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Preview: Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

"When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'." — Groucho Marx

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The Blog That Never Dies


Sometimes I wonder if this place is fated to be the blog that never dies because every time I think it is on it is final gasp it is revived.

Never as it once was but always more than a shell.

This is where it began and maybe if it ends it is what will kill the rest.

Or maybe not.

Maybe this part of the long slumber and in time a new dawn will break and things will move forward again.

I kind of like that thought.(image)

Things I Miss


I miss this blog and the person who pushed me to write so many of the posts that you found here. Sometimes I think all is gone and that time has forced me to accept this is just something that was.

And then there is a moment where I realize, everything is different but there is no reason not to write here because you never know what can happen.(image)

The song of the evening.


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Just Another Friday Night


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So excited, can't wait.(image)

Long Time No See


You might wonder if this blog has been abandoned because I have never gone so long between updates.

The answer is no, it hasn't.

I haven't forgotten about this place but I have to admit it has been a lot longer since I updated here than I realized.

That got me thinking about why and it made me aware of just how busy I have been. So while that is a not a great excuse for you few readers it is the truth of the matter.

It is precisely why I seem to have focused upon the other blogs and left this one to founder.

I suppose it happens when you are dealing with life and being stalked by idiots.(image)



Been writing in most of the usual spaces and places, with an emphasis on a couple of particulars.

It has been going pretty well, but I am frustrated that I haven't had as much time to focus on it as I would like.

Mostly because I am either busy working or focusing on how to solve key issues. That keeps me tied up a bit.

Might have to unload in one or more places, the JackB could use a longer update.(image)

Hawkmoon 269


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">

I need your love.

Direct and to the point.

Sometimes that is what you have to do, come out and say what you feel and what you think.

Twenty seconds of insane courage, hoping you don't get shot down and that your comment is met favorably.


One Day


I want and need to have a long, open and honest conversation with someone who is very important to me.

We got caught in the crazy spiderwebs that life sometimes weaves and lost in the chaos and confusion that comes along with it.

I still believe that if we had that conversation good things would come from and of it.

One day.

A Hell Of A Time


Sometimes the blog is a device whose purpose is to serve as a time machine you can use to look back at particular moments.

When we look back now we'll remember how the Chief Deflater and his merry men staged a remarkable comeback.

That is not something the Atlanta Falcons will want to remember because for them it was an exceptional choke job.

And we'll remember how a conman was elected president and all the stupid crap he tried to push through.

As usual I am spending most of my time on what has become my primary blog, TheJackB where my latest post is about the Great Google War of 2016-17.

Where I Have Been


Some of you have written and asked about where I have been and what has been going on.

I haven't abandoned this blog but it is not my primary venue for writing. That particular honor is given to this joint.

Here is a snapshot of some recent posts for your review:

A Blogosphere Filled With Dishonest Bloggers
Email Scam Artists Are Fun To Play With
The Agony Of Stupid Mistakes
Push The River
Daughters & Computers
An Abundance of Trust Issues
Is Your Perception My Reality?(image)

Strange Things Are Afoot


Life is never going to stop surprising us now  is it. Just when I thought I had things mostly figured out and getting better they got weirder.

Feeling off center and struggling right now to get a handle on whether there is legitimate reason to be concerned or not.

Part of me is certain everything is cool and part is saying, "DANGER WILL ROBINSON!"

Question is which voice do I listen to.

What I Would Say


There is someone I would really like to speak with, to have a honest conversation where we just lay out our cards on the table.(image)

Of Health & Sickness


Got two in the family dealing with two different issues and all I can do is offer my support.

Part of me feels comfortable saying I am doing all I can do and the other part says you have to find a way to do more.

I stand firm and move forward because going backwards is not an option but there are moments where the challenge feels greater than I.

That is how the game is played and all we can do is play our best hand and hope.(image)

Sometimes People Let You Down


Been thinking for a while about writing a post about people and expectations. For now this is a quick hit and run that I may use as a placeholder.

Ran into some significant challenges not so long ago and became very aware of who was around to support me and who wasn't.

It pissed me off that some people I considered to be important weren't there and I found myself wondering if I was being fair or unfair about it.

In theory we should be kind to those who don't know about our struggles.

But I struggled with that because some of them should have known. They should have been there or so I felt.

What I haven't decided is if that was a selfish and immature position or something else. That is sort of what the post I am going to write is about.

Hurts my heart, it does.(image)

That Shmata Queen


I need to call the Shmata Queen or at least check in via text/email because it has been far too long since we engaged in "proper communications."

Life got in the way of a bunch of things and I have spent a ton of time juggling chainsaws and torches.

Somewhere along the way she and I got lost and I am ready to go looking for her.

Don't know precisely what she'll say or do, all I have are my hopes and suspicions.

It is time to reconnect.


Settling In


Slowly settling into the new digs.

Surreal to be back, in some ways it feels like I never really left. It is like I took an extended vacation and just got back this week.

Even though it is a new area of town it doesn't feel so new, it is like I have been here forever. Not sure how or why it is.

Sort of grateful because it makes some of the changes easier.(image)

Run Hard, Run Fast, Run Free


Got the answers to the big questions I was waiting on and now I hear a voice inside my head yelling to run hard, run fast and run free.

Don't ask me to tell you what it means because I am too damn tired to pick it apart. I just know that I have less than a week to make the first move and a little more than three before I make the second.

Not quite as far as Jerusalem yet but going far enough.

Guess in some ways I am starting over and that is ok with me.(image)

Two Steps Closer


Two steps closer to answers.

Two steps closer to knowing when and where the future starts while trying to enjoy the present.

Two steps closer to what comes next.

Just wish it didn't take so damn long to take those next steps.(image)

Where To Live


There is a certain pleasure in knowing you are moving but not knowing where the next location will be.

To be clear, some of the timing on this isn't what I would classify as prime time but when opportunity knocks you answer or accept that you missed a window.

So I answered the knock and now I am waiting upon multiple people to make some decisions that will help me determine what the appropriate next step and location will be.

Good times, good times.(image)

What Kind of Writing Can You Find?


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That Moment


That moment where you review the resume you had professionally prepared and scream because you found multiple errors and are more than irritated.


Because you spent time researching various providers so that you wouldn't get stuck with some dude in Pakistan who is writing resumes for a resume mill.

Your guy is certified and has lots of good things going for him and you like the meeting with him. You feel like he gets it and then when he gives you what he has gotten you wonder how he missed so many things.

So you ask if your expectations were too high and wonder if moderating them would help and it does...a little.

When you look at the document again you feel like it is better than the one you prepared yourself and that is a good thing, but it is not as big a difference as you want.

So you start taking it apart again and in a few minutes strengthen it in multiple ways and wonder if maybe it all works because you got something better out of it.

But you don't have time to think about it because your landlord has said you need to move and you have no idea where you are going. You could end up...anywhere.(image)

Moving Again


Been way too busy lately, kids have had stuff going on and that had me occupied for a while.

Other things came up and then just when I thought I was through with it all I found out I have to move...again.

On to bigger and better or so we plan, hard to say how it will all work out but I am going to do my best to guide it.(image)

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Is It Death Or Evolution


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