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McD McGriddle ... 13 pts ... RT = 13McD Hashbrown ... 3 pts ... RT = 16Bottle soda ... 5 pts ... RT = 21Can soda ... 3 pts ... RT = 24Cheeseburger ... 11 pts ... RT = 352 deviled eggs ... 4 pts ... RT = 39Ice Cream cake ... 5 pts ... RT = 44Two twix bars ... 6 pts ... RT = 50Cheese crackers ... 9 pts ... RT = 59Lots of water ... 0 pts ... RT = 59I went over my points by 27I guess I could look at



Phew! It has been hot and humid here lately. When I'm outside it feels like I'm walking through a stock pot of soup. Bleck!Today I didn't do too well on the WW front... but I did get in a lot of water!2 caff-free dr. p cans ... 6 pts ... RT = 61 jimmy dean breakfast sandwich ... 9 pts ... RT = 151 double cheeseburger from McD ... 11 pts ... RT = 261 small fry order from McD ... 6 pts ... RT =



Stomach bug is still hanging on...2 am handful of cheez-its ... 4 pts ... RT = 43 am diet caffeine-free dr. pepper ... 0 pts ... RT = 49 am piece of cake ... 6 pts ... RT = 10Water ... 0 pts ... RT = 10White rice (3/4 cup) ... 3 pts ... RT = 13Beef & veggie kabob ... 4 pts ... RT = 17Soda 12 oz ... 3 pts ... RT = 20Breyer's fat free 8 oz ... 2 pts ... RT = 22Country style steak w/gravy ... 15 pts



Can of Dr. Pepper, reg ... 3 pts ... RT = 3Sausage/egg/cheese McMuffin ... 13 pts ... RT = 16Water -- several glasses ... 0 pts ... RT = 16Lean Cuisine Meal ... 6 pts ... RT = 22Danish butter cookies ... 4 pts ... RT = 26More water ... 0 pts ... RT = 26Crackers ... 5? pts ... RT = 31



Since I have been out of the blog world now for a while, I decided to use this blog to post my Weight Watcher points each day. I hope this will keep me honest in my quest to eat healthier and lose weight. I am curently allowed 32 points a day. I also get 35 extra points each week. In recent weeks I have not kept track of my points. I have regained nearly all of the 25 pounds I had previously lost



Have you been to the Virginia Safari Park? No? You are missing a FUN time! I went for the third time about a month ago. Every time I go I have a great time! And, they keep adding new things so there's no way to get bored. In the last year they have added a section where you can feed crackers to a giraffe. And I hear they are getting a tiger this year. Lemme just say that Woody loves it so much



Wow it has been an eternity since I posted on here... and sadly things are probably about the same in my life. It's not terribly exciting -- just work, sleep, and laundry. But I have plans to spice up my life this summer. I'm determined to take some trips. Local ones -- nothing fancy -- but still, it has to be better than staring at these four walls. I'll try to keep you posted!



This picture is of my honey (Woody) and one of our dogs (Scraps). Aren't they adorable? It's just a bit of eye candy to draw ya in ... now I'm going to quickly switch topics. ;o)Bugsy has me COMPLETELY addicted to Ebay. I only got on an hour ago to check on Lesbian Mystery Books. NOW I have 4 bids on mystery books, 3 bids on cookbooks, and I'm still looking. I knew there was a reason I hadn't



Has anyone started planning for Christmas?Normally I'm a "last minute shopper" kind of gal. However, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. Reason? I'm feeling way behind and it's only the 25th of July. Woody's twin sister, Bugsy, has been buying various assorted Christmas gifts from EBay and storing them in her room. For the past month, at least one package a day has arrived from points around the



Well looky here. They've added a picture option to blogger while I've been away. How fun is that? BTW: That's my doggie Madison --->It's 5 am right now -- lots of little things are MUCH more interesting to me than they are during daylight hours.I went to bed at 8 pm last night. What's the matter with me? Am I heading straight from my 30's into my 80's? YIKES.Since I fell asleep so early I, of



