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Leaders Are Not Pretenders

Tue, 13 Sep 2016 23:49:00 +0000

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="367" src="" width="653"> Leaders are not pretenders. When you are strieving to earn money on the internet, beware of who you attach your wagon. I have been into network marketing for 12 years and you can find evidence that i am a real person. I don't have to wear sun glasses or a disguise. There are many pretenders in the network marketing industry but let us use your valuable time with some good insight in finding a real leader and not a counterfeit. How do i know that i have found a real leader?

The is a story about an elementary teacher who was using a game to teach her students  some facts about state government. She said: "I am a top, elected official in this state and live in a mansion. "Who am I?" "I know teacher, replied little Johnny, "a confused person". "No Johnny! Why did you give that answer?" "Well teacher," said Johnny, " I figure that anyone who doesn't know who he is, is confused". One thing to be sure of is that a confused person can only confuse you. Here are some things to consider in a real leader.

A Real Leader Is A Real Person

Leaders do not have super powers with rare abilities to  make anyone into a success. Leaders are flesh and blood and have emotions like everyone else. They work hard to be the best they can be and make others better around them. There is some work we must do. Systems don't make money online but teams do.

 A Real Leader Is Made Not Born

The idea that a Real leader is born not made has allowed unqualified pretender leaders claim the are leaders. These individuals have never led anyone or any teams, Real leaders show up during severe crisis while pretenders are no where to be found, Leaders can be found without great difficulty. The photos of paypal earnings do not replace lost earnings and pep talks want replace time that is lost forever.

Leaders must be trained and have the experience of having "setbacks" with the associated "bounce backs" to success.Desire does not manifest your dream. Leaders know how to "grind toward goals on a consistent.basis.

A Real Leader Has A Sense of Urgency

A Real  leader feels a sense of urgency. He/she knows others time and money is at stake. Lives can be change for the better or for the worst.Families can be unified or split. When people come to the internet and try to earn money online it is no joke. It is sometimes a desperate move. Leaders must be in touch with their followers and place themselves. I have not written a post on this blog for a while. Its good to be seen. Here is a plan that if you work it consistently, you can build an residual income.


MLMers Must Know Your Home Business Tax Deductions

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 19:59:00 +0000

What You Don't Know About Home Business Tax Deductions Can Hurt.

Home Business owners can get so discourage that they forget that there is a way to recoup their losses
if they just use common sense. Some network marketers have went from losing money to breaking even or getting in profit throw tax deductions. . Watch the video below and then contact your tax accountant to verify if you can use some of the suggestions in this video.

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100 % Compensation Plans Vs MLM Compensation Plans

Thu, 12 Dec 2013 22:10:00 +0000

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640">     The 100% compensation plan is over revealing the absurdity of the basic MLM compensation with it's high risk and little or no return on your time and dollars. Many first time marketers get caught u in the hype of the huge dollars the "top earners" are making in their company but that is only 3%. 97% of the people in the company can never ever sponsor enough people to even make a car payment much less get a "car bonus".

 The high dropout rate and the retention of 1 person in 10 ever staying long enough to get a team pay check(60 days) is an impossible hurdle to over come just based on the mlm compensation model. The is the only way company's can pay the Gurus to bring their list of people and teams into "new mlm companies.

Building a team from "ground zero" is possible using the 100 % compensation plans vs the  10% comp plan of mlms. There is some companies that have really tried to marry the 100% instant comp plan with the residual appeal of the MLM compensation plan. With this cash generating system you can generated instant commissions ,your own list of prospects and long term residual income at the system time on autopilot. If you want more info on how to really earn instant cash you can pay bills with and have a residual income for your future. CLICK HERE

Some Important Facts About An MLM Home-Based Business....

Fri, 22 Nov 2013 01:57:00 +0000

The basic needs for a MLM home-based business to succeed include a decent computer, a high-speed internet connection and a desire to be successful. Many companies involved in network marketing MLM have major money learning the ropes of network marketing and have slowly become proficient at it and are now seeking others to help their business continue to grow. Some may cite noble reasons to wanting to share their methods and a few may simply say they want to grow bigger and make more money and need your help to do so, but the bottom line is their methods have been proven to work and if you follow their lead, you can be successful as well.

