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Published: 2017-01-20T23:08:27+00:00


Kabul in 1979 and 2016: A Mother and Daughter Reflect


By Sparghai Basir Aryan / Sahar Speaks While growing up in a refugee camp in Pakistan, I realized that the Afghan capital city my mother described no longer exists.

Born to Run


More than anyone else in popular music, Bruce Springsteen understands the people who helped elect Trump. We need the Boss’ music now.

What Are the Dakota Access Pipeline Builders Trying to Keep Secret?


By Four Arrows An independent inspection is needed immediately to determine whether construction is continuing in defiance of an official order.

Documentary by Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Claims Donald Trump Stole the Election (Video)


“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” says millions of minority votes were discounted through a voter cross-check program. Now, Palast demands that the Justice Department investigate.

Good Night, America [a cartoon from Slovakia]



The Inauguration of White Supremacy


By Juan Cole / Informed Comment The surprise awaiting the working-class Reagan Democrats is that Trump doesn’t think they are really white, either.

Inauguration Day Live Blog: President Donald Trump Is Ushered In by Pomp and Protest


As he becomes the 45th chief executive of the United States, Trump promises prosperity, “winning” and order—and demonstrators exercise their rights.

Willie Nelson: A Long Story From Franklin Roosevelt to Donald Trump


In part one of a two-part conversation at his home in Hawaii, the musician tells Truthdig’s editor in chief that his upbringing during the Depression was an ideal childhood.

‘Foreclosure King’ Steven Mnuchin Is Put on Defensive at Senate Hearing


By Deirdre Fulton / Common Dreams “Mnuchin didn’t mention the name of a single victim in his remarks,” journalist David Dayen reports. “He gave dubious statistics that fall apart upon scrutiny.”