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So THIS is what you do instead of, ahem, something...


So THIS is what you do instead of, ahem, something else now? :-P

Fair enough.

Still, I've been trying to find you and you keep on disappearing! There's stuff to talk about! ;-P

Thanks for sharing this piece.

I like.


I like.

Why I particularly enjoyed it:Indeed, those who wo...


Why I particularly enjoyed it:

Indeed, those who worship God perfectly must in their conduct please both God and their fellow beings rather than renouncing the accepted social and civic norms, because widespread withdrawal undermines the natural order, ruins civilization and destroys the fabric of our nation.

Note that this goes on all over the place - from branches of Judaism withdrawing into themselves completely to elitism. There's a difference between choosing one's own path and then steering that path far away from everyone else's.

More important, perhaps, is

On the other hand, any regimen restricted to the individual, which overburdens the nation as a whole, actually contradicts perfection.

The point here cannot be underestimated. While yes, anyone can choose anything for themselves, if it is something that negatively affects others, it cannot be done.

As an aside, I think that this is one of the underlying points people missed in questioning why the Subpar II post was posted or not taken down.