MLM home-based businesses are an excellent source of extra income as long as the facts of such businesses are known. In addition, there are certain aspects the MLM home-based business owner or the member of this type of business needs to examine from time to time. The MLM home-based business owner or the team member should initially examine the MLM home-based business statistics available on the internet as well to gain a better understanding of this type of business.
The following is a detailed examination of those evaluation aspects concerning a MLM home-based business:
1. Denial- Most of the people involved with MLM home-based businesses lose money. This is a simple fact. If a team member or owner is spending more money than their producing on the MLM home-based business, the venture is a failure. This evaluation aspect takes into account that there are advertising, start-up, and other expenses as well.

2. Line Duplication- Certain members of an upline have success placing an internet wanted ad for distributors. This particular action cannot be duplicated in that it would not be effective for the entire MLM home-based business team to perform the same action.

3. Numbers- Most MLM home-based business owners or members don’t closely look at the numbers of their businesses. Pay particular attention to the various parts of the MLM home-based business (i.e. time value, sponsorship, downline members, etc.).

4. Run it like a Ministry- Some people that run MLM home-based businesses believe their products depends on the world’s survival. This is an excellent mindset to possess for a MLM home-based business.

All of these evaluation aspects must be positively confirmed to have the success and profits for a MLM home-based business. There are many MLM home-based business opportunities on the internet and in paper publications as well. An interested person should carefully research a chosen MLM home-based business, and apply these evaluation aspects to it after a time experiencing the MLM home-based business.

 Additionally, the interested person should find the MLM home-based business that allows personal time investment, instead of large amounts of money for the venture.
Essentially, a MLM home-based business idea that requires a person to utilize free time as capital along with a small monetary investment is a venture that’s less risky but has lots of potential for providing generous earnings.CLICK HERE FOR A GREAT MLM HOME BASED BUSINESS


Locating The Perfect Network Marketing Opportunity

Fri, 26 Apr 2013 19:00:00 +0000

   Mlm is preferred now and with increasingly more firms utilizing the multi-level marketing framework to advertise and offer their services and products is difficult to determine which to sign up with or advertise. This is why if you are aiming to sign up with a multi-level marketing business it is important that you determine the bottom lines that make a network marketing business worth joining. As you are aware of there are lots of fraud firms that just function is to take your cash and run. It is very important to understand all the information regarding the mlm business prior to you signing up.Now, that being said, one of the most essential things to look at when signing up with a multi level marketing firm is to know the structure of the firm, the features, the founders/owners, exactly how the business began and the person behind the network marketing opportunity. The factor is by you discovering the structure you have a much better understanding of your company. Bear in mind that when you are looking into a network marketing business, the firm should supply with all this details so you could make a more effectively move based upon their details.Now, while you are looking into, things you must remember would certainly be exactly how the firm began, exactly how they are distribute your pay, and exactly what they are offering. The products thatythey are offering it is very important since you do not wish to market something that does not supply actual value to the customer. Knowing  how they are going to pay you is of the utmost importance. You need to understand the amount of pay you will receive for your effort. Finally  you have to discern exactly how the business evolved, practically every legitamate network marketing business provides this info accurately on their internet web site.Many top marketers suggest that in order to understand exactly how the business functions, you need to talk with a person that is currently with the network marketing company. If you do, make sure that you ask as lots of questions so you can gain some valuable insight from an inside. Be sure and asked them how much money are they making now.The very best means to discover facts concerning a business is on the internet. You could make use of websites like Yahoo or Google to do your very own personal study regarding any type of business. You have to thoroughly investigate prior to deciding to join, since a great choice is a knowledgeable choice.  Network marketing advertising is really full of hype these days and with additional network marketing businesses utilizing the multi level marketing framework to market and offer their items and services, it is challenging to determine which one to join. This is why if you are looking to sign up with a network marketing company, it is necessary that you determine the critical factors that make a network marketing business worth signing up with. Last but not least, you must find out exactly how the business begin and also how it develop over the years  Make sure the information about the business on the website is correct. One of my favorite things to look for is a telephone number that is easy to find. It there is no contact information, run. CLICK HERE FOR A PERFECT HOME BUSINESS[...]

Splendid Information For Internet Network Marketers In Kalamazoo

Wed, 27 Mar 2013 15:21:00 +0000

I have some splendid information for anybody in the Kalamzoo , Michigan area looking for cost-free advertising devices for their internet company. 5 Minute Mogul is taking the frightening jobs of marketing, creating most commons, developing a consumer data source, and establishing earnings flows, and making it an enjoyable, simple procedure that any person in the zip code location 49009 can easily know.

