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Comments on: It Happened at the Checkpoint

Down Under Punditry in the Middle East

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By: Carol Herman

Tue, 20 May 2008 15:00:25 +0000

Tuesday. And that didn't take long. There's an UPDATE at the Jerusalem Post. The suicide dope wasn't 16 !! He was 20. And, you can see the 4 pipe bombs, displayed. Since he was dead, before he could push his buttons. Compliments to the troops! When they take aim, and fire, they end the problem. And, that takes lots of practice. Lots of training. The IDF is the real deal ! And, the arabs? They'll keep presenting you with their VEXING problem. No. They're not looking for war! Heck, they've never really seen modern warfare, at all. What the arabs want? Gosh, their philosophy is easy to spot. They're not going to respond by wearing uniforms, and providing war zones! What they want is to bankrupt Israel. Sometimes, they try this by bribing the europeans to resist trade. And, at other times? They've got this idea that lobbing kassams will provoke Ehud Barak to commit a big ground operation. Where Israeli soldiers die. And, then? No matter what, President Bush, or his successor(s), will always demand Israel return the property. Maybe, you could hang a sign on gaza? Lost and Found? Okay. Lost. And, looking? Don't bite the arab temptations. They're out there to make you make a mistake. When you don't have to. By the way, around the thugs? Most arabs just hide. And, lie. Most don't want to get selected by hamas, either. They just want to sell their marijuana; and tea drinks. Where men collect all day long to schmooze. Oh, and hold hands! Did you notice even Bush knows how to hold an arab's hand. How many envelopes full of money did "that" take?

By: Shy Guy

Tue, 20 May 2008 09:10:59 +0000

There are two different stories in the same article here. 1. the man was stopped and raised his hand and got shot. 2 the man was asked to lift his shirt, refused and got shot.
In your first rendition, he also refused, according to the report. In any case, the difference can be attributed to eyewitnesses who were able to hear and see what was going on versus others who only saw. Makes no difference.

By: Suzanne

Tue, 20 May 2008 08:18:58 +0000

Concerning the Ma'an News report: "Israeli military sources said the young man refused to comply with soldiers who ordered him to stop and raise his hands. They then opened fire on him, thinking he was wearing an explosive belt. (...) According to the eyewitnesses, the Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint had asked the young man to lift up his shirt and when he refused they immediately opened fire on him." There are two different stories in the same article here. 1. the man was stopped and raised his hand and got shot. 2 the man was asked to lift his shirt, refused and got shot.

By: Carol Herman

Tue, 20 May 2008 01:41:13 +0000

This story has no leverage for the palestinians. And, it shows the IDF has their soldiers fully trained. So that no one blasts off a gun without knowing that the supervisors will expect a full report. It also, for those involved, must have felt like "slow motion." In that the Israeli troops identified, correctly, a suicide bomber on a mission. What you don't know is if the kid was also retarded. And, also, that things happening in real time aren't like it is when they're shown in the movies. Here? There was a little hesitation. And, then? Well-trained, the suicide mishiganah was shot. This is still a VEXING PROBLEM. Go to war? For this? Demonstrate what happens "after." Because tourism would begin to slide in a circle, around the drain. And, afterward? Abbas gets to collect gaza; where Israelis have to be sacrificed, cleaning up that pig sty. Sure, the Eygptians are involved in "talk." They get a lot of money in aid. They talk up a whole bill of goods. On the positive side, here? The suicide bomber didn't detonate. And, the report, all the way up the chain of command, is good for the soldiers. I don't call this a "thankless job." But I do notice, where arabs are concerned there's been no change. You could also say the same for Lebanon. A doper's capitol. More like Amsterdam, than paris. And, with Nasrallah able to send goons into the street; while there, the army did next to nothing. I did notice (and it remains basically unreported). that Nasrallah tried to go after the Druze. Up in the hills surrounding Beirut.) And, he didn't win a thing. Didn't succeed in bringing down one village. All you have is the press. Not able to get a handle on anything that goes on. While the profession slides into the mud. And, the Internet, with amateurs, yet; can keep you up to date, better than the professionals. It's a lesson worth absorbing. By the way, the IDF is at the checkpoints doing this business every single day. And, they're good at it! My compliments to the soldiers.

By: Jono

Tue, 20 May 2008 01:32:53 +0000

Superb post there. That is incredibly illustrative of how biased most media outlets can be. I don't know how any competent reporter could justify leaving out a mere MENTION of the pipe bomb and the fact the boy didn't obey the soldiers.