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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - President Ronald Reagan

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Well, Folks...


time to wrap up GerbilDroppings and call it a day.I have enjoyed blogging, but to be honest with you, I just cannot not do it all my own anymore, so I have decided to stop posting effective today.I will do a non-substantial post here now and then to keep this blog mine, mainly because I like the name and I am selfish and don't want to have someone else take it, but I will be posting over at

You F*CKING Liars...


I am so disgusted with these lies !Just listen to the bullshit being spewed in this short will make you livid.I got nothing else to write at the moment...

GerbilDroppings Hottie Of The New Year...


And yes, before you ask, I do like girls with piercings and tattoos.

Nice Try, Sen. Nelson...


but this won't work.In Kerry-esque fashion, Sen. Nelson (D-NE) will try to reverse the damage he has inflicted on Nebraskans (and the rest of the American Taxpayers) by airing an ad explaining his vote, and why it is good for Nebraska.Sorry Sen. Nelson, that dog don't hunt. You have demonstrated that your loyalty lies not with the voters of Nebraska who oppose this crap sandwich of legislation

What Ever, Sen. Nelson...


After sending numerous emails over the past couple of months asking Sen. Nelson to vote 'nay' on this congressional shit sandwich, I received this reply just today.Dear Frank: Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing from you on this critical issue. On December 24, 2009, I voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), H.R. 3590, which

GerbilDroppings PSA Of The Week!


felix dies Nativitatis...


“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and thegovernment shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be calledWonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”ISAIAH 9:6I want to wish all my friends a Blessed, and Merry Christmas, Peace Be Unto You. For my Pagan friends, a Happy Solstice with Blessings Be. For my Jewish friends, Happy

Rifqa Bary...


This is great news!I hope that at her next hearing, she is declared to be independent by the Court, thus allowing her to sever her ties with her family. If that doesn't happen, than I sincerely hope her attorney can delay her case until she reaches her 18th birthday in August.Does my heart good that she can receive the Christmas Cards that have been sent to her.

Rest In Peace...


1977 - 2009.

I Just Adore This Christmas Commercial...


Especially her expression.Just like a little sister being busted!

My Fellow Conservative Americans...


As a Nebraskan, I want to apologize to you for Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE).Much to my dismay, and the dismay of other conservative Nebraskans, Sen. Nelson has shown his true colors as a political whore, whose words, deeds, or actions cannot be trusted. For weeks, Sen. Nelson has stated his vote is not for sale, but it is readily apparent by his statement today, that in fact his vote can be bought.I

My Little Christmas...


I rarely put up decorations for Christmas, for the obvious reasons. Number One, I am a single guy. Number Two, as a single guy, it made no sense. Number Three, my household pets could care less. Number Four, I usually went home. Number Five, see Number One.My former roomie and her boyfriend will be visiting this year for Christmas, so I decided to surprise her with My Little Christmas, since

GerbilDroppings Hottie Of The Week...



Send A Christmas Card...


to Rifqa Bary, the young girl in Ohio who converted from Islam to Christianity, and is facing a legal battle to NOT be reunited with her family. Miss Bary has stated on numerous occasions and depositions in court that her muslim father has threatened to kill her, which prompted her to run away to Florida to seek the safety of Christians.Recently, her family's attorney from those fun loving folks

100 Years...


sometime this year, an extraordinary American was born.You were born in Pennsylvania in 1909, into a immigrant coal mining family. Your family spoke French at home, and broken English outside of the home. Your Father worked hard, because at the time, he owned his home, which was a rarity in a coal mining town.You left school at a young age, to go to work in the coal mines, which was common at

GerbilDroppings PSA Of The Week!


Major Disappointment...


About a month or so ago, a friend of mine sent me a link detailing that some of the veterans portrayed in HBO mini-series, "Band of Brothers", would be appearing at the local Air and Space Museum for a book signing event.Naturally, I was stoked about this event, so I preordered my admission, not because it was $5.00 cheaper than paying at the door, but because knowing events like this, it is

Rants, Ravings, And General Irritations...


What I am bloggin about this evening is some stupid shit that really irritates me.This nonsense of blending two different names into one, which we see and hear in the media all the time. Example: 'Brangelina'...'Bradgelina' for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It is stupid and intellectually lazy.Just stop it!And when did it become permissible for someone to call me out of the blue about goods or

Your Morning Pick Me Up...


Mine is a strong cup of coffee, black, piping hot, no cream, no sugar. I cannot stand weak, watered down coffee, the type wherein you can see the sides of the cup when it is poured (think tea). Also, I abhor coffee more than 2 hours old...I like it when it is freshly brewed, and the aroma fills the air.One of my ex-girlfriends loved, LOVED the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but would never

GerbilDroppings Hottie Of The Week...


I just adore redheads. I find redheads appealing because of their uniqueness in a world of brunettes, blonds and the in between, of which I am a member.And seriously, what is the deal with calling redheads 'gingers'?Curious minds would like to know.

Sorry for the lack of...


postings lately. I have so much to say, yet I cannot formulate what I want to say into words...I hate when that happens, as I really enjoy blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I want to wish all my readers, and those that visit my humble little blog, a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.And on a personal note, I want to wish my dear cousin currently serving in Afghanistan with the United States Air Force, and the troops where ever they are serving, a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving. It is because of you, my fellow citizens in the Armed Forces, that a disabled veteran

I Was Thinking...


that I need to post more fun threads on my blog. I was reviewing some of the posts I had written when I first began this blog, and it dawned on me that I haven't posted anything just plain silly in quite a while. I really need to get back to some of those posts versus just politics all the here you go...some songs I really like... So, let's swing out, kids:)

A Question For Liberals...


if Sarah Palin is so intellectually retarded, has no 'experience', and could not handle being president, then why, I ask you, are you all on the left so fearful of her? If she is not a threat to your vision of America and your President, as you state with fervor, what is your problem with her?Why do you feel the need to bully a young woman who was just standing in line to see Gov. Palin?Or

Say, Got a Few Days...


to read a bill ? Yep...didn't think you did, and I doubt no one in the Senate has either.