Kalamazoo homeowners who are examining their internet company possibilities will see how simple it is to handle in Grand Rapids area along with all Michigan this free of charge e-mail software application by 5 Minute Mogul. Go to and you'll quickly discover exactly how simple and satisfying it can be to have actually a home based internet company in Kalamazoo.

Our system is established significantly like a Monopoly competition board. As you make your method around the board you will certainly discover to make use of devices to grow your small company concepts in addition to rise your possibility to make money online on the net in Michigan.

5 Minute Mogul compliments most common lead generation software applications makes it effortless to obtain your domain, make your site, develop capture web pages, arrange your earnings flows, release an on the internet blog site, and profit from the most effective thoughts in the multi level marketing market.

You will just need 5 minutes daily to inspect your Grand Rapids cash flows.  Just think that in 5 Minutes a day you can impact your future

Whether you are in direct sales or network marketing expert, the cost-free online advertising and marketing devices from 5 Minute Mogul can easily make your online company blow up! Give it a try today. It's FREE to register, so start now by calling me at 269-290-3263 or emailing me at

How to Be Successful in Online Internet Network Marketing - Drive Traffic the Right Way

Sun, 27 Jan 2013 03:13:00 +0000

You can gain online internet network marketing business success if you know the proper ways to generate traffic to your network marketing site. Bear in mind that online traffic means prospective clients for your business. There are several ways to generate traffic effectively and the best thing is, most of them are very affordable and others are free. A limited budget or lack of money is not a problem in reaching your target market to promote your products and services. Online marketing is thus recommended for starters and other who would like to cut on expenses. You can attract traffic to your site and eventually gain online internet network marketing business success with the following strategies: 1. Leverage on Social MediaPosting valuable content on social networking sites will assure you of well-established relationship with your target market. You must communicate well with your market so to continue the cycle of give and take relationship. Online users have the power to promote your business through personal endorsements and word of mouth. Social networking sites are visited by billions of people a day. Even if you target a slim .01% of these members, you can gain enough traffic back to your site. Provided that you offer valuable products and services, you can be certain that they will always promote your business and recommend your products to their family and friends.  2. Develop Content That Stands Out Among the CompetitionOnline users are always enticed by unique things. Thus, it is ideal to develop content that will clearly stand out in the competition. In order to achieve online internet network marketing business success, make certain that your content is not only valuable but also fun and engaging to read. Frequent updates will also make your site fresh and enticing. Online users will always want to read more. It is also crucial to keep track if your links and tags are not broken. Make certain to have enough knowledge in Search Engine Optimization or SEO to help your website appear in top popular engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You must also have an excellent proofreader since grammatical errors and spelling checks could only result to bad impression. It is also very crucial to develop original content. Never copy and paste content from another website. A copy-pasted content will not be palatable to search engines and even your customers. You can achieve online internet network marketing business success without being dishonest. 3. Grab Opportunities to Be LinkedGiving and receiving links from other websites within your niche is a great way to gain traffic to your website. The disadvantage of this, however, is that exchanging with an online site that markets below-quality products and services could have negative impact on your reputation. Be very cautious in exchanging links. To Get FREE Marketing Tools & FREE Coaching Click Here[...]

Now Kalamazoo Can Market With Kimball Roundy!

Tue, 20 Nov 2012 20:22:00 +0000

(image) Kimball Roundy Mentoring Available In Kalamazoo

For Internet business owners in the Kalamazoo area, expert advice can mean the difference between success and failure. Now with 5 Minute Mogul, you can learn how to run a successful online business from the best, Mr. Kimball Roundy, the creator of this powerful network marketing training tool.

Kimball Roundy Is The Real Deal

Kimball Roundy is the founder and CEO of the International Internet Marketing Consulting Firm, RoundGoods Consulting Group. Kimball has been involved in networking, internet, and affiliate marketing since 1998. In the Dot Com era, that is a lifetime.

