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Prosperous Land Blog

Blogging about and peer to peer (P2P) lending.

Updated: 2017-03-28T14:01:09.285-05:00


Still Adrift


It's been a long time since looking back here. I've been curious at re-examining some text-based screening criteria that I was using before Prosper entered the legal limbo, but, alas, Texas is still stata-non-grata. Until then, I'll watch from the sidelines.Cheers - Mike(image)

I Surrender


I started a new job a while back. A very good move for me and my family, but horrible for my free time and my free brainpower. I tried to deny it, but the reality is that I've got nothing left. I could pretend otherwise, but that's self-delusion. I still believe in Prosper and will keep lending, but Prosperous Land is going DOA for a while.If things settle down, I may return.(image)

Where Will That Rebate Check Go


With the IRS blasting an estimated $105 billion dollars toward the public, the great question is where that check will go. I'm skeptical that it'll provide the economic stimulus that folks in government were expecting - I've always assumed that folks will use it to pay off credit card bills or buy their next tank of gas, neither of which stimulates the US economy. But paying off bills will get (image) April Marketplace Survey


Prosper's April Marketplace survey was an interesting read. Mostly for the disclaimers at the bottom. Prosper's definition of "Attractive Risk-Return Tradeoff" was insightful. Attractive Risk-Return Tradeoff: For purposes of this survey release, listings are considered to have attractive returns if, based on historical loan repayment performance of Prosper (image) Feature Upgrade


Prosper did a feature drop the night of the 18th, and Andrew posted about it on the Prosper blog. This was an infrastructure drop, with improvements to the backend, but nothing visible right now:Improved institutional lender supportImproved credit report reporting (for borrowers)Preparation for bankruptcy trackingImproved data handling for loan originationThe most interesting item for lenders is (image)

Prosper Newsletter: Portfolio ROI Falls


Prosper sent out a monthly newsletter that hit my email box today. The most astounding thing has been the rather notable fall in the portfolio ROI.I had a hard time believing that the conservative portfolio estimated return had dropped to 5.10%. I remember the heady days of 8% anticipated returns with the Conservative portfolio. With Bankrate showing some 3-year CDs offering 4.45%, what exactly (image)

April Collections Update


Yes, I'm alive. I took a week off for my brother's graduation. Unfortunately, no internet where we were staying. D'oh. I'm digging back in. On to the substance:This is part of my ongoing series monitoring collections efficiency (March's report for comparison). For a reminder on the methodology, I took a snapshot of all of Prosper's loans on April 1 and compared their current status against those (image)

Default Sale Delayed


I like that Prosper is putting up more posts from their folks on their blog. Today's post was an update on the default sale by Doug Fuller. The punchline - the bad-loan marketplace is buyer market and a seller's nightmare:As a result of these efforts, Prosper received a record number of bids on the sale file (eight). Unfortunately, all of the bids were extremely low. As I mentioned in my last (image)

More On State Sales Tax Collections


State sales tax collections are a strong indicator of whether a state is going into a recession or not. This is useful information for lenders since loan default rates are known to correlate with recessions. After my last post on this, Calculated Risk has dug up a useful graphic from a Rockefeller Institute report that gives a heat map for year over year sales tax collections changes.Green is (image)

Quiet Period


I know it's been real quiet around here. I've had to take a few weeks to work through some non-Prosper things and it's seriously cut into my blogging time. I should return to a more normal blogging schedule next week.(image)

Many States Looking At Recession


I had picked on a few states before, but, according to Yahoo, it looks like a majority of the states are now facing budget shortfalls, a likely indicator for a recession and higher default rates than projected by current Prosper statisticsBy mid-April, 16 states and Puerto Rico were reporting shortfalls in their current budgets as the revenue those budgets were built on -- typically, taxes -- (image)

High ROI Lender Panel Video Surfaces


The video for the infamous high ROI lender panel has surfaced on Google Video. LoanChimp and HollowOak have observed that spans of time appear to be missing from the video.(image)

Prosper Days 2008 Videos Up On Google


Prosper has released video footage from Prosper days to Google Video. I havn't had a chance to go through it all yet, so that'll be coming, but why should that stop you? Based on all the reports out of Prosper Days, I suggest that lenders should scroll down to collections practices, start there, and then go back and experience it all.MondayProsper 101 (ran in parallel with registration)Chris (image)

