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Do it for one month

Tue, 10 Feb 2009 13:38:09 +0000

Commit to doing the GenoType Diet for one month we’re so certain you’ll feel the difference that we’ll give you 50% discount on the one month supplement 3-pack for your GenoType.

Plus, if you continue to follow the plan and we’ll continue your discount.

Together with GenoType specific diet and lifestyle strategies, the GenoType Supplement System formulas work in harmony to support your body's natural ability to maximize your GenoType's strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Each GenoType Supplement Pack features three key components:

  • The Synergist Formula which delivers the optimum blend of fatty acids for that GenoType
  • The Catalyst Formula which blends phytonutrients and nutritional cofactors to optimize the metabolic needs for that GenoType
  • The Activator Formula which blends phytonutrients and nutritional cofactors to optimize epigenetic activity required for that GenoType

Ultimately, do it for three months and you’ll qualify as a complementary beta tester for Dr. D’Adamo’s new SWAMI Xpress diet software which allows you to generate a completely individualized diet for your own personal use.

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Mon, 04 Feb 2008 12:55:00 +0000

January was an extraordinarily challenging and busy month for us. The GenoType Diet launched as well as the supporting product line. We faced tremendous challenge at NAP, as we had to launch 22 products concurrently, which is quite a daunting task for a large company, nonetheless a small one like us! Each of our departments has been has been stretched to the max, from Javier Caceres in product development, who had innumerable changes with the labels; Alonso Martinez and the shipping department, who not only had to figure out how to ship the products, but where to put them! We had to clear out an entire room that is now a sea of blue bottled products. Jon Humberstone and Keith McBride have had the triple challenges of working on the design and launch of the new webstore along with a new order entry system; the development of the sales and marketing materials and plans that go along with a new product launch (and remember, times 22!), and the continuation of the sales and marketing support for the Right 4 Your Type line. We’ve also kept Don St. John busy, as he has provided invaluable feedback and error trapping on the GenoType Diet website (, so that we can assist Waterfront Media in refining the recipes to meet another level of compliance with the diet.

I think we all are thrilled to welcome in February and the move from transition to stabilization. Getting some time to wrap up the existing projects and move into stage 2. This is important not only for the company but for each one of us as well. I’ve been taking my Hunter products, along with some of daily regulars (Deflect, Polyflora, Phytocal). I’ve also been taking a lot of Tranquility Base , which is really such a wonderful product, designed to provide mental and physical relaxation. It’s effect is subtle, and it has been my constant companion these last two months!

New to our product line is Genoma Skin Care, which has been something Peter has wanted to design for a long time. Designed to reduce the effects of glycation on the skin, the crème is a great addition to my skin care routine. It’s light enough to use under make up, and I can see the cumulative difference in my skin from using this product over the past two months. A special nod to Keith for taking Peter’s vision and sourcing a clean, additive free product using only wild-crafted or organic botanicals.

As always, your feedback is important to us. Let us know how you are doing, and thanks for sharing this journey to individualization with us.

My best,


PS How ‘bout those Giants? Hoo ha!