Kimball Roundy Expertise Works With Any Business

Now internet entrepreneurs in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek areas can profit from Kimball's vast knowledge by learning to play the 5 Minute Mogul List-Building and Money-Getting Game to generate Endless Leads for their Visalus, Synergy, Xango, Organo Gold, or other direct marketing business.
Just watch as Kimball Rounday's 5 Minute Mogul generates 12 or more streams of passive residual income for you! Just follow the easy steps on the 5 Minute Mogul game board. Pretty soon, it may take as little as 5 minutes a day to check your income streams.
These Internet marketing tools are essential for Kalamazoo online entrepreneurs who need to automate their online marketing. I'm James Byrd, and I want to tell you more about Kimball Roundy's 5 Minute Mogul and how it can help your Kalamazoo internet business generate more income for you. Contact me today!

Grand Rapids 5 Minute Mogul Network Marketers: Upgrade Today!

Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:42:00 +0000

(image) Hello Grand Rapids affiliate marketers and online business owners. If you joined 5 Minute Mogul at the basic level, I am sure you are enjoying the free 5 Minute Mogul professional Internet marketing training videos and the online lead generation tools. Many Grand Rapids online sellers and network marketers have paid thousands of dollars for similar training and software. I have watched the videos several times and always learn something new when I review them. I want to remind you that the 5 Minute Mogul seo services and lead generating system has a lot more to offer. If you upgrade to the Apprentice level, you can add your own affiliate links. You'll get your own SEO optimized blog with custom Google-friendly content posted weekly and you will also be eligible for 5 Minute Mogul affiliate commissions. Kalamazoo folks who want to quickly make online money should consider the 5 Minute Mogul Industrialist level. This level includes everything in the basic and Apprentice level but adds a fully widgetized, drag and drop web page builder.
You will be able to build mobile optimized web pages for iPhones, Androids, and iPads. (This is becoming a must-have tool since more and more Kalamazoo people browse on mobile devices exclusively.)
You will also get two custom local SEO blogs articles per week and a CRM Aweber-connectable tool. The Industrialist level offers access to additional webinars with Kimball Roundy (5 Minute Mogul founder and online marketer extraordinaire). These interactive meetings will allow you to ask Kimball questions about your specific Grand Rapids home based or online business. The Tycoon level includes the email marketing tools, seo package, and lead generating software mentioned previously and adds e-commerce functionality and personal consultations with Kimball. By upgrading your 5 Minute Mogul membership today, you can more effectively leverage your leads and referrals to establish multiple streams of passive, residual income. Call 269-290-3263, send a note to or visit today! James B Byrd james byrd Kalamazoo, Michigan 269-290-3263

Looking For A Passive, Residual Money Getting System In Michigan?

Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:30:00 +0000

Money doesn't just grow on trees in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek or Grand Rapids. Or can it? Is it possible to create a passive residual money making system in the Grand Rapids area that can work for you? We think so! 5 Minute Mogul would like to help you with your Michigan online marketing business in Kalamazoo, and share with you some of our experience in SEO optimization, automatic lead generating and referral systems, and affiliate marketing in Michigan and other states.

We're not saying it won't take some effort on your part in the Grand Rapids area to build and grow your own successful online marketing business, but we do think that 5 Minute Mogul can make it easier for you to get your Michigan online marketing business started and then help guide you through a maintenance plan that is geared to help your Kalamazoo home based online business stay focused and running smoothly in about 5 minutes a day.

Learn the secrets to success with 5 Minute Mogul and see how easy it can be to create your own Michigan online residual money getting system. If you can't find a tree with money on it, then let us teach you how to grow your own with 5 Minute Mogul in the 49009 zip code area today. Visit my website at or call me at 269-290-3263, and let me introduce you to 5 Minute Mogul.

FREE Kimball Roundy Marketing Tools For Grand Rapids

Thu, 11 Oct 2012 21:56:00 +0000


One of the advantages of having your own home-based network marketing business is the low overhead costs. In fact, this is one of the main reasons Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek small business owners choose membership marketing companies to partner with.

If you're the owner of a 49009 zip code area Internet business, you probably like the sound of the word FREE, right?

What about FREE internet marketing solutions?

With 5 Minute Mogul, you can get marketing tools and invaluable instruction for your Kalamazoo online business. You'll learn from successful internet entrepreneurs like Mike Dillard, Ferny Ceballos, and Daegan Smith as well as founder and CEO Kimball Roundy. Their experience and internet marketing strategies can be used to your advantage at no cost!