Prosper Changes Bidding Guidance & Portfolios Too


In addition to the large changes announced yesterday, Prosper swept a few changes in more quietly. Specifically, they tweaked with their portfolio slices and drastically increased the number of bins used for lender bidding guidance.First, the portfolios. The conservative and balanced portfolios had the loan criteria tweaked. A quick comparison shows that the conservative portfolio had the minimum(image)

New And Shiny Prosper Interest Rates


Prosper dropped a large bomb this morning with their latest site upgrade. The headline topic: 36% interest rates everywhere [1]. Besides being miffed that they couldn't have announced it one day earlier and saved me some time, I find this to be a phenomenal development. Prosper has been limited in their growth due to the state usury limits, and this should increase the borrower volume, especially(image)

Time For Prosper To Drop The Bank Draft Fee?


Update: Darn it Prosper. Obsoleting my post less than 24 hours after I finished writing it. I'll keep it around for posterity.A while back, I noted that almost all portfolio-worthy loans are funding and this is driving Prosper's loan creation engine. A survey through a few portfolio criteria confirms this to still be true. For Prosper to extend and increase their loan volume, it's critical to get(image)

Digging Through The Help Wanted Section


Prosper does list jobs on their website, but it's PR washed and very blah. The recruiters seem to have more fun when they post Craigslist listings, and they leave some interesting crumbs in their wake.For example, Prosper's looking for a new Product Manager because marketing is taking over the website look and feel (which begs the question - who has it now?): The content of every single public (image)

Interesting Way To Get Prosper Money Back


This Prosper lender had found a creative way to liquidate all the loans he's holding: take out a loan against them.Purpose of loan:This loan will be used to pay off my current Prosper Lending Account. I no longer have the time to manage this, and would like to use my lending funds towards something else at this time.Cash balance: $26.78Value of loans: + $14,959.08Payments in transit: $(image)

Prosper's March Marketplace Summary


Two days ago, Prosper released their March Marketplace Summary (also on Business Wire). As always, the most interesting part is Chris Larsen's marketplace commentary: As we have previously reported, Prosper’s mix of “well priced” loans – loans with an attractive risk-return tradeoff – has dramatically changed from the same period last year with approximately a (image)

Lending Club Halts New Lenders. Prosper Next?


Lending Club has announced that they're not allowing lenders to invest in loans until they get a few things sorted out with the government (I'm assuming the SEC):Lending Club has started a process to register, with the appropriate securities authorities, promissory notes that may be offered and sold to lenders through our site in the future. Until we complete the registration process, we (image)

Prosper Listing Word Analysis


Word analysis has gone in and out of vogue among Prosper lenders. Right now, it's in vogue here at Prosperous Land. The premise is that you can get hints about the quality of a listing based on words that appear in the listing description. I've been messing with it to try and get a statistically significant edge (proving it provides an edge, now there's a dicey proposition), but some interesting (image)

March Collections Update


This is part of my ongoing series monitoring collections efficiency (February's report for comparison). For a reminder on the methodology, I took a snapshot of all of Prosper's loans on March 3 (yes, I'm a doofus and missed March 1) and compared their current status against those same loans on April 1. Presumably, loans that don't get further behind have some kind of money extracted in the (image)

Figuring Prosper's Maximum Allowable Loan Rate


I often get confused when I look at a state like New Jersey that has a 16% interest rate cap due to state laws but then see listings where the maximum interest rate is 12.84%. This makes no sense in any practical universe, so what's going on? The answer, my friends, is a confluence of Prosper's payment choices and government regulation (see, it doesn't have to make sense).The Bank DraftProsper (image)

What A Coincidence


I happened to be playing with Prosperous Land visitor statistics and I happened to notice that about 10% of my web traffic in March came from San Francisco. What are the odds?While I'm mentioning the site, I'll working up the mental fortitude to tinker with the site layout. It's a confluence of Google adding some cool (beta) widgets to the Blogger system and my desire to get away from one of (image)

LoanChimp's Lending Tips


LoanChimp has provided a handy set of Prosper lender tips (in 8 parts, thus far) that are good advice to any new (and existing) Prosper lender. However, going through all the posts is quite tedious, so here's my quick crib sheet:You don't know everything. Just admit it. It'll make things easier.You're here to make money, not provide handouts.This isn't gambling. Don't take chances.Don't be (image)