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Tue, 20 May 2008 17:31:56 +0000

I am a Type A and my daughter is a Type A. She had her first ear infection at 6 weeks before we knew about the BTD. She had 2 more in her first 3 years of life before we knew her secretor status. After starting the A non-secretor diet at age 3 (when Live Right came out) she has not had another ear infection and that was 7 years ago.

Thanks for helping us beat the odds!

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Sat, 03 May 2008 23:22:28 +0000

I am from Poland. Your books are fantastic! I have ten. In Poland -publishing house "MADA". Your diet keeps my family and my friends health. Do You know Polish pork,too? My husband
like it.
Thank You Dr.D.
Czy moglabym napisac po polsku?

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Sat, 19 Apr 2008 11:44:42 +0000

I would like to send you a invite to the Mini Conference that will be in Tenneesse this fall with Dr. D'Adamo as speaker.

Send me your email address or mailing address, so I can send it to you.


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Thu, 17 Apr 2008 14:19:15 +0000

I am an RD who started your R4YT diet about 10 years just to see what it was like, and because, being a biochemist at heart, the research made sense. I have never looked back.

Within 48 hours my hypoglycemia evaporated, and my husband's snoring and "allergies" all but disappeared. Both B+, we were thrilled.

Since then, I have counseled hundreds of clients, employees, family members and friends in many states and in Europe. The second question I ask is "What is your blood type?" (the first being, "How can I help you?") Yes, I have taken heat from fellow professionals, but my hospital administrators support and refer me, so no worries. I am probably responsible for the sale of several hundred of your books--for which I will happily await my heavenly crown--all because good health IS as easy as cooperating with one's genetics. Plus, it's fun. My clients with diabetes are achieving tremendous success, discontinuing meds (per their MD), and saying bye-bye to complications because of R4YT eating. Sure makes me look good!

Clients with all the "usual" autoimmune disorders are riding bikes and back to work. Those with gi disorders are happy you are alive, and friends' children no longer suffer with continual infections. Must be some kinda magic...

Kudos to you for the next step-genotypes! My professional association is just beginning its acceptance of nutrigenomics--someday they will embrace you (like they did Linus Pauling), but in the meantime I will be on the blade's edge with your latest information.

Thank you for your scholarship, curiosity, persistence, and arid, dusty humor. I have enjoyed your site(s) for years, and have appreciated its evolution as new research unfolds. I anticipate a wonderful future and will do all I can to promote you and yours to fellow professionals and to all my clients, friends and family.

With joy & gratitude,
Robin Waltenberger, RD/LD
Seville Ohio

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Tue, 15 Apr 2008 01:26:37 +0000

My children have an A mommy and none of them have ever had an ear infection. Your diet keeps us healthy. Thanks, Dr. D.

Wondering if this has anything to do with As and milk troubles. Dairy has long been linked with extra mucus and ear infections. Hmmmm.

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Fri, 11 Apr 2008 06:33:04 +0000

Dear Dr D,
I was smiling at the gentleman from India who wrote to you. I'm working with a retired Doctor who has taken upon himself to test and educate a small village in South India. It's also my home town. I'm collecting data and will eventually post it on the forum...but that's a long way off from now.
I just wanted to say that your dedication to improving people's lives never, ever fail to amaze me. Now, if only you could just turn your attention to South India, you will be amazed to find a totally new terrain to play on. That, I suppose, would require you to have 48hrs per day as opposed to the 24hrs(barely) that you now have ;-)!
Best wishes,