5 Minute Mogul is so simple you won't believe it! It's a lot like playing Monopoly. As you move around the game board, each space will help you establish and run your online business. The first order of business is domain and website set-up. Then you get your income streams in place. From business blogging to lead generation to free email software to social networking tricks - 5 Minute Mogul has you covered.

These Internet marketing tools are essential for Grand Rapids online entrepreneurs. I'm james byrd, a 5 Minute Mogul member since September 2012. and I want to tell you more about 5 Minute Mogul and how it can help your Kalamazoo internet business generate more income for you. My favorite 5 Minute Mogul tools are 5 Minute Traffic Tycoon and 5 Minute Mogul. Contact me today!

Profit Sharing Marketing System Can Save You Tons Of Money!

Wed, 09 May 2012 17:46:00 +0000

Most people have lost money online trying to market and it's no fault of their own. Do to a lack of experience and great marketing skills almost 99% of those who join mlm or other online opportunities fail. Those who make money online take advantage of these failures by offering products and solutions that address the symptoms of the failures but not the source.

I have built downlines over the years only to start over and over again. I was able to sponsor people into my opportunity by we never could leverage all our resources together as a team and could not sustain the ongoing cost of monthly autoship until you could get into profit.

This downline fallout is a characteristic of MLM compensation plans and it is the main reason they are used because their never will be huge payouts if only 1 out of 9 people stick it out. Well if you are going to have a shot at making money in an MLM, then you must have a low product price point and a team to leverage all your marketing efforts.

The Profit Sharing Marketing system is composed of elements that allow you to PIF 50% of the autoship of the newest member on your team. That way if you need two referrals to be in profit, every new person is PIF(pay it forward) one paid referral. This level the playing field for everyone and you tend not to lose your downline because everyone is making some money. When everyone makes money in your mlm,everyone achieves!

Click Here For A FREE Tour

XMWebHosting International. -How To Be Financially Free In 2 Years-6months

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 21:09:00 +0000

XMWebHosting International. is a very unique company as ittakes time to train all it's affiliates how to market online stepby step no matter if you are an experienced marketer orbeginner, there is always room at table for anyone.There are webinars Mon thru Fri that help you set upyour websites and teach you how to be an independentmarketer who can get on the first page of Google withina week. Now I just want to show you how workingwith our team you can sponsor and retain a downlinethat will have you become financially free even if you only can sponsor 2 people in 6 monthI want to show you the great potential of XMWebHosting International. It's nearly impossible to fail if you keep doing this business.How many people do you think you can sponsor in this business? Howabout just 7 people in 6 months?Even if you can only sponsor 7 people in 6 months, even if thepeople you sponsor can only sponsor 7 people in 6 months like you,you will still succeed because your network is going to be a totalof 19,607 people in just 2 years and 6 months!Does this sound unreal? I will break the numbers down for you. The great potential of XM in the next 2 years and 6 months! 6 Months Later = $7/month. (you're making $1/person/month)1 Year Later = an additional $49/month. Those 7 you brought in,each brought in 7 of their own on your "2nd level". (7 x 7 = 49)1 Year & 6 Months Later = an additional $343/month. Those 49from your 2nd level, each get their own 7, for a total of 343additional members on your 3rd level. (49 x 7 = 343 members)2 Years Later = an additional $2,401/month from 2,401 members onyour 4th level. (343 x 7 = 2,401)2 Years and 6 Months Later = an additional $16,807/month from 16,807members on your 5th level. (2,401 x 7 = 16,807 members)It's total 19,607 members, or $19,607/month of pure residual income!How about if you enroll 10 people in every 6 months?6 Months Later = $10/month from your 1st level.1 Year Later = an additional $100 per month (10 x 10=100) from your 2nd level.1 Year & 6 Months Later = an additional $1,000 per month(100 x 10 = 1,000) from your 3rd level.2 Years Later = an additional $10,000 per month (1000 x 10 = 10,000)from your 4th level.2 Years and 6 Months Later = an additional $100,000 per month(10,000 x 10 = 100,000) from your 5th level.It's total $111,110/month of pure residual income!Don't you think it would be worth an investment of just $22 to seeif you can create better future with this opportunity? (Remember,it's $11.99 for a .com domain name, then just $9.99 per monthfor the hosting of your site and system.)Here is where you can register with XM WebHosting:http://www.xmwebhosting.comRetirement IncomeOn Fire To Retire[...]

