McCain is still in it despite money problems and the disarray in the party's message. Several factors, however, spell doom for McCain in the general election: 1) registered black voters (even a high percentage of likely-voters) have historically been no-shows on election day. That will not happen this year; 2) Obama is breaking records in fund-raising from an enormous pool of small donations. Conservatives are punishing the Republican party for supporting centrist/left candidates by tightening their purse strings (I recently returned a RNC solicitation letter with a note, informing them that I'll start contributing again when they start supporting real conservatives); 3) If you think the press has been relentless on the Wright story, just wait until they go after McCain (Keating-five, alleged extra-marital affairs, profanity-laced tirades, tasteless jokes, etc.). Its coming, and it will happen at the tactically worst time for McCain; 4) the pool of actual voters (in the last election) was made up of 45% conservatives (or leaning), 45% liberals (or leaning) and 10% of that sh*t-for-brains group called "undecided" (another topic, really, but what moron doesn't know who they are going to vote for a week before the election?). Those undecideds gave the incumbent Bush the election in 2004- unlikely this year for war and economic reasons. Furthermore, while the liberal base is excited about their candidate, the conservative base is disillusioned, and many will stay home on election day. I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist. There's a storm coming in November, and it's name is President Obama.

By: Dennis D

Wed, 07 May 2008 17:25:33 +0000

Its time for Hillary to go. Democrats are getting too much airtime. McCain is hardly seen on MSM now.

By: Gayle Miller

Wed, 07 May 2008 15:50:56 +0000

I've been around the political block more than a few times, since I worked with my parents on Dwight D. Eisenhower's campaign a very long time ago. For both parties, I have a simple message:Quit acting as though you "know better" than we do what we want and need. You have ignored our clear message in a number of areas, and frankly, I think the whole bunch should be kicked out on their sorry butts - with only a few exceptions. Here's the deal all you congresspersons and senators: You work for ME. It isn't the other way around and the sooner you start acting as though you know that, the sooner you'll achieve a small (conditional) measure of job security. You are not "our nation's leaders" you are the servants of those who voted you into office. Those same people who can revoke your cushy lifestyle and excessive privilege. Very few of you are worth the money you cost the taxpayers.

By: minilith

Wed, 07 May 2008 15:20:47 +0000

Clinton just loaned herself another 6.4 million, she can’t quit, she has to stay in it just to raise money. Unfortunately even today, if she took 100% of all the delegates in WVA, KY and PR, and Obama only got 55% of the delegates in MT, ORE and SD, Obama would win if you split the super delagtes right down the middle. Anything less spells doom for Clinton, but she’ll hang in there and put the dems through the ringer to bail herself out of debt.