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Preview: Comments on: Melvin Blevins Update: Toddler Forced to Smoke Pot also had Cocaine in her System

Comments on: Melvin Blevins Update: Toddler Forced to Smoke Pot also had Cocaine in her System

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By: Rob Taylor

Fri, 26 Mar 2010 18:56:15 +0000

Finally someone who understands the point, Thank you Steve

By: Steve00195

Fri, 26 Mar 2010 14:46:25 +0000

Nobody on here is bashing pot... just bashing the idea of an 18 month old toddler smoking pot.. which is completely wrong.. and to assume the kid will grow up smoking pot anyways?? some people like to choose to better themselves and to take make a clueless infant smoke pot? might as well be taking away their virginity aswell..

By: Rob Taylor

Wed, 23 Sep 2009 17:03:19 +0000

Thanks for the update. I may do a post on it.

By: BelchSpeak

Wed, 23 Sep 2009 16:58:10 +0000

Melvin Blevins got 10 years in PMITA Prison. Good riddance to rubbish.

By: Rob Taylor

Tue, 16 Jun 2009 06:15:07 +0000

It's a sad story on every level.

By: Lisa

Tue, 16 Jun 2009 03:33:00 +0000

I feel I should add something to this. Although I feel it was extremely wrong what was forced upon this toddler, I also cannot fathom a mother leaving her child for a "few months". I understand her mother passed away but once all the arrangements were taken care of and the goodbyes were said at a ceremony, how could she not return to her child and the responsibility of being a mother. She would have missed sooo much of her child's firsts, being a toddler and all. I suppose if she needed psychiatric help and was committed that would be reason enough to leave her child for a few months but other than that I cannot fathom it.

By: Lisa

Mon, 15 Jun 2009 02:41:52 +0000

OMG - I truly cannot believe that these people are defending the actions of this guy. Not only is he an enabler but he Forced THIS CHILD TO SMOKE POT. I can tell you that my 11 year old would sure know the difference between right and wrong and things to do and NOT DO while you are caring for a baby. For those of you that say that pot does not hurt you, how would you like to be the spouse of the construction worker that lost his life because the crane operator decided to have "just a hit" off his pipe to settle his nerves before going up in the cab of the crane a 100 feet or more off the ground. Getting high is certainly a preventable liablity which is why most of your companies do random drug testing these days. You all that think it's okay are just a bunch of morons.

By: amber

Fri, 15 May 2009 20:47:35 +0000

I feel as if 17 years old is a responsible age to know that u dont Force a baby to do DRUGS!!!!! I have a 3 year old daughter about the same size as the girl in the video & i was deeply disturbed by much i ddnt finish watching! As far as the 15 year sentance i feel thats fair in this case, being that the PUSHER dident learn not to give kids drugs in the 1st 17 years of his life, mayble he will learn this in the next fifteen!

By: Rob Taylor

Fri, 15 May 2009 00:33:14 +0000

Yeah. 18 is old enough to vote and decide to smoke pot in your opinion, but not old enough to accept the consequences for your actions. Sounds like drug use inhibits your ability to be treated like an adult. So what? When are people adults in your opinion?

By: Sammy

Thu, 14 May 2009 21:37:14 +0000

All of you except his sisters dont know wtf you are talking about. It was a mistake of a little kid and yes it was wrong but melvin is a GOOD PERSON who knows the difference between right and wrong and i DONT THINK HE SHOULD BE SPENDING 15 YEARS OF PRISON FOR IT. ESPECIALLY SINCE HE IS ONLY 18. all of us miss him alot and the court system needs to relize that an 18 year old is not capable of all the accomplishments don dailey had made...Melvin didnt have anything to do with that and If the law was smart they would know that. instead they are using our tax money to put people away who doesnt need to be there. enough said.