3 Tips For Internet Network Marketing Success

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 19:33:00 +0000

The information below will save you years of frustration and tons of money trying to have internet network marketing success online. In order to have a chance to be successful in making money online you must have tons of traffic, top cutting edge marketing training and a great marketing team.

Success Tip #1- You must have tons of targeted traffic to your website.

The key to you internet network marketing success is to get tons of targeted traffic to your website. Of course the key word i targeted. Any traffic just won't do. People need to be searching for what your website is selling. It takes thousands of views just to get 100 signups when the traffic is not targeted traffic.

This takes time and you must agree that time is your most valuable asset. You need a way to leverage the task of driving traffic to your website that is passive. In other words you need a residual traffic system to make residual income. If you don't have a residual traffic tool(such as a blog) then time becomes a problem and usually will lead to burn out and quitting.

Success Tip #2- Cutting Edge Marketing Training.

You need to have cutting edge marketing training presented by leaders who have arrived at the destination that you going to. In other words people who have done this and done that and who have had success in internet network marketing. Many times there are passive marketing training systems that are just left in your back office for weeks. Some of the information is outdated and their are no live training webinars. If you don't have someone that can mentor you and you can interact will surely fail.

Success Tip#3- A Great Marketing Team

An active marketing team is a must for you to be have an opportunity at internet marketing success. The major reason is that many online business programs have a matrix pay plan that usually requires you to sponsor 1000's of people in order to make the income of your dreams. Many times the you may have a "lazy downline" where most people is waiting for something to happen instead of making something happen.

Sometimes you just want some people in your downline that you just signup anyone. Always keep this in mind....who's going to fill up the "slackers matrix"??? It's a business decision. Their are dreams being built or destroyed by not only what you do but what the team does. Sort and sift the "bad apples" from the get go so that you get quality people. After all an internet marketing business if more then a hobby but it is a legitimate business.

When you have tons of passive traffic to your website, cutting edge marketing training and a great marketing team, you have the basic ingredients for internet network marketing success. If you are sick and tired of all the hype and want to make money online Click HERE

Network Marketing Success Tips- Who Owns The List?

Sat, 18 Jun 2011 19:54:00 +0000

It has always been said that the moneys in the list and this is true. The question is who has ownership of the list or the genealogy. As i was talking to a friend about a free marketing system the conversation became heated when i asked that question.

What people fail to realize is that as long as a company offer you affiliate sites for marketing and store your data, they have complete control of the list and ownership. It would be nice if they would pay you for each lead that you generate but they don't.

Many mlm companies keep all the leads and sell them to lead companies when they change their name and start all over again. Be on the lookout for start-ups and prelaunches because many times they are only in business an few months and then disappear. i know this sounds a little crazy but if you can't download the leads into your own csv file..maybe there is a reason.


Is The Money Really In The List??

Tue, 18 Jan 2011 21:49:00 +0000

We have all seen and heard about the "money is in the list but you have to be very careful about the type of people you have on the list. Quality is better then quantity...what i mean by this is that if you build a list full of tire kickers, you want make little if any money marketing to them because they were looking for something free.

The other type of person is the "network marketing junkie" that jump from program to program who follows the hype of making a killing by being the first to join the next pre-launch that will net them thousands of dollars a month even if they never sponsor a single person!

Lets get real with it...mlm/network marketing is almost impossible to be successful at without having a responsive list of real prospects that believe you have their best interest at heart. If you want quality people on your list, then you must offer your prospects "extreme value" not just some warmed over ebook telling them the some old tired story!

If you offer your prospects the education they need to learn how to market their business online and offline and they have some success at it, you will create a list of quality prospects that like and trust you ...even consider you as a friend. Check out the link below if you are looking to build a quality list and a network marketing business that lasts.

Keeping it real!


Why Is Internet Network Marketing Success So Hard??

Sat, 13 Nov 2010 00:08:00 +0000

I received a call from my downline and she immediately told me how she had lost $15,000 in about 5 years trying to make money online. I believe like most of us....we thought it would be a lot easier to be a successful internet marketer then it turned out to be.

