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A Wrought Iron Bed Can Make You Go Back in Time

Thu, 19 Jun 2008 19:37:00 +0000

In today’s world of synthetic, cheaply made furniture, there is nothing better than a wrought iron bed to reminisce on how things were. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a brittle old guy. I’m essentially in my mid-20s, and in lots of ways I find irresistible high tech things. I use up a lot of time on my computer surfing the Net, I play electric guitar, I have a cell phone and an I Pod. However, my most treasured possession is my wrought iron bed frame.

I have seen many wrought iron beds in my life, but this one is actually stunning. It is precisely what you would think of when you make an effort to create in your mind a wrought iron bed. It is as big and decorative as your characteristic wrought iron fence, in fact. It is sturdily made with flourishes, flowers, and big iron lion’s feet at the base. It has in reality been in my family for generations. My father alleges that it was a invaluable antique, but my mother says that he is just being ridiculous. She says that there are thousands of wrought iron bed frames just like this one out there, and it is not worth anything except it is of over-romantic value.

Whichever one of them is right, I adore that wrought iron bed. I believe it has to do with how it seemed to me when I was a child. Most families begin with furniture for kids, but in my family we have for ever and a day used the identical bed frames since we were very small. That part of wrought iron bedroom furniture really impressed me as a toddler. I essentially thought the wrought iron bed was a stronghold. I would sit on top of it for hours, playing with my toy knights and imagining to be defending from a siege. I would battle make-believe armies, throwing small toy figures off the bed and acting as if that they were catapult stones until my mom would come in and make me go to sleep.

The thing I like best about that wrought iron bed now is how steadily made it is. It’s not that other beds are badly made, but I am grateful for the fact that I can sit on the side of it and it doesn’t squeak one bit. The frame is totally hard and will be totally hard for more than a life time. You just simply do not get quality like that any longer in most customer products.

A Seemingly Old Kind of Wrought Iron Fence

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:19:00 +0000

My grandmother’s wrought iron fencing looks very old. From its decorative look, you would imagine that it was forever there. It is one of those wrought iron fences that doesn’t mess around. It is ornamental and it is dangerous at the same time. It has numerous spikes at the top, towering above curly cues and inlaid metal flowers. It goes against her gentle nature, meaning that it was put up there by a former, less charitable individual of that old colonial house that she lives in. Yet in any case, that brought iron fence is not that old. Is not from some odd, reclusive ancestor. To tell you the truth, it is there because the neighborhood is slowly but surely changing.

You see, my grandmother is not a wrought iron fence person. Up until a few years ago, she had no fence at all. She has a wrought iron balcony, preferring the security of metal to a more flimsy wooden rail. The fence, however, goes, against beliefs. She has always been one of those people who runs a house where practically anyone who knows her is welcome to walk right in. For her whole life, she has loved entertaining other people more than anything. It is her true passion, and putting up a wrought iron fence that makes her house less welcoming breaks her heart. Nonetheless, she had to.

You see, about three years ago, there was a string of robberies. It started off on the other end of town, but soon it moved through her neighborhood as well. It turned out in the end to involve only a few people, but for weeks at a time people were always afraid. There are a lot of retirees in the area, and they felt that there was no way for them to be safe. If they left their houses, they could be mugged, but if they stayed inside, they could be robbed. I had wanted her to get a security fence at the time, arguing that her safety was more important than anything else. At first, she had refused to get a fence of any kind. Finally, she had agreed to get the wrought iron fence, but only under pressure. You could tell she did not like it, although she would put up with it.

Fortunately, over time she has grown to like that wrought iron fence. My grandmother has always loved anything with patterns and ornamentation, and a fence wrought iron has both an abundance. I just hope the neighborhood one day returns to normal so that the wrought iron fence become a luxury, not a necessity.

Wrought Iron Railing Advice

Sat, 17 May 2008 10:46:00 +0000

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A Weakness for Wrought Iron Candle Sconces

Sat, 01 Mar 2008 17:35:00 +0000

I have always had a weakness for wrought iron candle sconces. I think it has to do with what I watched as a kid. I used to always love anything having to do with the middle ages. I have probably seen countless scenes in my life involving people walking down long hallways decorated with flaming torches or wrought iron while sconces. Of course, the flaming torch is preferable because it has more fire and you can hold it, but I knew that I would never be able to talk my parents into letting me have one. A wrought iron candle holder was the next best thing, and I would daydream about it a surprising amount when I was a kid.

When I reached my teenage years, I briefly went through a Goth phase. This only enhanced my fascination with wrought iron candle sconces. My mother took it a little bit too seriously, which pleased me a great deal. She was shocked by the way I was dressing and the music that I was listening to, as well as the friends I was hanging out with. In reality, they were very good kids just trying to assert their identity at a difficult age in life. She didn't realize this, however, and continued to refuse me the right to decorate my room as I saw fit.

Finally, she relented and let me buy a couple wrought iron candle sconces out of my own money, but she quickly changed her mind and forbid me to actually light candles in them. Needless to say, I disobeyed quite frequently. Many was the late night I would sit in front of those wrought iron candle sconces, listening to bad music and reading French philosophy. Oh, to be young again!

When I fell in love, it was with a wonderful woman who was, in many ways, the fulfillment of my dreams. Unfortunately, she has a much different decorative aesthetic than i do. Wrought iron candle sconces were out of the question. She wouldn't even let me use hand forged iron lighting to provide that medieval decorative touch that I craved so much, at least at first. Finally she relented, and much of the upstairs is now decorated according to my tastes. I admit that in some ways it is pretty tacky, but it is what I like. The wrought iron candle sconces make me happy.