I'm strange. Odd. "Interesting." Whatever you wanna call it. I'm not normal. And I wouldn't want to be. I find normal people extremely boring. Snoozefest. Yawnapalooza.So as part of my eccentricity (and ADHD) I blog whenever the mood strikes. I don't promise to be consistent, or witty, or even terribly interesting. This post is an example of just that.After more than a month of having absolutely



I was in Barnes & Noble on Monday evening. Just looking around -- nothing special. I was surprised and pleased to find they had Curves and Girlfriends magazines. In the past I've had trouble finding them. I was flipping through them with my partner and we came across an article on this woman. I was very impressed with her. My partner was impressed that a butch lesbian didn't have folks freaking



The Spring allergies have hit me hard. I'm so tired all the time. And sneezing. And feeling rather spaced out. You know the drill.Work has been less than calm. Jane (not her real name) had some trouble the other day and we spent the day in the ER. Mostly to double check that she was okay after accidentally drinking rubbing alcohol (she thought it was water). Poison control had said she should be



I haven't blogged in 10 days because I've been in a "don't talk to me, don't look at me, in fact, don't even BREATHE near me" mentality of the 28-day-cycle variety.I'm posting in order to shrug off the mantle of irritability and replace it with a more pleasant demeanor. Or at least a not-quite-so-close-to-killing-someone demeanor.For fun:1) Rebus puzzles -- the ones where ya stare at it and



A little humor for Sunday morning:Two boys were walking home from Sunday school after hearing a strong preaching on the devil. One said to the other, "What do you think about all this Satan stuff?"The other boy replied, "Well, you know how Santa Claus turned out. It's probably just your dad."In other news:My sis-in-law just bought a van. She smashed up her sedan in an accident. I'm not a big van



Monday I kept thinking about Candid Camera the TV show. Not the new one, the original.One of my clients and I were trying to wade through a mess of paperwork at the DMV and one particular episode kept poking it's way into my psyche. In the epidose a guy walks into a bank. Unbeknownst to him all the tellers and other customers are in on the joke. He gets in one of the lines for a teller. His line



Happy Easter!Or ... if you don't celebrate Easter -- Happy March 28th to ya! :o)Woody (my partner) & Bugsy (my sis-in-law) love to celebrate Easter by watching all these old Jesus movies. By about 3 pm I was quite through with the Jesus movies. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a Christian and I hold Easter up as a holy day. Thing is -- after the THIRD time of seeing the passion it gets to be a teensy



I'm grinning like a fool. I can't help myself.I just finished this light, fluffy, fun book called Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella. It's not gonna win a Pulitzer or anything, but it was damn good. Just my style -- romantic comedy meets clutzy scatterbrained gal trying to fit in. Great escape from reality book! It's the book that made me smile. Don't you love that? A really good book



You get what you pay for. *I paid $14 for a haircut, so I got a hack job. But can I really justify paying $50 for a haircut that I'll hate? No matter where I get my haircut it's always wrong. I'm sure it doesn't help that I dread haircuts so much that I wait until I have the shaggy dog bangs before I go to get a "trim."Here's the thing though, do you tell the stylist every little thing you want



I have a snack for your brain. I love little tidbits of information -- trivia, new words, interesting puzzles and puns, etc. To satisfy my brain munchies I bought a book called "Why Does Popcorn Pop" by Don Vorrhees.My favorite brain snack so far = Carrots have only been orange for about two hundred years. According to my book, carrots originated in Afghanistan and were purple. "Through centuries



This afternoon I looked at one of our residents and wondered if I would lose my job if I calmly glued her mouth shut. Not with super glue, just ordinary Elmer's. It wouldn't be painful. But maybe, just maybe, I could have a couple minutes of silence. I decided against it in the end. Her name will remain anonymous, but I'll call her Jane to make blogging easier.Jane is our newest resident. She's a



I've been having one of those days. You know the ones -- where everything seems to be conspiring against you. Although today things seem to be conspiring against people AROUND me. This morning Woody and Bugsy (my partner and her twin sister) were in an auto accident. Neither was hurt, but the car was totalled. A very big bummer since Bugsy ran a red light (so it's her fault) and our pockets are



I've moved again. I couldn't get my crimsonblog to work. I have no idea what I did to sabotage it -- and I can't seem to fix it. So here I am on Blogger. In all my glory.