Let us look at the NFL (National Football League) ... If we just look at the money the players make we see the reason why is that they are the best in the world at what they do. Many new network marketers just don't have the skill set to be successful online. We don't know how to write ads, advertise or even have a blog to drive traffic to our website that we don't even own. The key to internet marketing success is traffic,traffic...traffic. Nothing is more discouraging then to pay thousands of dollars for websites and autoresponders and can't get 20 leads.

Everyone knows that the money's in the list. You and i are on some Guru's list. Those heavy hitters trade lists between one another. I know when my own list exceeded 1200 prospects, i had people contacting me to exchange lists. Many new marketers and experienced alike most likely have less then 100 people on their prospect list. Some top network marketers have more then 25000 -250000 people on their list. They market to their list. We join safelists and market to each other....whats wrong with that picture??

Look at it this way...say their are 3000 people selling franchises and they all get on the same list and advertise their business franchise to each other. I am not looking for a business opportunity but i am trying to sell you a business opportunity. You got it right...internet network marketing success will continue to be hard as long as you get it twisted. Build your list and market to that list just like the Guru's! If you're tired of losing money online visit the link below.

Keeping It Real!

James B Byrd

Why building MLM Downlines Is So Hard?

Mon, 16 Aug 2010 00:05:00 +0000

I have been taking it easy this summer and i hope you have had a wonderful summer also. Building mlm downlines is hard because most network marketers lack the marketing skills need to drive tons of traffic to their affiliate websites so that they are averaging 50 -100 signups daily to offset the 97% who are quitting within 3 months.

I have tried to use many systems the last few months such as team systems, giving away the first paid signups and helping advertise for my team. The sad fact is that the average network marketer can only sponsor (.16) members or subscribers per month. This is a researched based number.

If you need to earn 5000 dollars per/month in a mlm business, figure you will have to have a 5000 member downline. That means you probably will earn $1.00 per/person in your downline. The only way is to have a team that joins an opportunity at the same time.

There is a new method of trying to accomplish this without all the stress and strain of trying to sell people to join your opportunity or chasing family and friends. I really believe this will have a shot at working. This system will build your downlines for free. ... check it out here:

Keeping it real!

GBG- Still The Best Home Business Opportunity 2010

Wed, 07 Apr 2010 19:42:00 +0000

I haven't wrote very many posts lately but i just had to tell it... Your success in a Home Business Opportunity begins with leadership. Leadership can either break or make a company. Their are many successful people who start companies but lack the leadership skills to take that mlm company to the next level. Stuart Finger, the leader of GBG has been a successful network marketer for over 21 years.

Stuart was part of 2 other companies and was the lead dog at the top of their compensation plans. He left money on the table and thousands of people in his downline because he knew that he was making money off of them and not for them. Only the a few were making money online at all.

Stuart leaned on his faith for a solution and now we have his leadership at GBG. A transparent leader in a time of backroom deals and upfront profits for the "gurus". The price point of GBG products fit's the budget of the "little guy" and gives opportunity for American families to have a true economic stimulus page that want cost them $100s of dollars a month they don't have.

Hey, i am just going to "keep it real" here. Time out for the hype! You can't get something for nothing! It takes a great leader, a great company and great people to profit from an mlm company. GBG has that...check it out for yourself here.

James B Byrd

How To Make Money In MLM Network Marketing With Losing Your Shirt -Part 1

Tue, 23 Feb 2010 22:16:00 +0000

Hi, If you've been trying to make money in mlm online, you've have probably come to the conclusion that there is more to it then just a glossy website and some copy and paste ads sent out some list builder.
If you want to be successful in network marketing and actually make money on line, you must first start with the right mindset. You need a positive mind. That's know joke!! Look some people are so afraid of identity theft, they don't put any information about them on their website.

The power of attraction is always's working for you or it's working against you. Yeh, i know you're not going to believe that but i know from 1st hand experience. If life's good and i am at a good place in life in my mind...i get more signups and i make more money. Next we need to find an honest mlm network marketing opportunity to join.

James B Byrd
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MLM Business Building- Profit Sharing Marketing Explodes An MLM Business

Tue, 09 Feb 2010 20:55:00 +0000

Hi, James here...If you have been in mlm or multilevel marketing programs, you have notice that the best team always wins. Many of the problems that new networkers have is not their fault but a belief in the hype that anyone can do this business.

When you look at mlm network marketing close enough you will find that it works simple and easy if you are on a team that is duplicating it's mlm team members. MLM successful business building requires a dynamic leadership coupled with a team that works together as a unit to use the different talents of the whole team.