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The Right Wrought Iron Floor Lamp in 5 Steps

Sat, 01 Mar 2008 13:16:00 +0000

I always knew that I wanted a wrought iron floor lamp topped off with a beautiful stained glass shade. However, I had no idea what designs to choose for my home. There are so many beautiful options in this kind of product that it makes my head spin. It seems nearly impossible to choose just one wrought iron floor lamp.

Finding the right items for your home can pose many challenges especially if you are as indecisive as I am. There are some ways to help narrow down the options even when it comes to something like a wrought iron floor lamp. Following are some ways to help you find the right product for your specific tastes.

First of all, before even beginning to shop for your wrought iron floor lamp you have to write down what your ideal lamp would look like. This is a great first step because it gives you a sturdy vision of your product. You might come across a wrought iron floor lamp that has important similitudes with the lamp you are looking for.

However, you also want to take your overall interior design theme into consideration as well. Basically, you want to determine if you prefer a contemporary design or whether your home is more geared towards traditional looks. Maybe, you might have a rustic environment in your home, it doesn't matter what, you can find a beautiful wrought iron floor lamp that will work in your space.

Let's take a look at size. Size is another important factor in this type of product. If you live in a smaller home, then you really want to scale things down appropriately. A formidable wrought iron floor lamp can overwhelm the area. You really want to keep this piece an accent rather than a focal point of the room.

Keep in mind that,as important as the base itself, is the shade that tops off your wrought iron floor lamp. You can find a ton of different options to crown your prize but none stands out quite as much as stained glass. The glass shades come in just about every color imaginable and you can opt for a plethora of different style ranging from formal to rustic.

At the end if you think you have your ideal wrought iron floor lamp in mind including size, style and color you are ready to start shopping. A great place to start is online. You might find the perfect selection for your home sooner than you ever imagined.

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My Experience with Wrought Iron Chandelier

Fri, 29 Feb 2008 01:01:00 +0000

When I first began to date the woman I am now married to, I found her quirky, goth aesthetic to be cute and charming. I was sure that she would get over it in a year or two, and although I thought her decorating schemes were tacky, I was willing to put up with them because of how much I loved her. Then we got married, and things got difficult. You see, if anything, her tastes in all things dark and Gothic have become more exaggerated over the years. For a time, I was prone to dismiss it as some kind of life crisis, but now I know better. It is not a life crisis – it is just life!

I didn't mind the wrought iron furniture that much, and I didn't object to the wrought iron candle holders in our rooms. I put up with all of the Nightmare Before Christmas figurines, and the skull shaped motifs decorating the walls. When she decided to put up a wrought iron chandelier in the living room, however, I put my foot down. Both of us love to entertain guests, and our guests are pretty tolerant people. I have always been a little bit ashamed of her taste, but my friends don't seem to mind. Nevertheless, a wrought iron chandelier is so over-the-top that I really couldn't put up with it anymore. She needs to realize that we don't live in a Spanish Inquisition era dungeon. We live in a modern American home, and modern American homes do not have wrought iron chandeliers!

I had not expected the wrought iron chandelier discussion to be much of a fight. You see, in general we are pretty good about compromising. I have always let her make most of the decorating decisions, but whenever I have had something very strong to say, she has taken my opinion to heart. I figured that, once she understood how much that wrought iron chandelier had begun to irritate me, she would take it down without much of a fight. To my surprise, however, it turned into the biggest fight that we have had in years. At first, she categorically refused to take the wrought iron chandelier down. Then, when she did, she didn't stop with it. She began to take down all of her decorations and put them into a box, sniffling on the edge of tears. It made me feel so bad that I almost gave in, right then and there!

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My Wrought Iron Floor Lamp Adventure

Wed, 20 Feb 2008 09:40:00 +0000

Let me start my wrought iron floor lamp adventure, telling you how it all began.

A day I decided to get a wrought iron floor lamp to stand in my studio. In general, I don't really like classical design, but in that case wrought iron floor lamps were an exception. I was looking for something combining functionality with style and that was the great thing about a wrought iron lamp. They are well made, sturdy, and decorative in a way that is not ostentatious. They stand there looking solid and stoic, giving light year after year. I knew a wrought iron floor lamp was exactly what I needed, but where would I get such a thing?

Like many of us, I am an IKEA shopper, I can say that for sure. I like things cheap, simple, easy to transport, and easy to assemble. I don't pay a lot of money for expensive furniture, I avoid antiques unless they are extremely cheap and practical, and in general I don't put a lot of thought into setting up my house. I just let things sort of fall together. They almost always do. The only problem I have had, in fact, is with floor lamps. All of the standing lamps that I have bought at IKEA, Target, and similar stores have given me nothing but trouble. You see, plastic is great for most things, but it doesn't really work for lamps. They will sit unevenly, leaning off to one side or another. They will fall over easily, shattering light bulbs. They will bend or break in the long run, no matter how careful I am with them. It drives me crazy. They cost enough that they should work!

That was the first time in my life, I went to a lighting store. It happened a few weeks ago. I was so dazzled that I forgot I was looking for a wrought iron floor lamp. I am a feast or famine kind of guy. In general, I don't really care very much about household goods, but when I am in the mood to shop, you had better look out. Anything that sparkles, looks new and improved, or flashes is off the shelf and into my cart before I can even argue with myself. In the end, I put back most of the items, but it was about half an hour before I even remembered the wrought iron floor lamp. I had forgotten why I have come there! Still, after some further searching, I found the perfect wrought iron lamp.

Now my wrought iron floor lamp stoically stands in my studio, I'm proudly showing it to my friends coming to visit me and it shows no sign of toppling over, a really discrete companion, believe me.

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