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Updated: 2018-04-22T13:37:11Z


In response to: Emerging role for probiotics in obesity


From several related articles I get that gut flora can be influenced to promote obesity, etc. But what I really want to know is what to do about it. Dr D'Adamo is more likely to cut to the chase than conventional MDs. I already take Type O probiotics. How successful is probiotic therapy for reversing this trend? Is it possible to simply introduce "friendlies" and the bad guys just eventually disappear? I'm not losing any weight and I barely eat three nutrient-dense, Type O meals a day or I gain weight. I began gaining weight, coincidentally, from a low of 145lbs, after suffering from a mystery severe sore throat condition for three months, that was not strep but required several cycles of various antibiotics to cure. Over 13 years, I have gained nearly 100 lbs and eat exponentially better than anyone I know. ???????

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I find this article concerning Dr.Mercola a little amusing and at the same time confusing.As a person who wants to improve his general overall health I have read Dr.mercola's writings and watched his videos. In an older video he's preaching the merits of fibre and whole grains. He even labels himself Dr.Fibre, LOL go figure!!! because now he preaches to avoid grains at all costs. same preacher, entirely different sermon! Why can't he remove his old dated videos off of youtube if things have changed?
I'm confused to hear he is blood type A which is primarily how a vegetarian is described. On his website regarding metobolic typing he claims he is a protien, meat eating type which hardly explains what an A is.Hey a lot of us are just average everyday people seeking ot nutrion experts as to improve our lives.When so called nutrion experts are all over the road map with each new wind that blows in, it make it really frustrating to wonder who is giving the right advice. Cheers!

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Awesome the way you explain complex matters! You are a Master in Methaphors!

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I enjoyed this article very much. The wonderment of life and its endless possibilities is what keeps me going despite the pitfalls. I enjoy learning and appreciate that I am in a position to do so. I have had some profound moments spending time with infants and toddlers who especially live in the moment.

In response to: Interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz on The GenoType Diet


Great podcast. I have used the SWAMI Xpress software without really understanding it. Thanks to this podcast, I understand it a lot better. I intend to re-double my efforts especially with eating the right thing instead of focus on avoidance.

In response to: Fat Tony Science


For the original version of this "Fat Tony" anecdote, see page 124 of "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable", by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

(More precisely, it's a thought experiment posed by Taleb, of bringing together two real people -- christened "Fat Tony" and "Dr. John" to discuss the odds of flipping a coin.)

Yes! Thank you for sharing this info. I had forgotten exactly where I had read of this anecdote. Great book.

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a gift to cherish no doubt!
thank you!

In response to: Emerging role for probiotics in obesity


I was just wondering what probiotics are actually helpful. Is acidophilus better than bifidus should we take all of them. How many probiotics are there?