In order to build an mlm business sucessfully, every person must march to the beat of the same other words just by being me...makes the mlm team better overall. Individuals only burn themselves out when they try to build an mlm business by themselves.

Profit sharing marketing allows everyone to help and keep one. Most mlms tell you to get a certain number of recruits and you're done. You got that right. If you just get your 2 and not help someone get their 2 then you really are through!! The philosophy creates the attitude which create the action. If your philosophy is not only getting your 2 and everyone helping the other person get their 2...then you will fail because you set others up for failure. Click on the link below if you're tired of losing money builiding downlines that vanish like smoke!!

James B Byrd
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Simple MLM Success -Profit Sharing Marketing Almost Guarantees MLM Success

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 19:20:00 +0000

Hi, James here. Are you banging your head against your computer keyboard because every time you recruit someone into your MLM they soon drop out? It's a fact that the retention rate for MLMs is about lower then low. Really it's not your fault if you can't build an MLM business by your's the very nature of a multi-level marketing compensation plan.

If you brought a team with you into your mlm, then it be easy, but when you recruit one person at a time by yourself, as soon as you get almost lose one within 30-60 days. The traditional MLM model reveals the following statistics. If you recruit 9 people, out of that nine...5 drop out, 3 work every now and then and 1 really builds the business.

What PSW does is to let you "Get 1 and Keep 1" by sharing the profits among all the team members. Profit sharing marketing "pays it forward" by helping all new members "Get 1" downing through 5 levels deep and then starts another mlm team.

If you use PSM with the NPN matrix pay plan that only requires you to "Get 1" person per month who get 1 person per month=50k per year and you use the PSM not only to "Get 1 but also Keep 1, it almost guarantees MLM success. Check out the slide show below.

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Website Traffic Formula Makes Getting Massive Traffic To Your Website Piece Of Cake

Wed, 13 Jan 2010 03:11:00 +0000

I stumbled upon a superb traffic generation website and
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I'm so happy that this system is finally available to us.
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I'm off to get a lot more traffic to my business now.

Talk To You Soon!

James B Byrd

World Changer Mall- A Work From Home Business That Works

Tue, 15 Dec 2009 22:55:00 +0000

Hi James here. Well it's that time of year when work from home business opportunities are coming out of the woodwork...People are looking for how to turn profits but if the truth be told only those MLM network marketing business owners will be the only ones who really earn fast profits.

I am getting to the point that i can't really stomach sponsoring people into mlm deals that you know from the get-go that no one will be able to fill a matrix of 100 people much less the thousands that is required to make a "walk away income"

The problem with mlms and many work from home programs that feature a matrix pay plan is that everyone has to be working for it to work. That fact of the matter is that everyone will never work...the one working will get worked over while the rest just wait and watch for the spillover fairy.

The My Power Mall system is not a mlm, not a 2up or one of those revolving matrix deals. It's plain and simple. It is a cash rebate system where you get cash rebates on the dollars you spend. The World Changer mall is the only system where you can actually compute and guarantee your profit before you spend your hard earn money. It is a work from home business model that want work you over! Click on the link below and see for yourself.

It's all about you and success!

James B Byrd.
aka "The Network Marketing Smarts Guy"

Network Marketing Smarts-Why Following "Gurus" Is Leaving You Broke

Mon, 23 Nov 2009 16:23:00 +0000

Hello, James here...there is a high failure rate in the network marketing industry due to new networkers lack the marketing skills to drive targeted traffic to their websites but there are also a high rate of failure due to marketers following the "heavy hitters" or "Gurus".

It would seem to be the answer to your online money woes is to jump into every opportunity that you see which has a high profile "Guru". But 90% of the time you will not get all the information from the Guru to make any money that would be life changing.

Picture if you will 5 picture puzzles that have been scattered on the floor and mixed together and i give you a picture of just one on the puzzles. The hype sounds great and the info could be the absolute truth. You have all the pieces to the puzzle but you can't really sort it all out.

Every now and then you get some pieces to fit but you never really ever put one of the puzzles completly together. Finally, after jumping from one mlm opportunity to another following the "heavy hitter", you quit frustrated and broke. There are more solutions and answers in the ebook " Internet Marketing Dirty Landry Report" Click on the link below to get this FREE ebook.

James B Byrd