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10 minute Forex Wealth Builder Scam

Sat, 24 May 2008 04:24:00 +0000

The 10 minute Forex Wealth Builder scam is one of the newest of its’ kind on the market. Over-hyped Forex trading products have never been in short supply in the online world. As a matter of fact, there are very few products that break away from the scam pattern that has made many people rich taking advantage out of people’s vulnerability when it comes to money making.

So what’s with this 10 minute Forex Wealth Builder scam?

What does this new forex trading system have to offer to the average user and how does it do it differently? As most of nowadays digital products, it comes in the .pdf format with accompanying video tutorials and income proof.

Let’s look at the author for a bit. Dean Saunders is his name and he has been trading the forex market for over 9 years. He is considered one of the country’s elite forex traders. He has spent $1000s on forex trading systems from so called gurus only to find that the systems were not consistent in making money, were complicated by the use of too many indicators or simply fabrications of the guru and the systems did not work. Dean Saunders wanted to trade efficiently in as little time as possible with consistent earnings and he set out to create that system. He labored for years and met with elite traders and picked their brains. The 10 minute Forex Wealth Builder is a result of his efforts.

Once you start skimming through the book, you instantly notice that it’s very different. It doesn’t deliver the same old over inflated and so called “secrets” that everyone knows about. We all know how forex trading works and we all know that it can bring us a lot of money if we are disciplined and focused. However, surprisingly enough, this is not what this book is about.

You are pleasantly surprised once you start reading it. Dean uncovers 2 battle tested and proven methods that could easily be sold as standalone trading systems. The methods go against everything that the gurus have been teaching for a long time now. I am absolutely certain that you haven’t looked at making money trading currency this way before.

There are also some pretty controversial revelations presented in this book. Dean uncovers the lies that guru traders have been spreading regarding indicators that need to be used and the hours that need to be spent in front of the monitor in order to trade effectively. Dean also spells out the risks involved in day trading.

The Forex Wealth Builder is structured into 2 methods, with easy to understand manuals and video tutorials that explain his currency trading methods that are almost guaranteed to bring you the success you are anxiously waiting for.

The simple fact is that people are much more inclined to scream “scam” whenever one of these products comes out. Their lack of confidence is sometimes exaggerated, as there are persons who simply wait for the money to come in just by reading a certain book or watching a video. It doesn’t work that way. Although you can monitor your trades in 10 minutes a day, you have to invest those ten minutes. When they see it doesn’t happen like that, they scream “scam”. If it is such a thing, the 10 minute Forex Wealth Builder scam is one I’d always be happy to let it fool me.