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The Comment Graveyard

where dumb comments go to die...

Updated: 2014-10-02T23:10:44.349-05:00


Jacob Goldstein | | IP:


This is not your typical troll. Jacob is a piece of Nazi shit that should be removed from the face of the earth. The Comment Graveyard is a good place for this evil son-of-a-bitch!

Good on him! F*ckn jew scum! God bless the Nazi followers!

Comments deleted from this post, Monetize Your Face - Useful Advice For Curtis Allgier

Jc | | IP:


Jc (Just communist) likes to setup straw men. He pretends that I said because the Ninja dresses differently that I think that makes her less American. Nice try Just communist, add mind reader to your list of failures. If he would actually listen to the video I tell her she is free to wear anything she wants and I am free to call her a Ninja if I want. The idea of free speech escapes Just communist.

Just communist might be right about me being an ass, however he must have missed the part were Malcolm X threatened me. I guess in Just communists world since I am a "Inconsiderate red neck moron..." its ok for the anti-American crowd to threaten me. Shame on me for thinking that red necks like me have freedom of speech, lol!

You’re an ass. You give America a bad name. Inconsiderate red neck morons should not be allowed in public. And to all the people that think this was funny to be harassing two AMERICANS at an anti war rally, shame on you. OH, and BTW just because she dresses different doesn’t make her any less of an American than you. Freedom of religion remember. Or maybe we’ve forgotten the bill of rights?

Enjoy your dirt nap Just communist!

Comments deleted from this post, Malcolm X and a Ninja vs Wild Bill (video)

English Bob | | IP:


Engrish Blob is pissed! Haha! Notice the rampant anti-Americanism of the classic lefty troll.

Wow your Ninja comment must have taken months of thought to prepare. It shows real wit and intelligence. Now I know why the English let you ‘win’ the war of independence, and have recently lobbied for your homeland security to restrict entry to the USA…..its so you subnormal morons can be confined to one place…a kind of Numpty Guantanamo but on a larger scale. Making the world a safer place for the rest of us.

Engrish Blob is not done yet he hasn't challenged my manhood yet. Oh and don't forget since I am a conservative then I must have a KKK white sheet in my closet. And last but of course not least the chiken hawk meme, lol!

And while I am on the subject…you didn’t seem to be trying immensely hard to actually fight the little guy and his wife….perhaps its because you didn’t have your white sheet on, or perhaps its because you are big on talk but short on balls. If you had any real guts you would sign up to fight the Taliban instead of trying to terrorise innocent people with your ‘wit’

And the most classic attack on me, since my wife an I choose that I would stay-at-home and I would take care of the kids this makes me an unemployed layabout. I thought the left is passionate about women's choice. Really they hate women and don't respect any of their choices unless the choose to kill their babies.

Also I really like the buy me a beer plugin, it is always good for a troll attack. How dare I ask for people to donate by their own choice. I should probably demand tax hikes so that taxpayers can buy me a beer. The moonbats would probably be fine with that.

Thank you for visiting Passionate America. My name is Wild Bill. I’m an internet entrepreneur, blogger, & stay-at-home father from Oklahoma. In other words …an unemployed layabout leeching handouts from your hard working neighbours!!! Buy you a beer? I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire!!

Thanks for the laughs Engrish Blob enjoy the smell of your decaying flesh. Another troll buried in the comment graveyard, who's next?

Comments deleted from this post, Malcolm X and a Ninja vs Wild Bill (video)

R.I.P.Billy Joe | | IP:


Billy Joe is a special kind of troll, and by special I mean in a short bus kind of way. He spends his time looking for bloggers he hates and writes a post about them on his blog and then goes to their website and leaves a comment in hopes that someone will come from that website and read what he has wrote and leave a comment on his site.

Billy Joe just wants someone to love him or kick him in the nuts. Its all the same to him.

Why don’t you get a part time job? At $7.25/hour (should you thank the Democrats?), you could raise enough money in 10 hours and stop begging.

Comment deleted from this post, Help Wild Bill Get To The Gathering Of Eagles 3

R.I.P. SuperDude | | IP:


This troll thinks its a, "pity" that I am putting his smelly little turds in The Comment Graveyard. I don't just throw any comment I don't like into the graveyard. It takes a special kind of a-hole comment to get buried. SuperDude gets buried for adding no value to the conversation and trying to get people to Google things that support his own hateful message.

SuperDude | | IP:

> Hey SuperDumb, how do I not let my real affiliations be > known? I am so conservative it would make you froth at > the mouth and pee your pants. *yawn* > Also I am an atheist, doesn’t that just blow your little mind? No it doesn’t :) Pity about you deleting comments and links you don’t like. Anyway, for those of you interested, google for “god really works”

Comment deleted from this post, God Sends in the Marines - Monday Morning HUMOR

R.I.P. Alaalas | | IP:


Wow veiled threats against kids, potty mouth, and of course the troll favorite, "your not letting people see contrary views!" Which really means they are mad because I'm making harder for their vile putrid negativity to infect the rest of society.

The purpose of a comment troll is to spread their hate. When you make it hard for them to do that the comment troll gets so mad they start claiming some right to free speech on whatever site they want to infect. Sorry Alaalas you do not have a right to post whatever you want on my blog. You are free to start your own blog and you can shit on it all you want.

Alaalas | | IP:

Hope the kids don’t dig in the backyard and fall prey to all that unhappy, moonbat shit; having them view the contrary idea is no way to raise children, I’ll tell ya.

Comment deleted from this post, The Comment Graveyard - where dumb comments go to DIE!

R.I.P. - Deleted for Sock Puppetry - Herr Rick and Eric


Hmmmm, different names, CHECK! Different fake email addresses, CHECK! Same IP address and comment, BINGO! This is what we call a sock puppet. Welcome to The Comment Graveyard sock puppet!

Herr Rick | | IP:

I like how you’re sending comments you don’t like to the comment graveyard now, instead of just silently deleting them like yesterday. Keep it up.

Eric | | IP:

I like how you’re sending comments you don’t like to the comment graveyard now, instead of just silently deleting them like yesterday. Keep it up.

Comment deleted from this post, God Sends in the Marines - Monday Morning HUMOR

Deleted Comment : KRM | IP:


Not as disgusting as your comment and I don't have a god I am an atheist!

You, sir, are disgusting. You and your god can go fuck yourselves.

Comment deleted from this post, God Sends in the Marines - Monday Morning HUMOR

Deleted Comment : you | | IP:


This troll thinks he is a master of sarcasm. Now his ignorant attempt at sarcasm is buried 6 feet under in The Comment Graveyard.

Hilarious!! the Marine got up and punched the professor! i mean, seriously, anyone would do that since the professor was clearly acting anti-american, what with all of his "atheism" which clearly violates the constitutional amendment protecting freedom of religion. The professor is obviously the very essence of anti-american by questioning the existence of god when god has marine thugs to take care of anyone who questions him. great story.

Comment deleted from this post, God Sends in the Marines - Monday Morning HUMOR

Welcome To The Comment Graveyard.


The Comment Graveyard is where stupid troll comments go to die!

I have several blogs and they get their share of stupid troll comments. I usually just delete all troll comments on my other blogs, but some of them are just so damn funny that it is a shame to delete them. So I got the great idea to publish them on their own blog (so they don't stink up my other blogs) so everyone can see the level of stupidity that exists in the nether regions of the net.

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