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Meet the ex-con who ties himself to Trump


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. -- Fresh from snatching up a former insane asylum in foreclosure for a cheap $1.2 million, a mystery man went running down a Syracuse, N.Y., street, iPad covering his face, as reporters gave chase and TV cameras rolled. It ...

Sessions vows more leak prosecutions in wake of Trump criticism


WASHINGTON -- U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to ramp up criminal investigations into leaks of sensitive information, his first comments on the issue since a series of tweets from President Donald Trump taunting him for being too weak. ...

Iran pushes back on additional nuclear scrutiny


TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran responded angrily Thursday to reports that the Trump administration would push for inspections of military facilities to ensure Tehran is complying with the 2015 nuclear deal. "Iran will not succumb to further pressure," ...

Kobach says Trump's voter fraud panel will keep voter data secure. Some states aren't buying it


After weeks of legal battles and bipartisan pushback from top election officials nationwide, President Donald Trump's voter fraud commission has renewed a message for the states: It's safe to pass along your data about voters. "Individuals' voter...

Manufacturer orders shutdown of rides similar to one in Ohio fair accident


The manufacturer of the Fire Ball ride that malfunctioned Wednesday at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, leaving one man dead and another seven injured, ordered a global shutdown Thursday of all 43 thrill rides like the one in the tragic mishap ...

Don't just fear the power grid hack. Fear how little the US knows about it


LAS VEGAS -- The robust and aggressive takedown of part of Ukraine's power grid by hackers served as a wakeup call for cyber experts and exposed just how much America does not know about foreign operatives' ability to strike critical U.S. ...

Trump and GOP leaders agree to drop border-adjustment tax from reform


WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration and congressional Republican leaders have ditched a controversial border-adjusted tax proposal as part of an effort to present a united front for a broad tax overhaul. But in resolving one divisive issue, ...

As Venezuelan death toll rises, Maduro bans protests before vote to rewrite the constitution


CARACAS, Venezuela -- The official death toll from four months of protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro rose to 106 Thursday as tensions rose ahead of Sunday's controversial election of assembly members charged with writing a new ...

Nation and world news briefs


Minnesota police standards board votes against naming training fund for Philando Castile MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training has rejected Gov. Mark Dayton's recommendation to name a new $12 million police ...

Trump said 'our guys are rougher' than the violent gang MS-13; What did he mean?


WASHINGTON -- When President Donald Trump said this week his administration is going after "blood-thirsty" criminal gangs like the notoriously violent MS-13, he added a menacing flourish: "Our guys are rougher than their guys." The comment raised...